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Not only that, fixing my posture played a HUGE part in curing me of my long-term lower back pain.

I strengthened my posterior chain with back extensions and hip thrusts as well as light deadlifts, whilst keeping my shoulders relaxed and back, chest out, lower back in a position of lordosis (concave rather than convex). The results were absolutely amazing for the strength and structure of my back, it really was a life changing improvement.

As it relates to self-development, you can't walk around with great posture if you feel timid. Correct posture makes you look like a boss. You're standing straight, tall, relaxed and looking the world in the eye. You can't pull this off if you don't feel capable of meeting the world head on. I used to spend a lot of time looking at the floor, which is awful for both confidence and posture.

Here's some resources:

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Two most common postural dysfunctions are

Rounded Shoulders - contributors and remedies:

Lordosis - contributors and remedies:

Thoracic Bridge remains the most efficient & comprehensive exercise for typical "desk jockey" posture troubles.

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Soooo, to summarise, fix your posture by doing thoracic bridges...?

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I started getting into deadlifting VERY recently, and I noticed the results in my posture almost immediately. Since then, I've been deadlifting 2-3x per week for weight, and I'm seeing some pretty vast improvements in my body overall.

Who would've thought that picking up heavy things from the ground would make your life better?

Deadlift, men, Deadlift.

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Extension of this, make sure you're doing the correct form and not over training unless you wanna have a fucked back.

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If you're deadlifting close to your max you should only do it once or twice a week, anything more can cause severe CNS strain.

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Nah, a newbie can DL 3x a week and be fine so long as they rest and eat. Knock it down to 2x a week once you hit 225, and 1x a week once you hit 405-495ish.

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Deadlifts plus hyperextensions until failure makes me walk like I'm Captain America.

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For future reference, be sure not to actually create an anterior pelvic tilt problem by arching your back on purpose. Neutral spine is where you want to be. Not overly rounded (flexed), not overly arched (extended).

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^ so important. I had to back off 25% of my deadlift and squat weight and work back up slowly because I over-arched trying too hard not to round.

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DLs are a godsend. Those mixed with roman chair will give you posture gains. Incorporate overhead and front squats and your whole core and lower back will improve significantly

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What kind of lower back pain did you experience?

After lifting my lower back will have episodes of pain and soreness. Or sometimes even after a game of basketball.

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A big part of lower back pain comes from having tight hip flexor's (the hips tie into the lower back). It comes from sitting all the time. Another is having over developed front deltoids. It comes from constantly raising our arms forward.

Take care of your hips with stretches and foam rolling. Take care of your shoulders with reverse fly and pull up. Then front squat and deadlift/straight leg deadlift. Oh and stop sleeping in crazy positions like really just lay there, arms at your side, and close your eyes.

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Great advice. But Well when it's -20 here in Canada during January, Fucking right I'm putting my hands in my pockets.

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Jacket pockets != trouser pockets. Cops in the UK always go around with their hands tucked into their body warmer sleeves, the point where I wonder if they are told to do it. Having your hands stowed, but high enough up to be ready for action, makes you look nonchalant but not like a school kid.

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I'd look into getting a pair of gloves. Be prepared for the elements. Driving gloves are not going to be the warmest, but they're stylish and not too bulky.

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L.L. Bean fleece-lined leather gloves.

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LPT: If you're in a shady district, skip the eye contact part. For some reason criminals/other low life people love attacking people who are just looking at them.

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I've gotten in a few confrontations and one fight recently like this. Some people feel really threatened by a strong dominant demeanor and will feel the need to challenge you.

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Honestly all you need to do to really defuse it is a head nod. In lower socioeconomic areas aknowledgement is equal to respect. Without the nod your projecting the message I see you and you aint shit. With the nod your peojecting I see you and here's a greeting to show I'm friendly. Because people trying to kill you don't nod.

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As someone from baltimore, good fucking luck with that in some areas.

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Well I'm from the south side of Chicago and it works well for me. But being a Black American could also be a factor and it's ability to work.

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I'm from Canada the most dangerous thing here is the temperature.

