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her: "we're not having sex tonight"
me: "you're going to have to beg for it."
her: "yeah right!" (giggles)

15 minutes later
her: "do you have a condom?"

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Her: "we're not having sex tonight"
Me: "That's a relief, I was afraid you'd take my virginity"

Works even better if you've already fucked her.

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her: "do you have a condom?"

LOL Oh man that is so true...that is the sound of her LMR crumbling down.

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b) put the onus on you.

Very important. You have to get your moral balance sheet dirty. She will never ever press for sex (or else she will be called a slut). So it's your job to press for sex until you get rejected in strong words.

This is maybe the biggest mental obstacle that the bluepill brainwashing puts into men. To be the right guy you need to be the immoral, dirty guy.

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So it's your job to press for sex until you get rejected in strong words.

I almost completely agree with this

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She will never ever press for sex (or else she will be called a slut). So it's your job to press for sex until you get rejected in strong words.

No matter how good your game is, she will never really press for sex, she might hint and be subtle about it but she will never overtly make shit happen. This can vary extremely from girl to girl of course, and it depends where you're at in the seduction process, but as a general rule, a guy simply cannot wait for a woman to take any action at all to further that process. As a general rule.

Therefore you always want to err on the side of too aggressive, rather than too passive, it's a fine line, too much of either and she's gone, but the point is that you much rather want the rejection from being too forward, than just letting her slip through your fingers because you didn't take action.

No matter how attracted she is to you, it's never a guaranteed bang until you make it happen, she might be DTF but don't expect her to act on it, she might, but you can never ever count on it.

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I understand it's this exact bit of real world knowledge about what women really mean that gets twisted round by "rape culture" pundits to paint TRP as a den of rapery rapist rape apologetics.

The fact of it is, just because she's saying something like this, doesn't mean she literally believes it. So to demand that the man should literally believe her or else he's "a rapist" it is more than a little disingenuous.

It's not important what a woman is saying, it is important what she means. And so the most basic TRP responses to this typical female declaration of non-slutdom -- the charming villain's shit eating grin ("Surrreeee you don't") or Agree&Amplify ("omg we have so much in common I don't let men touch me either, come give me a big hug") are ways to give the woman a chance to laugh with you at the ridiculousness of it all, enjoy herself in your company even more, and allow the interaction to naturally evolve where both people, as consenting adults courting each other for sex, actually wanted it go the whole time the verbal mating dance was going on.

There's an obvious world of difference between "No! Get away! Now!!!" and "omg I'm so not having sex with you...giggle giggle".

Dear rape pundits, you are playing so inordinately dumb with this that one deeply doubts your premise that this kind of feminism is supposed to benefit women. A man making a woman very happy when she clearly just said "no, I'm sad" is according to you supposed to be an act of rape? I do want to say it as politely as possible, our blue haired man-hating pedants... but fuck you and your "rape culture" hysteria very much.

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The fact of it is, just because she's saying something like this, doesn't mean she literally believes it.

A lot of what she says is just social positioning. Declaring boundaries is her ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) that basically claims "I'm still a good girl" even though you both know that boat has sailed long ago. Still, she has to say it. It helps her feel better about herself and allows her to deny responsibility for the kinky shit that will (she hopes) soon ensue.

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I knew about this years ago. Women do all sorts of shit like this. Like in the Phillipines there are "cherry girls" who won't do vaginal to stay virgins. Prostitutes don't kiss because they need to withhold something to not feel like whores (aka the worst of all whores thinks she is clean b/c she doesn't kiss Johns), and why some girl told me she was saving anal for her husband. I also had a friend told me that women sow up their hymens in a conservative muslim country, also they have been known to use pig's blood to fake hymen ripping in the past.

This is also true of male criminals, they are never the bad guy, its always someone else, they were just in a "bad spot" or "they didn't really want to kill that guy". And its basically every criminal says these things, its not one here or there, its the majority of them, I'm not really bad, its the baby rapist who is bad. This is one of the reasons why they kill child molesters/rapists in prison b/c it suits the psychological need of "you are the real evil, I am good b/c I stopped evil". This might have something to do with why women slut shame so much more heavily as well "I'm not the real slut, you are the real slut, I shame you so I am not a slut".

