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Here's some instantly applicable advice for TRP newcomers, built off the premise of the original post-

Nothing displays confidence quite like teasing your girl. It is an implicit yet powerful display of abundance, as you demonstrate you haven't the need nor desire to pedestalize her or take her too seriously.

Consider for a second the appearance you project when you're willing to tease a girl.

Your typical blue-pill man who is afraid of losing his partner, won't risk teasing her, or otherwise 'putting a foot wrong' for fear of driving her away. This behavior literally reeks of fear, insecurity, and inferiority. Three traits which will make a girl drier than tree-bark.

Contrast this with a man who is more than willing to tease his girl. His actions suggest that his feelings lie on the opposite end of the spectrum- he is not desperate for her affection, he is willing to take risks and he doesn't fear her response to his actions.

The subtext of teasing is subtle, but wonderfully effective at demonstrating higher value. It is the kind of action that will change a girl's subconscious feelings, without making her explicitly aware of any change in the relationship dynamic.

It is for this reason that I'd recommend teasing as the starting point for any blue-pill man wanting to incorporate red-pill concepts into his relationship. It is the most important thing for a beginner, second only to the relentless pursuit of all round self improvement.

The other wonderful benefit of teasing, especially for those new to TRP, is in providing an opportunity to practice frame in a controlled environment. If you've been BP for most of your relationship, then chances are that your girlfriend or wife won't respond well to her Beta Bitch gaining some mischievous new mannerisms. Anticipate this and work with it. Here you have a chance to practice holding frame in a situation you already knew would require it. This foresight won't be afforded to you in real-life frame-requiring situations, so use it as a chance to familiarize yourself with frame-holding, amused mastery and shit-test management (for newcomers who don't know what these are, read the side-bar. It's the most worthwhile thing you'll do today).

Another benefit of teasing is that it's fun as fuck, it's exciting, fresh and interesting for both parties involved. You're also reminding yourself not to take things too seriously, and that itself is a liberating experience.

Even when disregarding the benefit it has on increasing your girl's attraction to you, teasing is one of the simplest ways to put yourself in a dominant position, something which many BP men rarely get to experience. Exposure to these positions of authority- no matter how transient they may be, is crucial to your development as a man and as a leader.

TLDR: Go out there, be free, go tease.

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I would love for more examples to be posted in this thread, the ones that are less personal (crayons for makeup) are good material for me to save for later.

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Give a compliment that's not really a compliment: you walk into a room. You see her on the couch. You snuggle up to her to give her a hug and say "ahhh, my favorite girlfriend". She's thinking, "wait, I should be his only girlfriend". Your words should be confusing.

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Poking fun of intelligence and implying they are kind of dumb works in moderation. Mistakes in spoken language, lack of some trivial common knowledge, when gently pointed out in a humorous way almost always gets a positive response.

Moderation is the key here though: you don't want to come off as a know-it-all, condescending douche constantly correcting her, but if a sentence is completely butchered, a simple "How long have you been speaking English?" or "One language. You've only had to learn one fucking language..." is almost a guaranteed textbook tease.

Other things are when they mess up doing some simple task: spilling water down their front: "You're 25 and you still haven't figured out this whole drinking thing?" Tripping: "You'd think you'd have gotten the whole walking thing down by now..." etc. etc.

Again, moderation is key with these.

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Good point, teases pertaining to intelligence can get really old, really fast.

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I do this all the time. I'm married (that was pre RP, making the best of it), and my wife's first language is Spanish, even though she's been speaking English since she was 5. Because of the subject-adjective syntax differences, she often gets it wrong in English, e.g., "can oil" (oil can), "bottle water" (water bottle), "gate swing" (swing gate). I give her a hard time, repeat it ad nauseum, or just give her a funny look. Works like a charm.

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People tend to take it well when you playfully point out verbal stumbles and stupid statements. "How long have you been speaking English?" is a fantastic line.

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Sometimes I just like to say "God I love the way you words"

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Walking down the street next to each other... there is a lamppost ahead. You both see it. She gently steers away from it, but you don't move over. She thinks you haven't seen it, she tries harder to move over. You push back a little. She almost walks into it and now she knows you're doing it on purpose. You fucking asshole :)

Open a door for her. With a flourish. She's taken aback - this isn't like you. She pauses. She smiles and starts to walk through. You gently stop her and push past so you go through first. (Or let her through, then relate the story of knights of old, letting women through first to see if enemies are the other side, the knight being of more value).

Have done both of these multiple times. Every time it's that "you're an asshole / punch arm / happy girl" response.

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A good take I've used on the first one is to walk alone with her and whenever she says something dumb (emotional, filler convo, etc) without any warning, gently push her as she walks so she nearly walks into something. This is great if you can do it just right.