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That can/not work depending on people. Some people take a nod as wanting to start something

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There's a difference between eye contact and flat out staring.

Whenever I've been confronted by other guys, which has happened 3 times in the last five years, they always act tough until I open my mouth. It's a lot easier to tell someone's confidence level by the way they talk and the sound of their voice, so make sure that you have the speaking part down. Talk loudly, 75% eye contact and 25% observation of your surroundings, and do not let them cut you off or talk over you. Add in a hint of amusement and you will be able to diffuse almost any fight.

If they start swinging right away, you can't do much except run or fight back. Fighting back might get you killed, running might make you look like a bitch. The choice is tough, but use your best judgment.

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Had a weird russian guy pull a knife on me a month ago because he just walked up to me while I was eating a burger at mc donalds and wanted me to stop eating. When I looked at him and asked why, he just said "because it's unhealthy". I just ignored him when all of a sudden I had a fucking knife in my face. Some people are just nuts.

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In his defense, McDonald's is pretty unhealthy.

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Never fuck with a Russian who has a knife.

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Always nod if the other man holds his gaze. If you and another man hold a gaze without nodding/greeting each other, it will come off and feel threatening.

Looking away shows submission, nodding/greeting shows respect, but staring is always aggressive.

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Always the chin up nod, never chin down.

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Chin up is for people you know. Chin down is for people you don't know.

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Always chin up 1.25 inches, not a quarter inch more, or its interpreted as a submissive gesture implying you wish to be fucked in the ass.

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Improving posture will also make you FEEL more confident naturally. It is like how smiling, even when you're upset, can cheer you up. Your body sends signals back to your brain the same way your brain does to it, and your brain will take that feedback to think appropriately.

Funny story on this: I work with a bunch of engineers and super quiet/introverted people. I was talking one on one with our VP who was visiting the office when he says "wow, these guys must be really proud of their shoes." I looked at him inquisitively and he just put his head down and took a couple steps. Now we occasionally compliment footwear as a joke.

This story also points out that EVERYONE notices weak and submissive body language, not just women. If you want to be respected at work or other areas of life, learn to communicate to the world that you are a man worth respecting.

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So many engineers have bad posture. Saw a photo recently of the Ubuntu core team - these guys are top in the world in their game, probably earning huge money, and yet are most likely invisible to women. Amazes me....

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One thing i've noticed working with super intelligent people(was an IT guy at nasa, nih, and currently the finance industry) is that those people suck at life 95% of the time. Except for the one area they are ridiculously good at because they never did anything else.

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Not sure if this is the picture of the Ubuntu Core Team you were talking about but this is the one that came up through google:

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This helped my posture problems.

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You watch that video, and it look so easy you think "what does that even do?" If you do it correctly, you "see" it working immediately because you can feel it working muscles that you don't normally hit during your typical day/work out.

Highly recommend.

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How long did it take for you to feel any effects?

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I think you can see some effects after a few weeks.

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That sounds comforting. Thx for your response.

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I too love this shit, sitting at my desk all day kills my back muscles.

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It's kind of interesting that when I worked on my walking posture, I ended up going through some stages, the last of which was the position and attitude of my head. I ended up with my head back a bit but the chin a bit lower than I started. Similar to what the video shows.

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The easiest way to improve your posture is by doing specific exercise tgat target your muscular imbalances

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Can you link examples of such exercises for morning routine? I do stuff like this.

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This is my favourite. There's obviously more than one way to go about these things. Forcing a posture to me is more like faking it, while doing it the GLO way is actually being it. E.g. Ages ago, in HS, I used to scrunch my body like a runt, and had a smaller frame. Pullups and other exercises alone forced me to start taking up more space as I was always in pain and it was naturally uncomfortable to be scrunched up. Part of it was my weak mentality, but a lot of it is also just a matter of physicality. Less muscles; smaller/weaker frame and posture.

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Try locking your hands behind your back like Morpheus from Matrix does when he walks, i.e. not stretched and locked behind your ass but higher, fingers-to-elbows interlock.

Learn how your back feels with that and then put the hands back to the sides. This is the posture you want to have.

