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Watch out, women. There are men out there who have dicks, and they want to put their dick inside you.

Together, we can fight back... Ladies? Wait! Where you going, ladies?

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The only ones handing around are the disgusting feminists that think eye contact is a man attempting to rape her.

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I may be totally off base here, but I may have an insight into why he's thinking this way, because it was the way I thought many years ago back in junior and senior high school.

Basically, he believes deep down women really do all want the fairy-tale Disney/Family Matters guy. He thinks that women are only getting with the guys who do the things he listed because that's all they see. And that if the unicorn of his dreams just finally met a truly understanding, humble, caring, protective man she would be beyond thankful that she finally met a real-life decent man. Basically he's thinking that a woman's unicorn is a perfect beta male and that they only date alpha douchebags because they don't see any other choice.

I used to think that way too. I have a very low tolerance for braggarts, liars, arrogance, and attention seekers. My big mistake was that I thought that because I could see those things so plainly in other guys and detested them for it so did women. I never realized that where I see arrogance, they see confidence. Where I see a braggart, they see someone with interesting accomplishments. Where I see an attention seeker, they see one who is worthy of attention. And we may very well both be right.

But it doesn't matter if those guys were all the things I thought they were. It works. Women like it. My opinions on whether a guy should seek attention or think he's king shit don't fucking matter. Women like it. I thought they didn't deep down and so I positioned myself to be that caring, thoughtful beta that I thought (hoped) they would stumble into and wind up having that best-friend-turned-boyfriend relationship I imagined they all really wanted. And of course, it never ever worked.

I of course have since realized that I couldn't have been more off the mark. The author of the article has not. He's still holding out hope that women will eventually recognize all those beta orbiters in their friendzones (which he is one I'm sure) as the great best friend soul mates they all want to be.

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Get out of past me's head, please.

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I've been there too.

The really messed up part is that i actually thought i was the minority, i thought i was the type of guy low in supply but high in demand, while all other guys were just assholes that was low in demand but high in supply. And that the reason women went for them was because they just took what they could get while still longing for a good nice guy like me.

The truth is the opposite, understanding, caring etc. beta guys are HIGH in supply, they are ALL over the fucking place. They are the majority, and every single one of them believe they are the minority, and that they are more caring and understanding than the others. The writer of this article is a prime example. It's insane, they think they're the needle in the haystack, but they're actually just a needle in a fucking haystack made of needles.

While the alpha douchebags are actually the rare ones, low in supply, and very high in demand because women go out of their way to find them and sleep with them. The "douchebags" and "assholes" that women sleep with aren't the "other guys" i thought i was so much better than, they are actually the hard-to-find ones, they are the diamonds in the rough. Once i realized this there was no going back on TRP, that was it.

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I think that men were designed, evolved, whatever to compete with other men and thus are better at seeing aspects in other men that may seem like weaknesses or strengths. Basically I think men are better judges of character in other men as we are meant to compete with each other. Since women are not, they do not see these aspect in the negative light we do. When you see another man acting a certain way, you judge him based on your desire to beat him in some way. Women only see these aspects in terms of what appeals to them. So while you may see a guy bragging and deduce that he's a liar, she only sees that he might be more interesting. You are meant to see through men and determine their true weaknesses and strengths. Women are meant to only see what is attractive to them.

When men meet another male they might compete with, there are generally two responses. Either "I am better than he is/I will work harder to become better than he is" or a defeatist attitude of "he is better than me and I have no hope of winning". When faced with that second reaction, a beta male might see his only choice as trying to sabotage the other man's efforts. You can see this in action with "bro-negging" when two men are directly competing for a woman.

I think this author realizes that he doesn't stand a chance to compete as a man with these techniques. He knows he can't seem more interesting, more dominant, or more capable than the men who use these things he listed. So his only choice it to try to tear them down and change the playing field by convincing women that the things he is good at (being caring, understanding, supportive, etc) are the the things they should be judging men by.

Not all men are natural alphas. I know I'm not. But I can see that the correct response is to improve myself and learn to compete on the playing field as it is. Not change the playing field so that the best beta wins.

