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Great stuff here.

You will be able to speak from experience on an array of topics- even those you didn't find to your liking.

This should be bolded for people who ask "what to talk about on a date".

It would be a life-changer for many self-proclaimed shy guys/introverts. (Emphasis on "self-proclaimed")

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Very true. Back when I was more introverted, my main excuse was that I didn't have a lot in common with people.

"Oh those guys are bros, I'd have nothing to talk about."

"That group are such art snobs, and I don't want to talk about that shit."

But by simply getting out and doing things, it's unbelievable how many more conversations you can contribute to. For naturals this may sound obvious, but for any somewhat shy guy that sometimes flounders on dates: GET OUT AND DO SHIT. ANYTHING.

You may not notice it initially, but in a year or two you will realize that it is a complete non-issue. You can now talk to the "bros" about working out, eating clean, swap sports stories, your favorite drink to make. You can now talk to the art kids about that sculpture class you tried, a book you read, your favorite craft brewery you toured, or that time you studied abroad.

You can talk to anyone, anytime, effortlessly.

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Just throwing this out there, but I've met two current plates at a meditation group. I've also met several other potential plates/random hookups at various meditation only settings - i.e. No yoga, just sitting or walking meditation. I even hooked up with a fellow student during a weekend long silent retreat. I think you can add an X to the meeting ladies column for meditation.

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I even hooked up with a fellow student during a weekend long silent retreat.

You seduced her without saying a word? Story time please.

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She wasn't allowed to say no?

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Long story short, we kept eyeing each other in class before we committed to silence, she kept walking near me during walking meditations. On the second night of the retreat we were doing an evening sit and we were supposed to be relieved by the instructor individually and slowly walk back to our rooms alone. When it was my time to leave the hall, she was waiting for me just outside the door. She grabbed my hand, led me to her room, we hooked up, and I went back to my room. She sat next to me at breakfast, and all of that days sits. And walks. On the last day, after we could talk and were preparing to leave, she gave me her number and said we should "practice" together again. I said sure and as soon as I got in my car I chucked that number out the window. No need to walk into that clingy can of worms... No attachment

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Ending in perfect spirit with the practice.

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Where do you sign up for these things?

[–]KingoftheAssholes 4 points5 points  (4 children) is great website to start.

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This! I've been doing different dog groups on meetup. The off leash hiking group is full of single women new to my state. And, trust me on this, the way my dog looks at me with that love for his master waiting for me to give the release command... Chicks dig it. Now that I'm taking the red pill I'd honestly say that they want me to have that level of control over them. They truly do.

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I was just browsing it, thanks.

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when you live in the USA ... I live in germany and theres none of this stuff ( expect big cities where I dont live)

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If you live in a major city, it's pretty easy to just google "meditation group (insert city name)." Otherwise you may need to ask about it at local yoga or Buddhist centers.

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    So anything I did had to be a high value activity. And my criteria for high value is pretty similar to what you have - physical fitness, book smarts, career skills, social/comradery, and family time.

    To expand on this, you can identify a low value activity by the fact that it has little to offer in these categories.

    • Gaming, while maybe having some comradery aspects, pales in comparison to a shared physical experience.
    • Watching tv provides little value unless it is educational.
    • Social media and chats have little value.
    • Sports/Entertainment news have little value.
    • Etc.

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      It's so easy to talk sports for hours, too, once you really start to get into it. You play leagues? Oh, you have defensive teams but not individual players? My team? Your team? My first/favorite/despised game experience.

      Throw in subtle tricks to gain favor, asking him for things/giving him your ideas/suggestions that you've seriously thought about, blah blah blah.

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      I agree with you, it does add value to stay informed about sports. Watch highlights, read news, podcats, whatever. Best yet, actually go to the games. I just meant avoiding most of the talk show garbage on ESPN.

      Fantasy sports (namely football) are extremely easy to talk about, as well, as long as they don't become a time sink.

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      I don't have a natural interest in sports, but I fel discouraged from learning about them because i don't know where to start.

