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Ain't no way I'm working 90 hours a week and paying for someone else to do nothing but a daily bj and soup.

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What's funny is that the amount of hours you work seems to be completely unrelated to the amount of blow-jobs you get

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I'd be willing to bet the unemployed actually end up with more time-integrated per capita blow-jobs than superstar 90 hour per week professionals.

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mmmm time-integrated per capita blow-job

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    I'm gonna bet either the US or Sweden/Norway/Denmark.

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    Well, the amount of attention you get from women is directly proportional to your income.

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    First off, no. Looks and social status will get you much more attention than 100k/hr. Second, attention != blowjobs. Chicks may have sex with a rich man in hopes for a lifetime commitment, but blowjobs only happen when the women are sexually attracted to a dude. How many times have you heard a girl say "Ew no BJs gross me out" to her BB then later here a story of her deepthroating 6 Sigma Chis in college?

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    Looks and social status will get you much more attention than 100k/hr.

    Lol I'm pretty sure that's a typo but you're out of your mind. With the right frame and mentality, you will go a lot farther in the world making $208 million per year (that's what 100k/hr is) than being broke and good looking with powerful friends.

    If you are making 9 figures a year, you are the powerful friend.

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    yeah, meant to say 100k/yr, ha

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    but that is not what you are paying for.

    you are paying for a woman who desires strongly to please you.

    See the distinction?

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    No. I'd do 20hrs at fast food for a soup and bj. 90hrs in a factory? Bitch better put out every damn night, slave over a lavish meal and clean the house.

    Still aint worth it. Only thing the would is a social environment where her options are to go survive in the wild or work a brothel if she leaves me. Anything better than that and I can't reasonably expect her to stick around long enough to see my kids grown (which is where her real work is).

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    Exactly. A blowjob is around €30,- and a soup around €5,- where I live. I would need to make a really low hourly rate for that deal to amortize.

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    This is canned soup, so it's more like 1 euro.

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    Yeah you are right, but for the sake of it, I took the price for a heated soup at a restaurant.

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    I need to get in the soup heating business

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    Don't bother. I am and unfortunatly the 1980s are over, which were the golden years, when hospitality industry did pay out.

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    exactly, that exchange might work for most men, but that patriarchal gender "balance" will simply not do for me. I don't want to be "the man of the house", I don't want to live for others and I reject these 50s fantasies.

    Now, say We have a kid, I will put in the work for him, if I know she puts the effort and a non stop mothering hours at home.

    If we both dedicate our life to something we have deal, but I will not trow my life away just to get off. It's retarded.

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    Seriously. OP went hyperbolic in making his point.

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    Sometimes the goal is not to prove a point, but to illustrate one.

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    This is the best comment on this entire page (yes I read all of them). Pithy.

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    I thought I was. But seriously — I only know a few dudes who'd say no to that deal, and I didn't bother asking them. They understand women.

    This is the question I ask clueless guys to try and open their eyes a bit — and it works. Try it yourself. The results might depress you.

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    That is often what hyperbole is for. That doesn't invalidate the point at all, of course. It's a good way to get people to think hard on a topic.

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    but the point was made, most people still said yes even though it was a shitty deal

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    Not bad. (I'm better with lytotes)

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    Even if you did, it would be negotiated desire. Can desire be negotiated?

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    An interesting thought experiment that could open some eyes for sure into just how raw of a deal their relationships actually are. I suspect in many cases the guys go into ego protection mode and start looking at ways of rationalizing their now obvious unequal situation in terms of how much work they're doing for how little they receive from their girlfriends/wives.

    edit: looks like the OP has this covered too in his own edit:

    there are dudes out there KILLING THEMSELVES for NO SOUP and NO BLOWING.

    Because the desire isn't there. At the end of the day, she doesn't want to. And that is an epiphany moment for a shockingly high percentage of the men out there.

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    The erosion of male-only spaces is one of my most common grievance with post-industrialist societies. Personally, I have nothing against finite, well-defined spaces where men can be men, but the newest wave of social justice hitting our shores is hell-bent on compulsive victimhood.

