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Awesome interpretation. I highly doubt I would've picked up on that if I had been in your position. Just another reminder to always improve. Thanks OP!

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Maybe you never lived with a woman before, he did, I did, and I can tell you the first thing we learn from RP (since the pick up girls we already can do) is that you have to keep being random, better than her, and unpredictable.

That's the only thing that will keep the dead bedroom away.

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Basically, keep supplying tingles because bitches need tingles and an absence of tingles means an absence of lasting love/a relationship. If you're a "safe guy" you need to randomly "not seem so safe" create doubt, push/pull.

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If you're a "safe guy" you need to randomly "not seem so safe" create doubt, push/pull.

Any material out there that addresses this? Something I need to work on. Sex wise no problem DEVI and all that but as I am an introvert who wants peace and expect the same how random does one have to go?

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The key is never get more involved than her, it's a weird place, you never fully engage and you feel you could leave her any moment.

I am still learning so maybe this might change over time, but this proved to be extremely effective.

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Yes I do this. It gives a mix of sadness/pity/awareness when the truth of caring less hits you. But now it is more about mutual respect, care and attraction. I can't argue with that vs previous emotional swings on either side aka irrational love.

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how random does one have to go?

It's not necessarily randomness she wants. Sure, do some surprise shit for fun. Or whisper on the phone about all the nasty stuff you're going to be doing to her when you're back in town. Build some anticipation and she'll jump your bones the minute she finally gets the chance.

This part time relationship you have adds fuel to her fire, because you're not always available. You're somewhat free, and women do love a man's freedom.

Full-time LTR is a test, especially if a woman's bias is towards the thrill side versus the security side. Once she has you hopelessly trapped, you're boring.

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Read up his blog. Surprised u are even asking given your nickname, surely you know about dark triad.

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Of course, except I am asking about spontaneity/randomness outside of the sexual realm in particular.

I am wondering how you know how to dial in the right amount/calibrate it/judge her levels/track your randomness. However you would like to look at it.

EDIT: To expand, I am a fun guy but I am also an introverted engineer so I strive for efficiency. Which for me usually entails a routine. Sure I can travel to new places, new dates new gigs etc. but how do you calibrate/track or do you simply do your own thing and train her. The latter is what I have been doing lately.

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Bingo. Been there, done that. How much of an imbecile would I be to not correct mistakes from the past?

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Oh, trust me, I know a lot of males don't, if not for The Red Pill I would still be struggling with all this, it's harder to learn how to cruise a relationship since you don't have that many, and most people just lie that everything is great in their relationship so you have no feedback.

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Wait... random AND unpredictable? Knew I was fucking up somewhere...

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OP... keep in mind, some women are down for the good guy. Just read her carefully. Sometimes, simply being a masculine man is enough. No complaining like a bitch and handling your business like an adult is sexy to women.

Also, women who are trying to settle down try to avoid talking about sex too much in heart felt letters and shit. They don't want to seem like a whore. As long as she's fucking you good, she finds you sexy.

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I agree, women love that stuff.

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I hope OP listens to this post, but make sure the banging is caveman style.

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if you think you need to be more exciting, do it for you. not her.

do not change a thing "for her", or for any woman.

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Excellent point! The solipsism in the woman says "be for exciting so I can have fun too!"

But the real message is that the woman is covertly pointing out that while he is stable, he is boring. And as Pook teacheth:

Perfect is boring.

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Not to mention some women just do not give a shit if you are exciting or not. You could have climbed Everest and fought your way out of the amazon with a chest of gold and there would be a woman out there that would like another guy because he drives a new pickup truck.

That's extreme but I've told interesting stories to women who haven't done shit in their lives and they weren't impressed in the least.

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I have been in that same position but you need to understand something I learned. A woman who has done nothing with her life but be a mall rat is never going to find anything you do outside of buying a nicer car or house exciting. Their entire lives are wrapped up around the mundane consumer culture and might even find the idea of you having different values to be somewhat threatening. Boring ass bitches do exist.

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In an LTR, this is not how you want to think.

Adopting this mindset in a non serious relationship with a plate is good but not in a serious, marriage worthy one. Compromise is necessary, change on both sides is necessary to maintain order. Of course he shouldn't do it just for himself or just for her. It needs to be a mixture of both.

