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This is the male version of "why would he buy the cow when he gets the milk for free" referring to why LTR a girl who will fuck you without committing.

Remember, women are the gatekeepers to sex and men are the gatekeepers to commitment. If you give her all the gushy "boyfriend material" crap before she fucks you, why in the hell would she fuck you?!

Don't give up the power, ever, but especially before you have sex.

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Men = gatekeepers to commitment

Women = gatekeepers to sex

One of the core underlying tenets of redpill theory

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When doing ANYTHING for a woman that isn't your LTR, first ask yourself:

"Would I do this for a random dude I just met?"

If the answer is no, then forget about it. There's always exceptions to being kind, and those very much always fall under the "I would do this for a guy too" category. Another might be simply solving a problem so trivial to you that the work involved can be written off.

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I would do a lot for a stranger so this doesn't work for me.

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Nothing wrong with being a Good Samaritan I think the parent comment was just trying to say don't put pussy on a pedestal. Something like that

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Yeah, and another way to say it would be that you should do things if you want to do them anyway, and not because you feel compelled.

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No I disagree, sort of. I would get a lot of personal satisfaction from doing nice things for my ex. When I would do some nice guy beta shit for her, I was getting personal satisfaction from it. Makes me feel good to be nice. So the scope of things I would "want to do for them anyway" would include a lot of things that cause a women to see me as a push over and a betabux.

Now I know that will cause me suffering in the long run. A woman wont respect a weak man who does everything she wants, even if he is happy to do so and isn't truly a push over. If I did not want to rub my ex's back or bring her favorite food to work for her, I would never have done those things.

So this is why swallowing the red pill has been so hard for me. I have to resist my desire to do and say nice things because I know they cause me to become disrespected. Men are the romantic sex, remember that.

The only real answer is there is no trick, its just fucking hard to do and you'll inevitably fuck up anyway at times. Just live with discernment and try to be happy.

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It does. You keep up your frame. She will notice you do it for strangers and it won't look like you're invested in her.

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Interesting perspective. If I frame myself as a generous and kind person I can get away with more kindness in a relationship without triggering a womens natural "Hes nice, must be a beta bitch" response? I just started reading no more mr nice guy so its just been such a cluster fuck in my head. I like being nice, but the first chapter of that book really hit me in the face. Is being nice good? Is it unhealthy? What am I doing to myself?

I am skeptical.. but I would like that. Doubt that would be how it works in reality. I would rather just channel my "niceness" into helping out other men who are struggling. Once I get my own act together that is.

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I am trying this out now myself. I can't say it works yet (too little time elapsed). I guess it depends on what kind of woman that is too. I think it works this way: it doesn't matter if you're generous or not, kind or not. It's all about if you're low or high rank.

For example, Generocity (very nicely explained in No More mr. Nice Guy)

  • If you're low rank, you give in order to get, in order to please. You lick boots so that you get something in return. You employ covert contracts - everything you give is bound to something you expect in return.

  • If you're high rank, you give from a position of abundance. You have something in excess and you share it because you don't need it all. You want nothing in return, no strings attached.


  • If you're low rank, you're kind because you're affraid to mess with someone stronger, you're affraid to lose opportunity, you're affraid to enter conflict, you avoid it and try to be kind to everybody. Like white knighting for example - never insult a girl or you'll lose a chance to get pussy.

  • If you're high rank, you're kind because you don't give a fuck! If a russian kid insults the Queen of England on some League of Legends forums, she won't be upset, because it doesn't matter to her. You can be kind to a homeless guy and when he doesn't respond back with kindness you don't care because you're kind with no strings attached and you don't strive for acknowledgement, don't want something in return. You can be kind to a person who's offensive because you're not touched by his offensive behavior, you don't care what he says about you, you don't feel an urge to argue with him, he is insignificant (like some huge ass CEO won't argue with some haters of his company).

I think problem may happen when:

  • Either you're truly low rank, but you're delusional about it, you don't accept it, and then through your kindness and generocity you show it off quickly and woman loses her desire for you.

