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I always thought it was incredibly stupid for men to sleep with subordinates. It opens yourself up to huge liability, not to mention with the false rape fever going around sleeping with the wrong subordinate could really ruin your life.

20 minutes of fucking will inevitably lead to months/years of regret. I teach undergrad courses as part of my PHD program right now and the amount of other graduate teachers that have slept with students is unreal. It is fucking retarded. If anyone found out they would be immediately kicked out of school. God forbid a rape claim. I am sure the same goes for the business world. The company will throw you out in a minute to try and insulate themselves from millions in lawsuit payouts. Not fucking worth it.

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What you do not understand about the corporate world - HR actually exists to protect company assets.

In my experience (I have never been caught sleeping with a sub although I have done it) the company protects the highest paid employee and ditches the expendable - I have seen it happen more than once at more than one company.

Its about protecting the most valuable company asset.

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This. It's about protecting the most valuable asset, the company's reputation. So if it comes out, the higher up is gone. If it can be swept under a rug somehow, the lower ranking one is out.

You see something similar with Ray Rice. When it was quiet, a valuable employee was retained. When more came out and NFL bungling, allowing it to threaten their "reputation" as they try to build a female fan base, he had to go.

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Well nobody said anything about punching your female subordinates in the face after you sleep with them

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Same concept though as he committed an offense.

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However most agencies I've worked for HR is almost entirely female.

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Out of work kindergarten teachers as I call them.

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I have seen the exact opposite, a >$5B annual revenue corporation firing one of its most valuable managers, mere hours after just an inkling of "inappropriate behavior." From what I'm told, in fact, the girl went to HR explicitly saying she did not want him fired or disciplined, just "advice on dealing with the situation" or some bullshit like that.

The guy was escorted out of the building a couple of hours later.

No chick is worth that.

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What you've seen is about as rare as a pigeon.

Everyone is expendable at a $5B company.

Now in my $1M start up, you'd have to buttfuck a puppy in front of me to get fired.

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Hiring developers, are you? :)

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No, gaming journalists most likely.

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I would apply but I'm a cis white male and am comfortable with my natural gender. Sorry.

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an upvote for your commitment to the joke

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My dad and I have talked about this at length. He is entirely cut and dry about the whole dilemma. Thankfully for him he works in a male dominated field, but he'll tell me he always leaves his office door open, is always aware of when women are around, and keeps out of the personal lives of his employees (only talks business or very little weekend bs if anyone brings it up). He is scared fucking stiff about how easily even an accusation could dismantle years of his hard work. Shit's lame, but you gotta adapt/stay vigilant to stay on top.

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He is scared fucking stiff about how easily even an accusation could dismantle years of his hard work.

If he lives in a one party consent state, he could set up a small video or audio recorder in his office and have it document every minute that he is in there.

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We are in one of those states (which works wonders for covering your ass for everything). However, he isn't that concerned, just aware of how fucked up and imbalanced our society is. He's alpha enough in the sense that he places his work above everything else so there is no chance or need, because nothing distracts him...he just can't believe it has to come to this.

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I run as far away from the whole 'having power over' types of stuff. Mainly because ... rape claims and shit. Not worth your job.

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Yea the thing I see is that women may like the power you have and want to sleep with you because you are the teacher or the boss but in reality once you stick your dick in them they hold all the power. And that is the last place you want to be. Not with the amounts of white knights in this world, and not with our legal system.

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The moment hr catches wind, you are so incredibly ducked. So avoid the problem

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You can always have the regular security video camera on your office (I have one), to prove it was consensual.

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Sure, and that is a good idea. But I have to ask, why even go down that road? Why sleep with your employees? The footage still will not insulate you from civil sexual harassment law suits. (Side note: I am not a lawyer but recording people without their knowledge may not be admissible in court. So you may want to double check on all that.)

It seems to me only bad can come out of fucking employees or people who directly report to you and you have power over. The courts will side with them and sexual harassment suits can be devastating to small businesses and/or your career.

