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Buddhist teachings on desire and mindfulness are very inline with redpill theory on desire and oneitus.

There's this one story about how these hunters used to trap monkeys by nailing a coconut to a tree, drilling a specifically sized hole into its husk, and putting a treat in it. A monkey will be able to reach in and grab it, but the hole is too small for the monkey to pull out its closed fist. So the monkey traps itself since it won't let go of the treat. The story illustrates how our own desire can lead us to suffering.

Betas trap themselves with women because they don't let go. Its a privilege that a woman will keep them as an orbiter, they need this one treat, they're so close, they have her in the palm of their hands. But their hand is stuck in a coconut.

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"I put my hand in the cookie jar, but know one thing, I put my hand in the cookie jar but don't leave my ring..." Jay Z

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I made a reminder to myself that I would take monk mode seriously. Your words not only speak truth; they help guide me and many others.

Thank you.

P.S I've been TRPing before that date, it's just I didn't consider monk mode necessary. Now that I'm doing it, it's not that bad. I have a ton of free time to hit the gym/run, read up good non-fiction work, read up TRP material, and help people on /r/asktrp. It's great.

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What's your method? What are you doing/not doing that you didn't do before?

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Overall I organized my schedule:

Before I'd only go to the gym 3 times a week and it was mainly whether or not I "felt like" going, now I planned out the exact days I'll go and what work outs I'll do. I feel more productive when I get there.

Before I used to spend hours of unproductively on Reddit, now I have a chrome app which permits me to 30 minutes per day (hence why I'm rushing through this answer - I'm going to work in a few minutes).

Before I used to watch TV/surf facebook etc but now I've sat my ass down and told myself I should continue to write my book which I've started months ago yet failed to continue.

Before I used to care about X girl or Y plate because my world, despite following TRP, was still circulated around what girls thought of me. I wanted their validation and attention even though I hamstered myself that I didn't. Now I don't give a shit about that. I don't contact these people and my life hasn't significantly changed. I realized that I can go a month - hell 2, 3, 4 months without them. Freeeeddoooommmm. It's like the scene right out of Braveheart.

I'm reading a few non-fictions books for pleasure, like a book on first aid or this one on different types of wine (in Italian).

Holy shit I ended up writing alot - there's more but I'll stop here. If I'm making you curious about monk mode don't take my word for it, use the search bar and seek out the top posts on /r/theredpill which talk about it in more depth. I'm off to work, good luck.

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Oh wise monk, what is that chrome app you talked about? I really need that!

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It's called stay focused, it's free and if you enjoy it then you can always donate.

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Holy shit I ended up writing alot

Not at all, this sub needs more monk mode reports IMO.

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    Gonna start doing this. Thanks.

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    you always write like that? y u no cursive

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    me too have been from the first,it's one thing being in monk,you have to utilize it and plan,it does get lonely the first few days(about 10) after that you learn to love the isolation,you can think freely

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    Incredible. I've been Buddhist my whole life and I think it's what made swallowing the red pill a lot easier for me. I see a lot of correlations between the two, and it's very interesting seeing your interpretation of those commonalities.

    Thanks a lot for writing this up!

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    On the other hand I grew up in a christian family and the belief we should always put others ahead of us e be nice is extremely ingrained in me.

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    Christianity has a lot of the red pill in it though when it comes to promoting traditional gender roles

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    Me too and that attitude is pure poison.

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    I would make a small correction. It's not 'women' that are suffering, it's the grasping at women that leads to suffering.

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    That is the second noble truth of the red pill.

    AWALT. Women will cause you suffering. Recogize this. You are not thinking about the cause of this or why it is, just recognizing the fact.

    The next step is as you say. Our "grasping" at women, or our desire for women, is what causes the suffering to come about. This is not how a man should be, as the red pill says. Women are the ocean while we are the rock. Be steady with your feet on the ground and know what you want. Do not be swayed by desire, do not be like women. A woman reacts to situations with emotions. A man cultivates the emotions he needs to handle the situations he finds himself in.

    Male/Female. Projection/Reception. That is the Tao.

    I'm drunk.

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    Women won't inherently cause you suffering. It's a product of desire for women that causes you suffering. It can lead to attachment to women (or a specific woman) that can cause even more suffering.

    I'm glad you're drunk, because I am too.

    Also, a woman that practices Buddhism sincerely shatters all RP concepts.

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    Nah man. It's the attachment to woman that will cause your suffering.

    Like a puppy, woman are only bad if you allow them to be.

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    RP and Buddhist philosophy are pretty comparable.

    Both offer a realistic look at things. Depending on the school of Buddhism, there is very limited fantasy involved.

    Both want you to accept that the world is not the fantasy you've been sold, and both offer a multiple step approach to maximizing your brief span of existence in this universe.

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    Added flair.

    Please learn to spell "dominant". Also compromise.

    Edit: spelling fixed, flair fixed.

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    Quality flair. I find that this is a problem that pervades TRP. Posts often sound like they were written by a gd middle schooler. I'm glad someone else notices that this damages the credibility of RP

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    While there are certainly many ways that the concepts of Buddhism and TRP align, there are other ways that they are completely at odds.

    For example, numbers 2, 3, and 5 are pretty much the opposite of the actual Path, but others are more in tune with the actual Path.

    I don't want it to seem like I don't see the humor or anything, and you are completely right that Buddhism is a great method of self improvement, but I also think that expressing the similarities in this way (along with promoting meditation as a way to be better with women) is more exploitation than anything.

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    Simple to say, harder to do.

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    as are most worthwhile philosophically based actions.

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    In SMV #8, is it possible to encompass all positive traits in both lists and not think of yourself as the prize?

