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Shit I'll give a woman 25 just for being pleasant.

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Being able to carry on a conversation counts for something. As in listening when I talk, not waiting to butt in.

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Agreed. A woman saying "well it's nice to meet you, goodbye" instead of fucking off is a plus in my book.

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Good post, great analysis of the SMV.

But to go off your last point. I wouldn't say men OR women have it better. Men and Women are different, they "have it" different, there are pros and cons to being either or. You are born who you are and have to make the most of it. I am pretty fuckin happy I am a man and glad my value isn't determined by looks alone.

The whole point I think here is you need to become a better man. And being a better man first and foremost, will increase your happiness. Increase in SMV, increase in financial security, increase in sex, friendships etc are all the complements of first becoming a better you.

I feel like this sub wastes a lot of energy worrying about women (not that all of it is bad, strategy/ etc..), when really the most important thing to be worrying about is ourselves and how to increase our own happiness and sense of self. Truth be told, if you are financially stable, are in good shape, dress well and maintain frame (confidence) (~90% of what this usb advocates) then you will attract women, end of story. There isnt really this cheat code stuff like negging or the youtube PUA assholes, its a simple formula that takes personal dedication. But again all that comes from just learning how to maintain yourself and your smv. Its important to remember women are a complementary good to happiness, not a substitute for it.

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This right here. If you are a woman and agree with this shit, then you needn't worry yourself with shit like 'oh no my sense of worth is determined by my looks and what biology gave me'. You should be worried about what to do with what you HAVE. That girls start with a bonus of 30 or so is great. That doesn't mean she can't have a good career too. It's just that guys are less interested in that kind of shit. If you're looking to improve your SMV, then improving your looks is the way to do it for women. If you're looking to lead a fulfilling life, then perhaps something else is - depending on your values. Too often we assume women are all the same like they are just money sucking whores. They are as varied as men are - but they are all attracted to success, confidence and money. As men, we should strive towards bettering ourselves in those areas if that is our goal.

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Exactly. That's why the women who ride the cock carrousel are usually younger than 35. After that she is worthless unless she has a really good job or had plastic surgery. On the other side, men get better with time. I've seen plenty of guys that are over 50 with hot young chicks.

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how young are we talking and is this in the USA?

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It's generally everywhere in the West.

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Not sure what bluepiller is downvoting you but i can confirm this as well: The more money you have when your old the younger your partner usually is. (in the West)

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never answered the first part of my question

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I am 19. I don't think age is important to realize what I just said. I was raised in a red pill country by people with red pill mentality and I just tell what I see. I live in one of the cities with most rich people in the world and I can assure you that 90% are old dudes, well over 60 and they get everything they want. Hot chicks? Got that. Cars worth millions? Got that too. Big ass mansions? Don't even doubt about it. When you see a old fuck with one of the hottest chicks you've ever seen then you realize how the world and sexuality works.

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TRP should avoid these meta-theories. Yes we can find things and ways of thinking here that are beneficial to our personal experience (because of how our society happens to be) but let's not forget that it's all fucking culturally relative.

As you say the concepts of this sub are for self-improvement, it's a guide. The point isn't to draw up grand theories about society. SMV itself is subjective in that what people seek from sexual encounters can vary substantially (even within their own lives). It's better to not try and quantify these things.

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SMV at its fundamentals is pretty universal, that's a core tenet of the evolutionary psych behind TRP

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The fundamentals are that men are about looks and women are about security.

It is indeed a universal trend but the degree to which people are gluttonous about these things varies hugely. External forces can exaggerate our predispositions... e.g consumerism, increases the value of basic SMV relative to other forms of attraction/bonding/whatever.

Imo the variations are way too much to quantify properly let alone attempt a comparison between the sexes like the OP is. I just don't see the point of it.

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Men age like a fine wine or a fine cigar. Women age like bananas.

