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I often think about this, when i was 12 ALL girls liked me, but after i started getting insterested in then, i started to fucked up

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10 year old me was such a playa

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My mom told me when I was 5 I had a girlfriend because she had short hair and I thought it was a boy.

I disliked girls but (s)he could stay.

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Jerk-boy Charisma is our default state.

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I was a super late bloomer, it was a pussy buffet till I got dick hair. I'd fingered every chick in a twelve mile radius because I was scared to show my hairless undeveloped sack. Once I hit puberty at like 18 it turned into a desert for like a year then I literally went to the desert (Iraq) came back and I've not been without pussy on demand for the last 11 years ... I remember though every chick wanted to nail me down as their boyfriend before that but I was a rolling stone with magical fingers haha ...

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I was in a bowling league when I was 10-13. My team consisted of me and 5 girls. They decided to call the team 'Jordan's Angels' and I "dated" all of them (except the fat one)

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Every bowling team has a "fat one".

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If bowling had weight classes like boxing:

250-300lbs: lightweight

300-350lbs: middleweight

350lbs+: heavyweight

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See, this is why I stick around. A diamond in the rough.

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omg HAHAHAHAH sorry but i laugh about the fat one

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Fat women are like mopeds; they're fun to ride until your friends catch you.

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Haha, except the fat one.

In fourth grade, I remember having like 2-3 girls around. They all gave me money.

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    That is so sad and could be a good intro to a book or movie

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    I was beta as shit before puberty too. Based on the other comments here I take it that I'm in the (extreme?) minority.

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      That sounds like it worked out for you earlier than others, 16 can be common. Theres also 18 yr olds who panic about their virginity and think about suicide at 20. But I dont know why virginity is placed in such regard, as far as I'm concerned virginity is almost nothing. Either your fucking or you aren't. You loose your virginity once, why bother making a big deal about once and after that keep on moving forward to meeting new hot chicks is all I'd be worrying about

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        Well now that you address it, I won't be able to lay 14-17 year old girls anymore, even though at the time I wanted older women because I thought they would be better in bed.

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        To be fair, they often are.

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          This causes most women to be jaded by the time they're even legal because of the multiple failed relationships in their youth. Or something to that effect.

          Yeah, something to that extent.

          As you grow older, and your "partners" grow in age as well, the innocent virgin fountain dries up.

          For me, my early adult years/after highschool, it was the biggest dry season I've ever had in my life , I had less partners/sex after High School during the ~19-23 range (and probably would last longer if it weren't for TRP related self education), that I had when I was 15-18, you could be genuinely "beta" nice to girls and you would still have a chance to get laid, as having no job or financial independence didn't matter much to them, the moment you leave High School environment and hit the real world it becomes a factor, not only I didn't had any game (which I believe alone can get you laid, if I got 2 average plates in my year of being a NEET after college, it had to be game...).

          I didn't had the basic beta provider qualities, being the lone wolf/introvert type of guy didn't help much as I wouldn't play the numbers game, always trying to pinpoint some girl into a LTR, another mistake created from the disney fantasy...

          And in this day of age, where a not-fat girl with 5-6 looks can have more attention in a week of okcupid than an average fit man in his whole life (I made an okcupid with some friends for laughs, it was an average looking women in his late 20's, in the space of 4 hours, we got like 20 msgs, 1 week later it was around ~300s, from the usual internet dick photo guy, to the journalist that travels the world with african token kid photos), I don't imagine what some blue pill guys feel about themselves, after so many years of failures.

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          I was born a socially awkward nice guy beta. I remember in kindergarten. I proposed to a girl before getting even the slightest IOI. She rejected me of course. One of my best friends invited another girl to come with us to a lake, she came along. Already then I wished I had his social skills. In first grade he had his first relationship. She was a real hottie too, easily 8+. She still was when I met her at a train station a few years ago. In third grade I asked a girl to be my girlfriend. She told me she had to think about it, and the next day she and a more alpha guy in our class were an item.

          One thing that has been an invariant my whole life: I've always been attracted to slim, pretty girls.

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          I was born a socially awkward nice guy beta

          Nope, your parents made you that way.

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          I can't agree. There are different levels of testosterone in the uterus during development. In testing amniotic fluid, low T is correlated with homosexuality. There is such a thing as a "nice guy" at birth. It isn't a binary thing, but a scale of grey. Maybe the awkward part is due to his family failure to properly socialize him.