  • Or when the woman is not very smart and doesn't dig deep enough for clues (like, you know, women who are attracted to looks and money of a man versus women who try to test you and get to know you to find out wether you are actually what you show off or not).

(delusion thing actually happened to me recently, I was texting a girl too much and I thought that was because I'm just like that - I like to express myself in longer sentences, I am very quick at typing so it doesn't matter etc., and then I was told by like 10 guys that I'm in violation of the 2/3 rule, and I denied it at first, but then I looked at all my text threads with her, and I understood I was indeed ONEITISing and too invested in relationships with her and was insecure about myself, and that was why I texted too much)

In my opinion, if you're sure you're confident and not over-invested in women, being generous and kind may even serve as a form of shit-testing and screening less smart women: if she loses interest in you just because you're generous and kind without digging further, she's probably not quality material.

Again, I might be wrong, I'm just starting to live a TRP life.

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I feel that some TRP-type stuff is a bit much/your way is the right of it. (Or at least in the right direction. Ofc, personal opinion)

The first PUA stuff I'd read was the Tao of Badass, the author of whom seems to advocate things that I find consistent with being a man and not also changing what I think are good things within me the way some TRP-related things seem to. [I also read The Way of the Superior Man, (I think? it was on a torrent list of David DeAngelo recommended books) and what I recall of it was good.]

As for getting yourself together first and then helping others, great! That is the best way to do it.

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A good way to be, but you're missing the point he's trying to make. The basic point is to not debase yourself and supplicate someone in order to win their favor.

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its about mindset. examine your personal justification for helping people -- is it because you take pleasure in helping people, or taking pleasure in their positive responses? the difference between the two make the difference between an "alpha" and "beta", respectably. people should feel that you have a set of values that require you to help people, and there's nothing that they can do to change that.

one thing i dont like to see from this sub is posts on "how an alpha should act" instead of "how an alpha should see the world" i.e. mindset. from mindset, people can derive so-called "alpha" behaviours, even when performing what this sub's hivemind would call a "beta" behaviour.

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this probably needs a little internal reassessment too.

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No, it doesn't. I enjoy doing nice things for people, it makes me happy to help strangers. Part of it helps me feel like a good person, part of it is just the fact that I find pleasure living in, what I feel, is a rightous way.

Doing things for strangers is the opposite of being a tool or a push over. When you do nice things for a women, you are attempting to negotiate desire, and "nice guy" your way into her vagina. You're a bitch.

If you do those same nice things for a stranger there is zero expectation to recieve anything from them. I recieve peace of mind, but I created it for myself.

Strangers helped fix my car when it broke down once at a hardware store. A stranger drove me home when my old dead beat friends left me stranded somewhere. Strangers helped pull my car out of a ditch when it was stuck in snow. Those experiences effected me and I make a point to help strangers.

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Focus on showing her that you have a good job

This. I have a plate going strong for 9 months and she still doesn't know what I do or where I work

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Nice. If she has asked, how did you defuse the bomb? I have one that doesn't stop asking these questions... I think it's because I'm 24 and she's almost 30. I have just given her vague responses so far.

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I like to sexualize it, "kegel exercise instructor" or something like that, you can gauge her sexual knowledge/slut factor and easily sexually escalate the conversation by her response plus it's flirty and playful.

"I do webcam shows" works well too, if she's legit ignorant of these things, you can tease her on it, if she perks up you can amplify as needed.

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Haha, that's a fantastic strategy.

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Her: What do you do?

Me: Look cool.

Me: Business owner/Entrepeneur. I run my family's front yard lemonade stand.

Me: Elephant sky dive instructor.


If she keeps asking about it then it means that she sees you as a beta provider; girls don't care what their Alpha Fucks does for work

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I've told girls that I'm the Chief Toast Maker at a local breakfast diner.

"All you do is make toast?!" "Yep." "Wow, I didn't even know that was a job!" "It's killer. So, where were we..."