Now I am not saying any of that is right. But we have to be realists here.

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Recording people is always admissible in court. Unless your state has a law making it a wiretapping crime. In which case you're going to jail.

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I'd rather go to jail for wiretapping than rape.

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My point is unless it's a crime in your state, provided you don't doctor the footage, it should always be admissible in court. Some states do make it a felony to record without consent though, so do be aware. The comment about jail was for impact purposes.

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do people have a reasonable expectation of privacy at work?

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I am not sure what you are getting at?

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Sadly that would not even matter. Its like age of consent laws, they will say it is not possible for it to be consensual because of the "unequal power distribution among the participants"

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Can still easily be "sexual harassment" regardless of consensual status if she bitches to HR.

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You have to realize that for a lot of men, their subordinates reflect a pretty large percentage of their possible sex pool, so that to ask him to not do it is to reduce his lifetime sex partner number by 80%.

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Why do you think academia exists at all? Why do you think women are allowed into the workplace?

The answer of course is for people to fuck them.

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so much red pill knowledge right here

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Perhaps not sleeping with a student who wants to bump up her grade will lead to more false rape claims than actually sleeping with them.

Spin, the hamster, spin spin the hamster.

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If a student actually asked me to bump her grade up by offering sex I would immediately report it to the office of student affairs. Youre right, that could be a possibility.

The teachers that I know that have slept with students really wasnt about grades. It was that it was easy, and usually it was the teacher that instigated it for the most part. It is after the fact and maybe the student "felt taken advantage of" is when I would be nervous about the false rape. But in any case that is rare. It is more that if anyone found out, regardless of consent, they would be expelled as it says flat out in the GTA handbook do not sleep with students.

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from a reproductive point of view, 20 minutes of sex could have resulted in your genes carrying on.

not in the days of birth control, though.

so it is not entirely stupid. the drive is strong.

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Imagine if the world was reversed. Every man would be trying to fuck their boss, then high fiving each other after the deed was done and everybody would buy him drinks...

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20 minutes... What...are you fucking em 10 times?

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That one guy fucked for ten hours, bro. He only needed a little nap. Why do people exaggerate so ridiculously when it comes to sex?

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Woemen do it to prop themselves up sexually to their peers... "he found me so hot that he fucked me for 5 hours!"

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You've never had sex all day, just to see if you could do it, or just because you had nothing else to do and you both were horny, into it, and had time? Dude, ten hour days like that, are why I fucking live.

Whats that? Oh, you have crippling debt, a baby on the way with your ex girlfriend, who is crazy, working all the time, no social life, no creative life, no daily sex, bad food, etc, etc, etc.

.... Well at least there were those 6 or 7 times you had fucking crazy amazing sex with that one chick, or those two chicks at the same time...

Yeah life is worth living.

Seriously, how do some or a lot of men never have this experience where you just fuck senseless until you keel over from heat exhaustion, eat a chicken, drink a beer, and then fuck some more? I'm sick of reading this "oh another big fish story from big dick mcGee random X anonymous poster from reddit!!" type posts.

Have you ever watched porn? People are fucking capable of doing a lot of crazy awesome shit when it comes to sex. If you want it, go for it, I don't see how it's outside of the realm of possibility that one or many many many people have done this.

Such a pet peeve when reading TRP.

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With the lack of testosterone in the majority of men, more like 2 lmao. Guys are dumb. I would never sleep with an employee if I was the boss. Like bro you really that desperate go downtown and approach lol

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Yea that is a good point. It is arguably beta/blue pill behavior. Always put your career ahead of pussy. Pussy is around outside of work. If all you can do to get laid is by your power over employees then something is wrong.

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When i have observed it happening in my workplaces it usually is just an average guy (beta) who finds himself in a position of authority which of course gives women the tingles. So a guy who would otherwise be a 5 or 6 to women becomes a 7-8 at work because he wields power.

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Rationalization in full spin "It is beta behavior to have sex with women."

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Reminds me of The Life of David Gale

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Hey atleast the girl gets a promotion or raise 39% of the time.

