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I didn't think Sex God Method was going to work after I read it. But I said fuck it and next time I hung out with a plate I ripped her panties off, stuffed them in her mouth and choked her while fucking her like the plane was going down. She loved it and keeps coming back for more 6 months and counting.

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It seems to me that women actually really enjoy being degraded sexually. The more degenerate, the better. Easing her in, of course.

I wonder what in their evolutionary psychology causes that sort of arousal from being degraded?

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    I guess that's how the whore thing really works. It got scary at one point. She just kept on wanting more and even more degenerate things done to her. I was afraid she wanted to fuck my dog. The insane thing is her loyalty to me was almost cult-like. It was... 'worship'.

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    I was afraid she wanted to fuck my dog.

    And that's my cue that I've had enough internet today.

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    Not many guys these days can give girls an experience like that, so when they find one who can they tend to latch on for dear life.

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    The funny thing is they always say they want to be made love to, all sensitive and delicate, all romantic. I have never known one to say otherwise.

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    Ever read those fairy tales with princesses locked up in a castle by the evil wizard? That's all of them, the castle's called "all senstive and romantic". Meanwhile the princess wants out, needs you to come rescue her so she can tell you what she really wants: pull my hair, spank my ass, make me fuck your hound while you watch me cum over and over, sir valiant knight!

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    Ever read Beowulf? That guy was fucking alpha. He killed Grendel with his bare hands, got the king's wife, got Grendel's mom, and killed the dragon.

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      I'm pretty sure you are correct that that is what she was supposed to poetically represent.

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      That's why you go by what they do, not by what they say. Women give guys horrible advice with regards to how to woo them all the time. Just look at all of the frustrated betas who follow their terrible advice to put them on a pedestal and be open emotionally and whatnot.

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      You just made things make so much more sense for me. Thank you

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      It could have something to do with rape being a part of what women experienced before society was around.

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          And be sure, the actual incidence of this shit is higher. Depending on whether or not having a rape fantasy is a socially acceptable thing to admit to or not. Why?

          Because women lie on surveys all the time, at a rate upto twice that of men, to reflect more socially acceptable answers, even when there are literally no conceivable consequences for being honest. So much so, researchers say such surveys are nearly always inaccurate. Almost as if... they're convincing themselves of something.

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          Because women lie on surveys all the time...

          Conducting job interviews, I once used a questionnaire to evaluate personality traits. With a choice of either/or, women would consistently choose the answer that seemed fractionally better in terms of social acceptability. Just altering an adjective would alter the social positioning of the answer, and they would flip sides in a heartbeat.

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            Now here is an interesting question: is cuckoldry meant to simulate this? In other words, while at face value it seems the woman is humiliating her man by getting gang-banged in front of him, but who is really being humiliated? It seems like the woman. She's behaving like trash at the whim of her man. And this also presents the man with being the "last one in wins" spermacide scenario.

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              Not sure about that, but swinging is reported to stimulate long term partners' interest in sex with each other.

              The extra hotness for each other is presumably because the male wants to not be left out of the sperm competition, and the female because she wants to keep her provider despite having had an extra pair coupling.

              That's a separate question from whether it's a good long-term strategy for staying in an LTR. Redpill conventional wisdom seems to be it's not.

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              It's good as long as you remain the best alpha and the best provider to her, which is seldom the case

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              Girls have admitted to me that they have rape fantasies. Heartiste cites studies on it. It makes evolutionary sense. Sometimes when I get carried away in the moment I'll call a girl a "fucking whore" while I'm being rough with them. Only once got a negative reaction and my cock went right back in her ass a few minutes later. I don't pull the "rape" schtick every time but sometimes the girl's pheremones tell your pheremones that that's the way she wants it.

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              There is a difference between being "dominated" and "degraded." A woman being dominated by a man is not necessarily being degraded.

              Almost all women love being physically dominated by a larger male during sex. A much smaller number of women love being degraded.