Example: "Blah blah my friend is a stupid whore." Shove her so she almost walks into random person on the sidewalk "I apologize for my girlfriend, she is such a klutz."

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The first one is gold

The second one is kind of a dick move.

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And why is that? It's a spirited joke, she will put on her angry-cute face and you will tease for it. Bam, +5 relationship points.

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The key to it is making it a race. Also grinning ear to ear while you do it would help.

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It's actually really fucking funny, try it out sometime. If you're usually a guy who opens doors for his girl (I am, but I usually slap her ass anyway when I do it) it's the exact opposite of what she's expecting and she'll love it in a "I wish I could hate this but I can't" kind of way.

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These are both great. Adding them to the repertoire. Thank you

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You have to time it right but go to open the door for her but only open it part way and watch as she nearly walks into the door. Then after you have a hearty chuckle at her expense go ahead and open the door and let her through.

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Haha I've done this... and it's perfect... but it's kinda heading towards assault if it goes wrong so can't recommend it in this feminised society :\

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Regarding holding the door open....''

My line is "You girls really haven't figured out why guys hold doors open and always say ladies first!"

She may pretend to be a little confused but her walk wiggle will be a bit more pronounced.

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I could get really very childish with my Ex-LTR. Just dumb shit, but I loved it and she loved it too.

I would open the door to my flat, she would assume that I opened it for her to let her first in, but instead I would just put my shoulder in first and say something stupid like "Let the master enter first!" with a very deep voice. Do it sometimes, not always of course.

When she was doing make-up in front of the mirror and I was waiting for her, I would put her pants down to her ankles and give her a gentle slap on her ass.

Spin her around, while you are walking like nothing happened.

On toilet break, while watching a horror movie, I would always scare her after she would leave the toilet.

Throw socks on her while you are dressing. Make fun of her, how she can not catch them.

I would always grab her ass. In any situation. Always, when I had the desire for it, especially when she was doing something in the kitchen. After a few months, she told me she loved it and missed it, if I wasn't doing it.

As I said, I can be really childish, but it's really funny and we both loved it. Just be stupid. Let loose.

If you are an intelligent guy and you can show that you are not taking everything so seriously, then she will love you, because then she gets the full emotional range she needs.

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Wife would lag behind me (slightly) while walking in an attempt to establish the pace (she's taller than me so no excuse walking that much slower!) so when she did this I'd steer myself in front of her and stop short (she'd invariably be checking her phone instead of paying attention to me and slam into my back). "If you're going to walk behind it has to be at least six paces!" (We lived in an Orthodox community where this was the norm, we aren't orthodox and she resented their practices). Done infrequently and with a laugh when we weren't in a hurry it would always bring her attention back to our conversation where it belonged!

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When coming home from a walk or from wherever, both of us would need to pee. We would fight who would go first. Sometimes I would let her win.

Taking a shower together I would take my flaccid dick and slap her with it.

After washing hands, instead of drying them with the towel, I would throw the water drops from my hand into her face.

When lying together in bed, I would lay my heavy body on her and don't move. She would be forced to move my body by herself.

That are real stupid things but they really help bonding and are funny for both sides. I could go on and on and on...

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This may sound fucked up, but I will literally lick my girl's face in a gross way to freak her out. I'll go in for a kiss and at the last second stick my tongue out and lick her face and she's like "OMG gross!" but it's fucking hilarious. It's a pretty big emotional spike, which is why I think she subconsciously loves it. It's even funnier because she still tries to get kisses from me after that and I'll continue to fuck with her.

I fuck with her in a lot of ways (turned the bathroom light off while she was in the shower last night lol... only for a minute) but licking her face like that is the easiest thing for me to remember because it is so fucked up.

I also tickle her quite often.

Edit: Often, when I'm licking her face I will say things like "hold still I am just trying to kiss you why are you being mean to me?" and when she gives a disgusted look in response to my "kisses" I will feign offense and say things like "I thought you liked my kisses. I am so sad now."

Edit 2: Okay, so another thing I do which is kind of dumb is I will mimic her in a ridiculous mocking voice. I will say really stupid things like "blee blah blee... my name is Rachel... I like being stupid and rude... bla bla bla." And then I will say "that's how you talk." Sometimes I move her lips with my fingers while I mimic her.

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Yeah, I do something similar, I go "this is you:" then launch into a caricicatured impression of her speech, etc.

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I also do the "gross" face licking. Full tongue on the side of the face from chin over cheeks to the forehead.

First she would say things like "Eeeeeehhhhuuww! WTF!", after a few times she would stand still like waiting me to do it. In the end she was doing the same to me, at least trying. No one beats the master!

