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So Tl;Dr: women need to take the pill too, to avoid living a life of loneliness and bitterness after hitting the wall?

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Who downvoted this? This is exactly right. The conclusion any woman who reads this should take away is that they had better start getting real about their declining SMV and figure out how to maximize their return while they still have it.

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I think they should. If women actually invested in themselves and their SMV, everyone would be better off. They won't, though. Not in large numbers.

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If women actually invested in themselves and their SMV, everyone would be better off.

How so? Things would remain the same. As you said:

Who will go for a mediocre woman? A mediocre man

If this woman had higher SMV, than the mediocre man would no longer suffice.

Also, what exactly do you mean when you say women should "invest in their SMV"?

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One way of investing would be to avoid (stay out of) the CC. Develop a sweet feminine personality and a loyal mentality. This way a man is more likely to love her and invest emotionally in her. If she has avoided the CC her bond-forming capabilities will not be screwed up and she can actually feel attracted and love her husband in the long term. Thereby reducing her hypergamic nature and staying with her husband "because she loves him".

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It's pretty damn pathetic when one of your plates gives you the "I love you" garbage and tries to get your commitment while doing absolutely nothing at all to earn it beyond existing. I've seen two of them hamster it away this past year. The legions of beta orbiters they have reinforce that they don't need to do anything at all beyond having a vagina hence why the only value they have is to be a plate for me. At least until they marry one of these losers and find that they aren't attracted to him.

And riding the CC... Oh yeah. If either of those plates thought I would commit anything to them they first would need to show that they are even capable of loyalty. Though in five or ten years I'm sure they will stop riding, cause everyone has moved on to younger women, and then they will try to pretend like they have 'matured' when no such growth has actually happened.

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If either of those plates thought I would commit anything to them they first would need to show that they are even capable of loyalty

Bro, you know they are not capable of this.

Quick question though : if they do not go off the cock carrousel because they are more mature, why do they stop riding it? Because they can not anymore?

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Why bitter? Amused mastery would be a much better way to Put it.

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This forum isn't about one-upping each other or some shit. It's about being blunt and not playing games. Don't make this any more complicated than it should be

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What are you talking about? In talking about angry guys unloading their anger on someone for no reason. It's insecurity and not useful

Don't know where you got the one upping thing from

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I see. Yeah, you have a point!

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Would be nice, unicorn training is a pipe dream though

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If this woman had higher SMV, than the mediocre man would no longer suffice.

He already doesn't suffice. Women are fucking miserable these days. The men they can realistically hope to land are rarely the men they really want.

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Also, what exactly do you mean when you say women should "invest in their SMV"?

Are you being sarcastic? I specifically wrote in the post.

Because of her "meh, you do it for me" worldview wherein she makes little effort to cultivate her personality, her charm, her body (what proportion of women go to the gym?) her intellect (what proportion of women read serious literature, and what proportion read Twilight bullshit?)

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Competition is what makes men thrive though. If a man can't fuck some fat chick on the CC or marry someone with low SMV, they will compete or fail to biologically reproduce.

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Women are invincible remember

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They should realize that being the sex gatekeepers is not enough.

The problem is being the sex gatekeeper gives them so much social privileges and advantages (men's fault, btw) that so many of them do not "wake up" until it's too late.

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men's fault, btw

I find this kind of shit to be the TRP friendly version of white-knighting.

IllimitableMan put it best:

Please, pick a fucking side, because I'm tired of the bait-and-switch in play that is used whenever it is beneficial to serve the plight of women. Men taking the blame for shit outside their realm of control is, in my opinion, full warp speed male hamster.

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Responsibility is a toughie.

Men supplicate to women as the gatekeepers of sex and that has to be accepted as how [beta] men are, just as it is in the nature of women to encourage that and be corrupted by it.

We have to say "yup, that's just how it is, it's the landscape of the modern world". Individually however we have the power to change our lives.

TRP'ers take responsibility for our actions and the consequences, and it's amusing to see the consequences of others that do not (wall hitting women with delusional SMV). But we have learned to take responsibility. That is something that is not drilled into women. Had we not red pilled it, many here (me included) would be sobbing betas saying "but I am being myself, when will someone love me for me????".