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If you can see your feet/legs while you walk, you are doing something wrong.

p.s.: obviously don't fall on your face

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If you can't see your feet, legs, cock you are too fat.

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Yes, but he meant look forward instead of down

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If anyone has rounded shoulders and stretches don't seem to help, look for external rotation exercises. I've stretched a lot and I saw zero results with the position of my shoulders until I tried external rotation moves. I have strong shoulders and core but it made me work muscles that I've never worked before. I could barely do 10 reps with a light dumbbell because these muscles were so weak.

the first exercise in this video (skip to 3:00) is where I feel the most discomfort even with a light dumbbell. Try it out, if you feel any difficulty doing it then this exercise is for you.

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The only wrong part is the 'chin up' part. Your head needs to be up, not your chin. Imagine a piece of string pulling you upwards just slightly anterior (front direction) to the crown in your hair. The chin should be retracted towards your throat.

As someone who displays good posture for the purpose of exercise, sports, work and just generally not wanting a massive slouch in my 60s, you're going to feel WEIRD doing this. Almost as if everyone's looking at how hard you're trying to keep your posture perfect.

They aren't looking at you for that. They're looking at you because you're taking a natural alpha's pose. Or maybe you're fucking it up, I'd suggest seeing a physio about posture myself.

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Fixing my posture is probably one of the best things I've done since TRP. I've been lifting more, and when I first discovered the pill about a year ago, I was mad scrawny, and I still am pretty skinny, though I've put some muscle on. For you skinny guys out there, improving your posture works magic, it can improve how you look drastically even if you're not jacked just yet.

It's going to feel very weird at first, but just make minor adjustments to your posture every day. Once you've got it down pat, it will feel weird to slouch or put your hands in your pockets.

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Check out the Alexander Technique lads.

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Never heard of it before, but there are a lot of videos on youtube about it.

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My daughters both comment on what it's like to walk around a store with me vs their mother and step father. Everyone moves out of my way because I'm walking like I own the fucking place, everybody in there is beneath me, and I'm making eye contact with everyone facing me. Head up and observe, people notice and move, girls notice and try hard to get your attention. With their mom everyone expects them to move, and she does, so does her loser.

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There's a very, very overlooked specific part of posture. Tongue posture. Yes, you read that right tongue posture. We're not talking about eating the box, I'm talking about how your tongue is positioned in your mouth.

Your tongue should be against the roof of your mouth, with your teeth touching or slightly apart

The younger you are, the more this is going to help. Improper tongue posture results in a long face, usually a sloping forehead and a nose that looks bigger than it should have been. Proper tongue posture makes your face develop the 'right' way. See the links for what you can do, and for photographs of the difference proper tongue posture makes.

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WTF really? Can others attest to the legitimacy of this? My snake oil detector is in the yellow.

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Read the first article and try out the few things that it suggests. It makes sense to me.

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If you speak Spanish, your tongue resting position is actually at the bottom of your mouth.

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Unfortunately, siblings can be quite different. I will believe this if they study this stuff on twins.

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Mouth-breathers look retarded. But I think we knew that already. Beyond that, I'm skeptical.

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Ugh. The guy sitting next to me at work is one of these. Never shuts his gob. I'm pretty sure it contributes to his toxic breath.

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I wonder at what age is it too late for these things to have an effect. There might not be much bone structure changes after puberty once the growth plates close, but I really don't know.

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You shouldn't be smiling for most of the time. A knowing smirk is ok, especially if she can see it - it lets her know you know she was checking you out.

The other important one is don't change course to get out of the way. People will get out of your way. You are walking there, and you are the most important person in the world (for the purposes of posture).

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I always found the "smile!" advice to be bullshit. My theory is that smiling should be the natural consequence of knowing that you're the shit.

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Nail on the head. You should smile, but you only for the right reasons.

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Walk like you are on the mission. Right posture, high speed. There is this small path on my way to work where two people cannot walk by each other, without one person going off the path and on the road. I am a fast walker on my own, and that in conjunction with right posture moves everybody from my way. Some people are getting off the path even 60 or more feet in advance.