Its not a pure female phenomenon but this rationalization of "I'm not really X, because of Y", basically no true scotsman applies to women to not feel like whores, and men to justify their crimes. However since this is TRP we are seeing how women behave I just posted this here for balance, because too many newbies and morons think "we hate women, we aren't fair to women, etc etc".

Just realize what women are doing and why, what the fallacy is, how it applies in other situations outside TRP or to men.

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Just a heads up, ASD also stands for autism spectrum disorder. Maybe not the best acronym to use.

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As long as he writes the long version the first time he uses the acronym (like he did), it's easy to understand what he means. This is commonplace for any use of acronyms in writing

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Haha, yeah, I've seen a few acronyms in my day. I just wanted to make sure he was aware that ASD already stands for something relatively well-known. On the off chance that ASD ends up getting tossed around casually around here.

Slight hyperbole, but imagine if he had used the acronym AIDS (all idiots date sluts). Someone would probably point out that AIDS is already a thing, right?

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No, because context clues exist. This is simply you being pedantic with definitions. I get it though .

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God damn, y'all are taking shit out of context. I just gave him a heads up; I didn't say he should never use ASD.

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No biggie... Any 3-letter acronym can have multiple meanings. I just looked up PUA on wikipedia, and was not surprised lots of shit besides "Pick Up Artist" were represented. It was actually on the bottom of the list.

EDIT: I believe Mystery came up with "Anti-Slut Defense" years ago. Still remains applicable.

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Ok so what gets me is that according to literally everything I have ever been told about consent in the context of intercourse with women, if a woman changes her "yes" to a "no" at any point during the act, the act must cease or what was sex has now become rape. Which is 100% all fine and well, so far as I am concerned. Her mind changed, and the situation changed with it. I think men should be allowed a 30 second grace period if they find themselves in this situation, but I digress...

However, if a woman during the course of an evening changes a "no" to a "yes" because a man demonstrates value in a way that makes her want to fuck him, I am told that man is a charlatan and a no good manipulator. Her mind changed, and the situation remained the same.

This is called a morton's fork (maybe a double bind... the old college logic is acting up), and it is completely fucked. The end result is that the man is painted a shit-bag either way. How fucking convenient...

edit: changed letters to other letters or spaces

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Dear rape pundits, you are playing so inordinately dumb with this that one deeply doubts your premise that this kind of feminism is supposed to benefit women.

Perhaps I'm more cynical, but I believe that the direction feminists have taken this has been to their benefit, in that women now have a completely safe Get Out Of Jail Free card with the false rape accusation. It needn't even get to criminal charges, merely making the accusation fires up other women and white knights, instantly removing the social stigma from the woman. All the while the man is instantly and forever vilified, regardless of his innocence.

Ultimately that's what feminism is, gender superiority at the expense of men. You simply need to frame the situation in such a way that always paints women as the oppressed, so that any and all advantage accrued never seems to tip the favour back to their side.

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The fact of it is, just because she's saying something like this, doesn't mean she literally believes it. So to demand that the man should literally believe her or else he's "a rapist" it is more than a little disingenuous.

It would be humorous (though impossible) to give to all women what feminist rape-culture crusaders actually want. The confusion wrought by the sudden inability to validate themselves through casual sex would be epic.

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The funny thing is it doesn't even matter what the woman believes and states she believes, you think that would be enough but it isn't. Thats why feminists say thing like "all male to female sex is rape" and that "she was tricked into believing it cuz patriarchy", basically it has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with plausible deniability and females being able to remove consent ex post facto. The best way to guard against this is to be alpha, but also to be smart about how you do things, an alpha can get away with real rape, a beta will get put in prison and ass raped for life because she regrets consensual sex.

This is why feeling like a whore ends up with men in prison for life to get raped repeatedly, this instinct is priotized, basically a woman being a whore is worse than a man being falsely accused of rape, going to jail, and being raped in prison.

In other words, all sex with betas is rape, and the vast majority of sex with alphas is not rape to women.