TL;DR: Collective responsibility is complicated and assigning blame is the mirror image of not accepting reality for what it is.

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Part of me wants to feel bad for these women, but another part of me just wants to mercilessly laugh in their faces. I live in a small, red-neckish city, so I see women like this in droves. Aging, fat, looks fading, usually with multiple children from multiple men, financially destitute, addicted to drugs, and ultimately destined to a life of misery unless some poor schlub comes along to bail them out. But even then, these women won't be happy, because they will still believe they deserve their prince charming.

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I wouldn't laugh at sometimes misery... I also would Terry to avoid them like the plague

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Yes. A little self awareness for both genders would make the world a much nicer place.

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Glad you stated what I thought thinking. Men think they are at a disadvantage because they don't have it easy like young women. But in the long run men have the advantage. Apply TRP and you can maintain a high SMv r till your 50. Women , they decline fast after 35.

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Yes. But men only have the advantage if they're willing to put the work in, to swallow the pill.

Being lazy a lazy beta gets you nothing.

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No, it gets you the lazy 35 year old, post-wall women that "finally realized what was under her nose after all these years".

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It gets you her for a couple months while she pretends to be interested in you so that you'll marry her.

Then she divorce rapes you.

I stand by what I said: being lazy a lazy beta gets you nothing.

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Women , they decline fast after 35.

Actually, based on my own personal experience, the decline starts around 28 due to bad lifestyle choices. Though I agree that by 35 the process speeds up considerably, By 40 they have hit the bottom.

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30 is the first year that you look like the choices you've made

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Lots of girls you can tell are aging by the time they are 25

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Potentially... Not many women are losing this fight, so ops being hopeful

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Some maybe a bit later if milfs are your thing

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One of my female friends who's nearly at the wall has an elegant solution.

She discovered she was Lesbian.

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What convenient timing for her.

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She's not the only one. It's quite amusing. They'd rather be 'lesbians' than pair with low SMV men.

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I'd like to point out that female t-levels rise as they get older and higher t individuals tend to be attracted to women, so it could be partially biological and not completely a conscious choice on their part.

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I'm not talking about old women. Women in their 20's do this too when they're average or below average yet still have a threshold of attractiveness they hold men to but can't realistically secure. Given that they're sexuality is often fluid, this makes them a 'lesbian', at least until an attractive man gives them some time of day again.

In some respect I can totally understand it. Men these days don't look masculine at all: fat, skinny, skinny-fat, devoid of muscle. Nor do they exhibit masculine behavior. Modern lifestyle visibly decimates masculinity. The only ones who fit the part are men who have taken action, a comparatively rare breed.

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Makes sense.

These women are somewhat sexually fluid and will chose their best available option(which everyone does) so they sometimes choose women and sometimes choose men depending on what the best opportunity available to them is.

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Thank second-wave feminism: they're still attracted to masculinity, but now it's the independent, empowered womyn who are much more masculine than their supplicating beta orbiters.

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I've known more then a few post-wall women who have "discovered" lesbianism once they realized they're going to be single for the rest of their lives.

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Women might think their SMV sex value is high but they should know their relationship value after they get plated and dumped enough

Still going for un obtainable men is just stupid.

It's like a low smv man trying to approach an hb 10.....don't even try we know what will happen we self reflect our own value....But I guess the women still get the sex from that man just not the relationship.

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they should know their relationship value

I agree. But I don't think they do.

It's like a low smv man trying to approach an hb 10

It is, except it takes courage for a low SMV man to approach the 10. These women aren't gonna do any approaching. They're just gonna sit and feel they deserve the 10 to come to them, then get pouty when he doesn't.

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they should know their relationship value

I agree. But I don't think they do.

This is a major part of the issue. Women don't have good role models telling them that casual sex with alphas is bad. They think 'oh he's just my fuckbuddy', because that's the norm, while secretly pining for his commitment and trying to avoid 'catching feelings', and they don't realize the psychological damage that comes with this.