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The only thing I notice about fast walkers is that a lot of them are moving like they're in a hurry, rather than just moving fast.

If you're going to cover ground, you want to stride. Gait is a big part of being able to walk fast whilst still looking like you've got all the time in the world (and that you know everyone else can wait for you to get there).

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The other important one is don't change course to get out of the way. People will get out of your way. You are walking there, and you are the most important person in the world (for the purposes of posture).

This is also a habit to break. Two nights ago while walking up to the gym, I saw a grown ass man walking around a single mother and her womb turd. I shook my head in disbelief. Make HER walk around. Occupy your space.

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My favourite part is that I never have to do the awkward "this way that way" shuffle that two people who don't know which way the other is going do. By setting out a clear intention, other people are usually happy to acquiese if it makes their lives easier.

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We need more of these posts. People can really be depressing sometimes.

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Something that makes that easier is a standing desk. That way, your default whenever you're at your computer is good posture. The Ninja Standing Desk is the cheapest one I've found, and it's handy for slanting the keyboard down for better ergonomics (unfortunately, all keyboards come with feet to raise the back part instead of the wrist rest, so it's quite a pain to try get it angled right otherwise). I just use a folded yoga mat instead of an anti-fatigue mat.

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for those interested, look up The Alexander technique. actors use it religiously. it helped me a lot in my younger days

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If you focus first on the physical, the rest will often follow. If you put yourself in a position that is inherently confident, you cannot help but feel more confident. The more confident you feel, the more you will walk with it for all to see. Remeber the greatest indicator is success, take every small win you can, and they won't be small for very long

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I walk like that and can see people are afraid. I am 6'4". How can I turn this to my advantage?

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Feast on the fear floating in the air. Seriously, you could smile a little and see if that makes people more comfortable.

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Its hard to smile walking down the street or standing in the elevator and having nothing to smile about, but I see what u mean.

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what are you supposed to do with your hands then?

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I already had good posture but it has gotten even better since I started Bikram Yoga.

The thing is, Bikram is fucking brutal. It's 90 minutes in a 105 degree room (41 Celsius) room and though the postures look easy -- they are not easy. Not at all.

But the days following my practice I move through the world like I own it. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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This is one of the easiest things a newbie RP'er can start doing and its effects were almost immediately noticeable for myself. I would always walk with with a slouch and my head down, really only good for finding loose change on the ground. Now, walking through city streets with a strong gait, head held high and a cheeky grin gets me interested stares from all parties. "Where is he going? Is he important? He must be, look at his stance, he's on a mission to somewhere important."


If you're in a seated job all day such as an office worker, implement sitting with excellent posture as well. This gives two benefits:
1. Back pains, especially lower, as well as neck and shoulder pains will decrease, if not entirely vanish.
2. If you're approached by a colleague, slightly leaning back in an office chair with proper posture and a relaxed nature immediately puts you in the driver's seat. This is because you're opening up more of your body, making you seem larger and more dominant than if you were hunched over when listening to them. Dominant men will also combine this with keeping their knees well apart, effectively leading with their crotch whilst sitting down.


Dicks out and chins up lads.

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Sure, I agree. But it will only have a meaningful effect long term if you have 'your house in order'.

If you are a piece of shit, with no hope, no self esteem and nothing going for you. No amount of faking frame/body language will help. You will be found out for the inauthentic, pussy piece of shit you are.

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Doing 5 mile walks regularly for a time while focusing on posture really helped me. Good time to listen to audiobooks related to TRP. If you are already working out, it won't really impact your workouts. If you aren't working out, congratulations, now you are. Bring a backpack and you can fold in a grocery run to buy oats and potatoes, if you are short on spare time.

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Backpack might not be a good idea, makes it harder to keep good posture since you'll have to lean forward, hunch your back, and shrug or roll your shoulders forward to compensate for the weight on your back. A good hiking backpack is better because they're designed to hold the weight higher, but they're expensive and still not ideal. If you're working on your posture, walk without a backpack.