Just look at it from an animal perspective, if the most powerful males aren't outproducing the weak betas then the species won't survive, this is why a man's life and happiness mean nothing to any species where the female is more important (which is most of them).

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As has been pointed out ad nauseam on here, feminism is a shit test writ large. The "no means no" bullshit is just a way to keep betas away from them and to punish betas who push too far. I guarantee that only the most extreme lesbians among the feminists really mean "no means no." Of course the man-hating dykes have a lot of power in the feminist movement and are often able to brainwash the straight ones

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Of course the man-hating dykes have a lot of power in the feminist movement and are often able to brainwash the straight ones

Lesbians are more like men. Lesbians have stronger frame b/c they are more male. Lesbians will lead feminism.

I think we are in big fucking trouble.

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Well a lot of Rape Pundits, as you put it, are just taking Betaism to the extreme. They get so upset about Rape because they have to seem passionate to try to "impress" the woman they can't have. They can't compete with guys who have muscles, testosterone, and good personalities, so they bury their head in the sand and try to come out the other end.

Their inner thoughts, which they would never admit to you (or worst of all to themselves) are basically This:

"I have to show all these women how dedicated to the cause of feminism I am! Once they see what a great guy I am, and how I can protect them through my endless arguments on reddit, protesting, and tumblr blogs, I'll finally be loved and get laid! I just need to work harder to impress them."

It's a form of Beta Bucks but the currency is emotional submission. Women smell it a mile away and are internally repulsed. Not to say they aren't above using this impulse for their own gain mind you... but I digress. This causes even more negative feedback because A. It doesn't work and B. deep down they know it's dishonest and a sham.

Meanwhile the guy who isn't a rapist, but also doesn't give a fuck about rape issues (because he knows it's mostly a fake climate of fear) is busy beating off the chicks.

More rage and self-hate for the Beta boys. Less pussy. Endless cycle of failure.

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I fucked a chick on the 2nd date who said this.

Me and my buddy cold approached a group of 4: 3 girls 1 guy. Just went up and said hey guys, mind if we join you? They said sure. Guy and Girl were a pair and left shortly after leaving us 2 vs 2. Just talking, touching, dancing, making out. Got her number.

I call her and set up a date. We go out and drink a few beers. I tell her it's getting late, let's finish this beer and we are going to your place. "Uhh okay you can sleep there but nothing gonna happen". I just finished the beer and said let's go. You can bet i fucked her. And a few times after that too.

It's like i'll go to McDonald's but just to hang out i don't wanna eat. Yeah lol.

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It's like i'll go to McDonald's but just to hang out i don't wanna eat.

Perfect analogy. Before you expect it, she's stealing your fries, and bites off your burger.

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and bites off your burger


Its funny because your analogy is so good b/c its something women always do (just in case people don't know this, you probably do)

I'm not hungry... 1m later... let me have some of your food. No sex.... 1m later... ok sex

There is also the opposite fat acceptance

Do you want some candy?... Yes sure.. Ok I'll have some too.

Its like women need someone else to get them to do or not do things, like a fat kid eating cake in the closet, the shame and anxiety are too great.

Or this...

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"You can sleep on my couch" -- don't think I've ever slept on the couch after hearing that.

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These are the easiest girls to fuck IMO.

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Its a calling card, a pink flag (pink for vagina).

Just remember the easier she is, the more chance of STDs, so at least have condoms on hand penis.

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Maybe on hands too, just in case.

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Before discovering TRP I had this experience one night at a bar:

Meet cute girl, start conversation. Within 3-4 minutes we're dancing/grinding and then making out. Blue Pill me buys her a drink soon after (but she bought the second round so meh)...

Anyways, we're really hitting it off, things are going well and we're sitting down at a booth at this point when she hits me with the

Her: "You know, we're not having sex tonight."

Me: "Why not?"

Her: "I just met you, I don't do that."

Me: "Well, you can come over anyways and we can watch a movie, get to know each other better."

Her: "Really? That sounds great!"

Even before discovering TRP I knew she was DTF, but just didn't want to seem slutty. So we get back to my place, I fire up Netflix and purposely put a shitty movie on so that we'll both lose interest. Try to escalate a few times and her again, "WardlyHasted I just met you, we can't do this."