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I've been the fuckbuddy in that scenario enough times to know how right you are.

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They're just gonna sit and feel they deserve the 10 to come to them, then get pouty when he doesn't.

To be fair, that sounds exactly like how a "nice guy" thinks.

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I'm not sure that's true. I think a nice guy's strategy involves approaching the girl he wants, he just doesn't know what to do when he gets there (i.e. being nice to her will lead to a relationship).

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except it takes courage for a low SMV man to approach the 10 Which can be a way for the lower SMV man to improve his SMV. Not missing the original point btw (I get what BBB2000 is saying). Just adding a detail to the discussion

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Women might think their SMV sex value is high but they should know their relationship value after they get plated and dumped enough

They don't. Therein lies the problem. At least the vast majority of them never seem to learn. They think they've just had bad luck, dated the wrong guys up until now, but that next hot alpha will commit to her for sure!

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Women's unrealistic expectations are the bottleneck, the inefficiency in this market. This is why we need to blame them and have the invisible 80% retreat from the market until a market correction takes place. Taking the 80 percent out is like letting the banks fail to get the economy recovering quicker. We are helping them prop their value up with validation and let them think their value is high.

I disagree women do not know their relationship value, not at all. We contribute to distort it but it is clear in their face .....when a chick gets plated and dumped 10 times in a row they know what is going on. This is why we need to blame women even more. This is unacceptable. Stupidity, blatant in their face. No excuses. They understand the 80/20 and their are clear markings in the dating market of her own life to tell her her value......backward rationalization be damned...both exist at the same time, she knows her value, and still tries to backward rationalize it.

There is no reason women cannot learn to adjust expectations. It is not impossible. Females have done it before where women understand their value. I've seen women get used and played and then lower expectations and get into a relationship.

We are giving females a pass and just saying it's "human nature hypergamey"

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Far too optimistic in my opinion.

Despite a long line of "assholes" who pumped and dumped her, she's still going to believe there's some prince charming out there who will give her that fairy tale "happily ever after" commitment. There's a whole Disney culture out there promising it to her. Next time she meets another alpha who gives her the tingles, she will do the same exact thing she did with all the past ones. Her hamster will fill in all the missing information she doesn't know about him yet with idealized bullshit and convince herself that he's perfect, and definitely not like all those other "assholes" she's been with before. Alpha pumps and dumps her and the cycle begins again anew.

Granted, I think the whole thing could be significantly improved if we replaced the whole fairy tale culture with realistic red pill information for women, but that's not gonna happen. The blue pill world loves the fairy tale fantasy and isn't going to just let it go.

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Is there a good red-pill resource for women? i.e., something that kicks them in the ass and explicitly lays out the realities of the marketplace, beta orbiters, alpha widowhood, and what constitutes male and female SMV?

Bonus points: something that they'll read

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You mean other than /r/redpillwomen ?

There are probably some blogs and dating advice sites by red pill women out there too. Sorry I can't list any.

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Still going for un obtainable men is just stupid.

If there's one thing women understand intellectually but refuse to accept emotionally, it's their declining SMV. If men aren't hitting on her she's just not going out enough.

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And they actually try it and go out when they are 27 and 28. They feel even worse of course, but still blame it on others, call other women slut or men childish. They get plated and afterwards, I guess they just forget about it, daydream about their "boyfriend". Isn't that how "Sex in The City" ended? Lol.

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She said, in sincerity, "I thought charm was just something you're born with?" She has absolutely no concept that it takes effort to develop the skill of seduction and influence. None of them do.

Once I read an article in a men's magazine. It gave men advice on dealing with women, and was written by a woman. The woman said that men shouldn't try to emulate their cousin Vinny who has 20 girlfriends because he's just a "force of nature" who was naturally born like that. This is why I don't take dating advice from women.

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This post was very much to the point and very true.

While Red Pill aware men are faced with the hard realities of life and see clearly what is truth it can seem like a bad deal but at least we KNOW what the deal is. If we choose to improve we get feedback equal to our efforts in improved selection.