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there's nothing like realizing...truly understanding...that the "woman of your dreams" has fucked a guy you don't respect at all. a guy you wouldn't have as a friend, a guy you wouldn't want as a fraternity brother, a guy you would immediately kick out of your house party if he ever showed up.

a guy whose hand you wouldn't even shake.

yeah, she's fucked that guy. and wait till you accidentally overhear how he fucked her, and all the things he did to her. forget that nerd reprieve of "your princess is in another castle". now you know she's not a princess at all.

that was one of the biggest eye-opening, BPframe-shattering, breath of fresh air i needed in my life.

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You'd have to be immersed and drowning in BP-thinking not to be shocked into reality by a situation like that.

That sort of thing woke me up and brought me here, and a lot of others too, as I imagine.

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I think you've perfectly captured how a lot of men are completely blind to the female sexual dichotomy and how they are trapped in the "blue pill" nice guy role by their own inability to relate to, intellectually process, and understand women's preferences.

Just as you said, guys who are married to the blue pill dream see the liars, cheaters, and braggarts, and blowhards for what they are. Women by and large, don't. We hate guys like that because a lot of them are what we consider as "douchebags". Women simply do not see these guys the same way as we do, as much as we think they should. This is our own cognitive dissonance that leads us to believe that we need to try even harder to be a nice guy. We just can't consciously wrap our heads around the fact that seemingly intelligent, self aware women can be so blind to what we see as obvious. We just can't wrap our heads around women's sexual reality.

I think that this is one of the absolute biggest reasons that a lot of guys cannot let go of, or slip back into, blue pill behaviors. We're trying to use logic to understand behaviors that seemingly don't make any fucking sense in relation to our understanding of Human relationships.

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no dude, women see those guys for what they are. And they will publicly detest the behaviors in the same way you said the guys do. The only difference is duplicity- saying one thing while doing the other.

One of the most fundamental aspects of the female psyche people talk about around here is a woman's need to adapt to her social environment. They will say whatever is acceptable so as only to maintain appearances/reputation (there was a nice bit about it in the thread on powertalk recently.) But it is clear from their actions that they behave in the opposite way.

Women know how to maneuver social situations, those who don't are seen as basic and are generally ostracized because of how much a social liability they are.

So if they are aware of the dynamics at play, yet act in a way that goes against what they say, their either taking a machiavellian angle and not giving a fuck, or their brain makes unconscious rationalizations and they're incapable of critical introspection (ie: the hamster).

Either way, down-playing women's intelligence doesn't really accomplish much in the way of coming to terms with their behavior. It simply is what it is.

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No, they actually don't see them the same way biologically and It has nothing to do with their intelligence. My point was that WE, before coming to TRP, simply didn't know that they cannot. I do not discount their intelligence now knowing what I know. I always thought, like a lot of guys, that they were idiots, somehow blinded by the "douchebags". Now I realize that they aren't blind, it's just that to them, the behaviors that we see in the so called douchebags, represents something entirely different to them because of their biological imperatives instilled by nature.

Where we see arrogant, selfish, manipulative assholes, they see strong breeding stock. Their brains still recognize the negative aspects of these traits but their bodies do not.

It's actually kind of funny that women always say men who make stupid mistakes with women were thinking with their dicks but women are just as base as we are and similarly make poor decisions based on what their bodies dictate in much the same way.

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Women aren't really any more complicated than men unless you only listen to what they say, because they will say anything to justify themselves even if they're wrong. It's like they lack the ability of non-biased self reflection. It's that they can't even be honest with themselves when talking about how they feel, let alone us, that causes confusion.

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True for a number of reasons. Non-biased self reflection comes from a rational desire to identify a problem and the causes, then take corrective action. Females act from emotion so that makes rational self assessment virtually impossible. Secondly, it create the possibility of realizing that the women is the cause of her own problems. This creates a negative emotional response so women avoid doing so at all costs. It's very emotionally pleasing to live in a world where you're always right about everything 100% of the time and every single problem you've ever encountered was someone else's fault. When you've spent your entire life in that comfortable cocoon of self-perfection, choosing to leave it for cold judgmental reality is like quitting crack cold turkey.