Being Blue Pill, I stop, but try again a few more times before I finally say fuck it, and go to sleep. Next morning, I wake up with major morning wood and just grab her hand and put it on my dick. She wakes up and says something like "Wow someone's excited." Again, I try to escalate she says "Remember what I said last night?" AS SHE'S STROKING MY COCK.

I think this was one of the first times I realized that I should judge what a woman wants by her actions, not her words. I respond with, "Ya these lips were saying one thing (touch her lips), but these were saying another (start fingering her, she's soaked, same as the night before). She goes nuts and rolls over and sits on my dick and we have great sex.

This girl ended up being the slutiest girl I'd ever been with up to that point. She ended up being my plate for about two months. Find out she's into bondage, deep throating and was a huge exhibitionist (fucked her in several restaurant and school washrooms). She was a nursing student who eventually wanted to become one of those "sex doctor" therapists or whatever.

Anyways things are going great until... drum roll... I totally break frame with her! Get emotional and beta and never see her again! If I had TRP knowledge back then, I could probably have fucked her the rest of the school year if I wanted to.

TL;DR: Picked up girl at bar, she said we're not having sex tonight. Though technically true, fucked her the next morning and she ended up being the slutiest girl I knew at the time. Went BP with her and never saw her again.

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Haha a great read man. Pisses me off bc this happened to me and being the beta pussy I was (probably still am but thats hopefully beginning to change) i completely flapped it and never had sex. Maybe next semester who knows

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In my experience, it's almost like every time they make a point to say "we are not having sex tonight" I have sex with them that night.

The girls who don't want to have sex will wait for you to try and then say "No, not so soon". And I respect that and back of immediately. The girls who say some stupid shit like that way before the time to initiate sex is even close are the ones who are aching for it and want to make sure they said to to ease their conscience.

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Definitely plausible deniability at work.

The last threesome I had was the younger of the two (24, 33) saying: "I'm not going to sleep with you." My response was: "Yeah right", while looking at 33 in a cocky manner.

I have found that not giving a shit aka being outcome-independent, is one of the best male responses to a female shit-test and this includes the females that I am not sexually interested in.

It's a recurring pattern.

Edit: Spelling. And I slept with both of them.

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" I don't smoke, I only do it when I drink"

Said every smoker ever.

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"I'll come over...but I'm not having sex with you"

Reply: "I'll allow you over, but I can't promise we won't have sex"

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I've seen this one before. Usually comes after her mind is made up that she's going to have sex. It's a playful way of checking if all you want her for is sex. The only way to fail this one is to react with disappointment, anger, or any other retarded loss of control.

It's her hamster clearing the runway of any doubts about you before you're clear to land.

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"Don't get any ideas" is a shit test, but the "I usually don't do this" used by almost all women its more of a coping mechanism between female biology and social context.

I take it as her verbalising a "canned" rationalisation so she can bridge the dissonance between the slut: "I really want to get plowed tonight" and social persona of not being just an object of male desire: "Will he respect me tomorrow, what would my parents or boyfriend think, I am not that type of woman."

At that point you can usually get away with just teasing the slut into beating the persona into submission. I usually help the process along by giving the persona an option/frame that deflect from the self hate: "I know you don't, but I am not like any other guy you have ever met, am I?"

Just like with cake and dieting, you just gotta give her a reason, regardless of how bullshit it is. That is basically what gaming is: create a logical bridge between her emotional needs and her actions without conflicting with outstanding beliefs.

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    Not trying to be a dick, but proof?

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    Wow..... I wonder what the laws are on recording sex, I feel like I have to do this just to stay safe. I wouldn't share it or use it for revenge, just an archive in case some crazy bitch pulls this.

    But what do you do if its at her place? Most guys on TRP say don't bring her home. Just wondering what your thoughts are since you probably have had many sleepless nights about this.

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    There are laws against false accusations too, doesn't seem to stop them from happening.

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    I just meant like, what are the laws, I am curious, but also how would I record safely. I really am not the type to brag about sex or anything, I even refuse nudes guy friends offer of their girls, I just think its messed up.