Good job OP

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strongly disagree in mindset, but not necessarily in action.

a man must make his own course, changing for a woman is detrimental to his core and ultimately hers. A man can certainly look at his actions and decide that he should do x,y, or z, but always because it is better for him to do so. Never because it is better for the relationship.

Now as it applies, the actions may appear the same, but the mentality behind the actions is what matters. I am not saying you treat a significant other like shit, I am saying you use your own compass for your path and never allow a woman or "the relationship" to be more important than your own deepest wisdom.

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It's for both, if it were for him, he could just use his 20% time that he needs to live and save the extra 80% that a woman requires. But if he wants to keep in a LTR he needs to be the best version of himself.

An LTR is a great way to keep you on your toes, specially if you already had a failing relationship.

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Yet, so many men have fallen off the wagon and become complacent in a LTR.. they stop improving, stop leading, stop being a man, stop growing all just to supplicate a woman.

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Never bust all your tricks out on the first fuck if you want to get serious with a girl.

Keep it simple and redundant and do new shit once in a while. Draw it out, milk the clock.

Don't hold back, though. If you haven't pissed on her at elast once in the first year itss time to do so. Even if its only in the shower.

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Womanese. You're right, she does need excitement.

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It's stuff like this regarding TRP that's really struck a chord with me. In the past, I'd receive words like this from a gf, and I'd think "Wow I'm doing a really good job!" and I'd start slacking off.

Now, I'm with you. I recognize that maintaining my role as her sex god is extremely important, and I can't slack off when it comes to keeping her excited and on her toes. A nice, predictable, stable man is boring to her. To be my best, I have to be that stable man while also maintaining the beast she was attracted to when we first started dating.

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Just one more reminder to ignore her words, but pay attention to her actions.

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Mate, in my experience, whenever a girl sent me a love letter, it was because she felt guilty about losing her attraction over me. It usually coincided with her cheating or thinking about cheating, so whenever I get a long email or a love letter from a girl, I always assume that she is getting bored with me and wants to cheat on me.

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Depends. I used to get them all the time in the start of the relationship. Now never.

If you don't get them, then they start coming from nowhere, it could be that she feels guilty about something.

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Fuck. Now, this suddenly reminded me of a girl I was banging who's in another relationship. There was this time that this girl was writing a letter, it's almost no doubt that it was a love letter. Damn, anyone else had a similar experience?

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Fuck yea dude, I believe it, I know for a fact now that girls right love letters to their beta bucks just so she can get over the guilt of fucking an alpha on the side. Having it out in words in front of her makes her feel like she didn't actually fuck the alpha, and that she actually "loves" the beta. The words she's writing in front of her say it, so why not believe it? Too bad she fucked someone else the night before; oh well, let's just erase that experience by writing a love letter.

tldr: Fuck love letters

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True that. I remember when my first girlfriend cheated on me but before I even knew she did, she was writing me notes apologizing for us fighting all the time. Man the shit she said in the note sounded so believable.

Month later and I found out she was cheating on me with the dude she lost her virginity to before me.

If you want to know how women don't give a god damn about your feelings then this is how.

When I confronted her about cheating she didn't give a single fuck. I cried and she laughed. She LAUGHED. Pretty fucked up shit.

Thank God those days are over.

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Bro I don't know why you would ever ltr a girl if you knew a guy took her virginity right before. She settled down for you because alpha wouldn't stay? Fuck that shit bro, too much dignity.

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Yeah I had no idea that was going to happen at the time, I was beta, she was my first girlfriend. I definitely learned.

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Dude I know exactly how you fucking feel bro. I've been in a similar but even worse fucking situation. Way worse.

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Should i burn all my love letters then?

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So you mean once you started dating girls over 18 they stopped being so immature? /s

I agree with your point though.

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The last time a woman gave me a love letter, within 6 weeks she was telling another man that she missed him and wished he could come over and cuddle.

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That, or she's positioning herself to start the entire "it's time I move in" and "what about marrying me" fast track to girl game success.

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This is completely opposite of my experience. She thinks im a god and she wants me to know what she admires about me.

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Yeah I think it depends. One should not think in absolutes.

Not all love letters come from the same intention, it's up to your smart ass to figure out what the intention is.

If there are no love letters, then they just suddenly start from nowhere in a LTR, that should definitely may your spidey senses tingle that something is off.