    It can also be argued that its most ideologically strong components emanate from abnormal individuals. I don't use abnormal in a derogatory manner, but there's a reason the effort to redefine normality to encompass all possible permutations of gender and sexual orientations is central to Feminism 3.0: the individuals guiding it simply aren't normal and feel alien to classic gender classifications and roles. They do not and have never identified with "classic" gender roles and even assert that social conditioning is the main force behind the perceived difference between sexes.

    Their subjective experience is first-hand proof of this - they are outside of the norm, after all. The problem with this analysis is the disconnect between their personal experience and the reality of individuals that fit in what is commonly defined as normal. The simplest explanation for this disconnect is that they are fundamentally different from other people and therefore do not and cannot identify with traditional gender roles. Instead, the canonical explanation is cultural indoctrination, i.e.: the Patriarchy.

    In a sane, logical world, Occam's razor is applied and we all go our merry ways accepting that a certain percentage of the population defies classification and roles. Instead, patriarchy is the explanation, and therefore the ultimate target to destroy to end all oppressions.

    Male-only spaces, in their minds, are cabalistic fortresses of male privilege and domination that need to be taken down. Unfortunately, they seem to be winning.

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    To reclaim these spaces, just make businesses that make no concessions to women. Beer only. Unisex toilet. Sports on TV, sexy girl posters, a smell of motor oil.

    They'll toddle back to the Cheesecake Factory soon enough.

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    I vote nay for the unisex toilet, though. Ever seen a female toilet? Disgusting as fuck, with tampons thrown around, menstrual blood on the seat and on blood drawings on the stall door, lipstick kisses on the mirror. Most women are pigs, don't let them in our toilets.

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    I used to clean bathrooms at a concert venue (rock, hiphop, country, you name it) and gues which bathroom was worse to clean? Let me tell you, shit and piss smells infinitely better than shit piss and menstrual cycle.

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    This is why one of the most urgent requests for radfems is the immiediate unisexing of toilets in public spaces.

    The blurring of the distinction between the genders has been of top priority to these nazi/ fascists covertly operating as citizens.

    They openly encourage young boys to be softer than mother's milk out the bosom, and young girls get to be Lara Croft, and Martha Stewart.

    The only thing is, theyre designing houses with men's money, and instead of raiding tombs, they are raiding men's bank accounts.

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    This is why one of the most urgent requests for radfems is the immiediate unisexing of toilets in public spaces.

    This mostly has to do with Transexuals, an issue that divides those in the so-called "radical" feminist camps.

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    Most women privately hate transsexuals, particularly M2F, with a passion.

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    I know a few girls who would go for that, and some guys who would rather have wine or music ...

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    You win some, you lose some...

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    Whoa. Just make a business that looks like a slaughterhouse, and put a classy secret bar in back.

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    Just go to the local cigar lounge - women don't like to hang out there. Also, join the Knights of Columbus, Freemasons, Elks ... here is a list of fraternities.

    and/or: join any opensource project. Women just don't do opensource. Even when programming skills don't come into question .. things like Wikipedia where anyone can contribute, between 84 and 91% of Wikipedia editors are male.

    and/or, you can take a few STEM courses at your local university :)

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    Women just don't do opensource.

    It's a sad reality that there still are projects like and Gnome that devote such a huge amount on money on coders -with tits-. They're not looking for good developers, they're not looking for specialists, they're not looking for the best you can get for X amount of money, they think that having a higher amount of tits among the people you only see in name and work is supposed to improve the project.

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    the problem is that feminists have made such a huge public stink about there being more men coders (see here and here as examples) that companies and projects hire them good or bad.

    Now, I've come across a number of really great coders and engineers that are women - so, I don't have a problem with working with women; what I hate is when they get over-promoted because they have boobs.

    My cousin reports to a chief security officer of a really large tech company. Her title is Senior Security Officer - she makes gobs of cash, which is fine .. only .. she hasn't written a line of code since college, built anything, or even ran her own network tests. She has a job to write white papers and give talks. Essentially she exists to show that they hire women into senior level positions in IT - pay her a great salary, and put her in a public position where she can't hurt anything.

    It kills me. In any other reality, or profession, she'd be unemployed.