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You summarized it very well, comrade.

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For those of us who don't know, what is the greasy hair line?

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I worked hard without asking for much knowing the owner of the company would see my worth and reward me. I did favors and helped anyone who asked knowing they all would help me when I needed it. I was a kind nice and generous young man knowing women would see that and want to be with me.

Then that didn't happen most of the time. Most of the time I didn't get what I gave. And now I still give - and am better at giving - but I give to a much smaller circle.

And that new me? Women like that new me. I think part of it is they see I'm not a doormat.

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While I probably would agree with what you're saying, I couldn't read any further than this part:

Basically, he believes deep down women really do all want the fairy-tale Disney/Family Matters guy

I hope you're talking about Carl, because I am not prepared to live in a universe where anybody ever thought anybody else would want Urkle...

Edit: read the rest of the post. Do agree. Well written.

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New guys, read this and write a nice, thank-you letter to the author for handing you the exact recipe to seduction on a silver platter....except for the last point, I don't know what happened there. I think she overdosed on hamster juice.

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She is a he sadly. The guy constantly spits out beta as fuck rants pushed as "journalism".

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Woah. I thought it was a woman with an exceptionally accurate self-analytical skills to come up with such precise information. But according to you, this is a man who spends enough time and energy observing other people fucking girls, and the girl is probably his crush too. we have a guy who's watched his girl get fucked by alphas so many times that he came up with excellently accurate observations...and now this article went from amusing and insightful to pityingly pathetic and insightful.

....Unless he's Machiavellian as fuck, preaching TRP under a guise...

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The thing is that this article is not meant for men to read, it's for women to read. He actually thinks if he makes women aware of these things, it will actually make them resistant to their inherent charm and go for the loving beta type. A waste of time.

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lol! A typical prole babe is not about self improvement, self control, being independent, and gaining skills. They're potato chip eating, spam sucking, oprah watching, readers digest sorta kinda reading, 2 gallons of cola a week guzzling, go along with the crowd sorts.

If you wanna have sex, ok, cool, use protection, and do something to kill your sperm count. Sauna, jerk off 2 hours before sex, or take pills for it.

But if you want to have children with such a babe, your kids are gonna be half retarded. ;) Well, motivational, and independence wise, if not intellectually stunted as well.

Now, uber geek types out there, different rules, different game. Maybe you work with a woman, get to know each other, have some drinks, laughs, and decide that maybe you can have some kids. But not together, like as a couple, because that sucks. DNA test for defects before hand, hope for the best, and maybe have your bi/gay cousin on hand for a marriage of convenience "daddy/babysitter". Then forget you know each other. :D

Well, that kinda flew in the 80s/90s. These days, its kinda of sick and wrong. ;P But, people adapt and change up to different ways of doing things.

The usual proles, they play their alpha/beta fuck me/screw you games same as they have since they came down from the trees. Cool, world needs ditch diggers too, as well as guys to poke to line transformers with the "jesus stick" while the engineers "supervise". :D

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I don't think you're replying to the right person but regardless, you need to keep in mind that AWALT. They all respond to masculinity and dominance. Some suggested reading:

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Unless he's a Machiavellian fuck that says all this hoping men will pick it up and give himself easier competition.

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No different than the help we give out here

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"....Unless he's Machiavellian as fuck, preaching TRP under a guise..."

This is such perfect game advice, that's actually a plausible explanation

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Possible deep cover black knight?

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exact recipe to seduction

Looking through the list of ten points, it really only comes down to a few:

  1. Win the SMV battle. Cast doubt on her SMV while indicating confidence and higher status.

  2. Dominate. Reveal evidence of social, intellectual, physical, sexual power.

  3. Tease. Playfully disrespect her. Apply hot and cold, push and pull to confuse and excite.

  4. Engage the mighty hamster. Use powertalk. Give mixed messages to build a mystery.

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Right, but you're using terminology that only someone versed in RPT would understand.

