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And being a 'nice guy' incel who never get more than a rejection hug on the second date will destroy your soul far more than anything you read on TRP

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God fucking lord this is the truth.


It works? Fuck it! I'll take my chances.

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"I die to be reborn, rejected these nine times"

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What is dead may never die.

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Will you buy your success with gold and silver? Or will you pay THE IRON PRICE!

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Tywinn Lannister is such a badass, they had to kill him and his grandson because he said being gay is immoral (watch for that in TV, if you disapprove of homosexuality you must die), so I knew they would both die as soon as those words were uttered.

GoT is a lot of blue pill faggotry but also has red pill mixed in. The whole female fighter stuff "you go girl" is retarded, at least write your women well don't poison a show with that kind of trash. I think they have to do it in a way, or else people (aka SJW) would rage too hard. Top culture always has to be pro women bullshit.

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For a second I thought you were calling Joffrey a badass in the same breath as Tywin. True, Tywin is a badass and has always been a very red pill character to my eye.

That show cracks me up with how transparent it is how feminism has influenced the show. So many changes from the books to the small screen that end up adopting that obnoxious "you go girl" feel.

For example, Catelynn encouraged Ned in the books to take the position as Hand as opposed to weeping with sorrow over how every time her comes back from leaving her he brings another kid home (I suppose this one can be forgiven as introductory to Jon and Theon)

Brienne never beat Jaime even in chains and out of practice, she only ever struck a draw with him. When Jaime was back in King's Landing, instead of raping her like on the show, him and Cersei have consensual incest instead. While the fight between Brienne and the Hound was epic, she's only ever gotten up to really beating the likes of Loras in single combat, but is yet an empowered set of ovaries in most any encounter on the show. She couldv'e never taken down the Hound to my thinking. But hey, it's fiction.

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Wtf are y'all talking about?

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“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.”

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You have to be broken first to be rebuilt again.

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The grape must be crushed to become wine.


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Well, that is true, much like how looking at hot girls will kill a land whale inside.

It is the sheer humiliation of the emotional experience that goes to the root of mammalian existence, the fear of being left to die, alone and unseen. Everyone whether male or female fears it.

These are spectres that lurk in the background of consciousness, in spite of the rationalizations the brain concocts to explain why the red pill concepts may possibly not be true. There are dark, angry thought forms stalking us in our heads, suppressed only by the mantras we chant internally to cast out our devils.

Then again, there are infinite reasons for why any given idea may be true or untrue.

It is the act of perceiving those ideas itself that brings on the terror. It is a glimpse into the horror of the abyss, a glimpse which brings on a thousand questions and flashbacks and flashforwards that eat away at the ego.

Existence itself kills you inside.

Every breath you take is an act of defiance against the futility and absurdity of mortal life. "To breathe is to judge."

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The first thing that I noticed is how they give each other gold and pat themselves on the back. What a circlejerk...

EDIT: I also read this post and while I agree with it, I think most people here already find the information here obvious.

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The first thing that I noticed is how they give each other gold and pat themselves on the back. What a circlejerk...

Male hamstering.

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What I noticed is all the misconceptions of TRP, like this:

What the red pull does is teach guys how to set boundariers...and then they blow past that with all the emotional manipulation and dehumanizing women.

It makes me sad when I see abusive relationships

How on earth does standing up for your self and not be a doormat get to manipulating women?

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Because they see simply not bowing to the feminine Goddess and the God of Equality as "abusive."

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Didn't they create a sub for their version of the pill? I can't remember the name of that sub tho.

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Yep, "/r/PunchingMorpheus." Founded by the same dude who wrote that mammoth EMSK post.

The basic premise of the sub, as I understand it, is that they actually acknowledge that TRP may be able to get positive results, but that you shouldn't do it because it's immoral.

They say TRP is bad because we "abuse" women in order to gain power over them, when what we should be doing is creating an eeeequal partnership where there's communication and understanding and all that other Unicorn Land crap.

Basically, they want RP results using BP tactics.

And how is that working out for them? Well, let's check redditmetrics and see how this sub has spiked with massive popularity in the ~2 months that have passed since its creation.

Oh, how sad.

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"Punching Morpheus" is basically saying that you can reject the choice. I understand where they are coming from, as not everything you read here is actually good adivce. But they chose a horrible analogy.

Imagine if Neo had opted to punch Morpheus in the face at the moment he was presented with the pills. Morpheus would have simply left the room, never to return. Neo would have remained in the artificial reality without even the comfort of the blue pill making him think it was all a dream. He'd have to live with the fact that Morpheus was real and that his failure to make a choice was itself a choice. Punching Morpheus is probably the cruelest thing Neo could have done to himself! It's choosing to live a fake life, while KNOWING you were living a fake life. Not even Cipher wanted that -- he wanted to be re-inserted into fake reality with no knowledge of the truth.

