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It's not worth worrying about.

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Your analysis is well written and thought out, so props for doing something I wouldn't have the patience or determination for. But always keep in mind Epictetus' famous quote; "Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them". In order to be stoic, you have to be able to let go.

My advice to all new redpillers would be; don't get hung up on feminism, men's rights or the opportunistic nature of women. We are here to deal with reality, and focus on ourselves. Let the rest wallow in their frustrations and victimhood while you put your time and energy to good use.

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That being said, since we determined that 2XC isn't worth our time, let's no longer validate them by brushing on their topic here.

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The only thing in his post I thought was troublesome is the story about the guy who misinterpreted TRP and started abusing his girlfriend. TRP is a double-edged sword. Understand it on an amoral and intellectual level and it will enhance the way you live your life. View it from the perspective of a man-scorned and as a goal-oriented method of tricks and you risk alienating the women in your life.

A tell that her boyfriend had no idea what the red pill actually stands for is that he apologized, lost frame and started trying to console her.

There are men reading this right now that will probably ruin their relationships.

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There are men reading this right now that will probably ruin their relationships.

Men who are reading this right now who are looking to change their relationships are almost by definition not in good relationships. The relationship is already well on its way to being ruined. TRP might speed that process up some or might give those men the tools to fix it.

Men who are reading this right now and are not happy in their relationships should do something about the situation. If that something causes a tearful breakup between them and the female albatrosses they've got tied around their necks, too bad. The end result isn't all that far from where they're at now, or where they'd have ended up without TRP.

A "ruined" relationship is far better than unending years of misery, infighting, dead bedrooms, mutual contempt, and mutual hatred.

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That's a great point, but the red pill horror stories I've read end up with man-children who misunderstand what the community is about, sabotage healthy relationships and have nothing but contempt for us (and themselves).

To be honest, that almost happened to me. My post was meant as a warning: immerse yourself fully in the philosophy, let the techniques grow out of that, or you're not going to be a better man.

TRP first and foremost is a community about learning to be a self-actualized man in a feminized world. It's about ripping off the societal mask and glimpsing into the true motivation behind sexual relationships.

This is not seddit, it's social science.

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red pill horror stories I've read

Read where, exactly? Some place with an axe to grind against TRP?

end up with man-children who misunderstand what the community is about,

That's their problem. Lurk moar.

sabotage healthy relationships

Again, if their relationship is driving them to TRP then it is almost certainly not healthy on the face of it. Never mind what the internet's self-appointed crew of Ann Landers wannabes think about it.

Someone in a healthy and satisfying relationship would look on TRP with a mixture of pity and contempt, not decide that those things were just what they needed.

and have nothing but contempt for us

If you don't like how I'm livin' then fuck you -- Ice Cube

(and themselves).

That's their problem. Lurk moar.

To be honest, that almost happened to me. My post was meant as a warning

Lurk motherfucking moar. TRP is a collection of tools, and some of them are sharp. Ain't nobody in here got time to watch over baby to be sure he doesn't cut himself on them.

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I read some shitty stories on TBP and yes I agree with all of that. Lurk more and it's their problem is the right philosophy here. TRP has already been a hugely positive influence in my life and I can get so much more by lurking.

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First off, that was a troll post more than likely.

Second, the girl was mentally disturbed, as she said herself so who can assume that the relationship wasn't already going the wrong way and she just had rose colored glasses.

Third, if the guy was so easily swayed, he would have seen constant posts about men either stating fact, or simply diverting attention away from something they don't want to talk about, not lieing.

Fourth, that was a troll post and even if real he was a spineless example of a being.

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If "he" is real person I'd like to hear his version about the events leading up to the the breakup.

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She was autistic not mentally disturbed there is quite a difference.

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All powerful tools can be abused if they are not respected and used with skill and learning.

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dont get hung up on anything but lets not try to dissuade people from caring about mens rights. if your only concern is improving your own life that's fine too. but for people willing to put in the effort to be an activist for a good cause I say have at it, the more people who support the MRM the more seriously it will be taken. I mean I dont actively browse the mens rights subreddit, because like you I dont like dwelling on the negative (and a lot of it is just like a newspaper- a bunch of bad news). however I am a subscriber to the subreddit, and dont see why any man shouldn't be, because we are atleast offering our support by being a number.