Also, I've been known to say that I work at an aquarium training great white sharks to jump over alligators. Even though that is obvious bullshit, it sounds manly and the ladies like it.

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After the date: "Alright let's go to my place; you're toast"

/u/ont_anon I'm using your line from now on

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I wash ducks for a living. There's a lot of bills, and I work with alot of quacks, but all in all, its a good industry to be in.

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Thanks, good answers right there. This is the one I'm mostly practicing with, so I'm outcome independent (as in IDGAF).

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A killer combo is to reply like this, but dress nicely and-or otherwise have some 'hints' that you are secretly successful/wealthy

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Yep congruency. Or wear a tailored suit and then take her to a shitty dive bar

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Interesting. I do the same thing but never knew. My LTR still says "I still don't know what you do". Thanks for the realization.

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I just tell them "I do IT for a company overseas" without being too specific, maybe its too much info, but i dont even talk about my work anyway, and IT is regarded a super good job, even help desk positions.

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Women enjoy trying to figure out details about a guy and you're ruining the fun for them. Just say "I work overseas"

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True enough, i'll try it next time.

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Haha! Next time you should say that you make money from being a research subject for experimental AIDS medication...but only right after you have blown your load deep inside of her.

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If she's 30, she's trying to lock you down. Beware.

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When a girl asks me what I do I just pull a Barney. "Please"

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I always tell them:

"I'm changing careers and going into mirror cleaning services... it's just something I can really see myself doing."

"Enough about me, let's talk about you... so... what do you think of me so far?"

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I kinda fell into this advice by myself because when I talk about my job it just sounds like I'm bragging or something and I hate it.

I absolutely hate when people ask what my job is or what I majored in in college. I started either dodging the questions or making shit up awhile ago.

I don't really see why people even want to know where you work after just meeting you. It seems like they only ask because they have nothing better to talk about. Then you can either bullshit it or tell the truth which is always going to look bad.

If you have a terrible job then you've just lowered your value in their eyes. If you have an incredible job it's just going to sound like you're bragging or they will feel overwhelmed. For example if you're the lead engineer for NASA then telling people that is either going to make them think you're full of yourself and/or it's going to put them on-guard or change their view of you and usually not in a good way.

The only women who give a shit about your job are the gold diggers looking for your money and you shouldn't put up with their shit anyways.

Think of it like you do with your bros. Do you give a shit where they work? No, you hang out with them because they are cool people not because they have some stellar job. I can understand discussing work with your buddies because it's just something you do, but they don't give a shit what the actual job is.

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That's...impressive. One would think that would come up naturally in minor chit-chat.

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She asked a couple times in the beginning but she learned that I give dumb answers for dumb questions

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Tommy steals thw show, yet again. thanks TOM (jk) logging your great advice

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Women are like Russia. You either invade them in a month or you're never going to get anywhere.

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This is one of the best analogies I've ever heard

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When you are "good for someone", it's like you're a medicine, or health food. People don't like medicine or health food. They take them because they have to, not because they want to.

When your selling point is I'm a "good boyfriend", this is what's happening, and it's not sexy at all.

This is also why people seems to think douchbags/assholes/jerks get the chicks. Because they are like booze or narcotics. They are bad for you, but guess what, you want them anyway, despite all the bad they could cause.

I'm not advocating being an asshole or engage in intentionally destructive behavior. The point is be "good" if you want to, it's your choice, just don't expect it to be a proper selling point. It will NEVER be the reason a chick would want anything romantic with you. Women will flip out say no way! I want good men. They are actually telling the truth. Who in their right minds would not want "good"? Except they fail to mention the good has to come with an additional unsaid qualification -- it can't just cure cancer, it has to taste like cocaine as well. Cocaine is the primary requirment and "goes without saying". Once you have that, the ability to cure cancer is what "they are after". So men that don't understand women-speak will try to cure cancer and then wonder what happened.

Don't give women anything they haven't earned. Having a hot ass does not equate to earning anything. elite5472 is right... think of this chick as a dude, don't do anything for her that you would do for a dude.