              However, it depends on how you define "degrading." if you consider treating your woman like your prized possession, or your beloved pet or slave girl to be "degrading" then I agree under that definition almost all women DO like being "degraded." Love it, in fact. If you scratch them behind the ears like a kitten they will snuggle up to you.

              what in their evolutionary psychology causes that sort of arousal from being degraded?

              Guessing because whatever behavior your describing attracted more men or possibly bonded her more tightly to another man (and vice-versa) so the babies of girls who did that were more likely to survive.

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              The domination part definitely makes sense. It reminds me of the story of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. I'm sure good ol' Cleo, being who she was, was used to getting all sorts of male interest. It wasn't until Julius came along that a man was able to make off with not just her undying loyalty, but he got a kid out of her and he made off with the whole of Egypt being added to the empire. LOL he was even able to parade her around as his personal whore in front of his wife and the entirety of Rome.

              Talk about Alpha!

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              It goes against everything that we've been told or would expect but girls love being ravaged

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              Excellent question.

              In regards to 'mutual sexual fantasies', Bill Maher had this to say:

              "There is NO such thing as a mutual sexual fantasy; yours bore us, ours offend you!"

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              I know the speech and I think Maher is way off base on this one, perhaps intentionally to appeal to the audience. I want to fuck women aggressively. Women want to be fucked aggressively. That seems pretty mutual to me.

              Of the women that I've been with, the ones that behaved the best, are the ones that I've been able to aggressively sex. The ones that I haven't, usually don't want to come back.

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              Shut up. It's only by people we like and trust.

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              rape survival.

              all mamals rape.

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              Some do! But not all! You can not approach this as a one size fits all! It is an egregious approach against those who do not want this from you! Not all women are like this holy shit!

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              There's a word for that here. AWALT.

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              A lot of this is genuine rape, NAWALT and endorsing this is sick. And to think of all the times I defended TRP as a place of self reflection and improvement.

              That some women respond positively to ignoring their protests and forcing yourself on them, does not make for a blanket philosophy.

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              Show us the passage where anybody said "ignore their protests and force yourself on them." This is a fabricated and delusional claim.

              I concede that a horrified rape terror reaction is possible and therefore, a preference for cave man sex is NAWALT or more properly a AAWALT- Almost All Women Are Like That.

              Now she may not be like that for YOU, but just saying.

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              The example of her saying she needed lube and you saying may screw that is where I speed reading. Glad it worked out for you, but this is swinging the pendulum too far and while I'm glad you've found a segment where this extreme seems universal, this isn't something you can just go into a situation presuming. Outright ignoring a stated preference is not ok.

              And the ludicrous bio-truths used to try and legitimize this is disgusting. Lubrication is a rape response and presuming she wanted it and loved it just because she was wet will absolutely get you in trouble, and more likely get people in this sub in trouble, when they take this advice and clumsily apply it on their own lives.

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              more likely get people in this sub in trouble, when they take this advice and clumsily apply it on their own lives.

              There is enough truth in this that I think this warning should be heeded. Some of this is like giving machine guns to toddlers and Daniel Rose spends time talking about this problem.

              What I did with my wife was sketchy but that was made it quite hot. In my particular case it was safe insofar as I have been married for more than 20 years. My wife could have (and certainly would have) made her PREFERENCE (compared to her 'preference') bloody well known at any time.

              You are claiming that ANY sex except completely on the woman's terms is 'rape' and I call bullshit.

              You are also apparently not aware that women actually have free will. For example, a woman can move her body, she can twist or pull away, she can use her hand to block herself and firmly say "No!" I don't want that right now." Having sex doggy style actually takes some mutual cooperation between the parties. She doesn't actually have to stay on her knees because even if one hand is holding your hip it is easy to roll over or just stand up. The woman is not just a sock puppet- she is a living, breathing, thinking organism with free will.

              It is people like you who devalue women by viewing them as helpless victims apparently incapable of expressing their views forcefully. You think women are totally unable to even move their body so that unwanted penetration does not occur without the use of force of threat of force. This is either merely misguided or an attempt to justify the old "I came buckets with the guy but he didn't call me next day so, rape."