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Most businesses are soft harems in addition to whatever money-making bullshit they claim. This is why men are usually the boss. Women don't build harems.

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Reminds me of heartiste's article on "the corporate harem"

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Entertaining article, especially this bit about The Metro's article on the same company staff page:

Naturally, foul feminist cunts and their bubble-headed beta male toadies immediately saw a “glass ceiling” at work in this corporate chart. For them, a workplace that is 90% female is discrimination against women if the top four positions are held by men. All the lesser men who are missing from the bottom 90% ranks are completely forgettable, nebulous specters resembling some human shape and form. Beta males? Who? What? Is that a new social media app

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I'm in med school, which is basically a 4-year grind to getting a residency in the field you desire.

Part of looking your best at your residency interview is showing your dedication to your field of interest using letters of recommendation from those established within those fields. I know women who have shadowed/rotated within their field of interest and secured letters, and perhaps not coincidentally it was with people they've slept with while shadowing/rotating.

That's life as far as I'm concerned. And it evens out a bit when you consider those highly competitive fields like surgery have a bias against women due to the fact they can get knocked up during residency leaving fewer people to handle the workload. Residents know this and even the female residents don't want to gamble with someone else's clock ticking.

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That's why men need to get into a business where it's life or death. step aside, ladies.

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Its why overwhelming/stressful jobs are almost completely male, especially in the absence of quota laws for employing women. Male bodies and minds have adapted over thousands of generations to handle the stress.

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It's just scary because they do not have the strength to carry a guy in full combat gear out of a hot situation. My dad called me out for this because I am 5'5", but I can back squat 405#, deadlift 575#, and strict press 185#.

Average guy in the military would be 160#, add gear probably around 230#. My back squat max rep @ 225# is 25 reps. So I can carry a big guy with relative ease. Women, however, do not possess the strength for this. Even with roids, they still have menstruation cycles. That decreases their strength by 50% and clouds their emotions. That will get people killed.

I am not talking shit about women, they just have a different role. It's just as absurd as a guy wanting to be a stay at home daddy. Wait, what?

Men are protectors, women are nurtures. To deny this is to deny biology.

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Its not strictly physical. The mental fatigue associated with STEM degrees wears a lot of women out unless they receive special favor/support. Like guys doing their homework for them.

This is really just the extension of the protector role into the role of protector + provider.

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If 15% admit to it, 50% have done it.

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I think it's more the 34% who say they know someone who has done it. Women love to tell on other women, so 34%-40% is probably the right number.

EDIT: As user 000000100 pointed out, my logic is wrong.

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More than one woman likely know about each case, you could have a company with 10,000 women employees where 34% of them know about one woman who slept with her boss. Not to say you're definitely wrong, but your process in arriving at that number sucks.

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I know some one who slept with their boss... I know myself pretty damn well Id say... Hamster wheel in the sky keeps on turnin...

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The real hamster is that last response. Good lord. She says that she is somehow beating "the man" out of spite by fucking the man? what?

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Read it again. She's sticking it to the big boss, on whose desk she and her boss fuck.

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And that's only a decent number if those women only know one woman who has. That number is the effectively the minimum.

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I came here to say this but you already said it. Kudos. The operative word in OPs title is ADMIT remember fellas, that hamster is strong.

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If 34% know about another bitch fucking her way up, 110% know about that slut.

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Learn to implicitly understand and recognize this, gentlemen. Always err on the side of her lying in order to say the socially acceptable thing.

Women lie on sex surveys when there is nothing duplicitous involved to absurd degrees. They're lying here too. The 15% who said yes are the honest bunch out of the likely 50% who did.

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B-b-but...NAWALT!!! [That's music to my ears.]

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But what point are we getting at? How much is it for guys?

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Hating my job will be a little easier now though knowing in the back of my mind that "haha I fucked on top of that dbags desk" Its a spite/rebellious thing."

In case anyone still doubts that women view sex as a power thing, a means of exerting control over a high-value man, there's your evidence.