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The depth of the strategies highlighted throughout TRP should warrant better advice to newbs than "don't get hung up on feminism, men's rights or the opportunistic nature of women", especially if the newbs are struggling with those specific things.

To fix yourself, you must start with understanding what's wrong in the first place. To understand what's wrong, you must ask yourself the tough questions. I'd suggest to newbs that are dealing with the feminism anger, rage, or any of the other potentially destructive emotions, ask yourself "why does this piss me off? That's usually the hardest part. Once you are brave enough to get to the real questions, often the lesson is learned instantly.

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The misunderstandings on both sides are all examples of the fundamental, irreconcilable differences between men and women.

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Reddit is so far removed from real life it isn't funny. Nobody I know has ever heard of reddit. No girls I know even post to ANY internet forum (other than social media).

I've had a lot of conversations with a lot of women and I've never heard anything that I would describe as "radical feminism". In fact I've heard more girls shit on feminism in real life than support it.

If you use reddit commenters as a guide to what chicks are like in real life, you're pretty much fucked. Chicks who comment on reddit are a tiny and insane slice of the general population, and almost certainly super low SMV.

Do you think HB9s spend their time commenting on reddit?

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It's like trying to change the world with Facebook likes or Tumblr blogs.

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While what you say is true, feminism is ingrained in our culture. From the President of the US discussing the gender pay gap to basically and TV show or advertisement.

Some women will disavow militant feminism, but casually accept other, more subtle aspects of it.

Look, i get what you are saying, and its true (especially where I live, Texas)... but there is more to the story than that. Tumblr feminists are essentially a distilled and "true" form of some of the ideas that we collectively have accepted. They followed the trail to its natural conclusion, which pretty much everyone agrees is abhorrent... but there is a lesson to be learned here. We (women and men) shouldn't just "ignore the trolls", we should look and see what values (or lack thereof) led them to become the way they are. We should learn from them.

And that isn't something that most real women do. They disagree with them, but they don't understand why or how they got to the point they are. These real women would never equate themselves with the horrid internet SJW, but they also fail to see cultural tendencies creeping into their lives that the SJWs perpetrate.

Its undeniable that society is shifting closer to the militant feminism and SJW shit... think of that as the bottom of a cliff, and society is edging closer and closer to the cliff. Most women agree that the people at the bottom of the cliff are bad, but they don't' realize that everything in society is pushing them to that same cliff.

So in my mind, TRP is about recognizing each and every step that takes people closer or further from that cliff. Some of it is seemingly trivial in the grand scheme of things, but that is the point of this community. Its not to base you entire life around, its to open your eyes to what brings you closer or further from that cliff.

And that is something that not many people see, especially women.

Sorry for the rant, its really late and I am burnt out of studying.

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Do you think HB9s spend their time commenting on reddit?

This. This. Omfg, THIS.

I Just love arguing with these less than 6's about how AWALT is not applicable to them. How they would never be interested in a RP Man.

Honey, we don't want you either.

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why are you arguing with anybody?

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I jest. I refuse to lower myself and actually argue.

It's usually an interaction on the purple pill debate sub, when my opponents start losing, they resort to shaming tactics. I keep my cool, and it drives them crazy. ....crazier.

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There are at least some hot chicks on reddit, as you can garner from the GoneWild family of subreddits. Sure, a lot of them are professional camwhores, but some aren't. I'm nitpicking, though, you're absolutely right... I wouldn't want a slut that posts on Gonewild except if it's for a plate, anyway.

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gonewild exists for lazy prostitutes to sell panties to desperate losers and to get gifts from the same losers. It originally had some girls that just wanted to show off for kicks, but it's become completely monetized by whores.

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I think sweeping this under a rug and ignoring it would do more harm than good - why? Because if we want to understand how men and women are different, the easiest ways are looking at the communities built around their ideals and leadership (mods). Also look at whether the community focuses on the free expression of ideas versus the communities built around sex and gender, making people feel safe and policing tone.

TXC has no real focus as a community, so its noise-to-signal ratio is astronomically high. TRP has a clear focus (sexual strategy, self improvement, seeing the world how it is rather than how we want to see it), and has substantially better content because the moderators actually moderate for content and not safety. That's the biggest pitfall of most communities: they don't give two shit about good content so they upvote circlejerky click bait and think that's "community."