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              My problem is I can't do this to a girl I genuinely like , and I won't be able to like the girl after degrading her to this extent.

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              I fight against this all the time. This morning with some hesitation I texted my girl that I was going to tie her up, fuck her mouth and cum on her face. She replied with a erotic-novel-like text expressing how much she was looking forward to it.

              Do I like that? No, I like to finish in a missionary and cuddle until fall asleep. Fuck that. Fuck that bitch and make her your slut. You wont regret.

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              Sometimes I feel like there's a sort of AFBB dynamic for men too. Like maybe men want a "beta" (soft, caring, gentle) woman who would be good at raising kids, and an "alpha" (dirty, raunchy, sexy) woman to fuck. Kind of explains why through out history men were known to have mistresses while still loving their wife.

              When I first started applying TRP/SGM in my marriage, she loved it, but sometimes she would say she was worried about our new sex life because she was afraid I would "lose respect for her", and one time she even said "you know babe, men don't usually marry the bad girls".

              Edit: i know alpha and beta don't really work that way with women, just running with the analogy.

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              Depends on what u want out of a relationship.

              If its an LTR ,once in a while just to spice things up is OK.

              But having violent sex all the time just to remain 'alpha' is toxic and as unhealthy as vanilla sex .

              Gentle lovemaking , cuddling is even more necessary than primal animal sex to keep the spark alive.

              Everynow and then you need to vent out all sexual energy and surely in that case rough sex is the answer. But it shouldn't be the focal point of ur relationship.

              If you have sex daily,maybe reserve 2 days a week for the kinky stuff.Sex first and foremost should always be an act of lovemaking and desire,not intense hatefucking.

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              I agree with you and in my opinion, above all, men should (learn how to) trust his primal instincts.

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              Using the word degrading is misleading which leads to you seeing it as a negative thing. You need to stop thinking about it as a humiliating, negative act when you force a girls face into pillows and fuck her so hard she can't walk after.

              She wants it and that's how she gets off. Yes, it's an assertion of dominance and control, but that's what she wants and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, its the biologically reality that she is going to want it that way. You're not making her less of a person or a woman, you are in fact fulfilling and epitomizing her very existence as a woman through giving her exactly what she wants and needs.

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              what you're forgetting is that some want to be treated like that. one of my plates hates boring sex and will grab my hands mid BJ and put them on the back of her head and push down

              she absolutely loves it and is the one always calling me. If she enjoys it, what's the issue?

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              There's a reason Fifty Shades of Grey connected with teenage girls to grandmas alike. Well worth the the read to understand how woman what to be dominated.

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              You were downvoted because they hate hearing the truth about themselves.

              Reminder to everyone, these are the kind of Pill relationships that BP top posters are in and loving:


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              The doublethink is strong with these dumbasses.

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              That might be one of the most hamstered text I've ever seen.

              She is pretty much accepting that a traditional approach is working well for her, and her "alpha" husband, but in the same paragraph she claims that this has only worked for her buy will not work for everyone else.

              Which makes me wonder, how they cannot see the hypocrisy on her words.

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                Never listen to women or beta men.

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                Look at what I say and ignore the fact that I'm doing exactly the opposite.

                BP training skills are strong in that one. Remember folks, women need an endless supply of BPillers to be their emotional tampons.

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                Hah. In the most typical TRP relationship but she's still strong and independent and unique.

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                Reading that was like listening to a bunch of Emma Watsons

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                Fuck it.. Automod deleted my comment. Go through her comments and she admits to having a rape fantasy and doesn't know why haha

                Edit: and she likes to be face fucked and has a lot of other weird fetishes.

                I bet my left nut she is a fatty

                Edit 2: yup I found her nudes she is fat and gross as fuck.

                Looks like she is an alcoholic wtf

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                Posted 4 months ago but holy shit hahahah you're post history scouring is on point!