[–]viavitae 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You're right, although at least half the trip will be posture practice and the other half might be good for toughening up your body.

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I love these concise, easy to grasp nuggets of wisdom. This post is like a juicy bone, and I'm a dog that wants to sit down and gnaw on it all day long.

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Walk around like you are the shit. Are your hands in your pockets? Pull them out. Are your shoulders slouched forward? Pull them back.

simpler to remember: "walk around like you're wearing an imaginary cape"

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Guys don't take this too far. There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. It's a thin line and over-compensating doesn't really drive the right message. No staring contests with Women, particularly in NYC. It can get the cops called on you and I don't think that is the intended result.

Build strength from within and focus on that by taking a Martial Art, etc. and your posture and body language will naturally improve. I've had great posture etc. since young and it's really all due to Martial Arts. Nothing else.

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Lucky for me I don't live in fascist NYC. Looking at people is not a crime, and nobody has a constitutional right to "not feel uncomfortable".

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Yeah, you NYC guys are screwed. Fortunately, I can still look at people in my country as long as I want.

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Except don't actually lead with your dick because that's bad swayback posture.

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If holding an upright posture hurts you or tires you out I would encorage you to try some foam rolling with your excercise and lifts.

I like a lot of Trigger Point's products.

It takes practice to improve your posture but you will be greatly rewarded for it. Not just by others but by the own realignment of your body to a more natural stance.

It will be easier to move and look confident in front of a room if your muscles are more loose than tense.

[–]denmaur 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Which ones do you recommend?

[–]Darkone06 0 points1 point  (0 children)

For the back posture or leg posture I would try the Grid.

The grid X is way firmer but most people do not like it. It really depends on how bad your back and how tense you are. If you lift a lot or want some deep tissue massage then the X line of products will suit you better.

If your problamatic spot for you is your neck as is the case for me after suffering whip lash on a car accident I highly recomend the STK. For the STK I use the X line since my neck hurts a lot if I try to walk around all day with my head help up high.

For the particular troubled spot I would use the Massage ball.

These products are used by charepractors to improve body movement.

Watch these videos.

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Fuck... gynecomastia which I got in my early teens when I was obese in a very bizarre way stays with me to this very moment. I lost shit ton of weight, put on muscle instead of fat. I'm 6.3 ft tall, with huge arms and broad shoulders, yet my gyno is still there. It's not really bad, but nipples are fucking up my physique. I subconsciously fucked up my posture over the years to hide it, and now I keep forgetting to straighten my back up.

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"she feels uncomfortable? who gives a shit" I will never forget this. this was the only problem i had with eye contact. but guess what. i am the FUCKING MAN. better be grateful i even looked at her.

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A couple of years ago when i was in hughschool, I used to walk around with my head down. Until one day, i asked myself what the fuck was so interesting about the pavement? I never looked down since.

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Bad posture isn't good for your health, yup, I agree. However, assuming that a man with is "face in the ground all the time" is a "pussy" can also be very bad for your health. Remember, you're faking your confidence, but some people like myself simply don't give a fuck what you think. Looking at the ground, hands in my pockets, and thinking about shit doesn't mean anything. You can keep your chin up all you want, but that doesn't mean you're a bad ass. You might want to remember that next time you arrogantly walk past someone. Assuming anyone is a pussy is a great way to get knocked out.

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Pretty much this. If you think you're the ultimate badasss because you take staring contests in the sidewalk way too seriously, you got problems

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ITT a bunch of beta fags walking around like they have a broom handle shoved up their ass, intently staring down any female within eye range.

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Lol, disagree but I have to give you a RP for the hilarious mental image you just gave me.

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I agree with most of this but what happens when all of this alpha posturing alerts a rel alpha who decides he wants to show you you ain't shit. What's the plan then boys?

[–]NeopolitanAfterglow 2 points3 points  (2 children)

There is no real alpha and fake alpha, there's just alpha. It's like a language. Either you use it or you use a different one.

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This is what I was getting at in another reply. Sure, you can fake being alpha to get in some girls panties. But, this shit isn't going to work on a real alpha male. This sub cracks me up.