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    Wikipedia is filled to the brim with SJW's. Be weary.

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    it's still only a small percentage of women who post anything.

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    Even better, make it look like a weight loss clinic.

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    I judge by the strength of the liquor. Keeps the weak away, gender be damned

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    I don't drink beer. Can we add whiskey to the menu?

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    Yes. Boilermakers. That can be the only thing on the cocktail menu.

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    "Cocktails? We got straight shots or a top shelf. What'ya having?"

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    I like the car museum near me. Mens bathroom has about 10 stalls, womens bathroom is a single stall. Guess what there are 10x more men than women and everyone is happy.

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    For now I have my infantry and they're trying to take that too. I've been taking for granted the fact that I don't have to work with women. In the infantry a man can be a man, at least for now. What are they doing to my beloved Corps?

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    I have to admit I have no clue what military life is like.

    Nevertheless, my impression is that it is very incompatible with mixing sexes, especially in combat roles. I can understand your frustration.

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    Military here. Basically we let women in the army, give then far lower standards and then men can't even tell dirty jokes in private now for fear of some slut overhearing it.

    Men need to blow off steam bitches need to stay the FUCK out of our space. This is like fucking 3rd grade again girls have cooties shit

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    Lol they're going to demand women join up, with LOWER requirements because it's not faiiiirrrrr. Women want things they're told they can't have. So our fighting force is going to be made to be weaker and less effective!

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    And that is the core of my argument. The Marine Corps' first responsibility to our nation is to maintain the finest fighting force possible, not to cater to the wants of a (in the case of women capable of performing to existing standards) small minority. Unit cohesion will suffer, careers will be ruined and the end result is a less capable fighting unit. The costs far outweigh the rewards.

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    Valid. Consider also the fact that lowering standards for military induction is a marketing strategy, and a clever, wickedly great one.

    Lobbyists, bureaucrats, and feminazi's are breaking the country with the military. Here's how:

    1. People who could barely make it as civilians suddenly are the "best soldiers" ?!

    2. People are joining the military for naturalization purposes.

    3. People are joining to send checks home to their expert consumer families, mostly women, who spend expediently.

    4. People are going into the service, to get cheaper access to school (You can go to medical school for 8 years, or learn to deliver babies and stitch wounds, hands on in the service in a fraction of that time)

    Based on the rigidity of the service 50 years ago (segregation, no women), the military has evolved in policy by leaps and bounds compared to the rest of society / the government.

    There are a host of other reasons, but all of them point to internally weakening the US infrastructure, strategically ruining the reputation of US foreign policy and diplomacy, and exponentially increasing the cost to the taxpayer, who unknowingly pays to train these "soldiers" (roughly $500,000 per new recruit)

    My pals and I had a saying in high school,concerning the different types of contract "killers". One went to the Army, the other to the corps:

    A mercenary is a contract killer. He or she is removed from political affiliation, and thus has no loyalty but money.We have a lot of these; people who know nothing, will accept almost anything.

    A soldier is a trained killer, but in modern nations where people feel 1,000 different kinds of nationalism, this person is loyal to their own customs and mores, usually to make their family proud. They let the service make them better, but there is still an individual there after BT.

    A warrior is a person, anyone who fights for their homeland. Warriors do not get paid to do their work, because it is a thankless job. They are usually seen as rebels, non conformists, but theyre just another type of fighter, the most unpopular, and the most moral, therefore the hardest to be bargained with.

    Modern commercials and hype help promote the pomp, but are vague concerning the details of the true process of what constitutes a soldier.

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    Absolutely, there's no fucking question. It's a goddamn joke, the average women can't even come CLOSE to the BASIC requirement for men. I'm sorry but I don't want women out on the front lines. I do not think they can handle it, they get periods which will hinder them, and are overly emotional and not rational enough to make good battlefield real-time decisions.

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    Some of this people might be truly different, but you can be sure a lot of them are just using it to feel special.

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    "where men can be in the company of men, and horse around and talk bullshit, and discuss issues of importance to those blessed with a penis."