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Keep in mind that a fine wine or a cigar have to be kept in ideal conditions for most aging processes. But yes, I've had plenty a decades old wine or cigar from an amazing humidor and they are like nothing else.

I would say that this applies to young men as well. Without the proper conditions/environment, we will all eventually stagnate. The few that cultivate themselves, properly, will prosper.

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Men age like a fine wine

Leave wine open too long, it turns into vinegar.

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I split up my bananas and keep them in fridge so they don't ripen too quickly. Is this applicable to women?

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That would probably be a very good metaphor for men with daughters.

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Only thing I can think of is if one is headed towards 50 and gets new tits...but still the same... Just prolongs the inevitable

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Only if you are Patrick Bateman.

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I've always liked the analogy between wine and grapes.

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like bananas

..yes, we have bananas...

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You forgot that every part of your SMV is relative to the woman you are trying to seduce.
Relative to an average eighteen year old girl, your physical appearance and being a DJ with a fast small car can give you much more SMV points than having a stable good paying job and ordinary office man physique with a "boring" car...
Older woman more close to the wall, will value a stable job and your reliable car more while your physique will be less relevant in determining your SMV.

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I can't speak for everyone, but most of us here are not aiming for women about to hit the wall looking for their beta bux. And the younger ones do tend to have consistent weighting of male attractiveness characteristics.

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That doesn't change the fact that your total SMV is relative to the woman you are aiming for.
I have a friend that is 29 and he always had problems with younger girls, even when he was 21 or 26. He just doesn't give them the tingles and he appears to them as an boring old man without the daddy aspect.
We were roommates so I made him change the most superficial things about him. His khaki pants for my replay jeans, his button down brown shirt for my black converse t shirt, his brown leather belt and fossil watch with brown leather for my black belt and no watch, his brown leather shoes for my white top ten low Adidas shoes... And after a small change to his hairdo and a colossal change to his perfume we go to a club were underground alternative electronic music is making young university girls dance and drink all night. To those girls he was invisible before the change and maybe a 3/10 on a good day. Now he was a solid 7/10 and most of them except for 9/10 react to him and want to dance with him, drink with him, go to the bathroom with him, etc.

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and 5 points for having a good job with a good income.

Most men don't care if a woman has a high paying job or not. Her job doesn't make me want to fuck her. I would much rather fuck a waitress who looks like Meghan Fox than a manager who looks like Emma Watson. Plus in a marriage, if my woman is a career woman, then no one is going to look after my kids wit the maternal love that only a mother can give.

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That's really interesting stuff.

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I don't know what you mean by "start out." Some men start out at an advantage because of their genes. Surely not every man starts at zero. How about those who are born into wealth?

Point is not all men have to work for it. Just as not all women do.

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I agree with your point that some men don't have to work for it, but OP's analysis still stands that on average women start out much higher than men because they get points for just being a woman.

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Oh for sure. I agree with that as well.

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I like the comparison to salsa better than this. "Beginner's hell" for men and easy going for women when neither have skill (because men lead in the dance, same as men need to lead in seduction) but when men's skill goes up they'll overstep women, who are capped no matter how skilled they get.

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A girl doesn't have to do much to be 'attractive'. She just has to keep from getting fat, and put a minimal amount of work into hair, skin, makeup, etc.

I totally agree with your point, but I think she doesn't have to do much but don't get fat, stay out of the sun, and stay clean. Who among us wouldn't fuck a cute little 105-125 lb twenty year old with strawberry Suave scented hair in a clean faded t-shirt and Star Wars pajama pants? I totally would. Actually that sounds fantastic. I would wear that girl out..

You gotta check out Abby Winters some time. Those girls (18+) are freaking adorable, and if they're wearing a speck of makeup, jewelry, high fashion clothes etc. I can't see it. Easy female beauty and sexiness indeed.