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    All those girls on Tinder who say no hookups...

    I was wrong all this time.

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    Just like when they say that they're tired of games: theyve been pumpNdumped and if your game is tight, shes all yours.

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    "I don't usually do this" = "I do this everyday and twice on Sundays". I think it helps women sleep at night by saying this. I've always wondered why every woman says it.

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    Every time a chick has said that to me I was nailing her within 30 seconds of walking in the door.

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    damn ain't even have time to rub the clit for like 10 seconds.

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    Every time a girl has said she's "coming over but sex is not happening" we have ended up having sex.

    Every single time.

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    Let me tell you how NOT to pass a marriage shit test.

    Her (On the second day of the Honeymoon): "I am not having sex tonight; I don't have to have sex every day."

    Me (Stupid, dumbass blue pill, brainwashed, equalitarian motherfucker): "Of course not dear."

    Fast forward through 20 years of denial torture, games, and no more than twice a month of sex.

    After I took the Pill and started having sex all the time my wife admitted the proper response that she was hoping to get was: (while picking her up and throwing her on the bed): "Of course you don't have to have sex with me every day- but I need to have sex with you every day."

    Shit test passed 20 years late.

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    3 is how women get away with rape claims. Since I've found this subreddit, I've always wondered what would happen if someone had to explain some red pill theory in a court of law to a female judge in an effort to get out of a charge. It'd make an excellent short story.

    [–]awesomesalsa 28 points29 points  (1 child)

    Last I checked, abstract, sweeping social theories are generally not accepted as defenses in a court of law

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    That was my experience, all she has to do is accuse, doesn't need proof, and you are guilty.

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    With all the crazy bitches these days, I would tread very lightly. I agree wholeheartedly that actions speak louder than words, but if the chick you end up fucking has serious emotional issues (as a lot of western women seem to have), you can be in a whole world of trouble.

    This happened to a friend of mine and even though statistically, it might not happen, it just hit too close to home.

    Honestly, if a girl starts playing that game with me, I prefer not to pursue and just let her leave. I have other options that won't cry "rape" after voluntarily gagging on dick for the past hour.

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    I agree with this. Partly a reason why I gave up on a plate who had a boyfriend and a plate who just got married. Even if I did keep escalating who knows if she would have emotionally felt like shit after and claimed I raped her.

    I said it wasn't worth it and moved on for both of them.

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    Hahaha this and "we're only going to watch the movie" I end up making a movie 30 minutes into the movie

    [–]rational_choice_roc 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    I wish I read these things while I was in college...

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    this sub is a constant stream of personal cringe for me. it hurts so good.

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    Back when I was more beta I had a house party. I was talking to this girl, and she wanted to spend the night, "but not have sex." Well I did what I thought was the right thing. I cuddled with her, and did not have sex with her.

    Weeks later she told me, "it is your fault we did not have sex." So there it is, straight and plane. She wanted to have sex, but I didn't do anything. So i only had myself to blame for not getting laid that night.

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    This post is phenomenal, especially the plausible deniability part.

    Ever hear a woman talk about an Ex-Friend or Ex-Boyfriend? It's ALWAYS their fault, she couldn't have possibly done anything wrong. Everything that happens is because of an external force beyond their control.

    It's textbook narcissism: Nothing is their fault, everything just "happens" to them.

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    More appropriate responses to "You can come over but sex is not happening":

    • "Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?"
    • "Hmm. Sorry, I can't guarantee for that. See you then."
    • "Of course not. I'm saving myself for marriage." (Works best, if you have had sex before.)

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    Got a girl on tinder to come over to my place for some hot-tubbing. Very short conversation ends and we start making out. This is when she informs me that she doesn't ever sleep with the guy on the first date. I laugh it off, we keep making out and move inside the house. As she is taking off her top she says again that she doesnt want to have sex, but we can fool around. I proceed to eat her pussy like a monster and she squirts all over my couch. She jumps up and starts sucking my dick like its going to save her life. I act like its ok, but not that great and she is disappointed. So I say, "Look, lets just fuck and say we didnt". No hesitation she jumps on and I give her the best ride of her life. Now she is a steady plate that texts me every day for some dick. I have yet to take her on a date or pay for anything

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    That pussy is giving you cancer for sure.