Why does this matter? Well, do you value meaningful conversations that expose the truth more than you value numbing yourself with pictures of cute Cats and stupid memes? Chances are if you have critical thinking skills, see TXC or any of the other meaningless safe subreddits as wastes of time that inadvertantly normalize sloth behaviors and distract you from accomplishing tasks. Most people are lazy fat fucks, who prefer easily digestible content rather then pushing your mind and actually improving yourself.

Why does this matter? Real women don't waste too much time on Reddit - they're not autistic and they like TRP-esq men who bring them leadership and "care" about them. The "women" in TXC do not care about men, are misandrists sarcastic mentally lazy emotionally charged dumbfucks appealing to the lowest common person. The men in TRP care about themselves and understand women, are no-nonsense men who want to become the best versions of ourselves.

And apparently we're the worst subreddit because we emotionally manipulate women and abuse them? Way to sabotage the point of this sub (sexual strategy for men and self improvement) with how women feel about it. Groups of women feel offended whenever they are not included, but it's not like they understand there are groups in existence where their presence doesn't make sense. It's similar if a Japanese guy became the head of the African American fraternity on campus - why would the Japanese guy care for one, and why would he feel left out to begin with, enough to destroy the fraternity with his own views unrelated to the African-American experience.

TL;DR: It's important to understand communities based on their content rather than what they say, just as its important to have communities where good content is protected over safe spaces.

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signal-to-noise is astronomically high

Lots of signal and little noise is a high signal-to-noise ration.

You mean low.

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I agree that it's not worth worrying, but I see no concern in OP's post.

He is putting his convictions to a test, and 2XC is a natural candidate for juxtaposition. Stress testing is an important tool in developing strong convictions. And you don't always know when a given test will actually "stress" your convictions until you conduct the test.

The less credit you give to potential stress tests (ie predicting that 2XC isn't worth consideration), the weaker your convictions are. The more credit you give, the more open you are, and the stronger your ability to really listen to conflicting points of view, the stronger your convictions become.

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Female nature is not worth worrying about? Don't you see the bigger picture in this post? It's not just about 2XC, it's the implications that matter.

I thought this post was valuable as an illustration on how female groups operate, I definitely got something from it.

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Agreed. Worrying about the actions of others detracts from what you should be concerned with, your own well being.

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But your own well being is intrinsically linked to the actions of others. And that link is determined by your awareness.

So long as you are aware of the nature of those around you, you will be able to look out for yourself. This is undeniably worth worrying about because we will all run into many different types of people in our lives. Knowing how they operate is a huge step up.

Is it worth pouring hours of your life into? Maybe. If you feel you need to invest yourself to understand something, you should by all means do it. Luckily, OP did some of the legwork here and offered it to the community for the benefit of others. Dedicating your life to enlightening other people about how stupid feminism is? Probably not a good choice; we've got people like Karen Straughan doing a fine job.

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I have to agree. let them do what they want. I have no resentment towards another community. we're all just trying to be happy.

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jesus christ i entered this thread to post this exact reply

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There are way to many "look at twoX" threads on here. Yeah twoX is a strange subreddit. Just ignore it. It's like a school yard boys are better than girls in here some times.

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Good analysis. Would be interesting to see a similar breakdown of TRP postings.

There are folks out there who actually understand the principles of TRP very well but still reject it. These are the BP folks that I respect the most since they actually took some time to understand TRP before deciding that it wasn't for them. A recent post in /r/PurplePillDebate was from one of these people - he articulated all the main TRP principles fairly and accurately.

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Do you have a link to the post you are referring to?

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Look for "A Summation of TRP and My Opinions on It"

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I read through the submission as well as the Author's subsequent comments. It is clear that his only desire in making his original submission in bluepill and posting it again in purplepilldebate is for the sake of appearances. He gives an accurate summary of the main principles of TRP but then offers no counter-point or refutation. He categorically describes TRP members as "counter-culture, emasculated and overcompensating." Nowhere does he refute the core criticisms of what modern society has done to women and femininity. Even when he's directly called out on this point by /u/RedPillWatchTower his responses are cherry-picked.

Read /u/RedPillWatchTower's comment and the Author's response

Society pushing no agency/accountability on women? Strawman.

Pussypass? Nothing.

Don't marry a slut/Sluts don't change? Nothing.