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"My husband had back surgery and i am the only one working for awhile now. The company I work for was going to lay off a, and I had begged my boss not to lay me off. He said if I had sex with him when he wants it, I could keep my job. I was shocked and told my husband and we talked and agreed we needed the money. Kevin (my boss) would have me not wear underwear to work because it was easier to have quick sex. So its been about 6 months now and its normally, call me in, bend over the desk, do normal or anal or whatever he wants to do to me and walk out. He always uses protection so i guess that is a plus. I have been looking for another job, however can not find one fast enough. He is starting to get other ideas such as having me have sex with clients to keep my job and I have refused"

I'm facepalming hard here. Her hubby is a giant faggot and she is a prostitute. Had she had some dignity and half a brain, she'd record that fucker and blackmail him to keep her job.

But then again women have no conception of dignity.

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I found this another one truly bizarre, give it a read:

"I have been having an affair with my boss/owner of the company for over 2 and a half years now. We are able to go out twice a week and meet and have sex. It's more than the sex though. He is kind, compassionate, caring, and actually listens to me. My husband listens, but I am no longer attracted to him. My boss's wife has MS and can't have sex anymore and probably has about 2 to 3 years left to live. When she passes we've agreed I'll leave my husband and we'll be together and get married. Were both in our forties. Its not like what the article says, no one in our small company knows about us except his wife and she approves but doesn't want to know the details. My husband may suspect since our sex life ended about 2.5 years ago (sorry, my boss is a much better lover than he is). I don't feel guilty as I am happy and by the time we divorce, our two kids will be in their 20's. I wish the best for my husband and I can't believe he hasn't cheated on me but he won't"

[–]MagnanimousGenius 22 points23 points  (0 children)

Sounds like she's just wanking off her ego, although I have no doubts she is a cheating whore

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I don't feel guilty as I am happy

The power of the hamster, its why some people arbitrarily label women as psychopaths.

Being above a woman in a company appeals to her hypergamy, they do it to start with to get cash and prizes, but eventually it turns into "I actually like him" because unlike her husband who she views as equal or lesser, the boss is above her and so by fucking him she feels like she's upgrading.

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Time to start a business.

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Heh, you beat me to it. That was the exact same line I had focused on.

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He is kind, compassionate, caring, and actually listens to me. My husband listens, but I am no longer attracted to him.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Thank you TRP - I know what not to do in relationships and I know what advice I would give that man, but would he take it?

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Lift weights, dread game, hold frame. Piece of cake. Of she wants to leave it's explicitly known that she will be replaced immediately. Bitch if ya wanna play that game

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I don't feel guilty as I am happy...

That sums up everything. I get that she doesn't love her husband anymore, but this is another person that has been with her for presumably over 20 years which should at least warrant general courtesy. Rather than simply leaving her husband, she has a two to three year plan to betray her husband, based upon the death of her Alpha's wife (lol), but she doesn't feel in the least bit guilty for the betrayal because... she's fucking happy.

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If she had respect for him, she would have told him, but she wouldn't have slept around if she had respect for him.

Catch 22

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as soon as you're injured or sick, women are fuckin Chad. Overload on vitamin C and weight train fellas. It's real out here like this shit ain't a game.

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"I'm an adulterous cheat, liar, and home wrecker, but it's ok because feelings."

Fuck that entitled nonsense.

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Jesus Christ. I know this shit goes on constantly and I don't want to let it get to hate, but Ebola can't wipe out Western civilization fast enough. Good luck, Ebola!

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Dude. Everyone. Listen up.

We are literally 1 of only 2 genus' on the planet, in the entire history of the world that has attempted to stay lifetime-monogamous (the birds, and only certain birds at that... and us), and that's not even for all time, only in recent history, and ONLY for originally-agriculture-based Western society influenced by Victorian-era morals. There are tribes in Africa who could give a shit about absolute fidelity, one for example raises its kids communally. And don't get me started on the French...