Women are faced with a life of self deception. The more they ride the cock carousel the deeper the illusion separates their true SMV from their false one. By the time they get to be 50 (my age) they think they deserve everything when their value is near zero.

Nietzsche wrote that women hate as they lose the ability to charm.

In our world women never even learned to charm, the Feminists teach women to hate from the beginning. (shit testing)

So I agree... this entire female generation in the Western world is lacking charm and entirely self deluding and that's what we are forced to deal with.

Women are low quality. (based on a historical perspective)

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I am not one of those guys who thinks that women have no agency or accountability, that they're just basically dogs that men have to train. I don't agree with this at all.

That said I don't think women's self deception is something for which us men take the blame, that once again women aren't responsible for their actions, it's society or "patriarchy" or men who are to blame.

This is their own fault, because they mistakenly believe it "feels" better to play pretend princess than to be honest with themselves about hard truths and put a little work in.

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Women (0s to 7s) Think they are the shit because betas. Betas are willing to sacrifice their integrity fora low level pussy. They make them feels as if they were princesses without them doing shit but be there.

[–]cock_pussy_up 17 points18 points  (1 child)

And alphas are willing to use them for casual sex.

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Which really brings the problem full circle.

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I've met women in their 50's who have asked me to marry them. I say no, that could never happen.

Just curious, how old are you? I mean, if a woman of 50 actually thinks she has a shot with you, odds are that you aren't that much younger.

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I had a woman in her mid fifties come on to me strong a couple of years back. I was in my early thirties at the time, this woman was almost my moms age.

She was alright looking for her age, a decent milf, was maybe a 6.5 now but definitely a 9 in her younger years. So I let her suck my cock. When she finished, she was so happy and proud of herself and couldn't stop talking about how great we were going to be together and how she can't wait to introduce me to her son (who was only 4 years younger than me).

I noped the fuck out of there and never talked to her again.

[–]1exit_sandman 6 points7 points  (0 children)

Urks, creepy. I mean, having sex with her is one thing, but it takes as special level of delusion to honestly think that a guy who could be your son would really date you.

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yeah OP. I wanna know. answer

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It always surprises me, even the lowest, most useless woman in the world finds just normal for a perfect male, prince-style, to pick her up.

Their entitlement is literally infinite.

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If they find a "perfect male", good for them. But a lot of them can't find the men they feel entitled to.

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You're right from an objective POV, however from a purely evolutionary perspective, women want an alpha male and only an alpha male dares to approach.

When she has accepted the approach, the basic evolutionary program is to manipulate the alpha into commitment, along with the expectancy that her pussy partially sealed the deal.

Failing to attract an alpha, she will be a bit more active in trying to get beta bucks to ask her for a date by initiating conversations etc. (usually post wall).

100 years ago, there was not much to improve upon for a female. She either had the right genetics or not. Nobody went to the gym and women were expected to be uneducated and illiterate. Real careers for women are a very very recent thing and women are emotional creatures after all and mostly anti-intellectual.

Only in countries with the largest income disparity more women will try their best to impress if they see some genetic potential in themselves to do so or even actively approach high SMV guys.

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It's not the women's fault! They can get away with it, so they do. If all you'd have to do to get your cock sucked is to show up in a bar with tight pants, you'd too it and no more. We have to blame the betas, who lower their standard to fatties and bitches! If every man would reject overweight women, we'd have no more overweight women in a year or two from now.

TRP should have taught you, that it's almost always the man's fault.

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If every man would reject overweight women, we'd have no more overweight women in a year or two from now.

Ha! I don't believe that at all.

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If every man would reject overweight women, we'd have no more overweight women in a year or two from now.

First we'd see the fat acceptance movement become even more aggressive and widespread - and it would probably win the fight.

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Sleeping with fat women would become mandatory

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I got to experience this first-hand. I was quite the loser in my early 20's. Was always frustrated how easy women had it.

By my mid-late 20's I had learned what works and I was killing it. I felt like it was finally my turn. I had some immense contempt towards the women I was being approached by and/or fucking. Then you'd get all these 4's, 5's, 6's coming out of the woodworks because they thought that their Prince Charming had finally shown up. All I could think of was "Bitch please, I spent years improving to get this far, you think I'd honestly settle for you?"