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I'm a masochist so I'll throw in my opinion. I admit up front that I'm not a red piller. I disagree with some of ideas but entertain the basics. The problem that i have with the red pill/ blue pill argument is that i think it's a false dichotomy in most cases. Not choosing one side does not mean you automatically accept the other side. "punching morpheus" is an equally stupid concept though because it suggests that you can simply ignore the argument. In my experience you can entertain all sides of the debate and agree or disagree at leisure. I tend towards red pill because it's a natural tendency and the women in my life have appreciated the perceived authority i exert. What works, works. raging against the machine does dick all when the machine is efficient and effective.

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Hi, genuinely interested to hear your critique of The Red Pill. Always curious to learn from others.

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Sure thing. This won't be an exhaustive reason like EMSK's critique by any means. My disagreement is simple, but two fold - on a philosophical and scientific level. To begin, TRP asserts that there is a dominance hierarchy within humans where alphas have the most influence (and sex) with others. This is a fairly uncontentious idea and is seen in pretty much every social animal out there. The problem is that dominance hierarchies are the core of TRP philosophy and also the source of nearly all human stress and suffering.

Dominance heirarchies by their very nature create inequality. There must be losers in order to have winners. The ramifications of this is not just if you have the confidence to attract female attention for sex; it also allows for things as severe as poverty, systemic violence, and even genocide. A DH is an Us vs. Them (or rather I vs. Them) system. This is competition. Competition is not always negative, but the issue is that we are not so good at turning this behavior off. It is a dog-eat-dog view of the world where everyone is a potential threat. This isn't exclusive to TRP; this is life in general. Those at the top have it good, those at the bottom suffer at the expense of the top. This is not only destructive at an individual level, but on a societal one as well.

There may inevitably be claims of "biology" and that humans act this way because of genetics when discussing this. They would be half right - we are driven by societal standards and biological needs, but society is driven by biological tendancies, that are in turn fueled by environment. It is a complex feed back loop, but saying that human behavior is ingrained and that we should act this way because of a naturalistic fallacy is pretty shortsighted imo. We also have technology. We are not limited by our environment. We can move beyond it to make the world a far better place. I think TRP is way too concerned with keeping a particular narrative alive to support them because a more egalitarian world would render their perceived power obsolete. It on far too many occasions seems concerned with acting tough for the sake of getting one's dick wet, rather than sincerely being confident in the self. The parts I agree with on TRP is that confidence works. I'm a really confident guy, because I have a lot of great qualities and because I know how to appreciate myself and others. This is not done to attract female attention as I fear a lot of misguided RPers fall into. That is not confidence. It is a sham to mask your insecurities with sex and to feel wanted.

Slightly on topic is the discussion of competition and game theory. Basically, what is the fairest and most successful way humans can act without incidentally making the field unequal to favor alphas or to limit betas.

EDIT: A little addendum here if you're more interested in human behavior, especially when it comes to sex. It's the same guy, but Robert Sapolsky is an amazing lecturer that handles very complex topics while making it easy to understand. The entire course from Stanford clocks in at over 30 hours worth of content on Youtube, but I can promise you it's worth every second of it. Good for listening to while you're working on the computer or on a road trip or something.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to write this. Great thoughts, and I'll go and watch those clips to try to understand it better. As someone who is very concerned about inequality in the world (currently reading Piketty), your words struck a chord. I'm not convinced that some of the core RP tenets are incompatible with a compassionate and caring worldview. Certainly some of the louder voices here might dissuade you of that, but there is plenty of alternative voices here too. One concept I haven't seen mentioned at all here is the Integral Relationship model (developed by Martin Ucik based on Ken Wilber's writing), which I haven't yet been fully able to combine with TRP. It's quite convoluted but essentially introduces the idea of levels of human development, and that women at different levels have a very different concept of what they're attracted to (different notions of alpha basically). You may find it of interest. I couldn't find a good link summarising the book, but here's a brief interview with Ucik to give you an idea.

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Mainstream morality is gynocentric. We are culturally conditioned to view as moral (especially in the area of sexuality) that which represents the female POV and female sensibility.

So what /r/PunchingYourselfInTheFace tries to achieve is to play the game in such a way that the opposite player never loses, never feels bad.

You make her cry? You are a monster and you should feel guilty. She makes you cry? It's a tough game, suck it up and be a man.

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That is exactly what their "philosophy" is advocating for, even if they don't say it in so many words. If your relationship is going to be an "equal partnership," then by modern fem-centric standards, that means "a one-sided partnership where you have to serve your girlfriend's every selfish whim."

Which is self-defeating in and of itself, because if you become the kind of guy who does that, women see you as beta and find you sexually uninteresting.

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We are culturally conditioned to view as moral (especially in the area of sexuality) that which represents the female POV and female sensibility.

I disagree with this, although it is sure as shit reinforced, but it's an innate behavior we all have as mammals. Hell, hunters have always tried to stick to taking down adult males when hunting for food or trophy as long as history as existed. I just posit that mammals and especially humans have an innate sexism that values female well-being over male well-being, especially when everything else is equal. Reinforced by our society, but in no way a societal construct.