    This is why I love my job. It's a trade in a heavy industry. I'm paid very well, get to shoot shit with actual men (not lobotomised office femen) and challenged mentally and physically daily. My sympathies to any who goes to college for anything other then hard science/ computers.

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    Don't know why you have sympathy for office workers. Some of them are pussies, but they tend to get paid more, and we still have the gym...

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    Women will never push into my field "for equality" simply because they don't want equality if it means doing hard jobs.

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    That's fine, but I am no femen.

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    I don't think he's attacking office workers directly, just the space they work in. HR bullshit and bickering hags tend to stifle masculinity.

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    That's whats awesome about Japan... Sexual Harrassment isn't a big thing

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    Just because there are femen in an office doesnt mean all office men are femen

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    I am a RPW and I don't want equality, but wouldn't mind a hard job. (

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    What exactly do you do? I am a soon to be out of the navy nuke looking for something both physically and mentally hard.

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    I got out of the Navy in 1993. I was an ELT on a sub. After I got out, I quickly made my way into the commercial power industry. Started as an operator and worked my way up the organization and into management. It's a natural fit and you'll find it easy to excel. There's not any competition for producing power plant operators. Guys can't go to get a degree for it (you could get an ME or something but then you're overqualified). I'm currently working in Vietnam on an expat package and I'm making money like crazy with virtually no expenses. Asia needs electricity like crazy and the women here love foreigners. Hope this helps.

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    Former sub reactor operator, cheers fellow nukes!

    I'm back in school now, finishing my EE to maximize my earning potential. Even though engineering is heavily male, I'm definitely missing life in the Navy. I hated it while I was in (OP Tempo sucks) but I guess I took for granted the value of being in a male-only environment.

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    Electrician by trade. Mobile crane technician by job. Work on mobile cranes, on highway trucks and all our fleet gear.

    Could never see myself doing an office job. I enjoy fixings things and being active.

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    This hits hard on me I've never had a women dress up for me or have this level of desire for me ever. I have never been with a thoughtful women. Maybe one day I will find one.

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    Hit the sidebar, man. Until you've had a girl wear a French maid outfit while she cooks for you, you haven't had an erection.

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    upon reading pogiface's comment i too am in the same position, care to help a fellow out on where to begin on the sidebar?

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    Sure. Exercise will give you more clarity and energy for things like healthy eating. If you can't lift right away, just do little manageable things. Take short walks until you can take long walks, then go for short runs. Then get to the gym.

    Also: let go of your rage, fear, and guilt about the uncontrollable things. Remember, every situation is either outside your direct control (earthquakes, ISIS, meteor showers, most news communicated via mass communication, dem feminists!) or inside your control (no milk in the fridge, toilet is dirty, filthy laundry). That should Zen you out enough to actually make those improvements that are within your power to make.

    Let go of anger, get a little exercise in. That will give you a great foundation.

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    Thoughtful women are inspired, not found.

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    I see what you did there, promising us blowjobs and soup, but who the hell wants to work 90 hours a week ? No thanks.

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    That's all I could think too. Of course I'm lucky enough that I get blowies on demand right now so maybe that's fueling my laziness.

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    Dude — if you have blowjays on command, you're not "lucky". You are doing something right.

    In fact, take a picture of yourself right now. If you aren't looking and performing better than that guy in five years, I wouldn't count on that luck holding out.

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    Income is nice, but your attitude is more important. Of course, both together is ideal.

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    Guys who have never worked 90 hour weeks.

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    I answered no because I couldn't possible relate one blowjob to extra 7 hours working a day.

    If I spent those 7 hours sarging, I would end up with more than just a BJ.

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    I think OP is onto something here. The fantasy woman. I went over to the RPW and found this.

    Topic: ive_noticed_that_men_treat_me_differently_what/

    This paragraph

    I was quite tired and just wanted to drink my mulled wine by the fire, so I sat down, leaning on his chair and tried to stay out of it, but almost immediately he lowered his tone of voice (he had been shouting at this point), put his hand in my hair (he's quite physically affectionate, and I'm the little one of the group so I get petted and cuddled a lot... it sounds weird to say out loud, but it isn't weird) and just generally calmed down, stopped the argument, and after the other girl had left, apologized to me for shouting and losing his temper. The next morning he apologized again for losing his cool and told me that he had felt bad being so aggressive in front of me. I questioned him a little bit and he said that he felt that he should be 'gentle with me because I'm so sweet and small'.

