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To add on:
When you make a plan for life, you don't draft with the outliers in mind. You draft to cover 98% of people AND THEN consider when people may be outside of this spectrum and adjust accordingly.
Not the other way around. It's not logical.
That is what AWALT means. Not that every single woman is. Means that every single woman has a predisposition to. And you would do well to assume the worst to keep your ass out of the fire. If you're wrong, awesome. If not, good thing you were careful.

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Yes. People take the language too literally. We deal in probabilities here. If you take AWALT at literal value, then it is technically incorrect. There are always outliers, but they don't matter. Even scientists have to deal with a very small chance of uncertainty in their experiments. If we worried about every little uncertainty, society would never advance. Humans made it this far by finding consistent patterns and things that work MOST of the time.

TRP plays the odds. Assuming AWALT is going to make you correct the majority of the time and make things work in your favor.

Also, detractors say this shit doesn't work on real women because they imagine TRP as some neckbeard going up to a girl and "negging" her while acting like an arrogant bastard. They don't understand what it looks like in the real world.

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I'm such a captain literal that I have to put a silent "P" for "Practically" in my head in front of AWALT to make it "PAWALT."

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reddit is for pedantic assholes so it makes sense people can't figure it out when we talk about it

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BPers and Reddit users frequently and intentionally miss the point in order to engage in sophistry and straw man "logic"

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In a way they're right. The mental aspect is what makes it creepy or not. At the gym, there are always hottie's way out of my current league in terms of SMV. If I think about one too much, i panic and can't even meet her eyes. When it's organic, like say her lifting form is off and I'm concerned about her getting that right it's extremely natural.
I did that, and I did it well. TRP is imagined as a bunch of horrible people who never leave the basement. We're not. We're usually awesome or becoming awesome. And we know what we want. Finite.

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There is no woman out of your smv there are just women that makes you nervous

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It's a good way to think but don't let it make you oblivious to harsh cold truths.

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I'm not sure if its my experience, but the very hot gym women tend to be very approachable. They are often less stuck up than the 6's you see out in the wild. I don't have a explanation as to why this might be or anything.

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I like the way OP puts it. You're saying there are outliers but who really knows, maybe there is a couple of populations - Strong women who wont succumb and then the rest.

The point OP makes is great, it doesnt matter if this is the case

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Things like the should read the majority but the discord crowd wants it to read all. Everyone knows you're implying the majority not saying everyone under all circumstances will act that way. That is just a way for someone to feel righteous which is the evolution if racism. If I'm righteous then I am better than all

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Interestingly, there are some forms of AMALT that are socially acceptable to discuss.

-All Men want sex regularly, possibly more regularly than any woman they will meet.

-All Men seek variety in their sexual partners, even if this can be addressed with makeup and lingerie changes.

-All Men will happily exchange some degree of financial investment or status leakage for sex.

-All Men can be blinded or confused by lust.

-All Men love from their genes and genitals first.

Sure, there may be some AMALTs they don't accept (the most impulsive, first love a man feels may be sexual, but the deepest love a man feels is mental, hence overattachment, oneitis and obsession, but the general population doesn't want to say that), but it's still considered reasonable to say that any given man wants sex, desires a woman initially because of arousal and can be so blinded by love as to make repeated financial investments into a dry well. That some men are asexual, low-libido, unwilling to part with resources, gay or stimulated by ideas instead of bodies doesn't change the general consensus that AMALT.

It's funny how feminism has resulted in women being offended when they are compared to other women. "No, tell me I'm different, tell me I'm masculine, just in a sexy, charming way. Tell me I'm nothing like anyone else." AMALT and most women are like men, apparently.

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When you make a plan for life, you don't draft with the outliers in mind. You draft to cover 98% of people AND THEN consider when people may be outside of this spectrum and adjust accordingly.

Goddamn right.

Imagine a criminal shoots a guy in the face. Now imagine your'e on the jury and this is his defense: "Well, you see; I was relying on the fact that 0.01% of this type of ammunition doesn't fire and didn't expect him to die!" What the fuck would you say about that argument?

And yet we're expected to treat each human interaction as its own unique and special circumstance? What kind of life strategy is that?

Well, I've got a new heuristic for us to apply. Here it is:

  1. If you're in an argument and someone says, "well, we need to consider the unique circumstances of whatever," it's pretty damn likely that you've won the argument.

Edit: I changed my wording; when I re-read it, I realized it looked like I was being hostile to the dude to whom I was replying.