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I believe that, too. We're wired with the knowledge that eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap, plus the knowledge that women are physically weaker and more vulnerable than men, which makes us as a species predisposed to female protection and male disposability.

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I agree with both of you. Let's put it this way:

  1. Males have a biological tendency to sympathize with females. Most of us just can't stand looking at female tears. Ever seen the rage of the father of a hurt daughter?
  2. This is enough to explain the existence of cultural gynocentrism.

The culture can hardly create something that is not based on biological instinct. If we did not have the instinct, we wouldn't even know how to feel about it.

The interests of women have many allies: women themselves, thirsty white knights and all the fathers with daughters. They all have impact on the cultural programming by telling young and old men what behavior with regard to women is morally right and what is wrong.

All this feminist stuff about rape culture and consent sex is about "educating men". But is somebody educating women how to behave in the interest of women? At least how to be a good wife? No, when someone tries to do it, he is instantly put in place either as misogynist or as controlling old-fashioned silly conservative.

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TRP gained 1.4k subscribers on June 30th. A massive spike.

When was PunchingMorpheus created? July 1st.

Further, its best day is still less than half of that July 30th intake.


Sad indeed.

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This graph shows how TRP's growth compares to PM's:

There's no contest.

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I guess their down vote brigade got a hold of this thread

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6/30 EMSK post

7/1 TRP gets 700 new subscribers in a day

Oh bluepill. Thou art entertaining.

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Action always offends the inactive. Offend them anyways.

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This is an excellent phrase. I'm stealing it.

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Is this a quote? I love it and if you got it from somewhere, or the idea, do you have any book/seminar/speech suggestions? It's so very true!

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It's just something I picked up. Probably from here. If someone is reading this and coined coined phrase please chime in.

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    TRP just gives you the knowledge, what you decide to do with it is your own decision.

    But just because some bitter ex-orbiters in their anger phase can use it to get revenge on women as a whole (which is fucking stupid, please don't do this), that doesn't lower it's capacity for good. And certainly doesn't diminish it's real world value.

    TRP constantly encourages men to not get stuck in the anger phase, but instead accept the harsh reality and learn to live with it.

    EDIT: u/talshar actually contradicts himself by saying it's immoral of redpillers to try and change women to fulfill their needs, but then completely backs out on that and says:

    Being willing to change doesn't mean flopping over and doing whatever is asked of you.

    Red pill women aren't being abused. They are free to leave at any point if they feel they aren't getting what they want. They are willing to change just to stick with the man, because they ARE getting what they want. How is that not fair ?

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      Goddamn that's great advice to give to men.

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      Upvote. Thx for link to Archwinger's posts, the dude has some good insight.

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      The truth is bitter. The people espousing the truth taste bitter. It'll make you retch violently and churn it up like a psychedelic brew right before it sends you into revelation.

      Have a nice TRP.

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      We show them the light and they gouge out their eyes because they think it easier to be blind and claim the world is dark.

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      Perfect metaphor, I will henceforth read TRP as TRiP in my mind, embodying the journey to truth.

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      Destroy the I, open the eye.

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      I can only show you the door, you're the one who has to walk through it.

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      "Those comments from the original thread are just redditors being redditors. Pointlessly accusing and blaming like TRP is inhuman and sees women as animals."

      That last part isn't exactly baseless- while we aren't advocating treating women actually like animals, that is how our behavior is going to be perceived by liberal blue pill people.

      We are against the idea that people are inherently special, that love is inherently meaningful, and that everyone's story is important. We believe people excel when they purposely maximize their value and that people fail when they don't maintain and grow their value. We believe people are replaceable, and like OP said, a high value man can be practically any girls "the one" and that people's "our story!!!!" is bullshit fluff narrative.

      You either think people are inherently special or that people can be replaced, like pets. The latter is uncomfortable as fuck for people, so that is why it sounds like we treat women like animals.

      Of course, these guys have no grasp of nuance or that interactions/relationships can still have meaning (maybe even more meaning) with the idea of people being replaceable/there is no "one and only someone."

      TLDR: I have a dog. I love my dog. My dog dies. I get a new dog. Does that make my time with the first dog meaningless?

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      Your dog died and now you have a bigger, prettier, fluffier, more adorable, and more loyal dog who make you forget the first dog was any good. Such is life according to TRP.

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      You have another dog. They're both dogs.

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      For instance, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything TRP, just random bullshit spouting completely missing the point.

      In other words, it's the standard progressive response to any political or social issue - shriek politically correct slogans and call others sexist/racist/homophobic while not addressing factual reality or challenging your own mind at all.

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      What I am speaking out against is the use of sexual strategy and emotional manipulation to render your partner compliant.