Don't get cuckolded? Bullshit definition goalpost moving.

The Author of that can summarize nicely, but he's an ego-obsessed idiot. Pass.

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It's not like TRP, where we come here to learn. 2xc is just an internet equivalent of some women at a beauty salon. You shouldn't expect socratic debates out of a bunch of people that are just talking.

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And it's a beauty salon that is now foisted upon every new Redditor as a default, male or female.

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if you're on the default subs after creating an account, you've got bigger issues.

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Trp/Fitness/weightlifting are mine

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The things they discuss and the views they take are being passively absorbed by every newcomer to Reddit. Certainly there is some merit to analyzing their babblings to understand how it will shape the masses for tomorrow.

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AdviceAnimals is a default, and Atheism used to be one. It's a common conspiracy that the defaults are terrible to encourage people to make accounts.

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AdviceAnimals hasn't been a default since the last shuffle, several months ago.

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You don't expect socratic method. But there's still a method. Understand the method and you can predict the behavior. Predicting the behavior leads you towards maximizing your time and effectiveness.

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No, it's more than that.

Both women and men will generate mental fog around their relationships (past, present, and future). Sometimes the fog is to conceal something dissonant from themselves (e.g. exploiting a beta), sometimes it is to conceal some economic inequality from the partner (e.g. lopsided RMV match).

Let me stress that both men and women do this... but because of the nature of human relationships (womb space is expensive while sperm is cheap) -- women probably find themselves taking advantage of men more often than the reverse. Those situations are what the fog is for.

"Female empowerment" groups provide emotional support -- and by that I mean "eloquent justification" -- for those using the fog.

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And the most interesting aspect to me is not the behaviour of the women there (all bout feels and self-validation, no critical thinking), because we all know, or should know by now, that this is how women think and act. It should come as zero surprise.

The interesting aspect is how the men there act. Like spineless, beta orbiters. Well, we also know Reddit is full of 'men' like that, but I wonder where they find the value in being sycophants on an online forum like Reddit, and in a sub like 2X. Is it to demonstrate how sensitive and progressive they are? Is it conditioning from a society that has marginalised and feminised them? They in themselves are no concern, almost non-entities (I feel that the more whiny betas there are, the easier the game becomes - they remove themselves from the competition) but it raises questions to me of how males in general are being feminised and weakened in western societies.

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That's a good point. It's like the female equivalent of /r/funny or /r/news.

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The metric analyst in me wants more data on this, and then graphs..... Lots of graphs....

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What are you waiting for? Get out your crayons and colored pencils and make us some fucking graphs!

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make sure he wears his helmet!

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Do it man. I was seriously tempted to do it but I know I can only get so much attention from the masses so I didn't want to make my post too long.

Thought about making a bar graph for how many of the posts pertained to "rape" and "reproduction rights," and so on instead of just categorizing each post once like we categorize posts here (e.g RedPill Theory, Field Report, Rant, etc)

Oh and take a look at the top posts on /r/feminism too. I'm astonished at how concerned they are with "rape culture" (I didn't mention that here since /r/feminism is to /r/mensrights what 2xc is to us)

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Oh I'm planning on it. There will be a post from me in the near future with my findings. That being said, the initial data collection process will take a good deal of time, so don't hold your breath.

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Fuck the hate man. This is a fantastic analysis and is good content for this sub. I often wonder if my deep rp beliefs I have now are logical or what I want to believe. Thanks for doing this.

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I agree, thought it was an interesting post and was surprised by many of the negative comments. Anger phase!

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Their goal is equality through androgyny. There were a lot of stories praising how a girl’s man was cooking or baking or being emotional. There were a lot of stories and articles showcasing how a woman was raped or harassed on the street. There wasn't a single story speaking positively of masculinity. What purpose does this server? It demonizes men. Equal pay and legal rights aren't enough for women. They want to destroy male sexuality as a whole. They want equality through men being less masculine and women being less feminine.

Am I the only one who thinks you can do house work and still be masculine?

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Am I the only one who thinks you can do house work and still be masculine?

Of course. There's really no relationship between those two things.

The reason people think they're related is because "he doesn't do his share" is a common refrain of married women. I have a unique perspective on this complaint. I think that men tend to have lower standards for cleanliness - at least, inside the house. I'll explain:

Imagine a hospital operating room is cleanliness level 10, and a barnyard is 0. Your apartment is at a 4.