In support of your point, I think nobody was surprised when 53YO George Clooney got the leading man role in Gravity but everybody was surprised when 50YO Sandra Bullock could pull off the leading lady and actually look good in her underwear. I get so fed up with deca-millionaire actresses complaining as they sit by their marble-lined pools in Beverly Hills, that all they get offered now are grandmother roles. Sure, their male contemporaries got a slight boost by being handsome decades ago, but dicks are cheap as you say OP. We build such a mystique around the hot chick of the moment in popular culture. In recent years, Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Lady Gaga, Scarjo, J-Law. So many others. Would you like another $15M movie role for a few months work, Ms. Lawrence?

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I totally agree with your point, but I think she doesn't have to do much but don't get fat, stay out of the sun, and stay clean. Who among us wouldn't fuck a cute little 105-125 lb twenty year old with strawberry Suave scented hair in a clean faded t-shirt and Star Wars pajama pants? I totally would. Actually that sounds fantastic. I would wear that girl out..

I was making that point earlier today in an AskMen thread where a woman wanted to have advice upon first entering the dating scene. A woman got upset that I mentioned that just being there and approachable (i.e. not fat/bitchy) is enough, and that men don't care about the accomplishments of women.

As I wrote there: I don't get horny if a 28 year old overweight women tells me she has a PhD in Physics from MIT and wants to fuck me. I do get horny if the cute, fit, 28 year old working at Walmart tells me she wants to fuck me. I'd pick the hot woman working at Walmart over the overweight woman with a PhD every single day, and so would the majority of men.

And fuck yes, I would ravage the girl in your example multiple times.

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I'd pick the hot woman working at Walmart over the overweight woman with a PhD every single day, and so would the majority of men.

Me too, man. And I know some very well educated women. Good god, how they love graduate school. Problem is, even if her advanced degrees are in dead languages or 11th century poetry, still she thinks she now outranks you socially, therefore you are ugly. Believe me, I have tried. Once they get a graduate degree, they're impossible to please, even if their asses are four feet wide.

I have a STEM degree and I know women with higher level STEM degrees. Even those are not any more attractive to me, because I don't want their damned money. Give me a reasonably smart, gainfully employed whatever. If she's cute and thin, she's in.

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I'd say a PhD in Physics from MIT still gives a few SMV points, especially over a Walmart worker, but certainly not enough to counteract physical attractiveness differences.

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I think you missed quite a few things about women.

Giving in bed? Gives good head? Generally puts your pleasure before her own? +10.

How about a woman who will cook you your favorite meals? +10.

A woman who will sit and watch the game or play your favorite video games because you want her to even if she didn't original have an interest in those things? +5.

A woman who will listen to you and support you when you are down without making it about herself? +10.

A women who really respects you, thinks of you, does spontaneous things for you just to make you happy? +10.

A woman who can do all of that, look good, have a good income, and also do things like manage a household and take care of children? +20.

Women can go higher than 100. There's just no reason to do so since most men accept way, way less. Men will raise their smv because women don't want to date below their smv and generally start out with a higher smv than a male. But if a man has a high smv and still accepts women with a lower smv, then she will have no desire to raise her own. Its when you find a woman who is similar to you in smv, and you both decide to keep improving your smv because improvement is good for the both of you. If your smv far exceeds hers she will be uncomfortable with it and want to raise it. The issue is that if you date a woman with a low smv when you have a high one she will not think you have very high standards anyway. Of you date someone who is similar to you in smv initially but then you show her you are constantly raising it she will fear you will exceed her so much and that will make you look for other women who are now closer to you in smv, so she will also raise her smv by doing things I mentioned above.

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"The issue is that if you date a woman with a low smv when you have a high one she will not think you have very high standards anyway. Of you date someone who is similar to you in smv initially but then you show her you are constantly raising it she will fear you will exceed her so much and that will make you look for other women who are now closer to you in smv, so she will also raise her smv by doing things I mentioned above."


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Some women are still good women well into their old age.

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well you just mean they look young externally, not easy at all to do given how uniform is aging, some women are freaky, there is always that 30 year old who looks 18, but shes 1/1000 and kinda only scratches it.