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I agree with this. I like to leave my husband notes about the things I love about him. He's the most amazing man I've ever met, and I want to tell him I think so (even though I know he already knows).

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How exactly does one build excitement? My go-to is to do spontaneous an impulse vacation on a long weekend or similar.

But how does someone like OP who is a full-time dad manage to pull off something like that? I guess he could if he took the kids along (or maybe he finds a sitter for the weekend)? I am clueless about family life!

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Dread and randomness can get you a long way.

  • Take the impulse vacation with friends, not her
  • Suddenly don't compliment her where you did before.
  • Don't fuck her so much one day, or just don't feel like fucking once
  • Fuck her like an animal someday, don't tell her anything cute that day.
  • Make her work for sex another time.
  • Go to the movies once and choose something she does not like
  • Call her out of nowhere someday
  • Be random in your response times.

For example the girl I am dating told me she learned to read the times where I leave to lunch or where i go home from office, or when I leave with friends, because I would stop communications with her, so I started randomly chatting her while traveling home, or at friend's, not enough to distract me from whatever I was doing, but enough to keep her off-track.

This caused some great sex afterwards and some comments about how she cannot read me so easily now.

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So basically you, not your life, not the things you do together have to be exciting and spontaneous. You have to be her novelty, her entertainment?

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Its the basis for RP, become the challenge.

If your life is interesting and does not include her by default, that makes her work for that position (position she should never ever obtain). Working towards something makes her feel it is superior, thus giving her tingles for reasons you can get all over the literature.

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don't feel like fucking once

Holy shit this is gold. I went home for my Christmas break, and while there, I fucked my old high school flame for the duration of my stay. One night I told her that I didn't want to have sex, and for the rest of my trip she was on me like white on rice.

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Along with what truchisoft said, I've read on here before that even the simple things such as buying new clothes or suddenly becoming interested in bettering yourself will throw her off and her little hamster will think it might be because you met someone new.

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That only works if you are so set in your ways and routine that buying new clothes is something special. Take that phrase as an analogy.

So it's not just buying new clothes, but learning to use the clothes, learning what to use and when.

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Maybe she's just down with you taking care of yourself?

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It's part of the dread, if in years and years of relationship you never bought clothes without her consent, what is changing that behaviour?

They know we don't peacock just because.
And the same applies to them, if they start changing clothes without your input, something fishy is going on.

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Keep in mind this is a love letter. Not a lust letter. Your sex life with her would be a better test of whether of not you're fulfilling the AF role.

In otherwords, just because she has the fuzzies doesn't mean she's not feeling tingles as well. Examine the other aspects of the relationship to determine if shes got the hots.

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Here's the true test of your beta or alphaness:

Did you write her one back

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Ha! I didn't. I texted a "Thanks, babe. That was very sweet." Complete with emoji hearts and kissy faces.

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I'd be teasing her after you bang her next. "I expect an excellent review in your next thank you note."

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you made me laugh and gave me a great idea, have some useless reddit gold

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Hey bro... If you don't want yours give me some.

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Good strategy, amused mastery all over the place.

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Did you see the episode of Always Sunny last night? I don't want to spoil it but your comment is very related!

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Someone had already started to downvote you. They need to start reading the fucking sidebar.

Assuming your emoji shit was sarcasm, you did the right thing in this situation. For a number of reasons:

  • It is well established that you must show some soft 'beta' traits in order to keep an LTR. If you are too impenetrable, there is no chance she can "change you" and she will eventually leave.

  • You reward good behaviour one way or another, which is what you are doing here.

  • Lastly, and make no mistake about it, this is GOOD behaviour and NEEDS to be rewarded. This ranks among the best things she could ever do to advance the relationship and let you know what she needs, in "Womanese" as /u/seattleron put it, without flat out saying what it is (i.e. how women never speak anyway). More importantly, this is a feedback system on how you need to improve yourself.

If you're into LTRs, then you're doing it right.

And a friendly reminder to all those reading: DON'T MARRY.

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there is no chance she can "change you" and she will eventually leave.

I like how Dante Nero put it in Beige Phillip: set up fake or artificial "rules" about you so she can break those without actually putting you in a position of letting her actually change you. This way you get to let her feel special for having an impact on you, but you don't run the risk of letting it go too far and turning you in to a pussified beta that she'll eventually resent.