      Where can I get a primer on "the state of football" etc. where I can get a grasp of the current sport subculture?

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      Dude, boating/sailing needs to be getting a lot more credit than it has. Working in a boat will toughen you the fuck up.

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      Thanks, I'll adjust the chart. I figured it took some work but have never done it personally.

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      Dinghy racing in good breeze is an athletic, intellectual activity. Imagine holding a sit-up for 45 minutes. While analyzing your competitors positions, and adjusting your position accordingly. While analyzing the wind, and adjusting your position accordingly.

      Not gonna rant here, but racing sailboats is my thing. Its athletic, intellectual, co-ed, requires communication, and its badass to invite a girl for a sail on your boat.

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      Dude...hate you RedPillers... I can only save so many good posts man, cmon...

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      I had to save this one as well, I don't save many but it's got good ideas.

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      You should have two X'es on 'meeting women' for dance classes.

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      For 3 of the categories (Intellectually Stimulating, Marketability, & Meeting Women) I only use one X for simplicity sake.

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      I didn't want to convolute the main post. Here are suggestions for Team sports, solo sports, co-ed sports, and fighting categories. I know there are more I missed, so comment and I'll add the popular ones.

      Team Sports
      Field Hockey
      Ultimate Frisbee

      Solo Sports
      Frisbee Golf
      Pool/Billiards Bowling (debatable)
      Darts (debatable)

      Co-Ed Sports
      Ultimate Frisbee

      Kick Boxing
      All sorts of styles I'm not familiar with

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      I know from experience that in doing MMA/kickboxing/Muay Thai you will meet plenty of girls so I feel you should throw an X or two on there. Many girls go to gyms to do kickboxing because it's a great workout and teaches self defense. Also I should note that kickboxing/Muay Thai girls have some really great bodies.

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      I'm pretty sure Ultimate Frisbee is mixed genders (at least it is at my uni) and most people I know seem to take it as a drinking/social club, so I reckon that might be not too bad for a sport if you're into meeting women.

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      Winemaking/Beer Brewing/Distilling

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      Terrific Post.

      Here's a handy fiilterable Excel sheet with numbers instead of X's to let you easily find the best activies for what you're looking for. If you want to get really fancy you can use the sums of the rows and columns to optimize your interests for a limited number of activities and a target score in each column.

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      Another useful column to add to all this would be cost. Something like rock climbing costs $100-$500 in gear to get going while running is <$200 to start. Mountain biking will run you $2000 for a decent starter bike while an art class is <$100.

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      Please understand this statement is not intended to be a dick...

      If a grand or so will destroy your life to get into an activity, then honestly, work harder on your professional life than anything else. Cash is king.

      Cost shouldn't be a deciding factor...your interests should be. Christ knows I've spent small fortunes on activities in my lifetime, because that's what interests me. But before I could run around doing whatever I wanted, I worked my ass off professionally to get the cash to do anything I want. Plus cash can lead to an illusion that you could be Beta Bucks (but we're all smart enough to not actually be BB), which can help big time with attracting plates.

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      A large number of people on here are younger guys, students, for whom $5000 to get seriously into scuba diving might not be practical for them until they're working full time. They might want to know that getting involved in a sailing club offers many similar benefits for a fraction of the cost.

      Sure, more money is obviously better than less money. I build and race rally cars which is a giant black hole of money but something I passionately enjoy. But, just because someone cant afford to build rally cars doesn't mean they should do nothing but work until they can. Adding cost into this chart can really help people find things they can afford while working on their professional lives.

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      Very true as well :)

      I just think that the biggest importance for the young & starting out is activities/etc that will increase their career marketability and/or provide financial gains in the long run.

      In other words, focus on the lifetime improvement when starting out, and move into the "I love this hobby" stuff as you are able.

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      This was my thinking basically. Anyone looking into hobbies would find out pretty quickly which they can afford.

      If you can't afford to join a gym, a team, pay for the occasional concert, etc. improving your career should be the #1 priority.

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      Nice breakdown & formatting. I think this should be the 'go to' when guys say they have nothing to do. I know I'm going to show it to a few of my friends who say they are bored even though they have hours of free time and waste away entire days during the weekend.