This article not only presents itself in layman terms, but it gives examples of how to execute those points. Someone who's never heard of PUA or RP would find the article's "guide" much more useful.

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The article listed some PUA tactics, issued as warnings. OP's translation made them far more useful, but they're still just tactical maneuvers. The points I offered were more strategic.

Developing some strategic intelligence can put you miles ahead. You develop the ability to translate the "code," just as OP did.

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For those of us who don't know, what is the greasy hair line?

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Hello female. It appears as though your hair is greasy.

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Can you expand on "PowerTalk"?

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Can you expand on the sidebar links?

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Seriously, I've heard all of this stuff but it took way more than the 2-3 minutes it took here.

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Maybe you could watch for a lame moment at the bar or club you could wait till she looks bored and say to the group of girls, "follow me to my house, there's better beer, booze and beats. Plus a lovely bathroom for you girls to gossip in". With preplanning that could work, but that's definitely not what the author had in mind.

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Actually, the last part was displayed in the movie "How To Be A Man", where the guy is teaching the kid how to pick up women, telling the kid to act really drunk and the older guy comes over and saves them from him and starts his pick-up. I realize that it's a movie, but I'd assume it works once in a while.

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You've never had the "be my boyfriend for 5 minutes" scenario happen?

Girls getting hit on (more like harassed) by a greasy drunk mess, walk over and give her a hug "hey babe" if she's extremely receptive (be attractive), give her a kiss and lead her away. When the situation arises, unless you're a fuckup, you're 100% in after this point.

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    Beta "feminists" are ten times worse than their female counterparts. And that's being generous.

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    Wow I don't think enough people are going to appreciate the " bicurious pegging enthusiast" as much as I do,well written.

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    Ya, this was well-written. I also never thought of "surrendering" to someone's frame as the opposite of holding frame, but damn that makes some sense.

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    Nice guide for a women to find an alpha dick to jump on.

    His pedestalizing of women is really pathetic and cringeworthy. Everything is written as if women shouldn't try to chase men who give them the tingles, because they are just too wonderful to do this and should feel like the object of desire.

    It is kind of the same lie that we've been told with reversed roles. We shouldn't "harass" women because it's (insert random word)-rape and they should'nt chase us because they are too good for it.

    So how exactly are we ever supposed to end up together then? Meditating, having an out-of-body experience and meeting our "soulmate" in the ether, or what?

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    The article is the true manipulation. "Here is a list of all the things that give you the tingles. Be aware of them and do your best to ignore them and go for the guys that are 'good' for you!"

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    Each of the things on this list are things that good men can do to good women to lead them to a good outcome on both sides. A man who has a woman's best interests in mind will use these points to save her from herself and give her a great night/fling/relationship despite herself. But that's what game is.

    However, let's pretend for a second that this dude doesn't know what game is. My problem is that he is looking at the interaction between men and women and - as is typical - choosing to word it in a negative light instead of an optimistic one. It is written from a very negative perspective towards men. This is typical in your average piece of feminist propaganda.

    I've rewritten the article (the bullet points) from the perspective of someone who sees the good in others, rather than someone who tries to see evil everywhere he looks:

    10 telltale signs that the man hitting on you is probably a good guy:

    They’ll pick on you. They’ll insult you.

    They'll talk to you the way they talk to their guy friends. This will let you know they are comfortable around you, and are trying to make you comfortable around them.

    They’ll give you attention and then divert it to another woman.

    Even though they're interested in you sexually romantically, they will try to include your friends in the conversation, too.

    They’ll hit on your less attractive friend.

    They'll hit on your less attractive friend. Give her a high-five later in private, because I'm sure she'll thank you for bringing this self-esteem boost to her.

    They’ll try their best to make you feel like you’re less valuable than you are.

    They won't put you on a pedestal. They'll see you for who you really are - and they can appreciate it about you.

    They’ll compliment you, but then make you feel like you could do better.

    They will push you to do better. Everyone has more work to do; it's hard to find someone who will help point you in the right direction. If there's toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe, ask yourself who you prefer: someone who tells you, or someone who can't handle the confrontation.

    They do their best to make you feel as if they are doing you a favor by being interested in you.