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    What are you even talking about? If you're already eating pussy and having your dick sucked you're having sex. There's no last minute resistance in these situations.

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    Thats not sex to them. They put artificial boundaries around what is ok and what isn't depending on emotions, its no true scotsman fallacy, the thing to know is the goalposts are easily moveable by irrational justifications.

    So is it sex? Yes.

    Is it sex to her? NO.

    This is how women can say they didn't cheat because it was only oral and not sex, or only anal, or only 99 guys fucked her in the ass in that jungle orgy so it wasn't sex.

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    It's a cascading baby steps logic.

    We're not having sex, he's pleasuring me.

    That was great, I think I should reciprocate.

    We've done everything but sex, so what the hell.

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    Those 3 things summarize the reasoning behind it well. I just ignore it. I might affect a sort of confused, bewildered look and then say "...ok. Anyway. blah blah blah."

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    Fucked my ex's friend who said this.

    Later told me that she was in fact just trying to convince herself not to do it because it would have been disrespectful towards her friend. I did not do a flying fuck, held my frame and am still seeing her behind my ex's back.

    [–]forgetful_storytellr 8 points9 points  (2 children)

    Who gives a shit if your ex knows

    [–]Simonowski 4 points5 points  (1 child)

    If my ex knew, the relationship between her and the girl I'm fucking would be ruined, causing too much drama regarding that they are childhood friends. Personally I don't give a fuck if my ex knows or not, but it's not worth the risk.

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    Last time that i got that, i responded like this=

    Me: my arent we fiesty? Whatever floats your boat (chick). Youre welcome to come over if it suits you.

    Her: I'm sorry i do wanna come over.

    Me: I'll be here

    Yes she did come over and yes we did do it.

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    The reply that I always give is a simple shoulder shrug, perplexed look, and "I'm not the boss of you?" Or "I'm not sure why you told me that..." and I continue doing the things that made them think about sex.

    [–]ioncehadsexinapool 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    DAMNIT why didn't i read this 2 weeks ago

    [–]zzfish1095 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I've was in a position recently where this came up. I hadn't gone full beta that night, but I didn't hold frame all that well. When I tried to diffuse that shit test, I thought I played it well, but I hadn't built up enough attraction over the night to get through it.

    [–]sajimo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I recently found myself with a woman who said the same things. The first night it was "I never do this", "I'm not one of those kind of girls", "i wasn't planning on bringing you home." I spent the night and we got rowdy. She asked me multiple times when the last time I had sex was and how many partners I've been with. I told her it had been almost 6 months and when I asked her.... 2 weeks.

    The second night, she told me that same thing, "I wasn't going to have sex with you tonight". She kept saying she didn't want to but was more than willing to invite me up.

    The third night, she invited me over when she was on the rag, so she has a excuse not to have sex im guessing. Well she wanted me to do everything i could for her, but she didn't want to take care of me.

    The whole time we were seeing each other she always went out of her way to make me happy and it got annoying to the point I couldn't stand it. She tried bringing me out to dinner to a place that she absolutely hated because I mentioned I like that kind of food. After hearing about this enough I decided to break off our meetings.

    When I told her I didn't want to continue she blamed me for being such an asshole and for using her. This was like 30 minutes after telling me i'm a great guy and shes happy to have met me. She really didn't want to admit the truth to herself.

    [–]analrapeage 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I believe the textbook states agree and amplify, am I correct?

    [–]jmg83 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    This has happened to me on a few occasions. I just say, "Did I say anything about sex?" and see how it goes. One of the women, I had no intention of having sex with, anyway. She ended up begging me a few weeks later, and I said no. It wasn't a power thing, I just had no interest in this woman whatsoever.

    [–]ygbs 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    She's triying to convince herself, not you. It's an easy shit test to pass once you understand that.

    [–]LineOfCoke 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    That's cool, you can come other and watch me have sex with this other girl I'm about to call. Click.