      My Uncle once told me that I should never let myself get bored, I was around 6 years old and was complaining that I had nothing to do.

      I took that to heart and have never let myself get bored again. There have been plenty of times where I've come close to saying, "I'm bored" but as soon as I thought it I refused to say it and forced myself to take action.

      Never let yourself get bored, there is always something you can do for enjoyment or self improvement.

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      "Bored people are boring people."

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      Just wanted to say, thanks for the effort you put in. I really dig the self improvement aspect of TRP and your post really helps in this regard.

      I feel it would be a good idea to start up a database of sorts based off this post, where people can enter activities etc and also leave comments as well.

      If I was more tech savvy I would do it.

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        While I'm sure that's true, the same could be said for most entries under the "Body" category. Thus I left most clubs off in that section.

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        RC racing, vinyl audio, horology, paint ball, batting/driving ranges, reading, astronomy, airsoft. Some extra ideas.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be updating the list again.

        EDIT: Had to leave off RC Racing as I couldn't imagine it ticking off any of the categories. It's a hobby I would liken to gaming.

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        You develop a knowledge of suspension geometry and physics. Different shock oils, springs, suspension link lengths, ride heights, overall car weight, tire compound, tire foam hardness, downforce wing angle. All of that needs to be taken into account. We're not playing with toys from Wally World, here. ;)Turn marshaling after a race. You run out to flip cars over while dodging other cars. If you end up in a difficult corner, you'll get plenty of exercise. It's also another way to hone your hand eye coordination and gets you out of the house.

        Edit: And if you want to get creative, go to town on your paint job/sticker coordination. It hasn't been taken over by women yet. Usually the only women there are wives/girlfriends, so it's still a male space. The average club racer is a rough blue collar guy, but they're nice fellas and won't hesitate to help new guys out. Lots of father/son duos. Great hobby to bond with your sons and an excuse to play with cars again.

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        Highly subjective. Lots of those activities which have a social element have market value as knowing the right person can get you into the right market.

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        I just had an unorganized list I had made when I was looking for shit to do outside of work, jazzed it up a bit, and thought it would be a decent starting point for anyone looking to change up their routine.

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        Brianna Wu, is attempting to draw attention and mock Red Pill, no doubt in order to stir some controversy because GamerGate's pace is winding down, and she craves the validation she gets from the attention cycles (Stir Shit - Deny - Poor Little Me - Oh Your So Oppressed and Brave) she likes to generate.

        The root of increasing SMV though is literally self improvement, making yourself more desirable by actually doing and incorporating things that make you a more capable, desirable, and valuable man.

        Any negative comments or observation you make about Wu are going to get ampified, retweeted, and repeated through her social network. Frankly participating in that whole cycle is unproductive. Consider it before jumping into that fray, if you will gain anything of value from it.

        "Brianna Wu ‏@Spacekatgal 11m11 minutes ago Can't make this up. MRAs chart for hobbies that increase "Sexual Market Value."

        I realize this is borderline concern troll, but I know a lot of people in the anger phase have that quick trigger reflex to charge into frays.

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        Huh? Who the fuck cares what some random person links to on here? Why even draw attention to it yourself? I don't get this. Just do whatever the fuck you're doing as a man. This is noise. What a fucking waste of my time to read about whatever some "Wu" chick is doing. Who cares

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        Fucking eh.

        I give a shit because? That's what should come to mind, not the bullshit about "ohnoes some silly twat posted something that tries to make us look bad." I don't give a fuck what any feminist says or does any more than I give a shit what some butthurt 5th grader bitches about.

        These kids have so much to learn. They're too concerned with shit that doesn't matter. That Wu girl sure as fuck doesn't matter.

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        It's like our own form of social just warriors, fighting the good fight against the big bad evil feminists on the internet.

        I just want to say to ppl like that, bitch go outside in the real world and chop some firewood for the winter, quit "fighting the good fight" on your keyboard even if it's for trp.