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                War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

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                I spent 29 years of my life doing "gentle lovemaking" and trying to please women. Then I read like 1/4 of the sex god method and decided to try.

                I am fucking a girl for two months and she still can't figure out why she gets so whet when we fuck.

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                The very first time I tried one of these techniques was while I was getting ready to fuck my wife from behind. She was on her knees in front of me bent over and said: "You better get some lube, I am not ready."

                Instead of jumping up to look for the KY I slapped her ass hard and responded in a deep, raspy voice: "We don't need lube babe, this is going all the way in." As I went to stick it in her I could not believe how her pussy suddenly exploded in a flood! Now we need to have a towel on hand when we have sex or she is likely to drip right through the sheets. Thanks Sex God Method!

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                Haha, I LOLd at this one! Best comment ever.

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                  I don't care what you say, I'll try the first part with girls I don't even know. Thanks.

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                    Very good point... Common sense still applies. I think of a bar or nightclub where you use this to standout and cause a strong first impression while being prepared to de-escalate quickly to avoid bad consequences.

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                      Sorry to hear that bro. I get compared to Johnny Depp so much that I started using that in my advantage, asking for his haircut and taking some inspiration from the way he dresses.

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                      The stuff from The Sex God Method is most definitely NOT for girls you don't even know. It is for long time girlfriends and lovers. I think he even recommends that you don't try any of this until you have had sex a half dozen times. Stepping into her space is just creepy before you have established some rapport and attraction.

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                      I believe this method, as a whole, corroborates to convince us, men, what women want. After that it is a matter of progressive escalation. How fast it goes depends a lot on evaluating her openness and adjusting your actions accordingly.

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                      reminds me of Derren Brown's stuff

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                      nice! taking this to try it out. makes sense too

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                      Honestly this shit works. One of my favorite conquests was a cute blonde Southern Belle. She was all proper. She thought sex was supposed to be about making love. And then I turned her into a sexual deviant by being a pig. Hair pulling, clothing ripping, etc. and at one point even jamming a remote control in her snatch. I even spit in her face once. She loved that shit.


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                      at one point even jamming a remote control in her snatch

                      yeah, this can turn her on nomasayin

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                      Treat 'em like dirt and they stick like mud.

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                      She'll be back for more, when you fuck her deep to the core.

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                      ...has a nicer ring to it.

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                      Thus, all you BP faggots gently 'making love' to your women are not doing what she REALLY wants! ...every time you have sex (which is probably not very bloody often) you are a RAPIST.

                      This was fucking hilarious. Good stuff.

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                      "Cum inside her from different positions" No, thats how babies are made...

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                      Barrier contraception deprives your woman of valuable testosterone and a whole mixture of good stuff in that baby batter.

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                      Not to mention that sometimes, just sometimes, a man wants his seed to take hold. Why waste all those good genes?

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                      Because then you're paying child support for the rest of your fucking life. Fuck that, I'd rather wear a condom than give that bitch one dollar of my hard earned money.

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                      if you want children it's part of the package that you have to pay for them.

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                      Hormonal contraception fucks your woman up more imo

                      Hormonal contraceptive use and mate retention behavior in women and their male partners

                      "We find that women using hormonal contraceptives report more frequent use of mate retention tactics, specifically behaviors directed toward their partners (i.e., intersexual manipulations)"

                      "Women who use hormonal contraceptives report more intense affective responses to partner infidelity and greater overall sexual jealousy than women not using hormonal contraceptives."

                      "Guillermo et al. (2010) found that women using hormonal contraceptives expressed significantly greater interest in engaging in short-term sexual relationships across all phases of the menstrual cycle compared to naturally cycling women, and Little et al. (2002) found that oral contraceptive use was associated with a greater number of reported sexual partners. Hormonal contraceptive users also report reduced sexual functioning (Wallwiener et al., 2010) and higher rates of depression (Kulkarni, 2007) than normally cycling women."

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                      God, I love this thread. I was just gonna come in here and ask about sex; BOOM! Answered my questions.