As I got older though, it became clear to me that that was how Girl Game worked for Western women. They simply have no clue. Waiting for a dude several points higher in SMV to simply show up and worship them because reasons is precisely their Plan A. That made me sad, and to see it happen with the women in my family even more so.

I still think little of their poor life strategy, but that's overshadowed by the pity I have for them. We see them approaching the Wall, but to them it ambushes them like a ninja.

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This is 100% what I'm talking about. You've given a better tl;dr than I did.

I don't pity them. As I wrote, this strategy is motivated by arrogance and laziness. This doesn't mean that they're bad, or that I hate them. But let's call a spade a spade.

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I totally agree. It's pretty sad. I have a good friend (one of the few I've kept around who's female) who has already hit the wall but doesn't realize it. She's also pretty alpha widowed and seems to have this bitterness towards men. She goes out on OKC dates and then is all butt-hurt when it doesn't work out. I could tell her exactly what she needs to do to present herself as more attractive and snag a decent guy but I'm pretty sure she would just write me off as a misogynistic asshole. I've hinted at a few things, but that's the best I can do for her.

The shame is, there are some women who could be really great LTR material and there could be a lot more happiness in relationships but they're attitude is all fucked. They're only worthy as plates. Not LTR material.

[–]CornyHoosier 9 points10 points  (2 children)

She goes out on OKC dates and then is all butt-hurt when it doesn't work out. I could tell her exactly what she needs to do to present herself as more attractive and snag a decent guy but I'm pretty sure she would just write me off as a misogynistic asshole.

I have a female friend in the same boat (I've mentioned her on here before because she is the perfect example for some scenarios). The difference though is that I just told her what to do and he just dismissed it laughingly.

My favorite was when she went on a date with a (to use the terminology from here...) high-valued beta. This guy would have been perfect for her; looked good, well-off, adored her, etc. However, after date #2 she told me she wasn't going to go any further because he was, and I quote, "too short". When I asked how tall he was, she said he was only 2 inches taller than her.

This woman is so used to filet mignon type of guys, that even a guy with such an insignificant short-coming (ha, pun) will make her cast him off.

[–]BrunoOh 7 points8 points  (0 children)

She's not ready and will never be. She did him a service. He's better off without her entitled ass.

[–]gentleViking 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I feel like the "he's too short" thing is just attaching a reason, could be any reason really, to the subconcious: "he didn't give me the tingles." Plenty of short alpha men out there giving women tingles. Tom Cruise is a good example. Neil Struass (For those of you who don't know wrote "The Game") is a shrimp. I honestly don't know how the guy gets laid but he does. I think the point is, women don't really know what they're attracted too. It's a complex physical and psychological alchemy that even the studies can't fully put together. This is the main reason not to take advice from women on dating. To quote Steve Jobs (talk about being alpha) "They don't know what they want until you show them." (Talking more about product design, but still applies IMO.)

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Since men are meant to pursue. We have the opportunity to actually go for what we want. This really is our "privelege". Not the same definition as the feminist one since to them, an alpha male who has worked hard to get that privelege, seem to them as something all ("cis-")men "are born with". Because women are born with their value (you had many examples of this mentality on your post) so why shouldn't it be the same for men? And women only see the top men. And will only percieve them as top men if they do not display how hard they worked for it. Because that turns the women off ("fucking beta who needs to work hard to become successful").

So. Work hard, be tall, be attractive, pursue women, do not admit how hard you have worked to get where you want. instead be proud and give off the vibe that this came easy for you. This will:

  1. Make women available for pursuing (they will give off IOI:s so you can go hunt if you choose to)
  2. Reinforce the feminist idea of patriarchy / cisprivelege (men have it easy)

Funny society we live in :P

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This is definitely true. Also in regards to being successful, in anything, always make it out to be something you did easily. I remember, either here or somewhere else, how most people don't give a shit that you spent x amount of days on something.