Also, we share 99.5% of the genes of the bonobo monkey, one of the most promiscuous animals in the world.

Isn't it time to just face the facts, which are, simply put, that all humans are opportunistic, pleasure-seeking, pleasure-giving sluts? And that we should maybe derive our security from romantic love, instead of absolute sexual fidelity?

It's ironic that the birds evolved from the dinosaur remnants...

Even the Romans thought it idiotic to marry for romantic lust. They married for more controllable things like money and status, and thought lust was a disease that would pass and is therefore useless to found an institution as important as marriage on...

[–]2 Endorsed ContributorFLFTW16 6 points7 points  (1 child)

More than 2 genus

There are tribes in Africa who could give a shit about absolute fidelity, one for example raises its kids communally.

I'm not taking any lessons from Africa, that entire continent is a shit hole.

ONLY for originally-agriculture-based Western society influenced by Victorian-era morals.

ancient and modern Chinese are monogamous, ancient and modern Indians are monogamous. There is no evidence to back up your claim. Victorianism was recent history, monogamy has been practiced cross culturally for thousands of years. You are talking pure nonsense.

Isn't it time to just face the facts, which are, simply put, that all humans are opportunistic, pleasure-seeking, pleasure-giving sluts? And that we should maybe derive our security from romantic love, instead of absolute sexual fidelity?

One minute you say we should derive security from romantic love (the dumbest thing I have ever heard) the next minute you admit that "Even the Romans thought it idiotic to marry for romance." Which is it?

[–]GSpotAssassin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Higher love is not selfish or insecure.

that entire continent is a shit hole.

So you're freely ignoring an entire continent (and a large one at that). Interesting. I'll just leave it at that.

ancient Chinese were monogamous

lol. It pays to do your homework before you start spouting bullshit. Learn yourself up on "primitive group marriage," "consanguineous marriage," "exogamous marriage" and in particular "antithetic marriage" especially the part about "with tolerance toward a husband or wife's extramarital relationships."

If you notice, strict monogamy ONLY started occurring with the rise of a patriarchal agricultural society with strong senses of ownership.

Here's one of many links on Hindu marriage history. "Patriarchy replaced Matriarchy as Accumulation of Property made Monogamous Marriage a Social Necessity". Prior to that? Group marriage and FAR looser bonds generally speaking.

Again, it's all tied in with accumulation of capital and patriarchal society... and it was based on the practicality of the original times.

One minute you say we should derive security from romantic love (the dumbest thing I have ever heard) the next minute you admit that "Even the Romans thought it idiotic to marry for romance." Which is it?

Fair enough. I said the Romans thought it silly to marry for lust. I perhaps should not have used the word "romantic" as that word is conflated with lust. I was trying to aim at a "higher love" sense, with lust being a "baser love." The point is that Roman citizens married for friendship, societal and financial reasons- not for sexual ones- because they knew that sexual desires were too unpredictable and fleeting and difficult to corral.

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Someone has been reading 'Sex at Dawn'.

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Or I was a Psych major who actually studied these things

[–]rearended 0 points1 point  (1 child)

So you never read the book?

[–]GSpotAssassin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I flipped through it, but when the counter-arguments came along, I flipped through those too

I think the book is fair. It's surely imperfect, but it makes some strong points. The wiki talks about those points, as well as the criticisms, and the wiki too is fair (IMHO).

And yes, it does cite the same conclusion regarding agricultural society and material accumulation being concomitant with the enforcement of strict monogamy instead of... what looks to have been a much more fluid version prior to that (and in practice, today, if not in theory, it seems many people still practice a "more fluid" version of it, except largely in secret or in scandal).

I know from my studies that initial research on bonobo monkeys was basically banned as too scandalous. That was enough to convince me that up until recently we were looking at all of history as well as all of biology with a strict-monogamy bias.

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That one to me sounds like it's some horny landwhale passing off her fictional sexual fantasies as fact... has that poorly written 50 shades of grey vibe to it.

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I convinced my husband to let me have sex with my boss is what all that story boils down to.