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This is great and I've subconsciously done this all the time.

A very simple one at the beginning of every relationship is that I say "I never see a girl for more than 3 days consecutively". This conveys that you have other things to do..

Now I keep to this rule for at least the first 3 months or so. After that, the rule i naturally broken and she will likely point it out along the lines of "uh oh, I think i just broke your 3 day rule!", to which you reply "wow what? Yeah you did... don't do it again" with a smirk.

It will eventually happen again and she will feel 'special' for breaking such a rule and it's an easy one to employ!

Many wins

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I swear there's so many acronyms in this sub. Is there a list I missed?

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long term relationship

There's a glossary on the sidebar, but a lot of words are missing.

Urban dictionary helps

The others you just have to learn with time.

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Come on man. Didn't they teach you how to use context clues in elementary?

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Why do you mention the emoji shit being sarcasm?

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Good move. You wouldn't have been able to say anything without her being left unsatisfied with the message. Just give her some validation regarding the message and keep it moving.

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Why is this a test of beta or alphaness?

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Read "The Sex God Method". Don't let the title fool you that it's something macho, it's very insightful and has great tips for your situation in how to increase attraction. It's mostly about what happens in the bedroom as the title suggests but the advice generalizes well and it explains the mentality to adopt. Put some manliness in there and she'll be happily surprised. As will you how positively they respond to this.

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Of course don't forget being stable is highly important for your children. When you cant be both exciting and stable, it seems you've made the right choice to be stable for your kids over "exciting" for some replaceable woman.

Good post though. I'm sure there are ways you can do both

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basically no "bad boy" vibe. just curious. what is your occupation?

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My interpretation is you are a beta bucks to her, and that's fine if it's ok with you. Beta's get laid and in their own ways can find happiness. It's just that you might also find out one day she's banging on the side an irresponsible chain-smoker who rides a motorcycle and is a "painter."

I think you're on to something... Why did she not write a flirty, sexy letter, telling you how when you did that thing to her she came 14 times and she needs it again soon? Or whatever...

She's praising you for having your shit together, but that's not the aspect of yourself to offer a woman in sexual transaction. It's so close to having your greatest asset be "niceness." If woman's primary praise is how "nice" you are, that's a problem in the alpha/beta continuum if you ask me.

Just my 2 cents, thanks for posting and best of luck.

Edit: fixed awkward wording

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Well what are you worried about exactly? That you aren't exciting? or that she seems you as submissive?

  1. If you honestly don't have anything to complain or grumble about, don't start now to "prove that you are alpha." That would be no different than the mini-dramas women create for no reason. And most guys would kill to be in a situation in life with nothing to complain about.

  2. Everyone is different but I would rather have a woman notice how responsible, hard working, and positive I am than have her talk about my "sexiness." There are a million good looking idiots out there that are empty once you are past their looks. Same with exciting. What do you want her to say? The stupid woman bullshit of "you are so random!" Try to hard to be exciting & you will look like an idiot.

  3. Be yourself man. If you are happy with your life (sounds like you are) then live it. Don't tailor your shit for some woman, even one you love. Sure you might have to make small changes to accommodate behaviors that annoy her but when you change your personality you have lost it all. Some of the coolest people I know aren't exciting by any stretch but they have some aspect of their life that makes them cool, whether its stories, knowledge, etc.

Spontaneity does not equal excitement. Exciting does not equal interesting. Do you think your dumbass friend who still acts like he is in college is exciting? Is your exciting friend who does nothing but race mountain bikes interesting? There are a lot of dimensions at play. They say fake it until you make it, but in this case don't. When you fake you aren't confident and its obvious.

TL;DR Be yourself, gain knowledge, be open to new ideas, think outside the norm, new things, stay in shape, gain life experiences. You will be all set. You should do this whether you are single, married, or have a girlfriend.

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"Be yourself" sounds like the most overly used advice given by a woman I've ever heard.

TL;DR Dread games for 'excitement'

[–]nsummy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Except I didn't just say be yourself; I typed 4 paragraphs to accompany it. Pretending you are something you are not is even worse and will lead to unhappiness. I'm not really into hiking, camping, and fishing. I am not going to pretend like I am for a woman. I am going to be myself. And to be honest I am happy with myself. I'm not one of those guys who talk about how blue pill I used to be. If you don't like your life change it. But if you honestly prefer to sit at home and read a book, don't hatch all of these crazy adventures for no other reason to impress others.