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This is bullshit. SMV is way more complex than simple numbers. Game and proper application of the red pill theories can land you almost any girl. There's a video of a homeless guy that lives simply by doing pickup and staying at girls houses on YouTube. The chicks he's with have SMVs of over 70+ yet according to this scale he couldn't get past 50. This illustrates that game can't be filtered down to just numbers. Pickup is an artform and not just math.

I just hope some people read this.

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Pretty sure that video was fake, but your point is still correct; however you're not really disagreeing with him, just on the edge cases. Game can be a massive boost to your SMV score, but you'll never be higher in SMV as a homeless dude with tight game than a multimillionaire with the same tight game.

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I read it bro. Hit me right in the feels. That ass was a 4, with an attitude of a 10. he's gotten more pussy homeless than I have in my entire life. Ain't that a bitch.

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its the concept that OP is trying to explain which is important; actual figures that he gives will probably not be accurate but the idea is solid

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The only thing I disagree with here is that game can only give you 20 points. I think with the right game you can gain a thousand points short term and a hundred in an LTR. Game is the biggest factor to your SMV. Hence why most discussion is about game. With the right game you can be a fat 4 fucking a 10.

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4s do not fuck 10s in the western world without some serious SMV.

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Remember that SMV isn't necesairally your actual value, but mearly your perceived value.

You can't calculate this shit, it's incredibly subjective.

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Our SMV chart is probably just off. Let me define it down further.

Looks wise I have been a fat 4 fucking a 10.

Status wise I was a 9 fucking a 1.

How do we balance this out? I guess I had SMV from my status. This really did not bring me any real happiness. Though I wasn't an incel and got to have a hot woman slobbering over my cock. That did bring value into my life. Just nothing that lasted beyond the climax. Better then being an incel though.

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I would like to expand on this idea and introduce SMD, or Sexual Market Dynamics:

The underlying theory is that men and women look at eachother (ie their SMV) differently. We as men judge a group of girls (say 12, average group with some uglier and some hotter ones) in absolute terms. Using the basic 0-10 scale, these 12 women would never have a pool of 120 points to be allocated, something more like 70-80 points because we rate them on the hotness scale and then just leave it be. After initial judgements are passed it takes months-years usually for this pool to be unanimously expanded or reduced. This way their value can still slowly decrease over time (making this concur with the OP).

Conversely, women view men in relative terms. As men have no where to go but up, women will judge us based on what qualities we have. Applying the 0-10 scale, a beta would rank in at 4/10 having some cash and being able to play the piano or whatever come with him. However, the second she meets a 7/10 PUA who doesn't even have a stable job, she immediately gives it all to him. Even though in relative terms his value increase is "only" 3 points, it's a world of difference to her. Women always look for the best man, and from all the men one woman knows, she will pick the relatively best one, since they aren't capable of logical thought.

This effect can be "lensed" or "amplified" in the case of women's perception, but not the other way around for men. When a woman is locked in a marriage and wanting to have an affair, she views her husband as probably a 1/10 (even though he's more like 3/10 provided he isn't obese or whatever). When any guy comes along that even shows the slightest interest, this new guy is immediately 9/10 (even though he himself might only be 5/10). This way it is "lensed" by the woman. She views the new guy in relative terms, and won't realize he doesn't have anything to offer other than dick.

The idea behind this is that men (as logical* creatures) view the world in absolute terms and try to define it (science engineering etc). Women view the world through their emotional fog and do not naturally possess clairvoyance, therefore they make everything relative and judge it based on this relation.

Just my 2 cents, would like some feedback though since I don't think this deserves it's own post.

*Excluding men suffering oneitis, of course

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Let me dig up something old, the ladder theory.

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TRP before TRP. Caused a ruckus in my 8th grade English class.

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bookmarked that's some solid shit right there.