    I do think men has certain buttons that can be pushed. Our fantasy woman button. Maybe its just a dream. A Beta Dream.

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    It's a Beta Dream if you're expecting a woman to do this unconditionally because of Twu Wuv™. The woman you just quoted there — the type of woman that understands how men communicate on that primal level — has standards. She isn't going to act that way for just any jerkoff with a cock. She is going to use what she knows to find a proper man who will give her the commitment she craves.

    I go to RPW, and I see a lot of amazing horses with unicorn horns glued to their heads. But they're holding out for a man.

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    That's the thing, though, isn't it? The woman has the potential to be a unicorn. The man brings her the horn and the glue.

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    There is just nothing I would accept in exchange for my free time. I'm trying to cut down on the 44 hours I slave away already.

    I'd rather have some time for myself in retrospect then some 5min soup and/or a half-assed blowjob any day. Maybe if I couldn't get a blowjob on demand, it would seem like a reasonable trade off. Only thing, it isn't.

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      At least gimme some Progresso

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      Some days I don't feel like soup. How about butt sex and a sammich?

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      I'd rather work 40 hours per week (or less) and masturbate and/or get a hooker.

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      Sure. But she won't desire you.

      And once you've had sex borne of pure desire, you can never go back.

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      You can also make your own grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the (tomato) soup.

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      All these people focusing on the brand of soup or the amount of hours worked are like the neckbeard frontpage fags who point out all the shit in the background when a hot chick posts her picture

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      Okay. And...well, let's say, one day, you come home tired, with your dick hard and your belly growling, and...your woman is sick in bed with a virus and runny nose and a box of tissues. 'I didn't make your soup,' she croaks, 'and it might just have to be a handjob tonight...'

      Ummm... well in that case, you make your own dinner, bring her some soup, give her a massage and try to make HER feel better. Similar to how you'd like to be treated when you're sick.

      Provided she really does welcome you home with a blowjob and a hot meal every evening.

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      That's the point he was making.

      "What do you do? Do you tell her that she's a disappointment? Complain? Sulk? Start chatting with new ladies on OKCupid? Or would you do anything to help that girl get back on her feet?

      'I' anything.'"

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      The point is not that she welcomes you with a BJ and a meal. The point is that she wants to welcome you home with a BJ and a meal.

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      Opening a statement with "ummm..." makes you sound like a teenage girl.

      [–]Overkillengine 2 points3 points  (1 child) a Turing test to see if the recipient can clue in to how they are getting fucked in the ass without even the courtesy of a reach around when it comes to their relationship/marriage.

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      That's a very good comparison. It isn't about the soup and the blowjob. It's about how much men are willing to do for so little.

      Play around with the variables of the question — there are thirsty dudes out there that are willing to do even more for even less.

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      This is the TRP equivalent of "guns and butter". 2015 is going to be a great year for this sub.

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        It's a great thought experiment, most notably because it's useful for seeing who's ready to be "unplugged" and who isn't. Plus it has the ability to shock some men's eyes open with the epiphany they're getting a raw deal in their real life relationships.

        Guys that you can see it in their eyes who are thinking it's a raw deal putting in all that effort for so little return, or who you can see are becoming agitated because they're not even getting that much of a response at home, those are the ones likely ready to be unplugged.

        You'll know they're ready if they go off on a rant or ask to learn more. Those who don't, who double down and defend their shitty position in life being beast & burden, are simply not ready and should be left to their own rationalizing devices.

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        This is a fun question to play "what-if" to.

        What if it was a delicious homemade soup with a different hot homemade bread to go with it every night?

        What if she was spending much more than an hour taking care of things for you? What if the rest of her day she was busy raising two boys to keep your time free for your work? Breakfast, packed lunches, getting them dressed in clean clothes she washed, off to the busses on time, music lessons, homework, holiday classroom parties (with snacks she made), basketball practice (in a new size of shoes she shopped for). The house is always immaculate...she even maintains part of the yard in season.