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        Yep. I don't need them to defend me, or to try and prove this works, I know it works. No need to defend against an unworthy challenge, there is no risk, nothing negative comes from that silly bitch ranting in her echo chamber. Nobody fucking cares how much she stamps her feet and whines.

        I sure as fuck don't.

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        What exactly is her point, does she think there's no such thing as SMV, essentially another word for attractiveness? No, far better to poke fun at people trying to make themselves more interesting apparently.

        No point arguing anyway, the publicity will probably bring more new-comers here than anything else.

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        " These guys are compiling a list of hobbies that make them interesting, what shitlords! If you weren't born awesome, you shouldn't work on yourself to make you a more desirable person and have an enjoyable life, smh"

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        God damn, you can't even tell if it's satire or not

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        Because it isn't. That is exactly what they're coming across as. They're embarrassing themselves, and that is why we don't have to engage them.

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        If redpillers stay here, and leave her and her cohorts alone on twitter, (and they stay away from here) all's well.

        This is the best way to have a debate between opponents either side of such an abysmal divide: at a distance!

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        Or don't engage in the debate at all, and certainly don't start one. We can stay here and do our RP thing regardless of what anyone thinks. We have no need - nor any desire - to prove our value to anyone.

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        At least not over the internet

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        I'd throw another X PA around cycling, and put an X or two around comradery, cycling is the new golf buddy.

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        Appreciate the feedback.

        I struggled with rating a lot of the physical activities, since they vary a lot based on the person. I imagined "Cycling" as one guy out on a bike, but you could obviously ride with friends, a meetup group, etc.

        The same with golf. You could go play by yourself, you could play in a tournament, you could play with buddies.


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        The only reason I singled out cycling is that it truly is something you can do to better yourself and the environment.

        Not only that, it is quickly becoming the nouveau sport of the rich(its easy to sink 20Gs into a bike). But differently from golf it requires you to be a physical badass to complete the route in good time. And since we are talking about SMV, status does play as a residual feeder into it.

        I've recently joined a couple groups, a road bike and a mountain bike group, and my builds are not really all that impressive, but I'm still ranking with the top men. And unlike golf, beating your opponent in cycling is what counts. Because YOUR the man. Its a wicked cool sport/hobby to get into and I highly recommend it.

        Its also a great way to focus and work on your composure, as nothing will tear you down like a transport truck whipping by at 120 or nearly hitting a tree going 40 on a 30(hill grade). Its awesome.

        And you never know who you will meet and be able to network with, Im lucky to live in a good place, but I've met and chatted with owners from Blackberry, Apple, Google, and various Incubators, simply by showing up to the group event.

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          Where the fuck do you live to meet those ppl? O.o

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          Honestly I'm just in a cool place, and frankly I'm no VIP at all. I'm just some dude. But that at the end of the day, when your all humping the bike hard, everyone in the group is 'in', making it easy to talk to people you normally wouldn't have the chance to network with. Cycling is neat that way. I highly recommend it.

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          can confirm. I bike for days. Girls love it.

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          For fraternity I'd add an 'X' to meeting women, maybe even two or three. Fraternity's get together for party's, semi-formals, and formals all of the time.

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          Good call. Don't know how I missed that.

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          Great topic and post!

          Couple of changes/additions in my opinion...

          For skiing/snowboarding, I would suggest it is at least an X, and I'd go so far as XX in "meeting women". You do spend time on the chair, and (depending on your style) hanging in the park/etc with others. I have met many a snow bunny on the chairs, the lodges, and even in the hotel hot-tubs after a day on the slopes, and the commonality of being a skier/boarder is an instant conversation in.

          I'd also say you missed "skydiving", which is a MASSIVE meeting women rating in my opinion (not necessarily doing the sport, but in the vagina-tingles for being a diver), and also huge on the comradery rating - my first jump and the comradery was incredible among all the mostly-men also jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

          Finally, for a misc activity, I'd add motorcycling into the mix. Instant in with any other rider (comradery & meeting women), and contributes highly to a bad-boy image that is almost irresistible by women. Seems a motorcycle can instantly drop the panties of many women :)

          Edited to fix "marketability" misread.