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Women are good at that shady shit so I'm not sure why she didn't think of blackmailing him, oh wait, the cock carousel

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Maybe I'm just projecting my manly logic on a woman. I see my error.

What I really mean to say is I genuinely feel bad for the husband. He's in a really shitty spot. But at the same time, since he knew about it and approved of it, he could have blackmailed the fucker or told his wife to eat shit, he's getting a divorce and taking the kids because she's fucking her boss.

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That husband... That's not even blue pill, that shit's just pillless...

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I have no words to describe her husband. Beta doesn't even seem good enough for him.

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Its af/bb. She respect s him too much.

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That one is very clearly fake.

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    Threaten to go public. Public shaming.

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    He told her, "If you dont have sex with me ill fire you", pretty sure that is in some way illegal

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    Man once I started paying attention I realized that there are a ton of chicks in tech who fuck their way to jobs, promotions, etc. It surprises me not at all that this continues all the way up the chain.

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    Not only that, they sometimes get their orbiters to do their job too.

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    This phenomenon likely explains things like grade inflation and the declining quality of workers in many fields.

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    Must be hard to be a woman. Even though they're strong and independent with a dash of class and pizzazz

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      15% Women fuck their boss to keep the job or get a job. I would say, in other news, water are wet.

      [–]HeadingRed 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      Skip the boss- some companies are just big singles bars. I worked a place where everyone knew I had a live-in GF. Within a couple days of it getting around that it was over and she was moving out I got more than a couple checking me out. Slept with 2 different women in one month, another a couple weeks later. Another a couple months later. Found out one of them had banged 2 other guys in the office. Had I had a little more game (and less clueless as to an IOI) I probably would have had more.

      There are just some offices that are bang fests.

      [–]markasstrick123 14 points15 points  (5 children)

      This is just what we know, and we all know women have a lot of skeletons.

      I swear the more I browse TRP the more I just go 'women lol' I'm not complaining though. Realizing how pathetic women truly are, and how low they will go (porn to pay off student loans and prostitution to move up in the workforce without putting in any actual work like MEN do), maintaining frame around them is as easy as my morning walk through the fuckin park.

      "We had sex for 5 hours nonstop, took a nap then continued for another 5 hours." only a man on cocaine could pull this off. Just hearing this and I know this is some fairy tale ego stroking bull shit. 2x5 hours of fuck sessions give me a break. Maybe if you eat her out for hours and a bunch of foreplay. But straight fuckin, girl we ain't superman Joe how you gonna expect that from us.

      [–]Kubomi 10 points11 points  (1 child)

      Even with drugs, 10 hours of sex in a day is a feat, and to have it be pleasurable without chaffing or getting friction burns and rashes is another thing too.

      [–]markasstrick123 9 points10 points  (0 children)

      It would be such a waste of time. A thirty minute session is enough. I have a life. 10 hours in a day like I understand women doing nothing all day but men, respectable men, have schedules.

      [–]ztsmart 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      2x5 hours of fuck sessions give me a break.

      Well, you'd need a break after that

      [–]1KyfhoMyoba 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      IDK, I did similar time frames in my mid 20s with my ex. Who, btw, worked for me when we met - I hired her.

      Never. Again.


      [–]incraved 6 points7 points  (0 children)

      Mate, I have recently started working at a big american bank, in one of the headquarters.

      I would say 33% of the women working there are walking around in as sexy was as possible, all warring high heels, shaking their asses around, makeup all the way and overall trying to be as sexy as possible. It's fucking bullshit, are they there to work or to tease men? And the cherry on top? Their fucking 24/7 bitchface.

      God, it's like these women think they have a value because they give men a boner.

      It's pathetic, especially that men encourage that too. Every time a good looking slut is passing by, you see men's heads turning.

      Sometimes I think, maybe old religions had a point when they forced some chastity on society, instead of the current age when every woman is trying to tease your cock while simultaneously giving you a bitchface like you are a pig, unless you are tall and handsome or look rich.