          I also feel that it isn't a bad thing to be a nice guy. Imagine a 4'10" dude with little to no muscle mass trying to show the world what an Alpha he is. It would be counter-productive for a happy life. He should focus on his better features.

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          You're looking at a misfortune which applies to 1% of the male population and trying to draw a conclusion about the rest.

          I'm not talking about the outliers.

          Generally, your physical charateristics are set by genetics, ie height, native intelligence, build etc within normal margins. Then how you percieve the world and interact with other people is dictated by your childhood.

          All of us know how awful it is for kids, especially boys, to be raised by single mothers. It doesn't matter how much T you were exposed to in the womb, being raised in the wrong way gives you a substantial negative modifier. If you believe it's all genetics, why bother raising kids right?

          Finally, it is a total beta, whiney, loser tactic to ascribe your failings, or even your successes, to genetic dice rolls, and dooms you to a life drifting in the wind, with no hope to improve yourself or anyone unfortunate enough to be under your care.

          Obviously you work to your strengths.

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          One thing that has been an invariant my whole life: I've always been attracted to slim, pretty girls.

          I was like that, then I started liking big tits and asses and hips when I started bulking to increase my lifts. I think there's something in the male brain that says, "I don't want a female who's heavier than me." Primal fear of emasculation maybe.

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          I'm with you. I was a mommas boy, through and through. God I want to go back and smack my younger self a few times and kick his shit into gear. So many missed opportunities, and wasted potential.

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          Nothing wrong with having a good relationship with your momma, she's also your first and often best social proof. It's the emulating her part.

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          It's not the relationship so much, as how I was raised. She had straight up said she raised me to be a good husband (beta). We all know how that goes for most guys. I love my mom, but she put me off on the wrong foot in so many ways.

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          I wasn't so much a momma's boy as I was the child of a mother who WANTED me to be a momma's boy. That really played into my development, especially in high school. Still to this day, at age 27, she tries to make me be a momma's boy.

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          Oddly I was not. My mother is RP and actually encouraged me to play the field when I was just starting to date. Probably she didn't like how trashy my girlfriend was but still.

          I don't know man. I have some kind of moral autism where I take other people's projected intentions at face value. It's completely terrible for a child to grow up in our culture and actually believe (not belief in belief) that other people hold the values they claim to hold.

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            Per church, that lifestyle is his choice. He clearly chose early.

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              Do you have a citeable source for that? The possibilities for trolling feminists are unlimited.

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              Academic feminists noticed this fracture in their thoughts about 20 or more years ago, so they used 'gender roles' instead of gender. This would acceptable to me if they used gender roles in topics like men participating in child-rearing, but they use 'gender roles' interchangeably with gender and sexuality in general.

              It's hard to pin them down because they'll cite gender roles like they're giving you freedoms, but then use it to discuss sex and gender for all human beings (i.e. everyone is socialized/brainwashed by gender).

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              The sad irony in all of that poor and misguided labelling is that people with some sort of identity conflict are left more ostriscized and outcast because of the ambiguity of the labels themselves. Leaving them with no ability to relate to the greater majority, nor the majority to be able to relate to them.

              As people, and as a society, need clear labels to function as anchors and provide stability for our identities; they help us to know who we are and who others are in our lives. The whole gender consortium of sexuality labeling is a large part of why feminism in its unbalanced state is destroying Western society. It makes for a fractured society and creates a lot of bad.

              I endorse equality for all under the secular law, its a matter of fairness and justice regardless of difference; however, when the self-identifying two-spirited gender neutral cis-op tran-bisexual begins to bitch about how it's you who is not sensitive to their unique lifestyle and subservient to their special snowflake status they can go fuck right off.

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              The stupid one is the one that is scientifically invalid. I think the science is overwhelmingly in favor of there being behavioral sex differences due to genetics and prenatal maternal hormones.

              I'm not convinced that the "born that way" is fully valid. My theory is that may be the case in some circumstances, but I think others are because the young boys were molested by men and their early sexual experiences were encoded as homosexual. Perhaps sometimes they were already leaning that way due to genetics, but I bet sometimes not.

              For women, I suspect that it is probably moreso genetic, since most molesters are men. My theory would predict that there are far fewer lesbians than male homosexuals.

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              You're right in being skeptical of the "born that way" theory, but you equivocate in thinking molestation must be the alternative. There are MANY social or otherwise environmental forces at work in childhood, and molestation probably takes a back seat to many of these.