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                        This is something about modern Feminism that saddens me - that it's actually denying women the chance to experience the kind of happiness you've just described your girlfriend having.

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                        I discovered this when I tried a stimulant a couple times... pretty much the perfect storm for sex god at the time. Full immersion, fair level of emotional connection, plenty of variety throughout the weeks, and the added dominance I don't naturally exert. Coming home from parties late a few nights a month jacked up added that vitamin D to the EVI. I won't be doing that again, but adding dominance to my encounters since then has been well received.

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                        The same book also has a quote that I am paraphrasing

                        women have rape fantasies because the enjoy the idea that a man is attracted so much to her that he looses his control, not the actual part of getting raped

                        If she wants you to have sex with her then she'll want you to want her back.

                        Similarly getting attention from a guy who she likes is a turn on but attention from a guy who she doesn't like is creepy

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                        Can confirm, the "lose control" thing is a huge turn-on for many women I have known.

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                        “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

                        ― Oscar Wilde

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                        Yeah, I watch House of Cards too.

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                          Would your husband want you speaking like this to tens of thousands of male strangers on the internet? Save it for the rest of Reddit.

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                          I honestly died laughing reading this because of how true it is. In my tail-wagging white knight days, I was seeing a "unicorn" and we ended up not having sex because I was so "affectionate and loving" and ended up being moany and groany that she ended up seeing someone else in the middle of our fling. I remember her telling me she liked being choked, pounded, thrown around you name it.

                          Well, I monk-moded (I'm not super-toned yet) for a while and her out-of-town best friend came to town and we met at a party. This was my first chance at being Alpha. Confidently escalated things, took the lead. We went back to my apartment and I threw her up against the wall and starting kissing the shit out of her, pressed her ass up against me and literally carried her to the bedroom, ripped off clothes, and fucked the shit out of her while biting her neck and pulling her hair.

                          Neither of them will leave me alone now.

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                          I have never met a woman who doesn't want to be fucked hard, hard, hard!

                          I have used a vibrator on one in a relationship because I bought it to her to driver her mad, hahaha!

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                          Why the hate on eating pussy? I rather love it and I have heard multiple times from different girls it's something they love about me.

                          I mean, I wouldn't do it all the time, and certainly not to the detriment of frenzy sex, but I don't see why it can't have a place in the repertoire.

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                          Don't listen to OP's response here. He doesn't know what he's talking about. He thinks everything in life falls into some dichotomy. Just maintain frame and you'll be fine.

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                          No hate- just understand that eating pussy, fingering her, using a vibrator or whatever is Beta. Beta is fine! 1/4 of The Sex God Method is VARIETY. Mix it up but don't forget the main point is to get your girl turned on for YOU because that is what you want. Not because you are her slave serving her whims- unless you want to role play that fantasy for some variety.

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                          I eat a girl out because I fucking enjoy it. I don't do it to please them. I enjoy them riding my face. I enjoy tasting them. I enjoy feeling them convulse in pleasure.

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                          I enjoy fingering girls, specially arouse them until she ask me to please stop because cumming so much starts to hurt, then y ram while she is still so sensitive.

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                          All this talk about rape and I'm just sitting here murderin'.

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                            We aren't here to validate your vagina. Seek attention elsewhere.

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                            My vagina's cool, thanks. I don't need your validation. Though my comment certainly does serve to validate the validity of the post!

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                            Get the Sex God Method for your BF already! It will change your life, and his.

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                            Immersion and Variety are very important and most ignored.

                            Don't do the same boring routine over and over. Change the timing, the position, basically you want to keep her perpetually following and not being totally sure where you are going.

                            You must be "in it" and naturally flowing. Even if you get the variety part right it can still seem robotic if aren't yourself into it.

                            I'd add that women have a role to play here too. Positive resistance means they physically interact with you. Ideally the woman follows your lead, but they are just a slight step behind so it feels like resistance. No one likes a girl that justs sits there, but the opposite of literally "catching" everything you are "throwing" is unsettling and a turnoff too. It's best when her timing is just slightly behind yours. (I've used a dance metaphor that is similiar)

                            Women do like some mental games with their emotions too.

