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She must be nuts to not already have a method of clearing her own drive way. I lived in New Hampshire for a couple of years and its back breaking labor. That's still no excuse for her to not start shoveling up snow though I had two female neighbors and they were up in the morning shoveling away right next to me. Good on you for not wasting your time on disrespectful people.

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She must be nuts to not already have a method of clearing her own drive way.

She already has. Solipsism and self-entitlement.

"I was born with a vagina and therefore I shouldn't be forced to take care of this, so I am going to make my problem some random man's problem.

This is how I feel the world is supposed to work, and therefore everybody else does feel the same way.

Since society taught me, that I don't have to be responsible for just anything, and because up to now things always worked out in my favour, and there was always somebody around to take care of my problems, because I am a strong wymyn, I'll just not worry about it.

Where were I? Oh yeah. What am I going to buy myself at the mall today?

Oh there's my neighbour Jimmy. He should be doing this for me, because he's a man.


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In the past year I've had essentially the same conversation with two separate girls, one in her mid 30s, the other in her early 20s. It goes something like this: "I love travelling, but what the hell is up with guys these days? They see me with these heavy bags and none of them even stops and offers to help!"

One of these girls then laughingly told me how she let some bartender hit on her and buy her drinks all night until another, hotter random showed up, whom she left with and fucked.

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    For sure, it's just funny how they then want equality when it works to their advantage.

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    Recently, there was a post in TRP that put forth the idea of asking, "What's in it for me?". This would have been the perfect time to utilize this strategy.

    Depending on the person you're dealing with, you could say this playfully or with a straight face. Either way, you let them know that what they are asking of you is solely of benefit to them and there really is no reason you would want to or should feel compelled to do it.

    If they can't give you a good enough response or offer something in return, they are simply trying to exploit you and have no respect for you. This is not being selfish and you shouldn't feel like the only reason you will help someone is if you are getting something in return. It is called mutual exchange or mutual benefit and it is proven to motivate individuals.

    You would likely help your friend in this circumstance because you know friendship is a two-way street based on continued mutual benefit for each individual. BUT, if you helped your friend out 5 times and they never reciprocated, you might reconsider that friendship.

    If she offers to bake you cookies, pay you $10 or buy you beer, then good for her; she is offering something of value for your time and effort. If she says that she's too weak or she's "in a hurry" or some bullshit, then too fucking bad.

    Fucking. GET. YOURS. Put yourself first. Ask for what you want. Don't settle for something you didn't ask for. Most importantly, provide benefit for others, but let them know this benefit comes with a cost. If you do do these things, people won't be able take advantage of you, and they may even begin to respect you.

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    Exactly! WIIFM. I have worked for a long time in companies, in direct contact with the sales force, and that's always the mentality of the typical sales person, every time they are confronted with a situation, they ask themselves: WIIFM.

    And that's what I was thinking, and how I am thinking this day, but I also take 2 things that I take into consideration:

    1. Control/Choice: was it my idea that I am pursuing? This is the ideal situation, because I need and I want to live my own life on my own terms. If it's not, it is a random chance in life that is in my favor? Or is it someone else's agenda who - like in this case - is trying to take advantage of me?

    2. Is it worth it? There's nothing I would have wanted from her, and demanding compensation in money or anything else would not have been worth my time: I am not a laborer nor I want to be. Negotiating would have just be a nightmare, so I politely passed on her proposal and offered to help by referring her to someone whose profession is to do that sort of work.

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    A long time ago when I was in college I was sick of being the nice guy helping everyone and I started asking "What's in it for me?". Men and women used to ask for my help all the time.

    Within a year I was no longer "that nice guy" and I had been moved to "that profiteering asshole". In that year nobody actually offered any answer to "what's in it for me?". They just acted disgusted that I would ever say that.

    Did that make me sad? Not really. I sure didn't like becoming unpopular but it didn't bother me.

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    You could have asked her to reciprocate in a feminine way by bringing you homemade food or pastry.

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    Can you imagine her response?

    "I would be glad to shovel your driveway for you, if you bake me a batch of cookies!"

    "Uhhg pfft you misogynistic asshole! etc..."

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    I don't think that many average women would spew vitriol like that off the bat.