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So true I got into a pack of women as my first friends in a new place. One has contempt towards me the other is hot as fuck but is upset I give more attention to other girls and gives me more liberties everyday and the other wants me. I'm playing slower than I should bc I enjoy the girls that come around but they're proving awalt. I will tag all of them. There's no doubt but I could get much more now.

They did invite me to spend a weekend with 2 of them so I'm just going to keep playing my game let them crave for me and then capitalize on it.

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Yeah they all are inclined to do those things which translates in AWALT. Because it is rooted in them by biology and social conditioning.

Of course, some women can use their prefrontal-cortax to consciously decide to not follow those urges they have but

  • it's not healthy and they can't do that in the long term

  • why would they want to do that? They can get away with everything.

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If you show people a picture of Katee Owen and say all men would want to get with that, technically you are wrong, but for all practical purposes you are right. Sure, some men don't like a big chest. Some men will think she's a butterface. Some men like women that are heavier. Some men only like black women. Some men don't even like women. The exceptions are irrelevant. 99% of men will want to fuck her brains out.

Therefore, you must treat every encounter with a woman on a case-by-case basis and make no assumptions about anything, because every woman is a unique creature.

I love it when this argument comes up. I've written this in the past:

Basically saying, "There are no rules, everyone is different" is completely useless advice.

Imagine you are responsible for training salespeople. You stand in front of all the salespeople and say, "Well, there's no one method because everyone is different, so there's no use learning any techniques." Next thing you know, you're being led out the door by the boss - fired for being completely useless.

The human mind is exceptionally good at seeing patterns and coming up with rules to explain those patterns. The whole scientific method is based on this - see a pattern, form a conjecture, see if it works, then see if it predicts stuff that you haven't seen before. To deny these useful rules and generalizations because of a few outliers is to deny the truth. Even Newtonian Physics was wrong in certain cases, that doesn't make it a useless theory.

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"There are no rules, everyone is different" is completely useless advice.

You give them too much credit. "There are no rules, everyone is different" is intentionally bad advice meant to mislead and prevent guys from learning how it really works. They want men who "just got it" as if that knowledge magically falls from the sky. It's a shit test

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Even that gives too much credit IMO. Yes they want to separate those who 'get it', from those who don't - but on a subconscious level.

Consciously they want to be made to feel like a 'special snowflake'. However we know that AWALT so we have a good idea of the strategy necessary to achieve such an outcome.

In the end we use red pill strategy to give them tingles and make them feel 'special', when all the while we're laughing to ourselves at how basic they really are.

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Where the hell does she keep getting those belts from?

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I met my newest plate in my vector calculus class. Big, strong, independent woman pursuing STEM.

I broke the ice by telling her her hair looked stupid.

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God damn those bangs are some of the most satisfying.

What a fucking Achilles heel, eh? Imagine getting irreversibly turned on when someone is simply mean to you.

Such is women.

A quick edit: As a corollary to the above point, any men in a relationship should be consistently sprinkling their relationships with slightly mean interactions coming from a place of fun and lightheartedness.

Lost in what I mean here? Imagine a 6 year old boy teasing a girl. He's mean, undoubtedly as a function of not knowing better yet, but fun loving at the same time as a function of his youth. If you can maintain a relationship dynamic in that manner you're on a long path to enjoy the unending rains of the pussy fountain.

My personal favourites are randomly shutting the lights off on my girl while she's applying make up, spanking ass in any and every opportunity, grabbing her triceps and making a pouty face, and replacing the make up in her cosmetics bag with crayons.

Edit #2: A second fun tip:

Go see a movie, throw popcorn at your girl. When she reaches her boiling point, ask why she's so salty. Enjoy the spoils of your pussy drenching teasing.

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    This comment ought to be a post as well. It is nice to think of redpill transition as an "unlearning" as opposed to "learning." Developing TRP game can feel daunting, but it makes it feel less daunting to know that you already had it and it just needs to reawaken.

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    There is a Pook post about this I think you would enjoy.

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    You should make a post along the lines of this comment; I love it.

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    Well look at that. Hopefully our pussy starved friends have some good ideas, too.

    Edit: Gave it a read. Too much emphasis on tickling and cuteness that can be conflated with a couple's inside jokes. That is not what you're striving for. You are to be the affectionate bully, not the touchy friend.