    A man of high value will probably have a lot going on in his life, maybe just like you. So don't take his interest for granted.

    They flip back and forth from interested to uninterested in order to confuse you and make you divert your attention to them.

    They will still need you to sell yourself; they won't just hook on after the first sight of cleavage. This is a sign of a grounded man - a quality man.

    They want you to feel as if you need them. When it comes to picking up women for one-night stands, this usually means perks, such as money or admittance into select events.

    If he is willing to help you get into events or pay for your cab fare, he's bringing more to the table than you are. Understand and appreciate that.

    They will make sure you’re having a bad time so they can “save you” and show you a much better time.

    If you were having a bad time before, you're not anymore now that he started talking to you.

    Now, obviously, all this is only half true because Game is never that innocent and naive. A lot of the tactics are used with the intent of generating interest, just like the author said - but the rest of us know that she's gonna sleep with someone, so why not a) make it you, and b) say/do the things you know she needs to give her the best emotional time of her life.

    But if the author of the article didn't know anything about game, I'd say he's a shit for trying to point out the bad in men instead of the good.

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    The last one sounds like the Dennis system from always sunny.

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    The article even gives a few examples. I know it's not very "red pill" in the sense of being a better man, but screw it I am going to read about it, for information only.

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    Watch out for these guys sleeping with multiple women... Be careful, this is what they do. Now, beautiful women, now that you know what to look out for, will you please have sex with me? Please.... Pretty please...

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    What's the greasy hair line?

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    Nothing specific really. I'm acquaintances with some guy and he picked up a girl by telling them they had "really greasy fucking hair".

    He has pretty good game.

    [–]1RXRob 6 points7 points  (2 children)

    That's a brave opener, kudos to him

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    Brave openers work great as long as you can hold frame, in my experience.

    I've told girls they look like they're wearing a dirty trash bag before.

    Never bring bluepill/semi-bluepill friends when doing this though - they won't be able to weather the storm and they'll jump right into the girls frame, which ruins your interaction.

    [–]1RXRob 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    A shocked reaction from nearby could help though

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    Funny thing is, everyone of those would be things that women could avoid by just finding, and dating, the type of men they want or that wouldn't do this in the first place(i.e. nice guys). But why should women be held accountable for their choices or be expected to make any moves?! Both the article and the comments seem to promote this female princess mentality though.

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    "Guys want to take your self-esteem down a couple of notches, and to do so, they need to make you aware of your little flaws — flaws that every person has."

    I don't think we necessarily want to. But that's what we are forced if we want her to be attracted to us. If we got results for doing the opposite, we would do that. LoL

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    We would even build civilization, invent shit, make their lives easy and sweet. If that still got us results.

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    I'm always amused by these articles that act like a girl getting it in is the worst thing in the world and that they should guard themselves. If you're doing it right its a pretty good time for them too.

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    I agree - there would be no value in an interaction with a female that was not also fun for her. Part of my enjoying it is having her enjoy it. This goes for sex but it also extends into social interactions. If I am on top of my game not only am I having fun but she is having fun too. Its not some set of tricks its just how dating works.

    But this my friend is a bitter bitter woman

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      Pretty funny really. Someone who is anti-game wrote a brief and straight to the point primer for game while most PUAs are unnecessarily convoluted and hard to follow.

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      While reading this I kept thinking "hey, at-least she can rationalize whats going on" which is more than what I can say for any woman. But alas, it is our fellow white knight. And what a waste of an article for the target audience cause you can continue mansplaining it to women and they will continue to fall for it.

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      Prime post. One of the few I've seen here.

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      Shame, shame, shame, didn't you read the disclaimer in bold in the article?

      "This article isn’t supporting the methods of such pick-up artists, but rather reminding women to be on the lookout."

      You are not supposed to read this article unless you are a woman trying to avoid the normal female role in interaction with males. Cheater! :)

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        Women are never at fault, you shitlord rapist.

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        "Yes, this is what men will do to you just to get in your pants! How nasty and creepy they are, manipulating you and being proper assholes.. Obviously I'm not one of these assholes, after all I've just helped you out giving you the info. So how about we do dinner?"