You look around and think, "shit this place needs a wash" and you decide that it needs to be brought up to at least a 6. Your wife or girlfriend looks around and decides it needs to be brought up to an 8.

What's a fair division of labor in this situation? From your perspective, 6-4=2 there are 2 units of work to be done (however that's measured. This is just a thought experiment). From your perspective, you should split the work with your girlfriend. You each do one unit of work. That's 50/50. That's fair.

But from her perspective, 8-4=4 there are 4 units of work to be done, and a fair split would be you doing 2 and her doing 2.

You would do 2 even if she didn't live there, so that pisses you off. You do your 1 and quit. Then she gets pissed off because she has to do 3.

She complains that you never do enough housework, and the stereotype is that men don't clean shit up.

[–]TheSKSpecial 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I never thought about it that way, but damn you're right. I remember quite a few arguments I've had where I would clean something, she'd bitch about how it wasn't clean "enough", I'd tell her to do it herself if it was such a problem, which then turned into waterworks about "I have to do everything around here".

You just clarified so much.

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Slapping a score on things is such a masculine trait. We gotta know ourselves right? This is one of the things we do.

[–]scummcdirt 7 points8 points  (5 children)

As a navy vet, i can tell you that cleaning is a manly thing. Only we do not do it all day(sometimes we do), just twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.

But cleaning is not fucking rocket science. You scrub a dirty area, and it is no longer dirty.

[–]stimulated_narcolept 1 point2 points  (4 children)

If you soak the dirty area for a few minutes first, it works much better.

[–]scummcdirt 2 points3 points  (3 children)

Yep, there is that, and if you are cleaning metal or stone, a paint thinner does wonders.

[–]stimulated_narcolept 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Denatured alcohol works great for glass. With wood always go with the grain.

Wait, what fucking subreddit are we on?

[–]scummcdirt 7 points8 points  (1 child)

the one with all the dudes that argue about shit all the time but agree on only one thing:

Modern women are kinda stupid.

Only what makes it worse, is that they bring evidence and logic to the table to prove their claims, which is why feminists leave.

Seriously, i find no end to how funny it is. SRS is a closed reddit, where only "approved" people can make comments. Yet the anti fem subreddits are open to everyone. It speaks volumes to how immature and closed minded modern feminists and sjws are.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

In Don Jon, he is alpha when he "takes care of his house" and his HB10 attempts to turn him into beta bux by having him not clean with his own work.

So yeah, doing your own work is masculine. Its called taking care of your shit.

[–]FerrusMan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I don't clean so much, but I do laundry. It's all a balance. And, not being taken for granted, sometimes I'll stop doing things for a while just so she realizes, or doesn't forget. The reward system you know.

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Worrying about one's masculinity is The Quintessentially Unmasculine Thing.

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2xc is definitly worth analysing, thanks for the great job here mate! Now a immature way to look at these women would be to call them our enemies or demonize them. OP did this very professional and instead of insulting them and the girl he mentioned in the beginning, we learned something. First women are definitly afraid of equality, when her boyfriend found people who could have helped him stop being such a pussy (I am of course only assuming he is a pussy since his GF dumped him over a subreddit and he wrote a note apologising to her.) Would it terrify you to the point that you would dump your SO if she read some dumb shit like Buzzfeed just because it gave her tips and tricks how to make you more satisfied in your relationship? Of course not, but then again we're not trying to oppress women, we're trying to avoid shitstorms that comes from nowhere and can be really confusing if you haven't done research in the female psyche.

I sincerely belive it's important to remember that women in todays society are afraid of equality when first generation feminism strived towards it and second generation feminism celebrated it. Women seem to have a personality trait in common with junkies, it's never enough.

I also think that I have to explain my view on equality and how it seem to be diffirent from theirs. I belive in equal oppurtunities for everyone no matter sex, race etc. They seem to define equality by pay checks and the absolutly silly idea that we all have the same human worth (Which we don't and it takes one second to prove it, compare a pedophile rapist and a hearth surgeon, done)

Are women stupid I ask myself sometimes, and they are not stupid. They are a lot of things but rarely stupid. So why does their idea of equality seem exactly like communism? Because they don't want equality, and that also explains why they are so terrified of it. At least terrified of how I would like to see equality applied in society.