                            Personally I think the shock value of the "extreme" stuff, the hair pulling and all, is a nice addition to your toolset, but don't go overboard. That's like salt and pepper on your meal, some is good, but too much ruins the food. Also, that stuff tends to require escalation so at some point you have to get into weirder and weirder things. That (to me) is like people doing bisexual or homosexual or tranny like weird stuff, it's not required so I'd say steer clear of it. I know, I'm being a prude.

                            Remember that for women you are breaking her defenses. The goal is to obliterate her innermost secret place and when you get there she will love you passionately. A woman seeks to be "found" as she runs away.

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                            You briefly mention how this goes against the Disney Prince Charming fantasy.

                            Actually, this is perfectly in line with that fantasy. When he sweeps her off her feet, walks out of the room and shuts the door behind them do you think he then gently puts her down or her feet or throws down and roughly fucks her?

                            [–]BluepillProfessor[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                            I always thought he laid her gently on the bed, kissed her feet and then fell asleep with her in his arms.

                            [–]brownishRed 4 points5 points  (0 children)

                            The same book also has a quote that I am paraphrasing

                            women have rape fantasies because the enjoy the idea that a man is attracted so much to her that he looses his control, not the actual part of getting raped

                            If she wants you to have sex with her then she'll want you to want her back.

                            Similarly getting attention from a guy who she likes is a turn on but attention from a guy who she doesn't like is creepy

                            [–]fuckwithpurpose 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                            Thanks for the refresher. Met a girl last night, all I can picture is her spraying cum all over me, and that is what I will be picturing when I call her this afternoon >:]...

                            DEVI is a useful thing to remember. I came up with a mindset a few days ago that's been pretty useful: "I don't have to appreciate her tits while I'm fucking her, plenty of time for that after." I want plates who are fun to spend a couple hours with in bed once every couple weeks, so it should polarize me for the right type of women.

                            [–]52576078 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                            Christ, I'm still pretty BP, but even I've never asked a woman for sex. I just initiate, and the woman responds. Every single time. PS this is what is so messed up about these consent laws - it breaks the age old dynamic of the man naturally initiating sex, and the woman following. Especially for women who are uncomfortable admitting to their sexual side. Lots of women are happy with that grey area where they can claim they're not sluts, but still have lots of sex.

                            [–]uberrific 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                            I was banned from /r/sex for telling someone to fuck his wife like a man. People were telling me about marital rape, lol. Like you said, real rape is a bright, clear line.

                            [–]Azrael_Manatheren 2 points3 points  (1 child)

                            Honestly this is true(only part I disagreed with is oral sex. I fucking love to give my girl cunnilingus), but men want the same shit as well with a different emphasis.

                            Tell me you dont love it if you wake up with your woman riding on your cock. She didnt ask, you going to ask her to stop? Fuck no. She ties you up and has her way with you.

                            Sure you should pay her back the favor. And asking for sex is such a turn off I wonder how people have relationships if they have to ask for it.

                            [–]robot-b 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                            And asking for sex is such a turn off I wonder how people have relationships if they have to ask for it.

                            Yeh i can't imagine how this comes about.

                            Or you could end up with this. I also like how he sleeps on his side with his back to her, this is a tactic I use all the time

                            [–]limbooo 3 points4 points  (0 children)

                            This is how it is. Those BPillers are really the delusional ones about how things work in the real world.

                            [–]fueledbysatan 4 points5 points  (1 child)

                            Rape- REAL RAPE- is FAILING to give your woman the kind of sex she wants and craves.

                            This is the DUMBEST fucking thing i've ever read in the 4 years of being on Reddit.

                            [–]SickSadWorId 4 points5 points  (0 children)

                            Yeah if she says "Let's stop I don't feel comfortable with this" you don't go "well I should continue and just get a lot rougher, that way she'll like it and be more into it" The fuck are you thinking spouting this shit?