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They are actually telling the truth. Who in their right minds would not want "good"? Except they fail to mention the good has to come with an additional unsaid qualification -- it can't just cure cancer, it has to taste like cocaine as well.

This is a striking turn of phrase and really stood out to me. The 'cocaine' reference also works on another level, because men have to continually maintain a woman's attention and keep her attracted, which could also be described as an addiction (in a metaphorical sense).

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Wow. This is absolutely profound.

I first read this last night, but it had such an impact that I came back specifically to post this comment and thank you.

It's such a simple metaphor, but incredibly insightful.

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Thank you, I'm glad you could get something out if it. It's one of my realizations after bouncing around in the dating scene for many years.

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Time for some introspection: Unless you are looking to get married why the fuck are you monogamous with your relationships?

If you don't want babies or to get married, stop dating women; plate them. Spinning a plate is cheaper, there's typically more sex and you don't lose out on a serious emotional investment when you need to walk or she does.

If you are looking to get married, the girls the OPs advice works on are not for you, those women are sluts, what OP describes is how to plate a woman.

If you do want to get married and start a family don't shoot yourself in the foot by picking some chick that's more likely to divorce you than stay married to you.

Only ever wife a virgin, here are some studies, you want more google the names of the researchers and years of the studies: This conservative foundation Collated these for me and is just convenient, read what they wrote if you feel like it. This Blog compares the Teachman study data to Heritage study tables and they match up, he also expounds on the data.

Don't wife a slut, science shows us that 1 dick before you is practically flipping a coin for half your shit over the next 18+ years, whereas a picking a virgin is pretty much rolling a D10 where only one side puts your feet to the fire. Premarital sex with someone who wont be her spouse puts her at 48% divorce rate, each partner ads between 2-4% to that figure, if you fuck her then marry her it's still below 20% divorce rate but if she is a virgin at marriage it's between 9-11% divorce rate.

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I actually referenced that same stable marriage rate study in my new book, How To Be Happy 2.0. After explaining what you just said, I continued...

Through their polls, it was also concluded that women who have more non-marital sexual partners are more likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, they are less likely to be happy, and they are more likely to be depressed. These statistics get worse depending on how high the number of sex partners is.

A person's past is an indicator of their future behavior. This is why an employer looks at your history before deciding whether to hire you or not. He's trying to avoid getting stuck with a loser. But people lie about themselves, and they don't come with a HoFax report. So, caveat emptor- let the buyer beware.

The employer doesn't hire the guy who seems like a high risk for failure... because he isn't desperate to hire him! There are plenty of people for the employer to choose from. But the guy who goes out with a woman who seems like a high risk for failure is desperate. The cure for this desperation is for him to raise his sexual market value by doing all the things I recommend in this book, and adopt a mentality that there are lots of people who he is attracted to, and that it's really hard to choose one. The last thing you want to be is so desperate for a woman that you latch onto the first woman who will accept you. If that's how you're rolling, she won't like you eventually anyways, when the initial attraction wears off and she realizes your lower value. Desperation is one of the least sexy traits you can show somebody who you are attracted to.

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Which is why I advocate against marriage PERIOD.

Half the girls I knew growing up were in the double digits or very close to double digits BY THE TIME THEY GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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You can weasel partner count out of a woman fairly easily just don't inquire with a pretense of consequence to her actions, be "encouraging" of her liberal behavior and when she spills her guts you soft next her the next day so she doesn't spread around that you are a oppressor, rapist patriarchal, genocidal baby puncher.

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I'd love to hear some examples of how you've successfully been able to do this. For real.

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A couple of chicks were pretty easy. One I just took her near my friends and we had some drinks, the fact that it was early in the relationship and that she was quickly shifting attention away from me to the the other guys showed me that her mindset wasn't fit for monogamy, I never got a partner count but I knew right quick that she would have been down with getting bukakaed by my buddies and me and that was a deal breaker.

Body language, even if you never get a straight answer from her words her body doesn't lie about her thought process. There are multiple resources on this but it's mostly just sublingual cues and communication; subliminal thoughts can slip into body language so keep an eye out for that.