It seems quite manipulative of them to pretend that we are denying them something they already have and using it as motivation for why they act like feminazys doesn't it. Remember why women are manipulative, we are stronger and manipulation levels the playing field, or did in the past. But old habits die hard, why would they stop being deceptive when it works, they are and I repeat not stupid.

I have a hypothesis why TRP make them afraid to the point of just being aware of it can make them dump a boy already under their control over browser history that isn't perverted porn. Because manipulation is a useless skill to have in an honest relationship when it's by definition not an honest relationship anymore as soon as manipulation has been used. And manipulation is their greatest skill most of the time. Of course it's terrifying to face someone whom your greatest weapon doesn't work on.

Sorry for the long post but all this build up was necesarry for me to be able to describe why I belive we might actually be able to achive the mythical and rare honest and fair relationships I have dreamed of. If we learn how to identify the bullshit we can avoid it. When we realised religion was only a tool to give some people huge amounts of power their power over our spiruality was lost. When we realise that the bullshit we have endured from some cunts just so they can have power over us (Or rather our wealth, which is what they actually want) then suddenly we are free from it.

And remember women aren't stupid. They have begun to realise that men who have swallowed the red pill won't as easily fall for their deceit, we won't willingly put babies in them, we won't have long term relationships with them, and we won't give them a cent of our hard earned wealth. And women aren't stupid, because they know we are genorous and we will always be generous, it's in our nature. Girls who truly love us, who stand with us instead of standing above will still get all that attention and love from us, but never again will we waste it on bitches.

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Go over to /r/mensrights , they're the ones leading the charge on that front.

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I wish it was a REAL war front, where each side was given the SAME weapons and gear. The feminists and MRA. I wonder who would suffer more casualties? I mean we're equal after all, in every way. So it should exactly the same right?;)

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No critical thinking.

So is the internet. Once thought of as a tool to help open peoples minds it just closed them more than ever. Republicans gather over here! Potheads over here! Guy that thinks dating his real doll is perfectly normal, there friends to be had over here. Fuck everyone else, you are right, guy/gal behind the keyboard, everyone else is doing it wrong.

[–]mctoasterson 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I think Reddit is a great thing (otherwise I wouldn't be here) but this lack of critical thinking is one of the things that Reddit definitely promotes. Silos or insular behavior, whatever you want to call it. The average reddit user doesn't have to engage in a shred of introspection. Just look at how circlejerky all the political subs are.

[–]1Joelasaur 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Add this to the long list of reasons why I'm nervous about the recent decline of the anonymity and discussion of 4chan. Sjw mods take over, moot leaves, and now you have to watch what you say on 4chan. Never thought I'd see the day.

[–]southmouf 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I discovered this sub because of that post on 2xc. I have gone through a good bit of the sidebar texts. This has helped me a good bit and I am learning a lot. Thank you.

[–]brujon 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I have literally never seen a top rated comment on TwoX defend the man, in any situation, ever. I honestly don't even know WHY women ask for advice there, except if they have pretty much already decided that they're right and are just looking for confirmation in order to feel good, which, i suspect, it's exactly what they're trying to achieve.

This also applies to /r/relationships, but to a lesser degree. So many white knights... For example, all the bashing on the guy that was feeling insecure because his girlfriend orgasmed while being raped, whislt never achieving orgasms with him in a 4 year relationship... IF it was me, i'd be feeling pretty shitty too, to be honest...

[–]smbgood 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Personally, I'm thankful for the post because it turned me on to this sub.

So there's that.

[–]modRedSovereign 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Our biggest source of new subscribers is posts like these. The rest of reddit does a great job of advertising for us.

[–]mykonos_rm 1 point2 points  (0 children)

very nicely done. you nailed it with equality through androginism. feminist feminist don't realize that its the majority of feminime women who are inadvertedly impacted by the antagonism of gender roles. Is it any wonder that female depression rates have skyrocketed lately?

[–]Philosophic_fellatio 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This was very scientific, and helped further my empirical understanding of 2xc. I'd like to see more research in this area. I think a mans objective understanding of woman, and woman spaces is critical to improving his adult life. It's interesting how much mysandry is created in female dominated spaces, especially 2xc.