        Now is it worth it?

        [–]1Padre55 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        ..and yet..droves of men, Bpers to be sure, are lined up to do this very thing.

        "sure sugar lips..and are the best!!!!"

        The dirt will be tossed, after the hurst rolls..welcome to reality

        [–]CherryPickTheGirls 0 points1 point  (2 children)

        Well now that it's been posted here I can't field test it.

        Amusing though regardless.

        [–]Endorsed ContributorCrimsonCapsule[S] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

        Well, I'll bet that you could rejigger the question a little. Tell them you heard it on "Dr. Phil or somewhere."

        [–]UncharminglyWitty 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Dr. Phil is getting a bit raunchier than I remember.

        [–][deleted]  (1 child)


          [–]brotherjustincrowe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          90 hours a week? That's a ton of overtime.

          [–]OakTr3E 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Would you be willing to work hard at your job — 15 hours a day, 6 days a week — if, upon return to your home, your wife was sitting there in a clean dress, smelling good and dolled up with her hair done the way you like, ready to give you an enthusiastic blowjob and a bowl of hot Campbell's Soup?

          No. You are exaggerating to the extreme. Now I probably don't represent the majority here when I say:

          I simply do not want to work more than 40 hours for more than a temporary amount of time in my life. I want to have spare time to do my hobbies and all my interests. So that's not even negotiable. I have a hard time imagining living with my partner. That would require one hell of a "almost-unicorn" that would give me the space I need (and I need a huge amount), accept that I meet other women and fuch them elsewhere. Maybe bring some of them home whether she is there or away (she can join in if she want). This is apart from all the basic stuff. Her being attractive, feminine, intelligent and share some interests. I could actually allow her to be bad in bed since I could get sex elsewhere.

          If I do find a woman like that, then yeah, maybe I'll consider her as my LTR partner (for now). The problem is that "those demands are extreme dude lol". Yes, but I would not have it any other way when it comes to what others would refer to as "the one". So I just cannot see me being in a LTR and have no dreams of entering one. Anything else would be too much of a sacrifize of the things that make me happy.

          But here´s the guy who does say no to that question. I bet many others do, but only because you were to extreme about the conditions.

          [–]Adolf_ghandi 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          15 hours? That shit is already a ridiculous underperformance at 8 hours of work.

          Let's see... I can cook and find another bitch in less then 7 hours I suppose. Why would I ever do that?

          [–]fuckeh 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          12 hours is a bit more realistic, also give me a full meal instead of just soup.

          [–]Endorsed ContributorCrimsonCapsule[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Ok! Now it's a delicious Kobe steak, and there's a post-blowjob foot massage.

          You're still getting ripped off.

          [–]Night--Writer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          If you cut down 15 hours a day to say, 10 hours a day... you'd get better replies. I've worked 14 hours hard before, and let's just say if I had to do that day in and day out I'd consider myself to be a concentration camp prisoner to the social atmosphere around me (United States of America.)

          [–]thefirefoxforever 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          well you've got a big "no" from me. fuck working 15 hours a day for 6 days a week. there's not enough pussy/money in the world for that shit.

          [–]King2realz 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          All the girlfriends I've had understand it's their duty to please their man.

          It's called being a boss. Women don't give bj's and soup if they think they can get away without it. Human beings have the tendency to get by with doing the least amount of work. Girls in my past even praised me for not taking their shit and making them live to the highest standards.

          The first time I slept over at my ex-girlfriends place I literally pushed her out bed and said 'foood'. She got the message.

          Set the frame from the start you fucking pussies. That's why you don't just jump in a relationship without the leverage to set the terms of your choosing.

          Reading back from this rant. Yeah, I am an extremely sweet and loving boyfriend I just expect the same from here.


          [–]cooltrip -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

          A male space? You mean like a gay guy club? isn't a harem better?

          [–]Endorsed ContributorCrimsonCapsule[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)


          Men need a place where they can make a declarative statement without hearing a shrill "NOT NECESSARILY!" from some gum-chewing career gal.