An example would be if you ask someone a question when you are both standing a good sign they are full of it is when they answer but they move one foot or both backwards and even point there feet in a new direction, it is a sort of proof of the hamster wheel turning, if they were being 100% transparent the words would not make them change their stance but it creates subliminal cognitive dissonance when we lie, this is also a great way to figure out if somebody is a compulsive liar or can't separate truth and fiction. if you understand these cues it can also help you be more forceful in negotiation or bluff a lie better.

the top tip is that eye contact is how most mammals communicate and it is likely how our pre language ancestors communicated so trust your instincts on what eye contact means, with some observation you will quickly learn what the signals mean because it is part of your biology to know them.

The second step to get a girl to tell you the truth about her number is much more straight forward but this is number two because possessing the above skill set is a buffer against lying whores. You just ask her, the way you ask is important, I fell in love with a girl when I was a BP fuckwit some years back and I knew she was a virgin at the time because she had never had a boyfriend and had been home schooled with her 8 other siblings by her mother and and her father who was a pastor of a small church in Washington state. we started dating in high school but after the break up I still had my sights on her. I needed to know if she had fucked anybody in the 8 months between try two and our breakup because she had dated 2 guys that were older in that period, I led by playing mindgames and getting her to feel comfortable talking to me and answering innocuous questions like trivia over text. I played down some emotional facets for a while to build rapport back up and lulled her into an emotional state over a week or so and this culminated in sharing personal experiences about, yet again, mostly innocuous stuff but then I led it to sexual questions like "Have you ever masturbated before?" (this was like 2nd base in baptist ball so don't laugh) from here I directed it to general sexual experiences and played up how liberal I was in this regard and how difficult it was to offend me, I gave her false comfort I told her I'd go first and gave her a low ball about an HJ I once got, she responded in kind by saying that the guy she was currently dating had fingered her I said next I got a BJ she said that there was nothing more and I believe that considering she broke up with me because she was upset about a miscommunication surrounding a gift exchange for Christmas and that I still went in for the promised kiss, this girl was waiting for sex until marriage mind you. I was inquisitive about the fingering and discovered quickly the guy was a PUA and already held two other plates which explains how he got into her pants on the first date considering AWALT, he only went on another date with her and when she wouldn't even let him get a hand back in her pants he soft nexted her but stayed in a "relationship" with her on facebook while he was sharing pictures of him drinking and groping other women on his my yearbook profile. That experience of stalking on my part really is what opened my eyes and why I'm here now.

I have another example that took verry little effort in the same vein, I knew a chick that gave me some looks and so I started an elicit conversation about drugs and a direct address towards her actions around me and asked her if she treats every guy that way, I played up that I was conservative in a teasing way and that made her want to play the game, it was about 3 minutes of banter around elicit behavior and then I just asked how long was the longest she'd ever been fucked she responded that the guy she sleeps with for marijuana and her both got really stoned and drunk and fucked for "like 4 hours, but it's typically around 45 minutes" knowing this girls type though I'd buy that.

TL;DR: Learn to read body language then butter them up and just ask.

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What if she was a virgin before you started dating, and she has only slept with you? But she slept with you before she married you?

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Like I said, it's under 20% divorce rate. If you got her first and you like her enough to spend your life with her then go for it but if she's espousing feminist doctrine or all of her friends are you've got to try to shut that shit down before a contract or a baby comes into the mix.

A solid gauge for me is to make sure she has some sort of real ingrained bigotry, it sounds fucked up but the best girl I ever dated just hated 90% of black people it wasn't so much about behavior but sort of guilty until proven innocent bullshit. Yeah she was a bad person but if I hadn't been a blue pilled fuck I'd be getting married to her. The reason this works is that when you hate something it draws a political line in the sand for you and even if you stop that hate you still have all the other lines drawn in the sand that come with that political archetype. I know it sounds bad but racist women and homophobic women typically are bound really tight to their ideas of marriage lasting forever and putting the man at the head of the household because ideologically they are backed into a corner and they put themselves there because they want to. It's the same thing feminists do by demanding that every day media have more than just a token gay or trans or black person it's bigotry in both directions that is typically a package deal for extremes of other beliefs and marital sanctity is almost always paired with those extremes of bigotry because those women need to have a few extreme view points to achieve the drama they need in their lives.