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    We men tend to look at any "end goal" as a prize, and look at ourselves as having to sacrifice to get it.

    When it comes to women, it's actually the opposite, so we need to remind ourselves we're actually the prize.

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    That's what I'm saying. In Buddhist philosophy, isn't it wrong to think of yourself as a prize?

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    Absolutely not. One of the core principles of Buddhism is self love.

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    Never forget that women need us for survival. It's written in their DNA whether feminists want to believe it or not.

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    So you're saying we're the prize independent of the other 7 SMV traits?

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    thank you. beautiful post.

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    Great post. To put this in perspective when viewed against the 4 noble truths of Buddhism [these are very close]:

    • Life is full of suffering. In life, we have illness, poverty, disease, old age and death. We cannot keep what we like and can not avoid what we do not like. If this is all we know we suffer.

    • The cause of suffering is desire and illusions that are based on ignorance. Because of ignorance wanting something leads clumsy actions, which in turn lead to suffering. Wanting life, wanting death, wanting things, wanting pleasure - all lead to suffering.

    • There is a state of mind free from suffering. By stopping the cravings, the suffering is stopped.

    • There is a way to end suffering. To end suffering we must end our cravings. The way to ending cravings is the Eightfold Path

    Remarkable how applicable this is to RP.

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    I have a love for buddhism and when I got into red pill I ended up applying it to the central teachings of Buddhism. I thought it deserves its own post.

    Add absurdism to the mix and we're soul brothers.

    Some context, Buddhists believe there are 4 sequential truths that are inherent to life.

    Women are suffering (awalt)

    There are no easy fixes, you either pay in instalments or you take the big hits like a man and become content with the good times in between. Life is generally hard, how you tackle it is on you.

    Desire for women causes suffering (oneitus, divorce)

    Wanting causes dissatisfaction whether with the world or with yourself, in both cases it is a path that leaves you tired and unhappy.

    This suffering can be ended. (Abundance mentality)

    No it can not, it can be accepted, embraced and mitigated. (Here I go absurdist because like any belief system Buddhism makes unfound promises and promotes idealism). The 8 step path is what we consider to be optimal.

    But let's go deeper. What is that suffering?

    There are also 3 of suffering in Buddhism, which can give a you a good insight on what level you are on.

    • Physical suffering

    • emotional suffering(fear of change, unpredictability, rejection)

    • existential suffering (a fear of pointlessness, a perpetual need to improve and progress, a perpetual dissatisfaction with the now, a relentless drive to improve, a unmissable awareness that stagnation is death )

    Society blessed most of us with solving the first. The red pill will guide you trough the second. But the last one is all on you. That is a peak that is trully hard to conquer. So how do you conquer it, with the 8 step path:

    Level ONE: understanding (swallowing the pill)

    1. Acceptance of reality, "clear vision" for you mystics. No pussy footing interpretation. There are natural laws alphas fuck, betas pay.

    2. Having the right attitude toward yourself and the world. Somethings hurt, somethings don't make your life better some things are downright unhealthy but you like them and you indulge. Be aware of your proclivities toward comfort and sufficiency and fight them.

    Level TWO: conduct (fake it till you make it)

    1. Bitching is weak, it's self serving in a short sighted way. Be a man of few but powerful words. It should be just the icing on your frame, the next level in communication. Like a blade, the more you use it for menial tasks the less effective it is in combat.

    2. Proper conduct. All actions have consequences(in a amoral way). If you work hard, you will make money but you will also wear yourself out. If you sleep with another mans wife, odds are you can't trust the bitch. If you live properly(morally as the Buddhist initially preached), you will invite people to take advantage of you.(that is just a natural consequence of weakness and passivity)

    3. Sustainability. You do not sacrifice the future for the present. You understand that life is a marathon, not a series of sprints. In conjunction with No. 4 this make the optimal path a righteous and quite ethical one.

    Lever 3: Being alpha. (finally becoming the man your genes hoped you will be)

    1. Congruence. You do not half ass anything, this is not a social persona you use to get chicks with. You are a man that does what needs to be done, you are a man that gets things done and you are a man that finishes things.

    2. Mindfulness. You are doing everything with purpose, you live in the moment, you do not phase out and let life take you for a ride. You are at all times aware of your surroundings: the people around you, their intentions, their goal and their triggers. You own the frame.

    3. Focus. You have your eye at your objectives at all times. You maximise that utility and you get what you can with what you have.

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    Can you give an example of a pushover?

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    Look to your right, see the side bar? Take a look.

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    Thank you for this post. I always liked the buddhist thinking, and the way it deals with reality and especially desire. It falls perfectly with redpill teaching you to be calm and not prone to drama. Of you hate or desire something then you are not ok with yourself and you are weak. Being in a perfect state with yourself is the hardest thin to do. (A warning though: it's easy to fall into JBY fallacy if you use this to excuse your bad parts)

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    Expand on rule 3 of the 8 fold path

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    Frame is a big thing around here. Do a general search on frame.

    It is basically how you speak and present yourself to a women.

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    Abundance mentality only works if women want you. If they do not, it's of no use.

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    Not true at all. For starters... Whether women want you is under your control. See sidebar.

    Second, abundance mentality is the cure to oneitus and the unicorn complex. Always remember there is an abundance of women out there. You will have the same feelings for every girl you are with. If the girl you crush on doesn't like you back, next her. If your gf cheats, next her. There are more women and you will find them if you try.

    If you have low SMV you have to go into monk mode, read side bar, and start lifting and eating right ASAP

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      Then it just becomes a numbers game.

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      Isn't it always a bit of a numbers game?

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      Great post!

      Be dominate

      "dominant", not dominate

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      Meditate on this every day.