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    This "teasing" topic reminds me of Patrice on the Black Phillip show. He talked about how his style was to get women all worked up and emotional, then flip that built up emotion into attraction. He said that women need emotion to function. Whether the emotions are good or bad is inconsequential.

    Funny how this all connects.

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    Don't tell me. Let me guess. -- Shaved on one side of her head with the other dyed pink with a purple stripe covering about a third of it.

    Yup. it fits.

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    Shaved on one side of her head with the other dyed pink with a purple stripe covering about a third of it.

    Nah, that's a boner killer.

    She was just bummin' out. Her hair looked like she hadn't brushed it.

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    That's pretty great

    My current Gf was a pac-12 cheerleader. One of the first things I said to her in class was a laugh. She asked what was funny and I pointed to a guy who had his face down on the desk and said "I banged someone yesterday right where his face is"

    It was true. Pretty amazing how success breeds success. Bitches want a man who can get bitches, or at least make them believe he can. They can tell if you are hungry and poon starved and it is such a turnoff.

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    How did that conversation go?

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    So strong and independent, in fact, that she's your plate.

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    TLDR: The Red Pill does not work on Hillary Clinton. Which fucking sucks. I was planning on doing a reverse Monica Lewinsky in 2016, get an internship at the White House and then have Hillary suck me off. Thanks for shattering my dreams asshole.

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    So much for saving that celebratory cigar.

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    Aside from any money or fame it might have brought to you, can I just say, ewww. Fucking nasty woman right there.

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    The Arch is on fire these days! Good reading.

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    Arch always been on point. Dude know his shit

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    Funnily enough, techniques like "cockyfunny" often go completely over the head of the retards. Red pill works BETTER on smart women because they can actually distinguish sarcasm, etc.

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    100% true

    I have a really hard time dumbing it down for vapid bitches. They just get that blank look.

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    My wife is smart and accomplished, a tough cookie. If you asked her if she's a feminist, she'd certainly say yes. But RP tactics absolutely work with her. I'd say our better and happier interactions take place when she is in my frame and I am drawing on what I've learned here.

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    If you asked her if she's a feminist, she'd certainly say yes. But RP tactics absolutely work with her.

    Multitudes of women are like that.

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    Wow - I never really thought about it like this. Displaying high SMV has a subconscious effect on women in general... but has a conscious effect on smart ones, who recognize it for what it is.

    Totally confirms previous experiences.

    EDIT: especially the "cockyfunny" aspects, that challenge them in novel, fun ways.

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    Redpill AWALT traits can be summed up as follows:

    1. Seek to capitalize on physical looks by securing the best future and genes possible via selecting best mate possible.

    2. Always looking at other options that are out there regardless of prior commitment, and then utilize risk reward strategy to decide best mate choice outcome.

    You can sum up almost all the AWALT posts into these two rules. Anyone, man or woman, when single that does not use rule one is retarded or looking to get laid. Anyone that does not use rule two is either a man, or a unicorn. So yes all woman that do not follow or at least understand these two rules are not of concern too a Redpill man as they would be below average intelligence.

    Women know this shit, they just cannot conceptualize the logical ramifications that these rules imply for emotional beings. They do not recognize that rule 2 is generally invalid for a happily married man, as it is almost always valid for a woman. This cognitive dissonance is why feminism is so screwed up. The endgame to these rules, are that unless you are at the top of your game you will have minimal control over your SMV and inter-gender relationships.

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    I have offered my testimony many times and do so again on this topic of some "special snowflakes" being immune to TRP. My wife is a lawyer with an IQ north of 130 and by all accounts she is a ballbusting, mouthy woman. She makes $180,000 a year negotiating hardball business contracts.

    She had me completely defeated in a /r/deadbedrooms and very unhappy marriage before I discovered TRP. Now she cums gushers when I dominate her and throw her around. She even admitted recently she WANTS to be treated like a bratty girl, even after I advised her that bratty little girls still get spanked in my house.

    That is like saying some "special snowflake men" are immune to attractive women. Or somehow if the guy is really special he will get just as turned on by a fattie as a hottie.

    Are some guys like that? Sure. But good luck finding one.

    Are some girls actually not turned on by dominance, Alpha males, or getting thrown around the bed like a wet dishrag? Sure, maybe. Have not found anyone like that but anything is possible.

    A strong, independent ball-buster of a woman who’s constantly challenging you, thinks she’s too smart for you, and pisses all over anything masculine? That’s an annoying bitch, not a superior woman.