[–]thebillstone 1 point2 points  (0 children)

That place is like a gender studies classroom - extremely toxic.

[–]EeeeeeevilMan 1 point2 points  (0 children)

r/AskWomen makes 2xc look like a bastion of logic and reason.

Once you ask a question there, if you so much ask a follow-up question or ask someone to explain their reasoning, they screech, "Stop invalidating me!" and that's the end of that. You'll be downvoted and banned.

[–]ilirm 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This might make a very good term paper for a sociology course

[–]lift_the_heavy_thing 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Superb post. Two X and theredpill do share one similarity in that posts about victimisation are prevalent. However there is one key difference.

Two X resolves to simply state their perception of their victimisation, announce how terrible it is, point out what should be done by someone else to resolve the problem, reiterate how terrible the victimisation it is, blame some other party for the situation and close with lamenting how terrible the victimisation is. The whole philosophy is geared toward bemoaning how terrible the world can be.

Theredpill instead resolves to state their perception of their victimisation, accepts the situation and swiftly moves the topic on to what the "victim" can do about it. Bad ideas get down voted. Good ideas get up voted. The whole philosophy is geared toward improving yourself and your life.

I see blame and sob stories in two x. I see acceptance and resolutions in theredpill. That's the difference and it speaks volumes.

[–]Red_Invictus 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I defend the importance of considering ideas that might run contrary to your own – if for nothing else than to challenge, specify or confirm your pre-existing beliefs. I went to 2xc not because I was angry or expecting to learn anything but because they tend to be our greatest antagonists and I wanted to see if their content had anything behind it to legitimately question my world views.

Serious props to you for this. Can't agree more - this is what makes us men. Never stop thinking critically or questioning everything, especially if it appears to be challenging or contradicting to what you already know.

[–]FinnianWhitefir 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I appreciate it. After a few months here I had a trial of conscience and was really questioning everything, and went on a night of research into TBP, Purple Pill Debate, AskMen, Relationships, etc.

I found endless platitudes, meaning feel-good bullshit, and "Just be yourself and be nice". Nothing actionable.

I'm here because I'm told the truth, because my views are challenged, because I get help with how to improve myself, and I get to have smart people help me learn from other's mistakes. And because I always get to read dissenting opinions on everything.

[–]2asd1100 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Do this analisis to our best of over the last couple of months.

You will find the same patern unfortunetly:

Social justice click bait

Having a penis makes you awesome by default and women are bad because they aren't like men.

Femism = evil

Self pity blue pill sad stories.(which I am fine with but I hate the self pity circlejerk they promote)

Now look at our best off of all time(or the one from January 2014 if that is possible) and weep.

[–]1Dev_on 1 point2 points  (0 children)

The next time I see some idiot tell me about his adventures in 2xx, or his half baked theories on femenism I'm going to shit a donkey.

Seriously, improve your own lot in life people. Stop looking for women to blame your problems on, or find your mission.

[–]1R_E_D_1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I've been mentally trying to put the insanity of 2xc into words for a long time now. Thank you for this post.

[–]MensaNominee 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Ironically your post isn't very debatable either. Good post nonetheless.

[–]scummcdirt 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Thats the thing, when we go to debate the post, it reinforces the validity of the post.

[–]NeoreactionSafe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

  • Frame

  • Frame

  • Frame

You are here and you are in the masculine frame.

You go there and you get into the feminine frame.

Okay... so should we play with dolls now? Just so we know what it's like?

Basically there is a massive surplus of feminine stuff in our world and a scarce amount of masculine genuine debate so I'd rather keep "lifting" here and building our strengths and ignore them entirely.

[–]Kyuzo_ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Let's not, and say we didn't.

[–]doubleknee24 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Didn't we agree, as an entire subreddit, to not take things from that sub anymore? It's always the same and tells us the same thing over and over again.

[–]neveragoodtime 0 points1 point  (0 children)

They want to destroy male sexuality as a whole. They want equality through men being less masculine and women being less feminine.

That's a powerful description of what is at odds between TRP and feminism. We want equality through men being more masculine and women being more feminine. We don't disparage feminine women as being weak or frail, as feminists do. We disparage masculine women who think they are as strong or as daring as men. I would say either one of those types of women is just fine within society and perfectly within her right. But when it comes to an LTR sexual strategy ( which is what this subreddit is about ) you are much more likely to have a better relationship with the feminine woman. Does that mean we value feminine women over masculine women? No, the masculine women are much easier to fuck. I don't favor tall people, but when it comes to reaching the top shelf, I choose a tall person every time.