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        That article is a shit test

        3 years ago I would have read that and felt ashamed, "I am disgusting and need to change"

        Now I'm just like "lol, who cares?"

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        you know in an airport they ask you " did you pack your own stuff " and the author really needs to figure that one out and just go out there. cause someone packed RP munitions inside his brain.

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        They will make sure you’re having a bad time so they can “save you” and show you a much better time.

        I've never heard of men going out of their way to ruin nights to make their girl need them more, this point sounds more like some weird fantasy the author has.

        That reminds me of a scene from the movie Hitch, where Hitch is teaching some guy to steal and then pretend to save some girls dog or something like that. Pretty pathetic, IMO, but maybe that's where the author got the idea.

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        Actually, this does remind me of another situation too and it's true as well. A guy was trying to impress his date, so he got his friend to stage a mugging. As soon as the friend "held them up" at knife point, the girl ran for it and the cops came and the truth came out.

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        Here's what's so funny to me about this: a girl reading this will assume that SHE is the object of desire. In fact, she may actually be the less-pretty back up plan.

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        Fuck with their hamster and their yours.

        they're yours

        their = something that belongs to them
        they're = they are

        women feed off* emotion and drama

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        Fuck man, my bad. I can't believe I did that.

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        That awkward moment when you realise the author is a dude.

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        "Desperation at its finest! And a lot of work. Dear lord.. I never knew what the problem was with just being honest and saving all of these games by just using the simple and successful " wanna screw" line."

        I love this comment. As if we do this shit because we want to. We do it because it works.

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        Combine this nonsense with the earlier feminist tripe about this sort of thing being "psychological torture to get sex, i.e. rape" and suddenly comics like this aren't even satire anymore.

        [–]vicious_armbar 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        covert PUA tips interesting.

        [–]toph88241 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Its all a variation on supply and demand. Men do that because that's what works. If women picked men based on something other than 'what can he do for me' or 'how can he make me feel better about myself' then these wouldn't work and men wouldn't use them.

        [–][deleted]  (2 children)


          [–]1KyfhoMyoba 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          Au contraire. Cheap psychological tricks work on everyone, sometimes, and all the time, on some people. Some of those people are discerning, intelligent and/or hot.

          Of course one should increase ones value. But learn some tricks, too.

          [–]Rafael-L-Smith 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          why do guys write articles like this? most dudes just don't get it, this guy's obviously seen enough of what works at getting women, so why isn't he using it?

          [–]ThisisMalta -1 points0 points  (3 children)

          I think the woman writing this should be more shocked by the fact that all of those things drive women crazy and directly into your bed---the author should be say "wtf women why do we like this shit? Oh well...thanks a lot evolution".|

          Except the last one, that's bonkers.

          [–]1 Endorsed Contributorvandaalen 3 points4 points  (0 children)

          I think the woman writing this

          It's even worse. It's a beta fag from the brotherhood of the white knights.

          [–]2mbillion 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          yeah the last one is nuts - I have never once attempted to torpedo a night of a woman just so she will crawl back to me. That does not even seem like fun to me. I have a feeling that is the male author of this article showing a reveal of his passive aggressive beta

          [–]truchisoft -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

          Do you even read the article?

          Gosh, and we all here are trying to stop procastinating... :D

          [–][deleted]  (5 children)


            [–]ShinyBrah[S] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

            EDIT: Nevermind, he fucking with us.

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              They must feel pretty good if they are choosing to go home with these guys.

              [–]Endorsed ContributorAerobus -1 points0 points  (1 child)

              Who cares? It's not about what they want, it's about what we want.

              [–]1Judasace 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              No, it's about what women really want as opposed to what they say they want. No offense, but statements like that are what give TRP the rapist reputation it gets. TRP done correctly is mutually beneficial and respectful of the true desires of men and women, as opposed to the desires of the hamster.

              Blue Pill benefits women to the detriment of men. Crazy rapist shit benefits men to the detriment of women. TRP benefits both parties by giving them what they really want.