      This is a quote from that post. I can essentially agree with that. I'll say that there is a fine line between standing up for yourself and not being manipulated, and being the one doing the manipulation. As long as both parties know the terms and are honest, I don't see an issue most of the time.

      I haven't read through the comments though, and I have no doubt it turned into a giant anti-trp circlejerk rife with generalizations and exaggerations.

      As it stands, a game is certainly being played and its only right to make sure that both sides know the rules. Many women manipulate the shit out of men because men are simpler to manipulate. When people start crying about men wising up and flipping the script I'm apathetic.

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      Here's all I have to say about this.

      If "flipping the power dynamic" on a hot, popular school girl means "breaking her like an animal", does that then mean that the unflipped power dynamic breaks high school boys like animals?

      And if so, is /u/Talshar okay with this?

      The power dynamics are already there. People who suddenly start crying when men have some power are not objecting to power dynamics. They're just objecting to women being treated like ordinary people.

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      Very true.

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      And if so, is /u/Talshar okay with this?

      No. In fact, he agrees that that "original" power dynamic is just as bad:

      They lament being used for their money, their homes, their emotional support, what have you, and then being left when they weren't "Alpha" enough to keep their girlfriends around. It's a shame, it really is. Nobody deserves that kind of abuse.

      From how it reads to me, it seems that he thinks woman using men for their resources without reciprocating is just as bad.

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      If a man could fuck a woman in a cardboard box, he wouldn't buy a house

      Hat tip: Dave Chappelle

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      To go back to my analogy from the other day, that EMSK post was basically saying that learning sales techniques will kill you inside because of the potential of becoming a dishonest salesman, and while having your clients take advantage of your generosity is not great, you shouldn't do anything because you'll become a conman. It supposes that the reader is so weak that he will inevitably burn himself if given some tools.

      It's a strategy for losers, people who are content with going passively through life. In an earlier period of time, these are the people who would be weeded out. If you are on the fence about whether TRP is a "Good Thing", think about how you want to die. Will you realize on your deathbed that the only reason you didn't find yourself there sooner was because you happened to be born at a time when life was easier than ever? Or will you look at your accomplishments and think you would have made your ancestors of a few hundred years ago, who really had it rough, proud of sharing your blood?

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      The Salesman is a good analogy. The Job Interview is another.

      The gist of the EMSK seems to be that having a strategy when it comes to sex and relationships is inherently manipulative, abusive, and immoral (the same is often said about the pickup community).

      But if a man is failing at relationships and sex, what is he to do? Just "be yourself" and wait for the right person to come along?

      Suppose a man goes to hundreds of interviews but never manages to get the job. He understandably becomes frustrated, so he goes online searching for help. On certain websites, he finds various pieces of advice, such as: how to format your resume to make it stand out, how to dress during an interview, make good eye contact and have a firm handshake, send a thank-you note afterwards. People might even give advice on how to navigate common interview questions (where do you see yourself in five years, what's your greatest weakness, how does class inheritance work with polymorphism). In the end, people might tell him he needs to take more classes or get additional certifications (i.e. become the type of man the company wants to hire).

      Now suppose the man implements this advice and successfully gets a job. Did he manipulate his employers into hiring him?

      Users advise doing things like keeping her guessing, changing what you want and then berating her for not keeping up with your whims. Several advise that you never show affection for her unless she’s done something to please you. You break them like you'd break an animal.

      I've been here a while, and I haven't seen much of what that post describes. The most common advice given here seems to be: raise your own value. When you know your own value, you won't tolerate bullshit.

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      I was about to comment about the "keep her guessing, changing what you want", as I have never come across this either. Maybe there is a post somewhere, but this is by no means part of the TRP strategy.

      I think he was just looking for karma, wearing his white knight blouse.

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      Perfectly articulated, that post is nothing more than a pathetic blue-pill fantasy.

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      Third-wave feminism thrives on denying the wall to a point where women end up hitting it having no idea wtf is happening. The dropping of all responsibility to remain chaste is what created the cock carousel an snow flake mentality.

      The sex positive stance isn't that a man used a woman for sex, it's that they "used eachother." That shift in thinking has had a tremendous ripple effect. A "slut" was something a woman didn't want to be; now when girls think sluts, it has the same connotation as sexy and confident, comfortable with sex and empowered. In other words, they don't get what's actually happening.

      Women seem to think when an alpha is picking his slut for the night he has reviewed all applicants and picked the one that was the absolute hottest. While that can happen, most guys are picking from what they can get and an obvious slut for a pump/dump is a good deal. This is what their mothers would have warned them about in a red pill world- this is "getting used."

      In her mind, it "could have worked out for a relationship" but "just didn't." They were "two different people," etc when in reality, she was a bit of fun friction. She could have been practically any other decent looking girl.

      And this is why it is so important to train betas through social and media conditioning. Since mothers aren't warning girls that sex positive nonsense is hokey bullshit, there needs to be a safety net.