    Based on women I know, many would say "OK sure!" with a big smile - assuming your request for reciprocation was polite. A lot of women are benign non-man-haters. Sure they expect a man's help without question, but I genuinely think they're willing to reciprocate.

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    A plate of gooey chocolate-chip cookies would be the perfect payment. Too bad she expected to get manual labor for free.

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    That would be ideal and just what OP was talking about mutual help. Men and women are different and can offer different things to help each other. Men provide their strength and women can provide a home made pie, cookies or hot cocoa. Maybe she watched your kids before and you two have a history of helping each other. It's a simple barter system, I have something you want and you have something I want. It doesn't work one way, it has to be both or you're just being used.

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    Man I love me some motherfucking pie. Women don't know where the real power lies in the barter exchange. The homemade pie.

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    Or country fried steak and potatoes. Mmmmmm

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    A typical feminist would froth at the mouth for even suggesting such a "sexist" thing to a woman. But they would see no problem in asking a man to provide free labour.

    Feminism has made female responsibility completely taboo.

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    Pretty huge difference between "can you shovel my driveway" and "Im making pies, ill give you a pie if you shovel my driveway so I can go and get the ingredients."

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    Biggest problem here is you're assuming women nowadays can still cook, which is not true at all for the vast majority.

    Tbh, I just bought a new Chinese cookbook I'm eager to put into practice and as far as I'm concerned I agree women should not be expected to make sandwiches because I'd rather make my own and it'll actually taste like food.

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    I was going to say the same thing. Even women I've met who say they can "cook" really can't. Anyone can throw a Steamables in the microwave and some chicken in the oven. I guess you could technically call that cooking at its most basic level. I have yet to meet a woman recently who can cook as well as I do.

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    See in my head there'd be nothing wrong with helping your neighbor if they aren't up to it. Be it a man or woman who just isn't psychically as able to do it. But if you're gonna do it, theres no problem asking them to cook or buy you a meal to eat once your done. You exerting energy for them and then they replenish your energy with a good meal. Super fair trade right? If my dad(only has one leg) asked you to shovel his drive way and you asked for a home cooked meal(he's a great cook) in return he'd do it. If a woman asked you to shovel her drive way and you asked for a home cooked meal in return, you'd get called a sexist. It's bullshit.

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    I'd shovel if someone was offering me good food.

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    Yep, it would take less time than actually cooking the dinner myself. And it would be more enjoyable.

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    She has noting to offer that I want or need, so PASS.

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    I think most of the times i helped someone, they just try to do something nice to you afterwards by themselves, isn't it the normal flow of things? It's kinda rude if, let's say (and exaggerate a bit), a woman with baby stroller asks you to hold the door for her and you answer with "no, i'm ok, thank you" or "well, give me something in exchange".

    The problem is not with women or pussy-passes. It's about assholes who assume people should do for them whatever they ask, but when being asked for something they don't wish to contribute anything. There are many guys like this as well.

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    I think you're confusing the situations this isn't as black and white as you make it out to be. Shoveling someones driveway is a lot harder than holding open a door. Next, we have no reason to believe she cannot shovel it herself.

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    i think this person is from the south and is thinking this is like a half inch on the ground of powdery, light snow...

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    It's about assholes who assume people should do for them whatever they ask

    Sadly, a lot of women are in this category. Not usually all the time or to everyone, of course, but when it is convenient.

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    Definitely. I think OP's point is, she should have proactively offered that to him, rather than just expect free labor.

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    IMO, it is better to just say no than to ask for something in return. If she had any sense of respect for this man's time, she would have offered something in the first place.

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    Situation like this was the beginning of awareness for me and how I was doing things on autopilot

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    Equality is bullshit. It's a nice gesture on paper but falls to pieces once it's implemented in the real world. Separate but equal becomes a more appealing approach to the sexes after a while, but I'm still hesitant to accept this due to our current laws and culture surrounding the sexes. If you allow someone just one opportunity to take advantage of you, a favor without any mention of reciprocity, they will continue to take you for a fool. If you give someone an inch and they believe you are a certain kind of nice guy, they will try and take two the next time. No more mister nice guy is a place to start. Respect for yourself is what comes first and foremost over anything else you must learn here.