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          This is actually very well done. Good job mate (Y)

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          When referring to kayaking and snowboarding/skiing I am sure you are referring to what is generally pictured by the public but as someone who is involved in whitewater kayaking and hoping to get into backcountry snowboarding/skiing I would argue they can have some of the highest levels of camaraderie. Every time I go out [whitewater] kayaking I am potentially putting my life in the hands of those I am with and may potentially need to save them.

          Extreme sports such as that can be a huge confidence boost also. When you are standing on the side of a river watching one of the most powerful forces on the earth crashing through the rocks trying to pick your line and you can stay calm through the chaos and stomp it, you feel like the king of the world.

          Do something that will challenge your view of the world and your abilities. Nothing has changed my life and realized how short it can possibly be by getting stuck in a kayak upside down or being 20 feet from swimming over waterfall and your buddy throwing you a rope just in time.

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          If Camaraderie, Physical Activity, Intellectual Stimulation, Marketability & Women (lol) are targets...

 has no one mentioned Country Clubs yet? At least a 1/3 in every category, 2/3 in most.

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          I suggest adding pool / billiards to the list.

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          Good call, I'm adding it to the list of sports I'm maintaining in the comments.

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          Led me here and learnt me some true advice:

          • a systematic approach to self-improvement is inherently ridiculous and means you think women aren't people
          • you should just be yourself, dude
          • follow your dreams, that's what I do
          • a therapist will make you more attractive

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          Ice cream.. Ice cream makes me happy.

          [–]lavaboat 4 points5 points  (0 children)

          Jerking to dickgirl porn for hours makes me happy.

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          the way you broke your post down makes it really easy to consume.

          i made a similar chart for subreddits to subscribe to.

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          What do the ones with an * mean?

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          I've got a really great one to add: if you have any sort of technological or crafting/making experience or interest, check if there is a makerspace or hackerspace in your city. This is a great way to develop your skills and experience, and you'll meet interesting, open-minded people for other activities.

          You'll probably also find that this touches on a lot of the areas mentioned in the OP. To name a few that I've seen

          • Home Improvement Projects
          • Book Club (or philosophy)
          • Photography
          • Entrepreneurship
          • Fraternity/Mens Club
          • Mechanic/Auto work
          • Music Production
          • Programming/Web Development
          • Volunteer
          • Woodworking/Carpentry
          • Meetups

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          Shooting as a hobby or in competitions. Here are a couple links on competitive pistol shooting.

          Why is it relevant? It gets you out of the house. Can do it on a date. Gets you around other people in clubs. Some are physical activities. A type of defense. Connections could lead to a career in LE. LEO friends. You don't have to limit yourself to powder shooting. You can literally take two sticks and a string to make something that shoots. Archery doesn't take much space I can do it in town on my lot.

          Fishing can be done as a hobby a competition or some people make money at it. Many types of fishing and you can do it almost anywhere you live. It's meditative where you are out on the water without the speed of the world and it's distractions. You get adrenaline boosts landing fish. It's fun with friends. Can do it with females that enjoy it however married guys will like to just get away for a while on a Sat morning.

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          Totally forgot about those. Thanks

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          If you're truly alpha you wouldn't do activities just to impress women, no?

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          "Truly Alpha" (whatever your definition for that is) guys wouldn't be on here looking to improve themselves either, because they'd be out doing it already. These are activities that improve you, which has the wonderful side-effect of attracting women.

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          good point, good point. Perhaps I was being narrow-minded .

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          Women were hardly mentioned in my original post.

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            A place to climb and maybe rock climbing shoes.

            Check out:


            And for workouts:


            Also is a good website for finding places to climb near you. Most rock gyms will have all the equipment you need available for rental so no need to really buy unless you are getting serious. In my experience rock climbing is an awesome workout and has a great community of men and women (comradery and plates).

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              Awesome man have fun! Rock climbing is one of my passions. I'm fortunate to have a gym at my school that has a free rock wall.