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              I dont think that their is necessarily more male pedophiles then females.

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              If I recall, it's about even.

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              That is what I would assume.

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              Someone is born homosexual; however, it is then their life choices which determine if they act the part of an effeminate siss or are meerely just a man who has sex with other men.

              Society doesn't care about the latter. Its the men acting as women (and not as part of a play) and using the same psychological patterns as women that society is actually against. Its like having men of special privledge without being of special merit, and in male mentality it's wrong.

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              As I stated before, I don't believe that is always the case, and I don't think you have reasonable scientific evidence to back up your claim. Yes, some may be more toward the feminine on the spectrum of masculine/feminine, but I certainly don't think it is a binary on/off switch for gay.

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              I'm not intending to say that it is even if its wording graces that notion. In actuality, and as far as my readings have taken me, its a concentration gradient for biological homosexuality; environmental homosexuality is something which a person has behavioural control over, these are the displayed societal cues which signal someone as standing out as homosexual (overt sexuality, pride flags, etc.).

              It's like, I'm Italian. Do I need to wear gold chains, gelled hair, be juiced, make pizzas, and wear track suits so that I'm 100% sure everyone who sees me is aware of the fact that I'm Italian? No, 95/100 would just say that's being over the top and stereotypical. But I have control over my attire, employment, and personal style. The thesis still holds here in the societal context. There's no use from debating the biological aspects as they are not personally alterable.

              Edit: I re-read your original post. We're talking about two different things. From what I gathered, you're talking about sexual associated as normative, whereas I'm talking about societal distinctions between the flaming vs non-flaming homosexual. It's contextually like Pavlov's dog vs, why Muslim women wear hijabs.

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              My goto argument to show the relative application of logic.

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              Hey, odds of him getting divorced rape are hella' low.

              And... I can't remember the last time I heard of a dude falsely accused of raping another dude....

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              Even though I was already familiar with the point.

              The stark contrast of the male/female mentalities in rape accusations is a cold, but refreshing slap to the face.

              No wonder feminist push so much pluralistic value in peoples ideals. Then they can hoist shit on their values when needed and degrade the others values as they now lack any comparative sense or standard.

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              Out of curiosity, is he from a single parent home?

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              Hmm. I don't know. I will check.

              Update, his parents appear to be together. And the dad is definitely the dad, you can see it in the face.

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              Replying for future answer

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              Also out of curiosity, why do you ask? Do you have a theory?

              Edit: Why did I get a downvote?

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              Single mothers with no father raise men to act like women.

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              Hi, I'm that kid. TRP has been like a god send these past few months

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              This is painfully true. I know with a very effeminate, whiny thirteen year old, raised by a single mom to act like his mom. He would bleed estrogen if he scraped his knee. Redpill or even just acting like an adult man, is going to be very difficult for him, because his actions and mannerisms and logic processes are basically female.

              Also, I don't think he's gay. He's interested in girls. He's just acting like a girl himself...

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              I went out the other night with a buddy and some of his friends. One of his friends brought his wife. Now, at first glance, this guy belonged in the pride parade. Super lispy, very effeminate looking, you would just say "yup, gay". However, he was married in what looked like a loving healthy relationship. I asked my friend about it and he was just a product of his surroundings. Single mom brought him up in dance and gymnastics instead of football and baseball (or the like). He was surrounded by women and effeminate men his whole life so that how he became the way. However, not gay.

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              I am like that, please give me advices.

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              Go get your testosterone levels checked and find some men to look up to and try to emulate them.

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              Thanks. I'm going to get my T level checked.

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              I am like that, please give me advices.

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              I am like that, any advices?

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              Plus if religion is introduced to him as a shaming and god-fearing thing, then you have a recipe for disaster

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              Christianity as given now?

              Yes, more then likely, sad enough to say, the lad is 5 for goodness sakes.

              Now honestly gay during the manly manly 70's?

              Put it this way, as kids we'd play super hetereos!

              4 young boys

              -I wanna be Batman! -I wanna be Superman -I wanna be Captain America -I wanna be Wonder Woman

              Record started skipping, we all sorta knew

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              I had an absentee dad and 2 sisters. It's taken me a long time to start acting like a man.

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              this is extemely simple and to the point, but it rings the bell.

              remember the old days when girls had cooties and shit, and we all hung out with our bros? we would neg the girls we liked. play sports with the neighborhood kids. everything was a competition.

              theyre still stupid and annoying.