There's other ways to explain it but women need something to hate and the things a woman hates can outline the rest of the things she believes, I'm not saying there aren't moderates in this they just hate different things.

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Haha wow, I never really made that connection before, but it's true in my experience as well.

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I even consider spinning plates as committing too much time and effort. It's better to ONS that shit and duck out during the night.

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I always say "Dont treat women like your girlfriend unless they are your girlfriend"

If not it's like going into a negotiation with all your cards layed out on the table. You volunteered all of this for nothing in return.

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thanks for the refresher. i have to remind myself of this constantly. that urge to be overly nice and lovey dovey and all that is very strong when I start seeing someone, and it always kills attraction. like most dudes, i was taught to be this way, and it takes concentration and vigilance to undo all that programming.

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I was raised by a single mother who drilled into me the most beta shit ever. Took a while to rewrite that wiring in my mind

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That list punches a one way ticket to Friendzoneville if you haven't already been boning for a while. And that is one deep hole to dig out of.

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The best sex and behavior I've gotten from girls has been from girls who later confessed 'I never knew how much you really liked me / I didn't think you would stay around / etc.'

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True. They enjoy the challenge. But many cool guys don't realize that they're the prize.

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Those last 3 were LTR destroyers to me. Only do that shit after 30 years of marriage.

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Yep. Dumped because I offered to come and help when her car broke down. She said she doesn't need me to solve all of her problems for her. (Now she's dating the tow-truck driver who did come to help, so I know that was total bullshit.)

[–]1bicepsblastingstud 12 points13 points  (0 children)

She said she doesn't need me to solve all of her problems for her. (Now she's dating the tow-truck driver who did come to help, so I know that was total bullshit.)

No, you're being retarded. That guy got paid to help her. You were willing to drop everything to come help her.

I hope you see the difference.

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It's eery how women all say the same shit.

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I had a plate who would get horny when I fixed her bed (which I also broke) or helped her move some heavy shit. When you're AF they love seeing you do manly stuff.

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I remember doing this to a girl last year. She had a one night stand with a thug at a house party that never called her back.

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    What you might view as equal or comprising for the greater good, your partner might view as being a mealy little milquetoast.

    It's in everyone's nature to get the most out of something with the least amount of effort, if you constantly kow tow to your partners feelings, goals, etc etc they lose interest in you because you're not a challenge.

    Try to air your grievances like an adult? Guess what , everything is your fault because you only carr about sex even though it's been a year since you last had duty sex, only to find out after the break up they've been cheating on you for years, you were little more than rent provider and dish washer.

    LTRs are great with the right people, redpill advises against them for newbies because you really don't know how to read people yet and are far too likely to choose a mate based on feels.

    I'm not talking about women either having been a gay beta I've been down this road many times with both femme and masculine men. Being beta not only attracts shitty users to use you up until they have no use for you, it encourages people who never did such things to use you and not feel an ounce of guilt because you brought it on yourself.

    This sub is about self improvement, build confidence and less and less shitty people will be drawn to you, learn to enforce boundaries etc etc, eventually you learn who is and isn't worth your time.

    Until then, why not get your dick and have some fun, gaining nature confidence can take years

    [–]Moolg86 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    used to be really guilty of quite a few of these. the shame is overwhelming. brilliant post.

    [–]dickbroom 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    This is the biggest problem I've discovered with online dating. Most chicks won't even meet up without discussing at least one or two of these points. /sigh I wish my area's single scene wasn't full of baby mamas looking for a meal ticket...

    [–]ohboyahuman 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Shit. I totally did 2, 5, and 8 on my date last night. It went well, but It didn't feel optimal, and I wasn't even a little bit sure why until now. Quality post, right here.