[–]Dr_Wally 0 points1 point  (1 child)

How is this helping people in this sub to improve themselves or learn something new?

[–]an0n4btc 3 points4 points  (0 children)

How is this helping people in this sub to improve themselves or learn something new?

Takeaway point; women seek consensus (you go girl feels, save snowflake sympathy on monthly complaints) from their peers.

While I myself am already familiar with that point (off topic: I've read the sidebar and tend to lurk more than post), new readers to the sub learn this point while those more familiar have it further reinforced by the evidence presented with this analysis.

In short; revision for the long timers and proof of the point living up to scrutiny for the new readers of the sub.

[–]DarkSayed 0 points1 point  (0 children)

2x is where a broken mess of a girl goes to whine and bitch to others like her.

I'm, all for facing the the opposing view head on, and I'm sure there is some feminist out there who can form a cogent argument against this sub, but you're not going to find her in 2x.

I mean, are half those stories even half true?

[–]KarYotypeStereotype 0 points1 point  (0 children)

BTW, that shitty post you quote at the beginning was written by a self-professed autistic girl, FWIW.

[–]flexiblehold 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Along with others in this thread, it's hard to tell whether your criticisms of 2XC wouldn't equally apply to most subs, and the internet in general: even on TRP it's quite easily to get shouted out with down votes before you can really get into some interesting debate. Truly fruitful debate can only happen when both sides are willing to be persuaded to alter their position, to adjust their opinion according to new evidence argued by the "other" side.

When you enter a sub you're automatically part of a prevailing culture where majority opinions can easily drown out minority ones. The internet in general, social media, blogs, conventional news outlets, each in and of themselves are homogenous, almost never will you find a heterogenous or dynamic culture on the internet. Each individual is left to make up their own minds alone and will only have their most orthodox views heard. It is disturbing and frustrating.

[–]johnyann 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I like trollx. Those chicks are nuts and don't give a fuck. Surprisingly red-pilled at times too.

[–]thinktankman -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Too much analyzing I don't know why half of you guys go over there expecting to find rational shit

[–]dickholedoug -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Why was also going to post that one. If she thinks a subreddit ruined her relationship and not some underlying cause, she must be dumb enough to get dumped.

[–]babybelly -1 points0 points  (0 children)

the guy in the story went all "cock carousel" on the girl. when i read it i just thought that the guy used the rp insights for stuff like revenge. although we only got one side of the story i still think that it doesnt speak for the guy when he acts the way that women do to drive us to trp.

[–]N165 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

They rely heavily on the support and validation of other women.

Now, let's please be realistic here. Validation seeking happens in /r/theredpill, too. I've seen many field reports with that as an undercurrent.

Yes, there are also posts talking about the importance of being independent, and of being the source of your own happiness. But nobody should try to pretend there isn't validation seeking that goes on here.

It's not even necessarily a bad thing. A lot of people here are working to improve themselves, and feedback is important. But it can go too far.

[–]Mr_Clovis -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Isn't this selection bias? If you only look at the top upvoted threads of all time, of course you're going to find an "echo chamber" of popular opinions.

And isn't that the point of subreddits? To help you find other likeminded people with whom to share your experiences? If the goal is to find how much a group of people engages in critical thinking, it would be more telling to have data on how often they visit subreddits "opposite" to the ones that hold their regular views (with an open mind, not to find ammo), e.g. how often do /r/atheism users visit /r/christianity to rack their brains a little?

Telling us that 2xc is mostly an echo-chamber of women's favorable opinions about women and disfavorable opinions about men is like saying /r/atheism is mostly favorable toward nonreligion and disfavorable toward religion. Of course it is. I regularly frequent /r/formula1 and - lo and behold - we talk about F1 a lot over there. I wonder what they talk about at /r/lgbt? And it's not like TRP doesn't do the same (the big red letters above this comment do more than enough to prove that).

So with that in mind I can't say I see anything bothersome with the results of your "analysis."

[–]nzgs -1 points0 points  (0 children)

The best thing you can do to combat feminism and leftism in general is to live as if it doesn't exist.