    [–]199639 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Likewise, normal girls who don't have ONS or casual sex in their character don't feel the need to proclaim "by the way, I don't do casual sex!". Because it's a given for them.

    So this is just a form of "denial". She's actually convincing herself not to do it.

    I think actually this is a voicing of concern. People of both genders will discuss an idea like this when seeking confirmation and assurance from others. This is why some people over share bad stories... they are worried and want to be told "oh you're fine".

    Lastly, any statement like in the title serves as a way to a) uphold her chastity b) put the onus on you.

    Now you've got it. She's forcing you to openly declare the path because she's afraid of a mis step. She's seeking your leadership because she's unsure.

    [–]B_Campbell 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    So blow jobs are still on the table? Good talk.

    [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    If she says "I'll come home with you but we're not having sex" it is a test to see if you freak out and get mad. If you're cool and entertain her to the point where she laughs her ass off and is impressed by your home, she will almost certainly want to bang!

    [–]Pornography_saves_li 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    "OK, cool. I'll settle for a blowjob. Bring munchies."

    [–]mj258 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Patrice O'neal had a comment on this. I forget the exact phrasing but was pretty much "when you come over I dont need have to have sex, but trying to take control by saying i can't have sex is bullshit"

    [–]Viernas 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    There's a first time for everything, then kino escalation.

    [–]fx-115es 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I don't usually do this!

    i can whistle the usa anthem with my butt hole

    [–]DogInTheBath -4 points-3 points  (12 children)

    Girls that say these things are a waste of time. And a rape accusation waiting to happen.

    If you are having a good time with a girl and she shit tests you with something like this which is an outright lie to begin with, what else is she in denial about? Is she also in denial about those herpes sores she ignores? Or the fact she wants to get pregnant really badly?

    I would turn and run from these pathetic excuses for women.

    [–]skoobled 6 points7 points  (7 children)

    Good luck with that. LMR is so common, had it was two of the three (attractive) girls I recently banged. The other was (unfortunately) a fattie and so didn't hesitate. I would expect it most of the time with any girl you find in your league

    To follow, after a very brief freeze out, both those girls happily submitted to sex... It's just a show. I think it helps to bear in mind conflicting personal sexual and social pressure on women

    [–]ktappe 1 point2 points  (5 children)

    "LMR"? I just checked the glossary and could not find this term.

    [–]manslutalt 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    Last Minute Resistance. It's PUA term, not TRP specific.

    [–]Hokuto199x 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Last minute resistance. I hope that helps. I think the phrase is self explanatory.

    [–]NikolaTeslaMGTOW 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Social pressure is just patriarchy. Its bio pressure. Men don't invest in whores, so its bad to be seen as a whore, this is a biological reality not a social/cultural thing. Just make sure you understand where things come from and not attribute "oppressive patriarchy" or "social pressure" to things when they are biological realities.

    It is never good for a woman to be a whore, its only good for those who get to fuck her. Just like its not good for you to give your time/money away to women for free, this has NOTHING to do with "social pressure". If anything social pressure exists because of biology.

    [–]HalfPastTuna 8 points9 points  (0 children)

    Literally every girl does this dude

    [–]CallMeMrBadGuy 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Well, there was a study that 40% of girls admitted to giving these little insignificant lies/test. I personally think it's much higher because no one in this societ seriously wants to look like an easy slut but if you cut them that about halves potential. Anecdotally, I find the better girls (in terms of personality and to hang around with) do do a form of light resistance. While the more regrettable skanks tend to put zero.

    [–]1Jaereth 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Shit tests are ubiquitous with having sex with women socially. If you think you're not hooking up with girls that do this you are just not recognizing them for what they are.

    [–]nomdplume 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I agree. NAWALT, and the ones who are often turn out to be liabilities.

    I get the one or two quick, face-saving gestures some women feel obligated to make before hopping in the sack with you, but if it gets to the level of real shit test and/or a recurrent theme through the evening, there is a good chance you're about to stick your dick in crazy.