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              Another way of thinking about it is... When you were a 5th grader, remember how you thought you were the shit around the younger 3rd graders? Remember how the 3rd graders thought the 5th graders were so much older, experienced, and cooler? Pretend you're in 5th grade and all girls you meet are younger, inexperienced 3rd graders

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              VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: do NOT actually go around trying to pick up inexperienced 3rd graders. This was a metaphor not to be taken literally.

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              This is a really good concept. I'd love to see a more fleshed out version to really drill the point home.

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              Pook talks about it a little in The Book of Pook

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              I discovered masturbation when I was 9 by accident, and I remember liking girls even before that, getting huge boners and thinking about some really kinky stuff even before 9 (like bdsm games where I dominate) so I can't say I thought girls were gross. I have a lot of issues with women and the society in general, but I like how they look and how they react when my tongue/finger/dick is inside them.

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              I remember fantasizing about tits when I was like 6, and I can't remember much before then...

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              Same here! Been attracted to girls since around 5-6 yrs of age!

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              Yeah, I had a kindergarten crush.

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              Mine were much older women! Had a bit of an oedipius crush on me mum as well! Then fell for a girl in kindergarten, then for a bunch of girls in school - of course I was the guy who ended up hanging with a bunch of girls, always crushing on them. Never had a single girlfriend and the few that I asked out said no.

              But all the girls were clear that I was a really nice guy. Funny, I never told them they should date me or love me because I was nice. They were the once who said that to me.

              Of course, they also said that I would eventually find this perfect girl out there who was just for me!

              Of course, they were not good enough for me! Wow! I must have been some god huh? (sarcasm)

              Funny how stories like mine transcend race and culture?

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              I know what you mean, my first kiss was in first grade actually lol.

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              Yup, I remember being small (3-4) and loving to go up to women and rub their nylons. And at age 5 saw my first naked chick at a pool. And I had a "gf" in preschool (3/4) that Would scratch my back in class. Basically I don't think I ever went through the not liking girls stage. I liked the girls my age and the older women basically my whole life.

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              The only thing that has changed is your brain got bathed in sex hormones and they sprouted tits.

              and they stoped respecting you because you became a stupid monkey

              Do you recall being bitter back then because girls were stupid and annoying?

              I actually do, one cunt stole my badminton racket.

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              This is a really simple but effective mentality to have. Highly recommend newcomers to adopt this style of thinking as it is a good transition into learning how to act alpha.

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              I remember how I treated them before I was medicated for 10 years on various amphetamines. I used to have the little girls flashing their bits to me all the time.

              Then I got pilled up, I got fat, I got lazy and became the lonely sad clown. I sat in front of a computer drinking half a 12-pack of A&W a day while jerking off when the urge struck me. I remember in PE we'd check our pulse and mine would regularly top out at around 180.

              Maybe I'm making excuses, but I fully disagree with this trend of medicating our boys. I feel like I lost 10 years of emotional development because of it. It wasn't until I stopped taking the pills for 2 years that I had my first physical experiences with women, and by that I mean kissing... at like, 19.

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              They tried to put me on speed too. I never took them. I threw them out as soon I was out of the house. I've hated the feeling it gave me, like being focused on fucking everything. No, I wasn't calm, I was fucking buzzed out.

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              I have this exact theory

              I have a friend (actual friend not me), both parents are psychologist, been medicated since he was a small child and I would swear it limited his emotional development.

              It does not allow or arguably force you to understand how to function in society. And if youre unable to function it doesnt allow you to learn how to cope, medication acts as a constant buffer and when the buffer is removed the nature hasnt been changed.

              Youre solving the symptoms not the problem.

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              You think amphetamines made you fat? What

              [–]Toof 9 points10 points  (2 children)

              They created a dissociative mindset in me which caused me to gain weight, psychologically not physiologically. As soon as I got off them, I began to start taking care of the physical me rather than just being stuck in the mental me. It also opened me up to developing real emotional connections with people, including my own family, as opposed to using everyone as pawns in some theatrical humor to gets laughs from others.

              I don't know if that makes sense, and it could be a mindset which kicked in concurrently with my dismissal of the pills, also. All I know is that in that interim faze where I was starting to abandon them, I was really opening my eyes to who I was and I didn't like what I saw. So again, it could just be coincidence as I only have my own experiences to draw on.

              Also, if I take amphetamines now, I get really fucking sad and confused.