    Not always. Often that is a woman who is begging, crying, sobbing almost hysterically, to be dominated by a strong man.

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    A strong, independent ball-buster of a woman who’s constantly challenging you, thinks she’s too smart for you, and pisses all over anything masculine? That’s an annoying bitch, not a superior woman.

    Not always. Often that is a woman who is begging, crying, sobbing almost hysterically, to be dominated by a strong man.

    I always say that if you want to really clean up, move to some uber hipster enclave like Portland. It'll be full of super lefty feminist types. However, they've never encountered a real, confident, no bullshit man full of testosterone before and you will tear a canyon through that town.

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    I've had a self proclaimed "alpha female" with a rock hard body and long blonde hair BEG me to forgive her because I told her something she did was unacceptable.

    She is used to getting her way. She owns her betamax husband and calls him needy.

    This woman is DYING for a man to put her in her place

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    To reinforce the self perception of being a "special snowflake" in a world filled with 7 billion people who have the same biological composition as you, one has to either have such a weak sense of self that they reinforce with a false sense of grandiosity to mask their insecurities, or be truly naive as pertains to understanding how the world works. Both options represent a bad mate choice.

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    I don't think that the "special snowflakes" even believe their own bs. its just a cover so they can pretend to be above it all. in reality they are the same as all the other woman and they know it, they just don't want to admit it to others. MOST girls seem to think they are special or "different" so how different could they really be.

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    one has to either have such a weak sense of self that they reinforce with a false sense of grandiosity to mask their insecurities, or be truly naive as pertains to understanding how the world works. Both options represent a bad mate choice.

    If you're looking for a woman who doesn't believe the world revolves around her, you'll be looking a long time

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    Theories and tenets that are described on here are based on patterns that emerge over long periods of times that the founding members have discovered.

    Until people have swallowed the pill and understand the science behind everything then they believe that things on here were pulled out of someones ass.

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    The patterns are consistent. Not foolproof, but consistent enough that the exceptions don't nullify the generalities.

    Working with women, I notice they will consistently jump to obscure exceptions (pattern in itself) and attempt to nullify any idea/rule/process. They aren't just dream killers, they're business killers.

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    Red Pill was not discovered by any founder. Red Pill principles are common across cultures and time. The only point of Red Pill is to reteach a post-feminist culture what it forgot. All the science is just window dressing.

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    Everyone is different. Everyone is a special and unique snowflake.

    Now picture the last snow covered mountain that you saw. How different are all of those special and unique snowflakes?

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    I've found that the worst perpetrators of sexism are, ironically, feminists and the likes.

    "How dare you teach men that? There are weak, feeble women who will fall for that!"

    "Men don't have to be tall, handsome, and masculine. You are free to be whoever you want! I mean, I would never fuck a short, weak, computer-geek, but that's my personal choice and absolutely does not reflect women as a whole!"

    "These TV shows that feature scantily dressed women appeasing men are disgusting! Men should not give women the choice to pursue these types of jobs."


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    When doing approaches I like to keep this in mind. If a girl doesn't want what I'm offering, then she's probably not offering anything I want in return anyways. Hell, I screen girls nowadays more than the girls screen me. A line to internalize for better abundance mentality, "Bitch I don't need to put up with your shit, I have better options"

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    Hell, I screen girls nowadays more than the girls screen me.

    Absolutely the correct place to launch from anyway.

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    Kinda unrelated to the point but TRP is a realization that you are not special. We are all just same primeates that live to eat, shit and fuck. We are programmed by evolution according to our biology and trying to deny that by claiming we can choose to be special is bullshit.

    You're the all singing all dancing crap of the world.

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    All that needs to be said really. Honestly, I think there are no 'real women'. Just women at various stages of their life, and they're all attracted to men of value.

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    'Many of The Red Pill’s detractors insist that red pill behaviors only “work[s]” [...] on women with self-esteem issues.' You heard it straight from our opposition, Red pill does in fact work on all women.

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    I'll preface this with admitting that I made the mistake of getting married.

    My wife is a strong, smart and capable woman. If I don't keep my frame intact it shows in her behavior. When I'm on my game she is on my side and is a highly capable partner. When I slip up, she works against me.

    All women are like this. The more intelligent and capable they are, the more you have to keep your shit together. Especially if you made the mistake of getting married.

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    I hereby christen your observation as "Archwinger's Razor".