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      wow this is an EXTREMELY applicable quote.

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      Yep. I'll help a girl that genuinely needs my help and asks with the proper demeanor. With a smile on my face. No reciprocation necessarily needed, although most decent humans will offer to compensate when a favor is done for them. When a woman demands, expects, or tries to trick me into doing something for her, she can fuck right off.

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      I think this sentiment is something that gets overshadowed by other things a lot. As a man, I overall like doing things for women.

      The problem is when your basic kindness is interpreted as weakness to be taken advantage of, or it becomes internalized as a privilege by the receiver. I think this is where a lot of the anger men have for women in general comes from.

      Its like buying Christmas presents for a kid. Most people really like giving gifts in that way, but I will go out of my way not to give something to a bratty kid who is completely off base about the tradition.

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      As a man, I overall like doing things for women.

      I have done this also, till I realized that women see favours in a completely different way than men. As men, I think, we like doing something good for others because it builds friendship. With other men, though I don't expect immediate reciprocation, I know that if I help a guy out, one day if I need something I could rely on him.

      Women don't think that way. If you do something for them, they assume that they have already reciprocated by just saying thanks. After all, most women believe that men should be willing to do anything for them - just because they are women.

      In my own experience, I had a neighbour who was battling cancer and wanted some help with building a kichen in her basement. I helped her out and thought she was grateful for the 2 months of work I put in, till I overheard her telling one of her girl friends that if they wanted any work done in their house, she could ask me, and I would do it for free for them.

      Lesson learned.

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      I can't find any fault with what you are saying, which is a little frustrating.

      I think deep down I always harbor the hope that women, while significantly different than us, are still people.

      But things like this just make me feel like it is a fools hope. This kind of behavior just runs so contrary to what I would be able to respect.

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      I think deep down I always harbor the hope that women, while significantly different than us, are still people.

      It's really important to recognize that there is a huge difference between what men are really like, what women are really like, and how each gender represents themselves 'publicly'. Men's reality and women's public image are very similar, but dig a little deeper and there's a huge gulf between how men and women see the exact same situation.

      It's not a case of women being horrible. That would at least imply that they are making a decision to cause negative effects. It's even worse - it's like men and women are watching a movie, and for men it's silent, while women can only hear what's happening. There's just no way to bridge the gap.

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      It's even worse - it's like men and women are watching a movie, and for men it's silent, while women can only hear what's happening

      This is one of the most profoundly accurate ways, I've heard someone describe this. <slow clap>

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      Did you finish the job after hearing that?

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      Yes, unfortunately, I had finished the job and then heard her saying that.

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      Ah that's such a pisser. Finding out someone doesn't really appreciate something you've done out of generosity and kindness. It was still a good deed and hopefully some positives did come out of it in the long run.

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      Please tell me you just walked out on the spot?

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      A lot of times I'll do something for free for someone once. Free advice, free help fixing their car, free help with their homework, whatever. After that, how they act towards me is a great test of character. If they do something nice for me and try to be thankful in exchange, then I continue to be a good friend. If not then I just stop talking to them. It's a good way to weed out bad people from becoming your "friends"

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      I've done the "low cost to me" test more than a few times and it works great for filtering out shitty people.

      Shitty people won't be able to resist acting entitled to what little you did give and will actively try to get you to fork over even more time/effort/resources while giving either nothing or something with no to low value to you in return.

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      I might have considered her request if I get some good food in return.

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      Good for you. The downside is that you now have an enemy for a neighbor. Chances are good that she WILL reciprocate in some fashion for your failure to comply.

      I recently had my back yard fence replaced. Before the work started I asked my neighbors on each side to contribute half of the cost of our shared fences. One said "no problem" and agreed to half. The other neighbor said he could only afford $300 (his share was actually about $750). I told him he didn't have to pay it all at once, I was paying for the fence and he could reimburse me over time. He wasn't interested in paying more than $300.

      So I called the fencers and changed the work. I replaced two sides of my fence, leaving the reluctant neighbor's fence as is. This actually made sense since the fence boards were all on his side anyway. Meanwhile, my "good" neighbor has been dutifully tossing money at me each month.

      If my "poor" neighbor ever gets around to replacing his side, I'll offer him $300 as my "share".