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              I was just inking about this. Gotta be fun, carefree, and not needy. Girls wanted to be included in what we did because it looked fun.

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              I'd like to pick your brain because I find this fascinating. I thought we agreed that bluepilldom was caused by societal brainwashing & gynocentricism. However, this got me thinking, maybe it's the inverse! Maybe there are biological reasons for bluepill life and gynocentricism and feminized men? Maybe biology plays a role and influences society, as opposed to society influencing life? Or maybe they're contingent on each other, which would probably be the most likely!

              [–]AlsdousHuxley 3 points4 points  (0 children)

              I would argue that most any action stemming from the brain is a combination of nature and nurture.

              Its difficult (to say the least) to isolate one specific cause

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              As soon as you asked yourself "how am I gon do this" you started giving a shit. You started applying methods you soaked up somewhere.

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              Absolutely it is the case that this is partly due to biological reasons. There is a marked increase in the amount of estrogen in the environment and food chain in the past 20-30 years.

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              There is a lot of truth in this.

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              good point, I read another guy in some saved discussion pic where he compared having high confidence to feeling like puberty never happened and people who have high confidence aren't having something, they are missing on anxiety that 90% of the other people get during that period.

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              Never acted or thought that way towards girls before puberty. Nope, this post doesn't apply to me at all.

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              Joke's on you, I was already terrified of girls before puberty because my dad taught me they were angels and I needed their approval.

              I'm not even shitting you.

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              I have a little cousin and this dude is funny, goofy, non-caring. Ive seen hkm pick on girls playfully and tells me he doesnt even do it on purpose. I really think our natural state can be seen when we were younger and its inspired me as weird as it sounds. I told him to never change.

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                  Although i was a whiny mess till puberty hit, girls liked me and i had a GF. When puberty hit, i was a stoic nerd and some girls still liked me, but i didn't like them. Love letters ignored. What.

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                  I had so many girls chasing me then.... why did I stop doing that, it was FUCKING WORKING!

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                  Can comfirm. I'm 32, up until recently was quite beta, I guess the only reason I got laid was because of looks. Got depressed, start taking pills, side effect: no libido. I just don't feel like sex at all - best thing ever, getting swarmed by women because I don't give a fuck (no pun intended). They have nothing of interest for me anymore.

                  I wonder what will happen when I get off them. 1 month to go.

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                  Funny that you write this, because I had a smiliar post in mind.

                  Recently, when I had a brainstorming about how to aquire more Man CardsTM , I realized that all the stuff that came to mind were things we were totally into as little boys. Remember what you liked/considered cool back then? Fast and expensive cars, motorcycles, guns, swords, tattoos, muscles, brawling, climbing, and all that stuff. And what did you want to be or become? Rich and/or powerful, a biker, cop, sheriff, soldier, or, if you were less realistic, a knight (not the white ones) or a superhero. We also flocked around the coolest adult role model and not the most boring guy.

                  And then we got told that war and violence is baaad, bikers are criminals, that muscles are ugly, that cars and motorcycles are juvenile, that fast driving and freestyle climbing is dangerous, and that women don't really dig all that stuff and that it would be better to get in touch with your feminine side. Young boys have a very clear idea of what's manly (and what's not), one could easily get the almost heretical idea that the concept of masculinity is somehow ingrained in our DNA (gasp).

                  Yet these drives get neutralized (or rather neutered) and men get more or less domesticated on purpose. No wonder we're so fucked up these days.

                  [–]jsnhrl 3 points4 points  (1 child)

                  Reminds me of a list of "Ways to be cool" written by a 5 year old which I came across a few years ago.

                  [–]1exit_sandman 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                  Looks a bit like satire tbh, but yeah, it gets the point across pretty well.

                  [–]1 Endorsed ContributorMeatclap 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                  I never had one of those periods in my life, but that was because I was mistreated (I won't share this here) by many women growing up. It changed me, affected me even as a little boy, and so I've always liked girls and women, always loved long soft hair and breasts, my sexuality matured with age so as I grew older my feelings made more sense and were quantifiable.

                  When I was a boy I always had girls around, and they loved playing with my curly hair. At 11 I had two girls with me most of the time, one on each arm, one of them 12 (and I was all about the older women at that age).

                  [–][deleted] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

                  you were redpill before you were born. remember how you treated women before you were born - before they were born. think about the time when the universe didn't exist yet: TRP.