                            [–]Ronald_Reagan_Reddit 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                            Your post about the sex good method and "rape" was removed. Any mirror?

                            [–]armenia4ever 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                            The 3 girls I've slept with were all into rough sex. There is something there.

                            [–]never_nude_funke 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                            That book is $149 on amazon. Is there any other cheaper ones anywhere? PDF?

                            [–]BluepillProfessor[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                            It took some searching but I found a .pdf of it for free at various book exchange places. This was almost a year ago so it may have changed.

                            [–]agumonkey 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                            Reminds me of a girl, whose safe confident I became, telling me about 50 shades of grey and slightly rough stuff and how her man wasn't into that.

                            I also thought about their first years together where he would be quite abusive verbally (hothead). I hated the guy for being such an ass with a girl like her (hello white knight), but she wouldn't argue the slightest.

                            Nowadays he's much more calm, I find him easier to deal with, and now she jokes about getting a flat for herself and her daughters.

                            Tiny hints almost convincing me that TRP/OP have some truth. People are weird, life is weird.

                            [–]crossroads95 0 points1 point  (5 children)

                            Very good in depth post, i am currently reading sex god method and it all makes sense to me.

                            But guys, my dick is 5.4 inches by 4.75. I find that the last time i tried doggy i couldn't get it in, and thats led me be afraid of trying it again.

                            Also i don't feel my size is enough to make her scream.

                            Do any of you guys have a dick size similar to mine? If so, do you manage awesome sex?

                            [–]3 Endorsed ContributorSkorchZang 4 points5 points  (1 child)

                            Who gives a fuck. Women don't get all screamy because of dick sizes, they get that way because of emotional overload. Caused by her digesting and fully experiencing just what kind of man she's with.

                            Done right, you could have no dick at all, and still fuck her brains out and make her scream. I am assuming you still have use of at least one digit, or something.

                            The feeling of being somehow inadequate is a much bigger problem than the actual size card you've been dealt by mother nature, bro. The women's ability to sense any little insecurity is just astounding. Think about it. How infuriating would it be to go through life feeling shitty about this, only to find out at some point that right next door to you there's some mutant dickhead mentally retarded kid who's got a 1" mini jack prick, yet he gets all the honeys dripping and laughs about it cause he's too dim to know any better & worry about it?

                            [–]crossroads95 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                            i find it hard to imagine that because i've never really been charming in a way to make them feel like that.

                            I've got a prospective plate coming over next week. I'll just go for it

                            [–]BluepillProfessor[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

                            Do any of you guys have a dick size similar to mine? If so, do you manage awesome sex?

                            While not ideal and truth said you will be unable to satisfy a few girls who demand the deep pounding, the larger truth is you only disqualify a few. Take heart. I would say it is statistically no worse than being about 5'8" in height. Also, the doggy thing can be tricky depending on your respective thigh lengths. It had nothing to do with your dick size. You have to move her into position, finger her from behind, and move her hips till you get a good target. That is unless, ahem, there were some large fleshy folds in the way..

                            [–]Siiimo -1 points0 points  (3 children)

                            If real rape is not having sex with someone, what would you like to call forcing someone to have sex with you?

                            [–]BluepillProfessor[S] 4 points5 points  (1 child)

                            I would also call that rape. What would you call it?

                            [–]Chavagnatze 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                            So it's a spectrum. On either end, its rape. In the middle, it's gold.

                            [–]rudolftherednosed -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                            Ha! I actually love this advice. And I'm a woman. Although I would take out the "Mr. Mr. Mxyzptlk" facetious BS and probably the "these faggots" and "those faggots," which are over the top and unnecessary.

                            Note: No offense, but it's actually strange to see good advice from the red pill community.

                            [–]PM_ME_UR_GIRLFRIEND -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

                            I showed this to my fiancé and she couldn't breathe for five minutes with how hard she was laughing. Thanks for brightening our day lol