    It's a razor in that it cuts away a huge useless argument that we'd otherwise get sucked in to.

    It cuts it away by saying "If there indeed are woman for whom RP authoritative behavior is a turnoff, then I was never going to attract them and I do not want ever to attract them, so I do not care whether they exist."

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    and ironically that is exactly what women do to men: low SMV guys don't exist to them. That's why you hear the common refrain "where have all the good men gone?"

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    Every woman has tits and a vagina. There were evolutionary incentives strong enough to give ALL women those distinct physical features that men don't have. Then it would be quite extraordinary if those same evolutionary incentives weren't strong enough to give ALL women certain mental/psychological features that men don't have.

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    There are no exceptions. Some women act more like women than others, but they're still all women.

    NAWALT is just a response coming from a place of cognitive dissonance. The know deep down what we say is true, and that redpill guys do in fact get laid, but they can't admit it. Therefore they have to invent this ridiculous excuse that it only works on "certain girls" in order to preserve their world view.

    It's also a shit test from women. They want guys to be afraid to embrace the redpill so they'll think "she's SPECIAL. I have to be a good little beta and treat her DIFFERENTLY and with RESPECT". Your frame is being challenged.

    But make no mistakes, there are no exceptions. It's kind of just like playing the same level of a video game after awhile. And even if there were exceptions, like you said, it doesn't matter. Why would you cater your actions to small minority?

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    I agree with you. And its true that all people have that dark sexual side within. To pretend that all women did not have that side would be naive in the face of reality.

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    Many of The Red Pill’s detractors insist that red pill behaviors only “work” on stupid women... ...stupid girls who fall for red pill behaviors... ...The Red Pill only works on a certain caliber of woman...

    I think whoever says these things has PUA techniques mistaken for The Red Pill. They don't understand what The Red Pill is.

    You do not "use" The Red Pill on a female. TRP is not any set of techniques or tricks. It's a philosophy, a way of life. If anything you only use it on yourself.

    If there is a real woman, a smart woman, a strong woman in front of you, TRP does not tell you "here are some things you can say and do to get her attracted to you." TRP says "she will be attracted to you if your SMV is as high or higher than hers." What constitutes a high SMV can be an entire essay on its own as we all know, but another thing TRP says "if that woman is not into you and you want to get with a woman like that, improve your SMV."

    I think the term "red pill behaviors" can be summed up very briefly: be a man and lead. Be a man who takes charge and makes decisions. "I don't like a man who takes charge" said no woman ever. Be powerful and confident.

    Whoever said red pill behaviors only “work” on stupid women just read some postings that said things about women they thought were mean and misogynistic and they didn't like.

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    I agree. Basically, these women who claim to be above red pillers are easily saying they are above or better than other women. AWALT! Secondly, it really doesn't fucking matter.

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    Replacing the man in your life with the govt. doesn't make you strong and independent. As bad as it sounds, you're still the same weak people dependent on alimony, govt. allowances, child support, affirmative action etc. That won't change and is precisely why some of them believe they don't need a RP man or any man at all because they've got daddy govt. Minus the safety net, these laughable women would do what is best for them, find a good RP man that will take care of things for them.

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    Hence why liberalism and TRP are incongruent.

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    “Real women” are smart, strong, and capable, right?

    Yes, strong and independent. Wait, there's a name for that - a man. Which isn't what I am looking for.

    This point of view from women is solipsism. They are looking for manly qualities, so why shouldn't we? Women aren't preoccupied with the looks of men (it matters, but much less than it does to us) so of course we shouldn't care about fat or wrinkles.

    Apparently, we just need to turn into women and it will all be good.

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    TRP works EVEN with "strong" womans... The only diference is that they allways going to pull off your ball sack more that the others.

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    Imperatives regarding influencing the ratio of (statistically) commonplace women to rare snowflakes, insofar as such can be influenced (education, training, eugenics, drugs), might arise from a) one's personal interest regarding said ratio, and/or b) one's desire regarding a vision for the future.

    Pragmatically, at present, red pill techniques are more useful than not, given the present ration of (statistically) commonplace women to rare snowflakes.

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    "Special snowflake" is not a synonym for exceptional. "Special snowflake" refers to a type of narcissism in which the subject is focused on crafting an image of being exceptional. The idea of their own uniqueness becomes a core part of their identity.