      [–][deleted]  (1 child)


        [–]Hokuto199x 4 points5 points  (1 child)

        The husband with back surgery situation disgusts me on the deepest possible level. Fuck the money. Seriously, if that story is true I'm pissed off there is a man out there willing to let that happen.

        [–]Smitty6 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        I think it's dumb to sleep with your coworkers. If your a boss and sleeping with your subordinates, even dumber. Especially the way women take advantage of being a girl in a feminist world. Your just asking for trouble.

        [–]hur1n 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        This is clearly a result of patriarchy oppression. Women have to sleep with their bosses to advance in their careers and close the 77 cent wage gap.

        In fact, I'd go so far as to say this is actually rape, because of that.

        [–]19 Endorsed Contributordrrrrrr 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        This is largely a byproduct of the fact that "women at an executive level" tend to be more ambitious and "RP" in terms of strategy. If she's the type who views climbing the power ladder the same way a man does, then she's going to naturally adopt the 'means justify the end' idea. When you combine RP / Gervais Principle stuff with your typical career woman hamstering, you get executive women doing whatever for upwards mobility and hamstering it effortlessly.

        This is why women on top of the career chain are horrible mates - the only way she would have reached there was if she was mildly sociopathic and "RP". And other women will always tell you - ask a girl at your office what she thinks of her superior. "She's a dumb bitch who fucked her way / flirted with her manager to get ahead." or "She threw us under the bus, constantly takes credit for our work and actually believes its hers."

        Don't fuck career women. Just like Rome shouldn't have trusted its defense to mercenaries, you shouldn't trust your dick to a mercenary women, which is what career women are. I don't blame them for being like this; I'd do whatever for the money and power too if I had these great trump cards like looks and sex and false claims to play. Don't fuck your inferiors or co-workers, just like you wouldn't fuck unprotected with herpes. Yeah nothing could happen, but you still don't do it.

        When competing with women for a promotion, expect that she's been at least flirting with the boss evaluating both candidates, if not sucking his dick. This happened to me in my first job except it turned out the manager was fairly RP and didn't give a shit, promoted me anyway. But you could see her behavior changing and becoming more soft and feminine and flirtacious whenever he was around right at the point in time when he said a few people would be offered new positions. They use sexuality for everything because ultimately, it is all they have. As smart and capable as she is, she knows the people next to her are just as smart and capable once she moves up a few levels. So the only thing she has is her looks, her sexuality, and ultimately, sex.

        There is a reason virtually every great product of the past (aside from Spanx) has been invented by a team of 2-12 guys working in dorm-like conditions. Men cannot use sex as a chip for bargaining in the workplace, so evaluation is solely based upon quality of work, idea quality, and so on.

        [–]Fulgidus 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        TIL: 85% of the women at executive level or higher are blatant liers... The more you know...

        [–]AlfaWolf 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        A boss that fucks his employees is opening up himself with a potential liability. A shitstorm would come your way and prove to be very expensive in the end. If the only way a man can fuck someone is through his employment position, he's probably a BP anyway. This is not what RP is about.

        However all this does show that women will not hesitate to fuck their way up the ladder and it happens ll the time.

        [–]harkrank -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Yeah what a blue pill faggot going around fucking women in his office.

        [–]hashtagpound2point2 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        "I just had sex with my boss on top of the big boss' desk. It wasnt good sex but it was a lot of fun to stick it to "the man". I dont know if I will have sex with him again because he isnt that good or endowed. Hating my job will be a little easier now though knowing in the back of my mind that "haha I fucked on top of that dbags desk" Its a spite/rebellious thing."

        Stick it to the man?

        This woman is fucked in the head, hard time believing she even exists and it's not just troll drivel.

        [–]InscrutablePUA 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        And the other 85% are lying.

        [–]ztsmart 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        This is way too fucking risky for the guy. Don't shit where you eat.

        [–]SaSpursfan21 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        "told my husband and we talked and agreed we needed the money" I cant believe that a man would be okay with....this is so the opposite what being a man is about...I rather die than to approve another man touch my wife. maybe its just the middle eastern culture I was raised in.