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      I don't think of her as an enemy, actually I don't think of her at all. And I don't care what she thinks of me, however the last thing I want from her or from everyone else is to think of me as the guy who'd do anything just for the asking, that's what AFC are for, till they see the light and swallow TRP.

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      Pre-feminism she would not have been divorced and her husband would have been out there with you. Choices come with cinsequences.

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      He should have told her "get your husband to do it".

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      Your contemplative life, if kept on this level of growth will serve you well. I will say at risk of criticism that, when people like you come to realizations/epiphanies/insights, you will have the compulsion, as you have shown here, to share this knowledge with others. I hope you continue on the path you have now. You will be a great help to people, men, of all walks of life. Live strong.

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      I shared this in this anonymous sub, outside of this, I follow rule #1 You never talk about the Red Pill.

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        Not sure if you're serious, but what he means by 'anonymous sub' is this one, and the post he's talking about is this one too.

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        A similar thing happened to me in college when I was starting to "awaken". I wasn't aware of Red Pill theories (or even its existence) but I was starting to realize just how much I'd been taken advantage of by women.

        I went on a date with a girl I met on craigslist and we had a pretty good time. Didn't have sex, but made out on the first date. Planned on a second, but she never responded. I felt indifferent (for the first time in my life -- it was liberating).

        She and I later realized we both had the same accounting class together. Big class of 100 people, so we only realized it when we bumped into each other on the way in one day.

        I get a text from her later asking if I could help with homework. I said absolutely, but only after a second date. She offered to bake me cookies instead. I politely declined and said I wasn't interested in cookies, I was interested in dating.

        Needless to say, that was the last I ever heard from her. Upon reflection, I regret nothing. She attempted to place me into an orbiter mode (for fucking cookies) and I was starting to feel the pride of maintaining self-respect. That's not worth a batch of cookies.

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        Shouldn't she be able to pay for this with her alimony check? Even if she's short of cash, she should prioritize this over buying unnecessary things at the mall.

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        I think that pussy pass and a sense of entitlement is a highly addictive wordview.

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        A woman uses her pussy pass like a novice DIYer uses a hammer and crescent wrench. She tries to apply it everywhere she can, gets decent results at first, and then wonders why she keeps fucking stuff up, especially important things that require a bit of finesse. Get some better tools bitch

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        Does leo do the opposite then?

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        Leo did the opposite of what he used to me.

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        Quite sad. If a women were to ask me the same thing, but had shown with her body language and intonation that she would greatly appreciate the service and realized she was imposing on me, I would do it if I had time. It's a truth of our biology that I am physically stronger and it would be a decent workout.

        Your neighbor however clearly felt entitled to it and would probably not have even appreciated your kindness. Obliging under those circumstances would have been selling yourself and your time short. All she had to do was show some respect and the two of you could have been better neighbors for it. Very unfortunate.

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        Or she offered to bake you some motherfucking PIE.

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        bruh stop talking about pie up in here. all y'all mofuckas keep mentioning it and I'm starving.

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        I am not sure if I agree. Would you have done it if it was a guy would would ask you in the most polite way?

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        I guess it depends on the person, but a few times I've noticed that there are things I'd do for a guy but I'm more hesitant doing for a girl, simply because I know a guy will appreciate it more and next time offer to help me instead of expecting it again. At the same time, some requests - while serious from a girl (like "Can you get rid of this spider?" - obviously not all women are like this, but some are) - would be clearly sarcastic from a guy. So there is a difference between what I'd do for a guy or a girl.

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        There's the bro-code of reciprocity.

        And then some women, but not all, have a different code.

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        I don't think there is a male on this planet that would ask another male to shovel his driveway unless he had a VERY good reason for asking.

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        Your "entitled" "Who bitch this is" neighbor is just doing her best to keep the C-word alive in the 21st century.

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        What feminism has done and is doing is disrespectful to men and women alike. By blindly stating equality it denies certain aspects of the physicality of the average woman and the average man.

        I've been trying to put this concept to words and you did it for me and helped me to formulate my thoughts. Feminism is equalizing the gender roles and dynamics of a man and women which goes against the biological nature of the two. Literally, it's encouraging women to be more masculine and aggressive and ambitious and men to be more feminine and passive. The outcome has resulted in a skewed up sexual market, entitled women and AFCs.