    The worst case of this for me was a girl who was, for whatever reason (Catholic guilt, I'm pretty sure), insistent that I get that she wasn't a slut (which, of course, usually means they are) for fucking me an hour or two into our first date. If the attraction was there, I would handle this shit test by cool, calm, and collectedly agreeing followed by shutting everything down (a physical version of agree and amplify), which would drive them nuts. This time, however, it led to a big red flag (that I dismissed at the time, to my own detriment later) that came up as she was straddled on top of me, pinning my arms to the floor and sticking her tongue down my throat. She pulled back without letting go of my arms and said, "Alright, you win! Do whatever you want with me!" I busted up laughing - you have me pinned down, but somehow this is me winning? Nice spinning...

    She was intent on taking exactly no responsibility for anything that happened sexually, a recurring theme which eventually led to some fucked up revisionist history regarding our sexual dynamic and some really messy, unpleasant, and borderline-scary situations. I now avoid any woman who even remotely tries to play this game with me. NAWALT, and it's just not worth the headache.

    Better to find a woman who is willing to own her actions and be responsible for her own life. I'm not willing to be pegged as a perpetrator just to get some pussy.

    [–]Red_Zepperin -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

    It is hard for me to really make an accurate generalization from your scenario because I've been in that situation before, have not had sex with the girl, but on other later occasions we have.

    Respecting what she says doesn't have to be a beta move. You can't let your reaction to her statement define that - either way you've been beta because you've now given her opinion sway over your own.

    It's really about your goals and what you view as proper. If you view yourself as the chivalrous type who can enjoy a girl's company without sex, then great. If it's a requisite condition for her staying over, then either be very sure she will give clear consent down the road, or just avoid the situation entirely.

    It's really dependant on the girl. Some do like to tease and in those cases I say just forget them. Others might have an interest, but as could be reasonably understood, maybe they don't feel fully comfortable being penetrated by a complete stranger, especially if alcohol is involved. If that's the case, then why not hang out if you are enjoying her company or someone warm to sleep next to?

    I think you're right, maybe she's putting up last minute resistance to save face. In these cases though I've found that de-escalating and making the environment less pressured works. Instead of drinks and looking at her hungrily, pop on Netflix and start cuddling and let the contact naturally escalate. Enjoy the moment.

    I don't personally pay attention to shit tests because they cause a woman to dictate your actions in response to her. As a man, I take pride in not playing games or deceiving. So I very clearly communicate my thoughts and wants and if she is fine with them, awesome. If not, it's not a match, whatever, move on.

    [–]nomdplume 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Abundance mentality here. Do not let them control the action, but don't try to control their actions, either. You're both adults - expect nothing less.

    If a woman is uncomfortable, I will accommodate that if I'm interested in keeping her around. I've got enough alpha to not worry about being beta occasionally. But I've got zero patience for playing games. It's beneath me, and I want anyone I am considering having sex with to be at my level.

    I graciously and charmingly try to disarm any games early on (so they know the kind of guy they are with up front), but if the games continue, I will next them in a heartbeat.

    I only play with women who know what they want and can deal with the reality of situations on an adult level. There are plenty of them out there, and working on some chick who puts up a lot of resistance because she lacks confidence and hasn't got her priorities straight is a waste of energy.

    [–]deville05 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

    How about A) Phew thank god thats a relief. Well ever since a rumour got out in college about my fuck skills, thats all girls have ever wanted me for. Im glad you can look past that. B) thank god thats a relief usually by this time i get a boner. Buy with you im limp.. Maybe yr not sexy enough to my senses. Dicks dont lie C) ok sure, you can come over.. But you should know that Im not gonna give you any attention

    [–]Mustaka -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

    I actually picked up a cute girl last night at the club

    I am going to bet that you did not. You have TRP patter down perfect in this forum but the words "actually" and "cute" in your opening line say otherwise. So you "managed" to allegedly fuck a "cute" girl.

    Every single one night stand I have ever had I have said the words , "I do not do this, it is not me" and have had the same said back pretty much every single time. Who fucking cares. People fuck. It is what we do.

    Why I calling BS on your story is :

    You'll often here variations of this statement: "I don't EVER do this!", "Don't get any ideas...I don't sleep with guys the first date", etc etc.

    Is this shit. I applaud you for having TRP theory down verbatim but this story of your is nothing more than a story.