        [–]watersign 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        so not worth it..get a hooker or something, but DO NOT do this shit at work.

        [–]tallwheel 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        And every one of those testimonials would be used by feminists of evidence of patriarchy and general, "Look how disadvantaged and objectified all those female victims are."

        [–]Tarnsman4Life 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        This is how it works; a plate of mine is after a promotion and mentioned trying to get her companies CEO to take her out to "Dinner". Knowing her definition of "Dinner" if he bites off then I think she is getting the promotion.

        [–]Lu_the_Mad 0 points1 point  (0 children)


        People fuck a lot.

        Most people fuck folks they know.

        I am really sort of suprised its not a higher number, given executives are often alpha. Of course it could be a lot higher than 15% and a lot of ladies just lied.

        [–]100 Modbsutansalt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        15% ADMIT. How many more have slept with a boss, but didn't come clean?

        [–]etcomro 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Protip: Be a boss.

        [–]Funkychedder 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        A lot of this come down to the issue of how female achievement is valued (i.e. , they aren't) as compared to male achievement. Essentially, society has created a cycle where successful females are seen as "sleeping their way to the top", which does two things.

        First, it discourages legitimate achievement, because the rewards of that legitimate achievement are reduced per unit of effort invested as compared to a man's achievement.

        Second, it encourages manipulation to further achievements, because it is already assumed, and because it bears more reward per unit of effort invested.

        This issue isn't one inherently born of the assumption that "All women are skanks", it boils down to economics. A man has a lot more to lose and less potential to gain by sleeping with their superior, wheras with a woman, it's presumed she fucked her way to her position, so she has nothing to lose by fucking her boss, as it can only improve her situation.

        The issue is one of society: Female accomplishment isn't rewarded well enough, while pussy is worshiped and rewarded without merit. So, why bother being good at something when everyone is just going to assume you fucked your boss anyway?

        [–]major_wake -1 points0 points  (2 children)

        The remaining 85% were lying or absent during the survey.

        [–]psycho-logical -1 points0 points  (1 child)

        You think 100% of women have slept with their boss? Your hamster is out of control bro.

        [–]major_wake -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

        Your *brain" is out of control causing your Reddit persona to accuse people of their nonexistent pet rodent being out of control, bro. If I had a hamster I'd keep that rat in check.

        I know it's difficult to decipher through plain text but why is sarcasm never a possibility.

        [–]JesusFuckILoveAnal -1 points0 points  (5 children)

        If they use it to get things from their convenience boyfriends without tingles then 10x of course they do it to advance careers. I would do it too if I had a hag of a boss. It's the RP way.

        [–]2mbillion 8 points9 points  (3 children)

        I slept with my boss once. She was not ugly, she was only twenty eight and I twenty four. I was of course promoted and I could be lazy as fuck as I wanted.

        This was before I found the red pill. I did not realize exactly what I was doing right, now I realize exactly what happened. She was lonely and unfulfilled having spent her time making her business run. She was "unlucky in love" as she put it. I came in and unlike the other men I was unafraid of challenging her and flirting with her whilst we worked side by side. My banter went out like an RP playbook and she ate it up.

        At one point she joked about firing me, the same night I took a ton of very gratuitous pictures of her and she simply interjected - "well I guess I cannot fire you now"

        [–]JesusFuckILoveAnal 0 points1 point  (2 children)

        Good for you. I would do the same. You have the ability to ruin someone's career. That is ultimate power.

        [–]2mbillion 6 points7 points  (1 child)

        as the business owner I could not really ruin her career - but disgrace her I guess. I have found that women like it when you take pics, they all want to be models dont they

        [–]topspeedj 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        It makes logical sense when you realise that companies and institutions don't really exist except on paper - it's all human interaction at the end of the day. So shagging your boss even if she's ugly will probably get you highly preferential treatment, especially if she has multiple cats and doesn't get any in her private life.