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And will only percieve them as top men if they do not display how hard they worked for it.

That is the typical mentality society infuses all around, from wealthy businesmen to athletes, the culture of resentment insists it is all product of priviledge and genetics.

The same kind of mentality that drives feminists accusations of male priviledge, all envy, it is not surprising women would doubt of a man that actually works hard. Either he don't have the genes or was not born with priviledge, hence he might lose everything for one reason or another eventually.

They all can resort to these deceptions because they ignore how the world works, just like most women couldn't care less about how a car works or is produced, how men produce wealth or how women and men have different interests in life.

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Reinforce the feminist idea of patriarchy / cisprivelege (men have it easy)

This is an interesting thought.

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This describes a few of my plates unfortunately. Time for some new plates. Thanks for putting this in perspective.

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Even if you change plates, it's hard to find women for whom this does not apply.

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Hey man, there's always new ones to plate every year.

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Who cares, my criteria for plates is attractiveness only. You won't be discussing Shakespeare with them...

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Do they overestimate it? Or is the market really that volatile and desperate, making pussy, even worthless pussy priceless.

Think of the stock market aftershocks after booms, everything that is even remotely in that field, gets thrown money at it. Realistically, we are just adjusting to a more capitalised pussy market.(a lot of betas)

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Women don't want betas. What women really want is to lock down that high SMV alpha male.

They can't do that.

Flooding the market with betas doesn't change that.

They still can't do it and they will do NOTHING to help them in doing so.

[–]2asd1100 0 points1 point  (2 children)

you assume women know a beta and a alpha at face value.

They really think, the PUA is a social butterfly. They hope the nice guy they gave a shot will be amazing in bed.

Flooding the market with buying options changes the prices, even if only few get finalised into actual buys.

[–]masterandcommander00 2 points3 points  (1 child)

The only hope for us and for humanity as a whole is the eventual collapse where so many men have gone rouge that women have no choice but to come to terms with their own nonsense and manipulative/Machiavellian mentality. Sad but true.

[–]Matsew 5 points6 points  (1 child)

women are fucked. they can't reflect rationally on things and analyze them like men can. in a shit culture and society like this, women are fucked.

[–]anon338 5 points6 points  (0 children)

They could, if there were strong incentives. Of course, there are none, from cradle to coffin they are taught to "be themselves" instead. Highschool, college and young adult work environment is filled with propaganda that they are all so valuable and always right, even men don't doubt women have to be allowed to act based on impressions and emotions.

[–]scroggen 6 points7 points  (1 child)

This is going to get buried, but u have been married 4 times in 2 decades. I'm not a slouch in the experience department, and I have the nukes to back it up.

If she's spreading for every Moe Joe Sac and Curly then she's on the prowl for a time and a ticket to fancy meals like clockwork.

Learn what they need the most and withhold it just our of reach while also spider monkeying onto all of her hot friends.

[–]BluepillProfessor 3 points4 points  (2 children)

I have been telling my sister about the trouble with boys, and the problems of this feminized society for years. Today she told me how horrible it is for her daughter- how she is never going to find somebody to take care of her.

Got that? All the trouble with boys, boys checking out, my classes being 2/3 female, the dropping college rate of boys. None of that made a whit of difference.

The important thing is now the girls might be affected by males increasingly not interested in what females have to offer. Oh No! It is an emergency now. Girls are being affected.

[–]AndrewAtrus 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's a symptom of our gynocentric culture. In the last couple of years there have been a lot of articles coming out about 'herbivores' in Japan, and how sad it is that there are so many men who aren't interested in women. You can bet that this is coming off a decade of these same men being ignored by women to the point of desperation, with no media attention at all.

[–]down_with_whomever[S] -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Her daughters could still find a man to take care of them if they manage to rise above the mediocrity and stand out. I don't think it takes much effort, but it takes effort.

[–]draketton 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It actually took me well into adulthood to grasp the idea that men are supposed to be the pursuers.

My teenage years were full of attractive girls aggressively hitting on the boys they found desirable, so for quite a long time I assumed that's how the adult sexual market worked.