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Pretty dated, and he seems solidly stuck at the anger phase. Still a decent early look at hypergamy and female dualistic sexual strategy (AF/BB).

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Why is picking the relatively best man an illogical choice?

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    I see nothing illogical about that. E.g. a weird insecure laugh reduces his influence with others and therefore his value. His ability to game increases his potential influence and power.

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    Illogical = not driven by logic. Being driven by emotion is de facto illogical, because it is driven by emotion. Do not mistake that as a value judgment, merely an accurate description of the motivating factor. Emotion and logic are not mutually exclusive but they do compete.

    While the reasons that the woman feels less attracted to a man may have logical explanations, she's not thinking about them logically or rationally. She's just feeling. Your logic is true but its a post-fact rationalization. Basically, it is an illogical and emotional response evolved out of logical reality.

    It may seem pedantic, but it matters at the individual interaction level. Essentially, you don't need to have influence over others or have power so long as you can make her feel like you do. Of course, having those traits is much easier than trying to fake it all the time. Convincing her logically that you have influence/power won't attract her unless she also feels it. This is why bossing someone around has a greater impact on attraction than merely explaining to her "I am the boss and I can tell people what to do and they have to listen." Feels before reals

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    I doubt any man seeing a big-breasted round-assed woman would think to himself: "Wow, she's suitable for bearing and nourishing children."

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    that scale fluctuates like a ship at sea

    more or less the pen ultimate piece of my comment. I'll consider condensing it into a theory post. Maybe.

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    Hey guy, as someone who has made over 100k / year I'm gonna call bullshit on this.

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    It depends how you use the money (conspicuous consumption) and how you got it (ie you have a lot of direct power over others at your job or are just a highly paid grunt). if you conservatively stock your money away for early retirement like any good financial planner, it's not going to matter to her.

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    I'm just pulling these numbers out of my ass here, but you get the picture.

    Yeah that sounds about right.

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    Also men have upper body strength so they can actually climb mountains IRL

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    I dunno. The way you say it is desciptive but I guess you mean it imperative. (Why? Bc this is not based on facts. Fat unemployed men fucking fat unrmployed women. cute looking intelligent virgin women getting rejected by their crushs.)

    And this is the problem. The question is, who defines what's attractive. And who do you let define who is attractive. If a womans intelligence is only worth 5 points to you, that's your (society's, one might add) problem. If you go for women that place 30% of your attractiveness on your $, well. Same.

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    I think this post misses the mark on female SMV. High-income? Who cares. Celebrity? Who gives a fuck. These are feminine inventions that are seeping over to the male world. It's looks, looks, and after about an 8/10 personify comes into play. Bitch could be broke living on the street if she had a valid reason and if it didn't affect her looks or personality, I don't care

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    What if you stand to inherit multi-millions? Does that raise your SMV? I mean, on top of 50 I get already, that is. Not that making 100k in NYC is hard or anything. This bitch I was fucking made 90k a year as a nurse.

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    the hell does game trump looks on your system are you saying that an average looking guy without anything freaky can stand next to a guy a head taller with stretched sleeves, v-taper,abs,jaw,posture,voice etc just because he has better game and say the other guy has aspergers? doubtful. they will just think its cute.

    looks 35-80% depending on the situation I admit knowing your shit is important everywhere.

    you also don't get to live longer from building your game start lifting and improve your voice tonality

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    height also give smv to men

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    Like another poster said its relative. I'm dating a man who is 5'4 and find him perfect. Men over 5'6 will lose smv in my eyes since it makes me feel like I'm their child or something, not their girlfriend. Also it makes sex really hard. I'm 4'11.

    But for average women yes you are right. A woman on average is 5'4 so would be more attracted to a man who is 5'11 than one who is 5'5. For reference if I met a man who was 5'0 I wouldn't really be into it either. So its all relative.