        And your right, what's truly lacking is mutual respect. Men these days don't truly respect the beauty of a women. They either fear or are intimidated or put it on a pedestal. And women as a whole don't respect men, they believe they are entitled to w/e he's got and can do whatever they want with him, unless the man puts the foot down.

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        I like how you handled it in the first part but I would not have offered to call her and give her names of repairmen. I'm not the yellowpages or google.

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        Business referral is a good thing for those handy men.

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        Hey man, tomorrow will suck even more for her. We're getting 18-24 inches in Mass here.

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        Being "nice" doesn't mean holding doors or doing quick favors for random strangers. Dahmer was said to be soft spoken and a gentleman, that didn't stop him from chopping up bodies. Being nice is being civil, cordial even. It doesn't mean you're a "nice-bot" that goes around fixing faucets and dropping your coat on puddles for women.

        Be decent, but always be self serving when it comes to strangers and specific friends.

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        "If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” ― John Steinbeck

        hear me out bro, You can't be decent anymore, that's how we got in this shit to begin with. If the situation was flipped she wouldn't hesitate to stick it to you. Therefore, you unplug. If you don't you're not the solution, you're the problem.

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        To quote myself "Be self serving". Both being decent and selfish are up to the discretion of said person. To clarify, one should be far more self serving than "decent", etc, apply when necessary.

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        I agree. Automatic gentlemanly behaviour is no longer the appropriate default.

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        You have a point. For a lot of people like me we were indoctrinated (brainwashed) to be Mr. Nice Guy (AFC).

        Upon discovering PUA and later TRP, during the anger phase, we think that the world is either Nice Guys or Jerks.

        Overcome the anger phase and there's AFC or Confident guys. And this is where my observation falls, being confident is realize that my Value is my and my only to possibly exchange for something, anywhere between friendship to pay-for-work, but never give it away gratuitously especially to feed pussy pass.

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        She is submitting herself to your superiority in asking that you do this for her, which does not support any concept of equality.

        Physically, men and women are equally as able to shovel a driveway. Despite a man's physical superiority, naturally, a woman can almost just as easily and with more physical benefit shovel a driveway and go along her way. Her time is no more valuable than yours. You just made a stride for gender equality by denying that pussy pass.

        Women are practically not inferior to men in many ways, but many have a complex like they do for their own benefit.

        This problem isn't just intergender, either. Any person with obvious physical inferiority can be subject to this type of laziness. There are especially weak men who exist who ask stronger women to do things for them with the same intent. Technologically, we are close to having surpassed the physical limitations of our sexes, so it's sort of silly that such things persist.

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        Thank you for your words of wisdom sir. I'm only 26 but was raised in a similar manner. You are right ,the problem in the world is the lack of respect and fairness others are willing to show one another, not inequality.

        Your last statement sounds like it should be part of some creed lol but none the less no more wise words could have been spoken.

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        I think it is rude to ask a favor of someone when you can do said thing yourself. This isn't a little old woman in the grocery store asking you to grab something off the top shelf for her, this is a grown woman that is perfectly capable of shoveling her own driveway. I might have lent her my shovel though if I were you.

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        Good story, and conclusion.

        I am not sure this is a "pussy pass" as it is just her sense of entitlement.

        The "pussy pass" typically refers to a woman that commits a crime and then doesn't receive the same punishment as a man would for the same crime.

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        I always thought the "pussy pass" was just women not having to face or deal with something because they're a woman. Wouldn't this fall under that category?

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        It is. I'm pretty sure there's a sub that deals specifically with pussy passes in the legal system though, so I can see why there's two differing views.

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        Yeah, /r/pussypass and /r/pussypassdenied both are dealing with that, so I guess by that definition this wouldn't be a pussy pass.

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        Pretty sure the proper response to this question is:

        "Do you spit or swallow?"

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        I think the "good attitude" (pardon this judgment, I don't know how to phrase it) would have been to help her, and see if she would have reciprocated with helping you later and baking a pie for you or whatever.

        If you already knew her and knew she wasn't going to reciprocate I would say ok but if you didn't know her, the problem with your behavior is you appear like a douche to her.