      EDIT: I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread but it just occurred to me why it's important for beta men to be sex positive, believe sluts are empowered and fuck count is meaningless- they ideally want all men to believe that but in reality no man is comfortable with having a LTR with a slut (not counting cuckhold fetish), but some men need to drop their standards to a point where they rationalize it being okay. Ironically, the more beta the man, the less of a partner count he has, the MORE unhappy he feels dating a slut, AND the more enthusiastic he needs to be supportive. The alpha has fucked more than the beta, would probably care less about a girl with a high partner count, but can afford to call his own shots. So as the cards fall, only beta bucks end up being "sex positive" and sluts end up with them.

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      Let me try translating that piece:

      If you buy into TRP, sure you'll be confident in yourself, respected by your others, able to meet the world with realistic expectations, be highly successful in your sex life, and on the whole be suited to a highly competitive and apathetic world while maintaining your independence and never losing sight of your dreams...

      ...but me and my friends are gonna think you're an asshole! I'm gonna tell on you and mom's gonna be so mad!

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      The narrative that person described was a Utopian fantasy at best, but being that we exist in a non-fictional place called REALITY, the Red Pill will always be necessary for the lot of us.

      The Red Pill is completely amoral as a strategy. I mean, if we can't fault women for casually dating several men in the effort to find 'the one', then men can't be faulted for using a strategy that combats that technique. Men are logical. We can't just throw caution to the wind and stack all of our chips on every single woman we meet hoping that she'll be worth our entire investment, both emotionally and financially... Not to mention that we still aren't entirely sure she's done exploring her sexuality and has chosen us as 'the one'.

      Oh no my friend... This is the 21st century. A man makes the wrong choices in this day in age, and it could mean a lifetime of regret and misery. This is just how it is now.

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      In essence, the red pill teaches you bartering. It shows you how to turn your $100 into $1,000. It also teaches you how to turn a woman's $1,000 into $100. It shows you how to manipulate an unfair system in your favor. How NOT to get screwed over on the market and how to play your cards well enough to actually make a PROFIT rather than coming up short. Depreciate the product you are exchanging for in the transaction and raise the perceived value of your offer.

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      It shows you how to manipulate an unfair system in your favor.

      What makes the system unfair? reality? I'm pretty sure reality is impartial. You almost got it.

      The idea of game is that by accepting reality (TRP) and consequently increasing your own value you create benefits for both parties. Bartering, or ' fighting a war' for that matter seems like a good analogy until you find a losing side: There won't be any if the game is played right.

      It isn't conquering an enemy, it is like finding a balance.

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      I just went and read that EMSK thread...Jesus...

      "You'll never know what love is"

      How many men knew what love was and then got cheated on, divorced and robbed?

      "No body deserves emotional abuse"

      Considering women are the emotional abuse offenders in 90% of cases in modern society I'd say she is preaching to the wrong side.

      "Agree with your SO that we won't play the game"

      Is this bitch delusional? There will always be a game no matter how hard both sides try to not, both sides will always looks at potential suitors from outside the relationship and wonder "What if" it's human nature

      "Talk to your SO tell them they are hurting you"

      That shows weakness and will dry up a pussy so quick you might as well not even try to fuck it

      I seriously cannot handle these types of people, the poster and the comments of that thread is unbearable. I hate you all for bringing that to my attention

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      "You'll never know what love is"

      Being in love is like being addicted to cocaine. You get the same up and downs that being addicted to substance gives you. And you work for more cocaine/love, which are both inherently useless. I would accomplish much greater things if I don't fall in love than if I did. All that effort spent after that "one and only" for literally nothing but an essentially useless concept could be used instead for me to improve my influence in this world and my SMV. Love itself is overrated, like any hard drug.

      If you still believe that being in love is the greatest thing ever, then you are living an illusion.

      The Beatles were wrong. Love is not what you need.

      [–]1mcdehuevo 7 points8 points  (0 children)

      Some people attack TRP from atop the noble steed of the white knight, crusading to gain the sexual favor of the goddess.

      This guy is attacking it because he won the love lottery and wants everyone else to keep buying tickets.

      Fuck him.

      [–]trpArtVandelay 4 points5 points  (0 children)

      I believe that power dynamic to be amoral, not immoral.

      For some reason "amoral" is something many people seem either incapable or unwilling to understand. Maybe it just doesn't fit into a convenient narrative? Perhaps we all want heroes and villains, but part of being a mature adult is accepting that good intentions can go bad and bad intentions can go good, and while the ends don't always justify the means, everything should be judged based on its consequences. The red pill might occasionally seem unsympathetic to the (very real) troubles women face, but ultimately the point is to make both sides happier by accepting reality for what it is: we are a sexually dimorphic species and trying to slot people into a role that is unnatural for them (men and women) is ultimately going to lead to disfunction.

      [–]UnadornedBeef 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      His post is one humongous strawman. He basically says 'don't be an abusive shit head', which has nothing to do with the redpill.