    As for your main point, very generally TRP is about raising your SMV by cultivating strength or at least the image of strength. Strength can refer to physical strength but also any number of masculine attributes. The basic idea is to increase your "hand" in social negotiations. On the whole this increases the range of available women. For any given man, there is going to be a certain range of women beyond his reach no matter what he does but that doesn't mean that game principles break women into multiple tiers. It only means that the opportunities of any given man will break into multiple tiers. As far as "strong" women go, the game principle still applies: she still wants someone stronger than herself.

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    The key is it is not worth the risk to believe she's a unicorn.

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    This is something I thought since I found myself here. My story started with a custody case over my son and then (self diagnosed) depression then finding r/mensrights to confide in some online strangers there. My life was shit and I hated everything. Then I read a series of books that changed everything (in order the game, models, no more mr nice guy, rational male, sex at dawn 48 laws) that led me here, and everything resonated in those books so fucking much (every example in no more Mr nice guy was me).

    However I did some research on the sub and searched "red pill" and every time it came up it was with hate and disdain for being misogynistic and hateful. So I lurked for a while and it really hit me. I made some shit posts then slowed down to just read. Then subbed to counter point subs (bp, pb, and feminism) to see counter points to what felt right to me.

    Every counter point just makes fun of game and srs-like dogshit just from cropped rp posts to circle jerk. so I unsubbed because they had no value. What was funny though is always near the top in karma was always "that would never work on a normal girl like me, *ANY WOMAN (< AWALT?) must retarded and broken to fall for a rp guy... yada yada..."* (any woman dumb enough is less than me. For my opinion and single angle perspective... that's for sure amirite guise? Why can't guys just be themselves?)

    Every single time, I thought "good... be normal, I don't want to date ugly normal basic girls. I wouldn't before and won't now". Let them weed themselves out its actually helpful.

    [–]4benny2lava0 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    There are women who are special cases. One of my best friends openly talks to me about the nuts and bolts of using a guy, lying, cheating, manipulation, all this shit. I use what she tells me about how women work to five tune my game. She fully supports me taking the red pill (she knew me when I was a fucking beta pussy). It's funny because she is completely independent and doesn't need anything from anyone. Getting guys to buy her drinks at the bar is all about having power over them.

    [–]FishFoxFerret 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Commenters have missed a very important point, and that's a a scale for effectiveness.

    We don't talk about scales here, that is a 1-10 scale of how well something works. But they're important to keep in mind to adjust your strategy with a person. The only one used is the scale of attractiveness for women, and it's overall very effective and useful -mainly for communication though.

    99% of the time standard techniques will land a 7-10 effectiveness. But sometimes things a simply less effective with certain individuals. And that's what we're really talking about here.

    Also, sometimes you're ineffective because she simply does not like you for whatever reason (fitness/money/success/looks), but the same approach will work well when another man tries it.

    So integrate scales/levels into your daily mindset to better understand and gauge interactions.

    [–]Dr_HoaxArthurWilmoth 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Just wait until Wonder Woman shows up and exposes the world to Amazon women and culture.

    Personally, I hope it will be death by Snu Snu for us all here, but especially me.

    [–]Ibex3D 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    There are almost definitely women who are not like what the red pill says. There are fantastic women who are loyal, honest, not manipulative, smart, etc. But there are always exceptions. There is only one Alan Turing or Albert Einstein per one billion people. There are always exceptions and exceptional people. Doesn't mean you'll ever meet them let alone get with them. There 3.5 billion dudes looking for one of the few special girls. Statistically you will never find them. No point in losing out on all those encounters with normal women on the hopes you'll find an exception

    [–]newbie3hunna 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Also, it isn't like its that hard to change your strategy with a single girl. Maybe you are talking to her and you can tell she hates masculinity and is very liberal. Okay cool. So now I am going to adjust and utilize a strategy that will be successful. Not really rocket science.

    Some girls I'm grabbing their ass after 10 minutes and others I am having friendly and harmless chat until I can get them feeling more comfortable. Each girl is unique and different but their is still an overarching set of behaviors you can expect to be effective. People arguing the opposite are just being purposefully dense with the intention of invalidating anything you say. This post is spot on. They don't matter.

    These detractors have their head so far up their ass that they think TRP guys constantly tip their hand. In reality only newbies are doing this. Any one with sense is remaining impossible to define. Hell, I got my degree in creative writing and all my sjw classmates and teachers loved me.