    [–]Aaron0wnz 1 point2 points  (2 children)

    You put much emphasis on not doing these things BEFORE you get laid. Let's say you do none of these things, get laid, and want to keep the girl around to continue getting laid. Do doing these things hand over the "power" or have you already attained all the power you need by this point? I ask because I kind of didn't do any of those things and didn't text the girl much. Now she seems to have lost some interest. I don't want to come off as needy though, but I do like getting laid.

    [–]Endorsed ContributorScumbagBillionaire 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    After you fuck a woman you can start doing some of these things, but you do them in small doses.

    Remember, a woman wants to get you in a relationship. You have to give them a little hope or they'll feel like a slut/bootycall (which they are but don't let them know that).

    Fuck her once a week and never text her unless you're meeting up but every once in a while send her a random text asking about her day or whatever other beta shit like a smiley face.

    Kick her out every morning after you fuck her but every blue moon cook her breakfast or take her out to eat brunch after.

    Do some "boyfriend/beta" type shit every once in a while just to keep her strung along. Do it in steps. Slowly but increasingly give her validation. Act a bit sentimental. Go hang out with her in public instead of just a booty call. Give her some PDA after a while.

    You gotta know how to feed that validation monster but do it in a subtle way. Not enough to completely fulfill her but just enough to give her hope.

    [–]brotherjustincrowe 4 points5 points  (0 children)

    Would you respect a girl who spread her legs for you five minutes after saying hi? Being a high-value man means she's the one putting your commitment on a pedestal, hence the "gatekeepers" analogy you hear in the manosphere.

    [–]swaggertank 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Agreed but even showing the boyfriend behavior after you've had sex will make her loose interest.

    [–]newlifeasredpill 1 point2 points  (0 children) a married man who found red pill I have been REVOKING this whole list and we are getting along better then ever

    [–]agumonkey 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I did all this in the opposite order. Guaranteed failure. Even though you do everything she'll want later on. Skipping beats....

    [–]gimmieareason 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Its funny how many times you said "too much."

    That pretty much goes without saying, too much is too much, that's why its called too much. So essentially just do less of those things and you'll be good... That's what I'm getting from this

    [–][deleted]  (1 child)


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      I'm talking about fucking though.

      [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      ^ I would give this post 5 upvotes if I could.

      bullshit field report: Have done this MANY times before i knew better. I am actually very fucking good at building rapport/comfort because of all that practice. Actually comes in handy sometimes nowadays. I am basically never afraid of teasing/flirting too much because I know I can always recover by building more comfort/rapport. For years its all I knew how to do.

      Ended up with a lot of close female friends, never got laid till I realized the error of my ways.

      [–]sr20inans2000 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      i've always tried to listen to them and not talk about myself much, be funny, be attractive, but be firm in who you are your ways of doing things. i have a strong personality but i feel like all this well thought out theory is just going to give too much to think about and not get laid. I've never had a problem in my life getting decent girls. thoughts?

      [–]Endorsed Contributorcocaine_face 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      My only disagreement with you is that you say you probably have to do these things when you're dating her for a year.

      I'm not too sure about that.

      [–]I_Cum_Blood_666 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Women let the most immediately accessible alpha male's penis her attractiveness can drag into her vagina. After intercourse, repeated or not, they develop bonds with men they believe might provide for their long term security when the necessity arises. Being nice after fucking could land you a flow of monogamous vagina, but use this technique sparingly, AFTER fucking.

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        [–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (1 child)

        You're going about this all wrong.

        [–]TekkomanKingz 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        He sounds right on point to me.

        [–]100 Modbsutansalt -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Look up Patrice's advice on being a Time Ho.

        [–]1runnerrun2 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

        I don't disagree with your list or your point but how is any of this boyfriend behavior?

        Respecting her too much to make a move.

        [–][deleted]  (2 children)


          [–]Oris_Mador 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          Respect is irrelevant to the point the OP is making; and people don't typically assess each other's moral standpoints before they decide to fuck each other.