      [–]harmanderp 4 points5 points  (1 child)

      Oddly enough, that EMSK post kept reminding me of Ned Stark, and how his reluctance to play the game of thrones ended with his head on a spike.

      [–]CaniborrowafeeIing 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      That is a great analogy, Ned refused to acknowledge the real situation (red pill) and believe that he could play the game of throne his way (punching morpheus)

      [–]JShabs 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Yea they hate on shit like TRP but look at all the racist subs or other fucked up subs. No one says shit, even GreatApes advertises that TRP is worst then them because "they really hate woman."

      [–]RPDBF 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      That's my biggest problem with the EMSK post - you can't choose to not take either pill.

      If you aren't playing the Game you're already losing - Dante Nero

      [–]confuseacatlmtd 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      So I just read though that post. I really don't see much at all of what he's complaining about here. There is not much abput.emotionally abusing woman here. But then again I don't consider making someone a little jealous or setting boundaries or occasionally saying no to be emotional abuse. The only thing he had right is that there is a lot of woman hate here instead of exeptence of who they are: People who are equally as shitty and awesome as us but in very different ways.

      [–]RejectionEquality 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Too many words.

      The correct response to "why redpill will kill you inside" is this: how exactly is "killing myself inside" a bad thing?

      The whole post at EMSK is constructed to prevent beta men from thinking "I am not getting laid because there is something wrong with me (usually related to my behavior or personality)," and to think seriously, logically, and unemotionally about it, and come up with a working solution.

      I haven't read the article, nor do I intend to. It's completely obvious to me from the subject of the post alone that it's an effort to dodge the point.

      [–]unterdude 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      That's why The Red Pill is such a fitting name for this subreddit. Truly, you must have courage to face reality for what it is, embrace the super-ego so your Id can have what it wants. EMSK is essentially spoon-feeding these redditers want to hear: that there is no such thing as an alpha male, females don't think that way, that females can make rational decisions and you can have a loving relationship without her hypergamy taking over. If you're reading it, it's for you. Their self-concept is unwilling to accept the fact that they have to fight entropy and change, fight fear, fight laziness, and work to get better. Instead of becoming men, they're content being scared lifeless blobs.

      [–]lubeoil 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      First of all, fuck you for sending me to that place.

      Secondly, the fucker who wrote that shit is saying what we are doing to women is emotional abuse. I don't see any abuse going on here. Am I harrowing her with the daily shit that goes on in my life? No.

      I plainly state what I want, when I want it. If that's not a good fit for her, fine. I won't waste my time.

      Isn't that what they want anyway? Don't people tell each other to "find someone suitable for you" ???

      Then what the fuck is actually going on? Some fucker decides to change the meaning of emotional abuse and gets gilded 65 times, while we actually and accurately cut down on the bullshit in our lives but get hated on.

      Saying that this is emotional abuse is like telling me you got PTSD from mean tweets on twitter. Fuck you. Eat shit. You deserve to learn from first hand experience what emotional abuse really is.

      As someone who WAS abused, emotionally and otherwise, the EMSK Red Pill is a load of garbage. This is the kinda shit the world will pile on to you.

      The weak know nothing of strength, their only way to get at you is with bitter words and foolish sentiment.

      If I'm coming off as angry, you bet your ass I'm fucking angry.

      [–]sir_wankalot_here 6 points7 points  (1 child)

      This post and the emsk post are one huge wall of text. TLDR. Maybe I am already dead inside :-)

      [–]throvvvvavvvvay 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      At least they aren't videos.

      [–]redPillThrowAway77 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      You mention that there is a special someone for SOME.

      Hope is, I believe, a feature of our psyche that was formed by natural selection. I mean, who is more likely to survive? He who, in the face of imminent death, of self or those who he cares about, believes that the impossible will occur, or the one that just gives up, because he sees no exit?

      What I mean by this is, as long as people provide the HOPE that unicorns exist, some people will hang on to that, making it harder for them to accept reality.

      I much prefer the unicorns do not exist way of thinking. It provides closure and certainty, things needed by those still swallowing.

      [–]bigredsam 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      "Punching Morpheus is not an option. The option you are actually choosing when you think you're punching Morpheus is taking the blue pill"

      Couldn't a third option between the pills be MGTOW? It's not an option I particularly want to follow, but if you don't want to be "abused" as an orbiter or labelled an "abuser" with plates, isn't that a viable one?

      [–][deleted] -1 points0 points  (0 children)

      mgtow still accepts red pill knowledge and uses it to their advantage. Their goal simply doesn't involve women

      [–]2asd1100 4 points5 points  (9 children)

      I don't intend for her to suffer, nor will I allow it.

      you have no control over her suffering, some chicks just end up cutting themselfs to blackmail guys into staing with them. To each his own, stop white knighting.

      And no man has ever gotten pussy just because he has a dick.