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    You realize all of these numbers are arbitrary right? This makes absolutely zero fucking sense

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    A woman who spends hours on her make up does not make a good partner. Do you really want to be 1-2 hours late to everything so she isn't scared to walk out the front door?

    [–]i_have_a_semicolon 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Yeah that doesn't make sense. Also if she needs hours worth of makeup to be hot, wouldn't that make her hideous when she comes out of a shower?

    How about a girl who doesn't need any makeup. It requires hours of personal care but not on makeup. Moisturizers, teeth whiting treatments, facial treatments, under eye circle treatments, anti aging creams, sunblock, deep facial and body scrubs, eyebrow and other facial hair/body hair maintenance, eyelash maintenance (so you don't need so much mascara). Also eating healthy and taking supplements for nice skin and hair. That way she looks good all the time and not just when she puts on makeup. That's probably what he meant but guys think personal care is makeup. Its not. Also it won't make you late. It will just make you have to spend more time every week to take care of yourself over time.

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      The women who ride the cc are going to be extremely happy for a short period of time.

      If you're a good looking girl from 18-28, you're living a life that no guy who isn't a billionaire or celebrity will even get to glimpse. The amount of attention, fun, invites, pussy passes, hot sex, and free stuff you'll get is insane. You'll wake up every day like you're a queen. But it's all downhill from there. The kind of girl who squeezes out the most enjoyment she can from her high SMV will never be happy in her mid-thirties with her fading looks, boring job, and BB husband. Not after she's tasted all that attention and alpha cock. She may have kids and be happy in her role as a mother, but she'll never be happy as a wife. She'll get divorced and become a sad 40+ slut, or stick it out in her miserable marriage. Every day she gets older and gets less and less attention. She lived a magical 15 years, but the rest of her life is OK at best.

      Men have a chance to be pretty happy for their entire lives. No period of time will ever be as wonderful as a woman in her mid-20s. But if you play your cards right, you can get most of what you want at every stage.

      Learn game and take care of yourself, and you'll have plenty of fun with sorority sluts in college. Many will be entitled and unbearable, and almost none will be relationship material, but you'll have plenty of opportunity to get your dick wet.

      Land a good job and avoid the baby trap and you'll have a fun, carefree young adulthood. You may suffer dry spells, oneitis, and hard economic times on occasion, but those days will be a minority.

      Make money, continue to improve yourself, and manage to find a good wife (overseas, probably) and you'll have a great house and a family that loves you. You'll have rocky times with your wife and your kids will occasionally disrespect you, but if you chose the right woman and remain a strong leader of your household, you'll have the respect of wife and children most of the time.

      If you choose not to have a family, congratulations. You now have a ton of money to spend on travel, hobbies, a nice house, and of course women. The player lifestyle is still plenty acceptable in your forties. You may transition from strings of ONS's to longer, somewhat more serious mini-relationships, but deep down you know you're not going to settle down. By the time you're ready to retire (hopefully 50s if you saved and invested right), you can move to a beach on a warm third world nation and Sugar Daddy a local hottie who will pretty much worship you (and as soon as she stops, you next her)

      It won't always be easy for a man, even if you do everything right. But it has the potential to be good throughout. Ironically women have the same potential to be happy throughout their lives if they stayed off the CC and dedicated themselves to marrying a good man, raising a good family, and keeping them all happy. Sadly very few 18 year old girls today are thinking about that as they take their first steps onto the carousel

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      This needs its own post. I'm sure it would generate some great discussion.

      [–]Thelaterbloomerstory 5 points6 points  (3 children)

      This is a pretty accurate answer. When women hit a high SMV in their younger years, it is a lot more enjoyable than that of a high SMV man at a later age because they have so much available to them. It all comes down to the choice, would you rather have 10 years of your life at the top of the mountain knowing the kind of validation and happiness that no man can have or would you rather have the rest of your life being happy but not knowing that kind of validation and happiness.