    [–]Movonnow 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Many of The Red Pill’s detractors insist that red pill behaviors only “work” on stupid women, young women, naive women, women with mental health or self-esteem issues, and so forth. That The Red Pill is powerless against real women, smart women, strong women,

    Those are the women who has mental health or self-esteem issues.

    Oh and I love the way you basically say to feminists : you don't matter.

    [–]RICCIedm 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Archwinger is THE BOSS. So many great posts! But I think a person needs some abundance mentality to understand your point.

    [–]prodigy2throw 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    After reading all the hate women have about TRP I've come to the realization the only thing they truly hate is the idea of deception.

    What I mean by this is that they want the real McCoy who is naturally alpha. They despise people who read TRP because it is technically a pretty beta thing to have to read and improve your qualities to become more Alpha. They want you to just BE that guy.

    It makes sense for women to want to repress this information so that they don't end up accidentally getting with someone who doesn't carry that Alpha instinct and characteristics in their genes.

    Feminists don't like TRP because we're making their strategy more difficult.

    [–]Chuckwagon1645 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I'm going to use what happened to my brother as a fine example here. When we were both dating around in high school, he constantly attempted to point out that his girlfriend was smarter, more mature, etc. than mine. We're identical twins so the competitive thing was a real problem then. He was right in some sense because she already had a kid and had to be a mother at an early age. But that definitely didn't mean she was smarter by any stretch. This carries over into his eventual marriage to this woman and can you guess what happens a couple years down the road? All of a sudden he's not satisfying her "needs" and she's asking for an open relationship while secretly already having something in the works. I ask him then how "smart, mature, etc." she is now? He hamsters that into "she's just challenging me like a real woman should". The superior women IMO are definitely the ones that don't take advantage of their pussy pass. Even if they're not doing it because they're unaware of it. Doesn't matter. It's not necessarily that they're stupid. They're just not ruined by the feminine hive mind.

    [–]lubeoil -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    I find it interesting that TheRedPill is the opposite of feminism. And yet while feminism portrays itself as a movement for the success and happiness of everyone, it isn't.

    TheRedPill portrays itself as a movement to see the shit in your life. To see just how far gone and depressing the real world is, and you know what, we are all better for it. This is happiness. When you aren't deceived, you achieve what you've always wanted. This is happiness.

    A woman's movement, like anything in their lives, revolves around men. Not only that, but it's all based on a lie. There is no happiness for anyone in feminism. Except for the cunt holding all the cards. And that's not your everyday feminist.

    Feminism 0. Patriarchy :...uhhhhh. We stopped counting so as to not oppress you fembitches.

    [–]trp_angry_dwarf -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    I don't LOL much in this sub. But this:

    That’s an annoying bitch, not a superior woman.

    Wow. High five! Leave these ones to their cats

    [–]apierson2011 -4 points-3 points  (16 children)

    Alright, I'm gonna delve into some dangerous waters here.

    I'm a woman, I consider myself a "real woman" in that I have gotten to the point in my life where I would never intentionally fuck over anyone, specifically take advantage of "pussy pass" or anything like that - and I have no respect for girls who do. I was raised by a very independent woman, and consider myself such, but am not misandronous as she is. My SO is a very masculine, dominating type, and I have no problem deferring to and respecting him because it is reciprocated in the areas where my personal strengths are greater than his.

    My question is, what exactly is The Red Pill all about? I have a hard time not seeing a lot of the content here as misogynistic, but I also don't think that that's the point. Can you guys kind of explain your perspective to me? I'm coming from a place of genuine curiosity.

    [–]17 Endorsed ContributorArchwinger[S] 2 points3 points  (15 children)

    There's an entire sidebar of material, the whole collection of top posts, a huge quantity of information you can find with a little internet research, AND a red pill women sub.

    Do you know how long it will take me to summarize all of that and type it for you? I mean, if you hadn't told me you were a woman so I'd break out the tolerance and special treatment, I'd be calling you a lazy shit by now. Good thing you're a girl, though.

    [–][deleted]  (4 children)


      [–]17 Endorsed ContributorArchwinger[S] 9 points10 points  (1 child)

      I don't appreciate being fat-shamed. That really hurts. I'm beautiful the way I am.

      Take your hate speech off of The Red Pill, shitlord.

      [–]SullenBarLurker 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Order of the Bluepill unite! Excuse me while I don my armour that I might fight like a true knight of old.

      Such butthurt.

      [–]lolwat_is_dis -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

      No bluepill. Just tired of people spouting any old hate and claiming TRP.