      I happen to know for a fact that that is not true, not all dicks are created equal, sometimes they just want the D because they heard it's great.(stop projecting innocence and gratuitous virtue)

      Men don't have their sexual strategy built into them

      yes we do, it is just worthless in a society where women do fine, with no man and even have more fun and sex if they aren't in a relationship.

      The ordinary blue baller, with some confidence, some skill and some beta traits would be a god send for ANY woman, if society would not pamper and take care of her. In the savanna, a beta is better than your 5 girlfriends.

      In the modern world, betas are literally useless, they have no utility whatsoever, at best he is a emotional tampon, but he sucks even at that as a sassy gay friend is much better even at that job. Most jobs a spineless beta does a woman can do post feminism. Even a purse dog give a woman more emotional utility that a beta.

      In a post modern world women have absolute sexual freedom(they don't currently but they will soon enough) so then there will be men fucking and men watching. The patriarchy screwed up men a lot, it offered a chance for even the betas to get something, being a good man that does the right things was good enough for most women, those times are gone, the existential hat is out of the bag. I you want to fuck, you have no other choice than to become the object of female desire(be it the mainstream alpha or a submissive fat gimp for the a limited number of women), if not, stand on the sidelines and STFU.

      [–]colombianguy 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      you have no control over her suffering, some chicks just end up cutting themselfs to blackmail guys into staing with them. To each his own, stop white knighting.

      This, unfortunately, is true and it's something that a friend and I realized after having been with a number of women. It sounds horrible, but it is women's condition to suffer. Both of us at different times even went to extraordinary lengths to protect our women from getting hurt, usually emotionally (by us, by other people, etc.), and they still ended up hurt in some way, and they had brought it upon themselves or actively and directly did it to themselves, without us having done anything whatsoever to them.

      It was a sobering realization, but it did change the way we handle women we get involved with: while we still always try to leave women in some way better than we had found them, we no longer get hung up on it when they end up hurt or heartbroken.

      [–]2asd1100 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      This is a bitter truth, I just consider myself a "good time" now, but I have a big hero complex. I constantly fought with myself over the years to not turn into captain save-a-slut, because fundamentally you can not save a person from herself.

      [–]Jillianmd777 1 point2 points  (2 children)

      You must still be in the angry phase. I'm sorry.

      [–]1KyfhoMyoba 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      asd1100 doesn't have to be angry, everything he said is true (with the exception of denying that no man ever got pussy just because he had a dick. Saying that not all dicks are created equal is a qualification that proves the rule.).

      [–]northsidefugitive 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      He just confused preselection by reputation with women fucking you because you have a nice dick.

      [–]trying2bracehumanity 0 points1 point  (3 children)

      And no man has ever gotten pussy just because he has a dick.

      I happen to know for a fact that that is not true, not all dicks are created equal, sometimes they just want the D because they heard it's great.(stop projecting innocence and gratuitous virtue)

      If they heard it's great, then it's not just a dick. It's a dick with preselection.

      I disagree with your comment, women will go after dick just to go for dick, but they always have some reason why they decide to take the dick off the 165 lb soccer player vs the 265 lb WoW player, even if the two dicks are the exact same.

      For me to see that sort of evidence, for a woman to truly go out and get a dick just to get the dick? She'd have to come up from behind the guy, not judge him based on his body-type, reach around at his crotch, and pull him by the dick to the nearest somewhat-private location to fuck. This has never happened. If women wanted to, they could do this and it would work sans legal prosecution; but, it doesn't.

      tl;dr If she knows him, then there's no way she's just getting his dick, there is some sort of bias. There has never been a woman who went literally after the first dick she saw just because she had a craving, whereas men do it daily.

      [–]2asd1100 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      but they always have some reason why they decide to take the dick off the 165 lb soccer player vs the 265 lb WoW player,

      not if it's casual fucking, if she only has WOW players to chose from, she will go for the best D around.

      for a woman to truly go out and get a dick just to get the dick?

      wow...they don't the allow the dick to get the pussy, the don't pursue, that would mean taking a risk.

      reach around at his crotch, and pull him by the dick to the nearest somewhat-private location to fuck.

      or just ask her friend how good is he at fucking.

      Without appropriate information they need to go for the superficial judgement, body fat, height and arm girth.

      This is also true for men, if we knew which girls are freaks, nobody would give a shit about visual stimulation value.

      there is some sort of bias.

      not really bias, just "I heard it's good, I want to try it out without any consequence."

      There has never been a woman who went literally after the first dick she saw just because she had a craving

      again, they don't "go for", that implies a risk of rejection, they just go out, smile, look pretty and accept the offers.

      [–]trying2bracehumanity 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      I think we just have different definitions of "And no man has ever gotten pussy just because he has a dick.". I'm talking about women just seeing a random guy in a hallway when they're horny, then they don't even consider anything about him except that he has a dick, and then they just take them to their room and fuck them. You mean to say that they will fuck a guy just because they want some dick, but that they obviously choose the best one they can find.