      IMO, the ultimate winner in this all is the young man who hits his SMV peak fast. The college athlete, the rich frat boy, and the Justin Biebers of this planet. The guy who at a young age gets to hit his peak SMV and gets to be one of the very few who is fucking the girl that is on top of the mountain or making himself the part of her world. Young love, nothing like it....

      With feminism spreading to many countries, I don't think foreign women are going to remain as pure and loyal as some would believe. Marriage does not seem like a good idea at all.

      Learn game and take care of yourself, and you'll have plenty of fun with sorority sluts in college. Many will be entitled and unbearable, and almost none will be relationship material, but you'll have plenty of opportunity to get your dick wet.

      From what I have read on TRP, it seems like these kinds of girls are the most unattainable women in the world. You get a short period of your college years where you have to practically be an athlete or a rich frat boy to get the hot ones and after that, it is almost impossible to get them. Maybe others on here have a different experience and would love to hear that, can use some positivity on the topic.

      Great post btw, have an upvote.

      [–]Nota_dj[S] 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      From what I have read on TRP, it seems like these kinds of girls are the most unattainable women in the world. You get a short period of your college years where you have to practically be an athlete or a rich frat boy to get the hot ones and after that, it is almost impossible to get them. Maybe others on here have a different experience and would love to hear that, can use some positivity on the topic.

      For most guys college is not the fuckfest you expect it to be, but your average guy is going to get a few very nice bangs out of it. I know I was BP as fuck in college, and though I suffered some painful dry spells, I fucked a few very hot girls pretty much by accident. God knows what I could've done had I known what I was doing. I've only been out of school a few years, so I assume my experience is pretty accurate to what's going on today

      I agree with you on the high SMV young guys. Sadly that's mostly going to be the realm of natural alphas, as very few young guys have both the life experience necessary to accept TRP, and put in the time and effort to get good at it. I've been at this for a year but I know I still have very long to go. That being said, being a high SMV man in your thirties and forties is not bad at all.

      [–]Thelaterbloomerstory 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      Things are somewhat different now, the new rape laws in California and plus with social media out a lot students are under more supervision for their actions. That said, in my college experience I noticed absolute hypergamy. The athletes and frat boys had a monopoly on almost all attractive girls and anyone else was already low status. Even a good looking guy with game that was not in those crowds would run into issues.

      Now add to that the fact that Greek Life was huge at the private university I went to and you already have another added barrier. I don't care for sorority girls as much as the next guy, I just want hot college girls on my dick. Problem is, at some of the bigger universities a lot of the hot college girls are going to be in sororities so it is like an added obstacle I would be forced to deal with if I was to go back to my college now and try to get some of those girls.

      I wish someone on TRP would make a guide on how an older guy with a high SMV could get some of those girls because right now, it seems almost impossible.

      [–]TheThingsIThink 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Being a woman is like being Charlie from Flowers for Algernon, or the telepath from Dying Inside. All of sudden what made you special is gone.

      [–]Yozki -3 points-2 points  (5 children)

      This makes life seem like a fucking RPG.

      [–]through_a_ways 3 points4 points  (4 children)

      It is a fucking RPG

      It's like any other RPG but the object is to fuck

      [–][deleted]  (3 children)


        [–]milkyboon -1 points0 points  (2 children)

        Bwahahaha, only in video games the heroine will stay with you.

        Except in FF7, Tifa is pining over Cloud and Cloud is pining over a dead girl. (forgot the name) Then Cloud tries to take revenge on Sephiroth.

        [–][deleted]  (1 child)


          [–]milkyboon 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          You still have chance to turn things around. You're at the bottom of the hill. I suppose you are 20-25?

          Let's get to the top man ;3, the view will be nice up there.

          [–]coffeetablesex -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

          Alright. So if i am not mistaken my plan of action is as follows:

          Step 1: Be seen in a public place with an attractive female.

          Step 2: Repeat step 1.

          Step 3: Reap benefits of step 1 and 2 by stepping up and repeating steps 1 and 2.