        Also, not everything in life must be fair, there is another thing that feminists, zionists want to see disappear are religions, and both Christians and Muslims knows to help the others in need, it's called charity and solidarity and this is exactly what our society is trying to destroy in order to settle the reign of individualism (with the help of "idiots-of-the-system" like the feminists, pro-gay... and other civil right white knights).

        I'm not criticizing your attitude I'm just sad and angry we reached such a point.

        [–]leodoestheopposite[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

        I agree wholeheartedly with what you say, especially the part where you say not everything in life must be fair.

        She asked, I sensed that she expected it, and I had things to do, and I didn't feel like doing it. So, since I had no obligations whatsoever and there's was nothing for me to gain, nor to reciprocate I passed.

        [–]MagnanimousGenius 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        I'll make you a deal You bake me some cookies and I'll shovel the driveway But if I don't get my cookies, you may find you wake up to a snowed out driveway

        [–]2asd1100 7 points8 points  (0 children)

        She looks at me surprised and says "But I have to go to the Mall".

        SOLIPSISM. Weirdly that is actually a reasonable argument for a white night.

        What feminism has done and is doing is disrespectful to men and women alike. By blindly stating equality it denies certain aspects of the physicality of the average woman and the average man.

        I disagree, this has nothing to do with equality(gender roles). This is pure postmodern feminist narcissism. Society simply never said No to these women. Even in the most traditional of society chivalry ended at common sense and a woman's inherent sense of shame and decency. That ego limit is simply non-existent today.

        In a perfect world

        I don't appreciate that vagueness...perfection is inherently subjective: in her perfect world you would have done the work because you are a man without her even been put in the indisposition of asking. Conversely, in my perfect world she should pay for getting the alley cleaned even if it's done by her husband, or she should do it herself if she is really in that big of a hurry.(utilitarianism plus equality, checkmate; come at me SJW)

        have been treated unfairly by some guys

        yes, they have, by not getting "all the things", by actually losing at their manipulation and not getting men to swear lifelong allegiance and loyalty to them despite their own unhappiness or self-interest.

        You have no idea despite your age just how horrible and soul-crushing traditionalism was for most men. You were basically a slave to your family. A utility, after a while the ego stroke of "man of the house", or being a "good provider" wears very thin. And all you're left cornered between social expectations and your perpetual self-sacrifice.

        Women were indeed treated unfairly(you can't please everyone), men however never even had a trial. They were sentenced by default to servitude.

        [–]aescetic 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        Genders aside, why not just do something nice for another human being out of the kindness of your heart? I regularly shovel my neighbors driveways for no reward other than personal gratification. This points out one of the biggest problems in today's world- lack of compassion for your fellow human.

        [–]leodoestheopposite[S] 6 points7 points  (0 children)

        Good for you!

        I hope you are not expecting the world to act exactly the same way you do. Look at my username, I have been a Nice Guy for too long, now I am looking for different results hence I am doing things differently.

        • I didn't feel like it

        • I had other things to do

        • I didn't like the way she was asking

        • I don't need or want anything she might have to offer

        I am not the only human on the face of the Earth, and I am not the most wonderful either; she's got other options.

        [–]ghee99 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        well played.

        i mean, if she's not an actual friend, or handicapped or something, there's no reason she couldn't do it herself.

        of course, if there's a history of you and her helping each other out as friendly neighbors, with her baking you things, or watering your plants when you were out of town, or whatever... then asking a favor from someone you regularly do favors for too is fine.

        but it sounds like she wanted a one-way type of helpful neighbor, where she's the neighbor, and you do all the helping.

        so her just expecting you to shovel her driveway because you're a man and she's a women is typical, but its not anything that you should think of as something you "should" do.

        oh well.... feminism has destroyed a great M/F dynamic of the past. And if feminism is going to destroy so many things for men, no need to stick to the old timey, pre-feminism code of behavior.

        [–]leodoestheopposite[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        You got it, she's an able body and there's not history.

        She was just looking for expecting a one-way help, just because.

        Oh well.

        [–]Bignmybrain 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Had there been a pattern of her asking for things from you and not reciprocating?

        [–]HV123 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        You should have showered her driveway..... With piss!