      I'm saying it doesn't matter what they can find, just that it's never happened that they randomly get turned-on and bang the first man they randomly see, like a man would like to do everytime he got an erection- go outside and fuck the first thing that looks suspect to having a vagina.

      A woman does not go for a man for the sole reason that he has a dick, there is always other things taken into consideration. Some men do go for women for the sole reason that she has a vagina, see what I mean?

      [–]1248goal 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      great summary of a ton of rp topics the truth is unavoidable

      [–]limbooo 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      Its not the red pill that kills you inside.. Its the reality of how things work in real life.. That's whatll kill you inside and make you not want to love another woman ever again..

      [–]randarrow 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      It's hard to enjoy apples when you know they're rotten. Eat enough rotten apples you'll think that's how they are supposed to taste. Find out suddenly that they are rotten, that you've been eating rotten apples all this time, and you're fucked....

      [–]Idle_Redditing 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      So did you get downvoted into oblivion?

      [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      I never posted this in emsk, it would be a waste of time since it would never get any exposure. The ones that honestly want to listen will lurk TRP anyways.

      [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Maybe we all want those fairytales of disneyland love inside ourselves killed because it makes us weak.

      [–][deleted]  (1 child)


        [–]PedroIsWatching 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        I really love how the proposed r/PunchingMorpheus subreddit has become a total dead zone so quickly.

        [–]HiddenDeathArt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Fk that, life is easier when you can accept the simple truth of the human's complex nature..

        You stop letting people guilt trip you You stop letting people try to get a rise out of you

        TRP just doesn't only apply to women, it's across the board.

        • HDA

        [–]bh3244 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        i give zero shits what other people think about my philosophy, in fact let them be imbeciles, it just make things easier.

        [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Why isn't this post on the front page?

        Also, I'm very happy that u TalShar made a post about this sub. In his attempt to undermine the message of this sub, he has only brought more attention and future RedPillers. Once they come here, they will see how it is not only not "immoral", but a sub that makes you a better you. A sub that focuses on self improvement and being more masculine should be rewarded. I'm not saying I agree 100 percent with this sub but overall its message is for the better.

        Edit: Forgot to mention how much of a solid post this was. If I wasn't broke I'd give you some gold right now.

        [–]DexiAntoniu 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        What? TRP has validated what I always believed by intuition and discovered by doing: only the active seekers of progress get to be good and get the goods, it's so logical and obvious yet almost everybody is inertiatic and mediocre at best.

        As a result, of course most will be offended by these words, but I've never been more alive inside...

        [–]clear_lights 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        The argument provided by /u/TalShar was flawed to begin with anyway. He's obviously biased since he's married so he probably haven't been around to meeting fucked up women.

        He speaks against the "use of sexual strategy and emotional manipulation to render your partner compliant" but that's not entirely what TRP is about. Albeit, TRP does have some philosophy I do not agree with but the majority is downright truth.

        A good example would be this thread:

        If we're going by what TalShar preaches, the man would obviously swallow the blue pill and try to rationalize with the partner who's absolutely out of her fucking mind.

        What a joke.

        [–]NikolaTeslaMGTOW 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        I was going to read the EMSK post, but I saw the word "hetero" used in a non comedic way. Then I stopped. Because nothing of value will be found in that post. Unless hetero is used in a scientific manner, the word is basically a giant red flag "ignore this".

        If this is waht EMSK provides, its been infected by women and no longer useful.

        EDIT: Read your post, agree entirely. But like I said, anyone who needs to say "hetero relationship" means I not only didn't have to read the post, but its 90% of the time gonna be bullshit. Filters save you time, learn to filter in all areas of life.

        [–]FallenHighSchoolJock -1 points0 points  (1 child)

        I came here an incel and I will leave here an incel.

        [–]Halfaredpill -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        That's my biggest problem with the EMSK post - you can't choose to not take either pill. It's either or.

        In that case, you and /u/TalShar have to agree to disagree. You think that it's either-or; while /u/Talshar disagrees and rejects that notion as a false dichotomy.

        Your post makes the debate pretty much "nu-uh! you're wrong!" at this point.

        [–]Traz_Onmale -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Women have a moderate sexual market value just by virtue of having a pussy. Men do not have ANY default value by having a dick, and so they must artificially create value in the form of status, money, looks, humor, excitingness etc. If a man could fuck a woman in a cardboard box, he wouldn't buy a house. And no man has ever gotten pussy just because he has a dick.

        If, like you said earlier, a woman's smv lies in her value to provide sex, and a man's lies in his value to provide commitment, then you can't compare their smv by looking only at their ability to get laid. This means you're applying women's smv to men. You should compare the men's ability to get laid with women's ability to secure commitment. What you're doing is like saying: "Look at all those friendzoned guys who get friendship thrown at them just for having a dick".

        Girls who think he's the best thing they ever heard of. Girls who consider him their first choice, not their 10th.

        If a woman's appreciation for you depends on her never having seen better, it's not real and worthless anyway.