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Being himself is good advice. He shouldn't change to fit a woman. Just don't take it as simple across the board advice and decide not to change anything.

Do something manly, for yourself, to make you feel exciting to you. Don't do it for her. Once you feel sexy and exciting to yourself, you're just being yourself, and she'll see it too.

Try Tough Mudder, climb a mountain with a friend, or something else you think sounds sexciting.

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This sound very logical. It is reasoned, practical, and appeals to what we as men would like to be appreciated for. IOW, it is bp Disney CRAP.

Fact is, she wants tingles. OP is absolutely spot on in that he needs to up his alpha.

And I absolutely guarantee that - to a woman - exciting most certainly does = interesting.

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I think in this case and about all cases on here, its difficult to tell how "alpha" someone is. And we certainly don't know what type of girl this is; For all we know she is a homebody that likes baking & indie films. Exciting is far from interesting. Think of all of the exciting things out there: skydiving, firefighting, mountain biking, etc. If you only do one, and never leave your state, Are you interesting? Fuck no. Could you travel to a major city and tell stories that people would want to listen to? Fuck no. Most girls would rather talk to a guy who has traveled the world than hear someone drone on about some activity they don't care about.

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I'd like to point out that in my opinion, you have the hard part down already.

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dump the refined sugar and carbs and your energy will be through the roof in less than a month. But you must be strict.

[–]youngbulker 2 points3 points  (3 children)

Yes dump your cards because the bodies #1 fuel source is really just useless

[–]krimsen 0 points1 point  (1 child)

"refined sugars and refined carbs", sorry I didn't spell it out for you.

Besides, the body synthesizes the glucose it needs from other sources, so there's that....

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she is buttering you up for a stab in the back

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I always say: You can abuse some women and they will come crawling back to lick your hands but the one thing you cannot do is bore them.

This was not a love letter, she is hamstering for reasons to stay committed. She is bored. Don't do it.

Read The Sex God Method before you do anything else.

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She basically said you're a great beta bucks.


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Do you want to stay with this woman? It seems to me like she has reached that age when it's time "to settle down with the stable man"

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Up the dominance. Cultivate your inner 'I don't give a fuck' attitude.

You are probably a reasonably good catch. Most guys let their women walk all over them, its disgusting.

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younger versions of you want double younger versions of her.

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You seem so desperate for women's approval that you've turn the red pill and being "alpha" into another way to let a woman control your life.

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Its more like "I can get him to do everything without difficulty. Good slave."

She takes a place in your family and make your sons like her so that it would be harder for you to dump her. She is stealing commitment from you through your kids.

She is securing you as a beta buck. Plus different cities = very easy to cheat.

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    "Securing you as a beta buck."

    Bingo. I concur.

    "Good slave, sit, roll-over. Gooood Boyyyyyy". Cue Golden Lab.

    Key words? "stable, hard-working, sweet, level-headed, and strong". Translation....good Beta Buck 20 year sucker. I know from personal experience. Run.

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    Thanks, it's good to see another red piller around here.

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    So she likes a domesticated man, a safe man. That 'love letter' reads to me as you being 'a good boy', vert condescending, yet cleaverly disguised - such is the way of the female - as a conpliment.

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    I don't know the whole story but from the looks of it, I think your main problem is calling her your woman when you only see her on the weekends. That's more like plate status.

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    This sounds like a break up letter. It may be too late now.

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    becareful, make sure you get some sex out of this. I would never trust a woman who likens you to a house negro.

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    Yeah man you got it, fuck her and her God damn praise. She's obviously lying, bitches never tell the truth, you're just gonna have to step up your game man, be even more alpha! Then she'll just drool all over you, man she'll be sucking your dick every night. The other night I was watching a movie with my plate, (obviously 10/10 blonde) and she mentioned something funny, I didn't laugh though, no bitch controls me, I just kept watching. Later that night as we were going to bed after I railed that ass, she said "I love you", I nodded and turned over to go to bed, cuddling is for beta fags. I think she gets it now, I think she'll stay with me forever now. /s you fucking crazy psychos.

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    You need to make her jealous and keep her guessing.