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My husband is the Master in teasing me. As a bilingual couple he will teach me wrong words (letting me use them in public for a good amount of time before telling me), he'll tell me fake stories or explanations of things (I'm an educated person, he often mentions that I'm the brains in our duet, but still I'll believe him plenty of times), he'll hide my stuff, make sue to not leave me any space on the couch, just so that he can "make" space if he feels like I'm being nice enough... I could go on forever... he'll slap my butt, makes sure to put his ice-cold hands under my shirt when he comes in... deliberately lies on my side of the bed (which drives me nuts)...

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I whisper in her ear "sweet nothings" or "sweet everything's" semi seriously. Then once we were watching flubber and I leaned over and just whispered "flubber" like I was saying something romantic, and she couldn't keep her hands off me.

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This is actually really great. The dumbest shit you say will be honey in her ears.

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I had a teasing relationship with a waitress and once went so far as to stiff her a tip (AFTER several bouts of teasing about it). I got home to a friend request on Facebook from her and a note about making her laugh. She stalked me from my credit card info.

This shit really works.

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Fill her car with balloons

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Tad high effort, but might be fun to give a try.

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Maybe as a birthday prank but that is not really teasing.

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Completely screwing with her expectations is the root of teasing your girl and should be the fundamental tenet when you plan your simple fun.

I have a friend who girls will kiss his ass and giggle to everything he says after a few minutes of meeting him, even when they are with their boyfriends and I couldn't put my finger on what it was, but this explains it, he's constantly teasing them by misinterpreting what they say and fucking with their expectations.

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Care of some examples of what he does?

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When my girlfriend is driving sometimes I pull one of her boobs out from her tank top.

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I rarely laugh out loud but you got me good with this one.

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All of my plates have small breasts :(

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Here are the ones I do.

Mess up her hair.

Undo her bra strap through her shirt. .

Lock the car door as she gets in or out.

Misinterpret statements and questions.

Walk into her and say Hey watch where you're going.

Give her an irritating nickname I'll use sporadically but sometimes a few days in a row.

Scare her when she turns the corner, or grabbing her leg while I hide under the bed.

Insist that she kisses my eyebrow /belly button/elbow. The more she resists the better. When she gives in I act disgusted and ask her why she would do such a thing.

Ask her to hiccup into my hand.

Wipe off my mouth after she kisses me and feign indignation. (not first date usually) When giving her items I bring my hand halfway and withdraw as she reaches. Like teasing a cat.
slapping her inner thighs bouncing my hand between the two sides very quickly.

Licking her nose.

Wrapping her tightly into a blanket burrito.

Things I'd like to try:
Tie her shoes together. Bonus points if shes still wearing them.
Steal away the blanket and pillows in the middle of the night.
Push her out of the bed/gently carry her to the sofa while shes asleep.
Put clothes on pillows of myself, put them in bed, and sneak out at night while shes sleeping over.
Pick her up and leave her in an uncomfortably high place.

Give her an empty stick of gum.

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Every time someone has the hiccups I ask them to hiccup into my hand and it usually stops the hiccups and they say thank you.

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be careful. one day you'll take it to far and they'll have a hiccup seizure

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Give her an irritating nickname I'll use sporadically but sometimes a few days in a row.

I do this all the time. Best ones are those that imply that her body is of an unfortunate shape. "Love nugget," one of my faves. When she calls, I call her those.

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replacing the make up in her cosmetics bag with crayons

This is fucking brilliant. Why did I never think of this?

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I never thought of it because I don't have crayons in my apartment. I don't know what man does unless he has a child.

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I have neices & nephews. THis crayon thing is happening.

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The second crucial point is to ensure your teasing does not collapse into an emphasis on cuteness, tickling and funny voices that is often conflated with a couple’s inside jokes. You’re aiming to be the affectionate bully, not the touchy friend. Too much familiarity in a tease and you’re just earned yourself a ticket to the comfortable but lust-free “sweatpants and a messy bun” by 9pm.

Yeah, I often find my teasing ending up like this. I feel that because of my stature and the stature of the girls I tease, unless I make a sarcastic voice, they might believe I'm dead serious. How can I change this?

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Serious voice and eyes, but half smile

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I don't change it. I say the cruelest shit with an absolutely straight face and no tells whatsoever that I'm joking.

Usually, the people I'm with will laugh uproariously and explain "oh, that's just /u/flaming_douchebag," but those few seconds of shocked, stunned, speechless silence are magical. Kind of gives them the impression that they're in the presence of a "monster" so to speak, but the relief they feel when that moment passes combined with the briefest "gotcha/okay, that was maybe a little over the line, but I'm not apologizing" smile/smirk/eye twinkle from me, and I'm instantly interesting at the very least.

This is kind of an art more than a science though. Most people trying to spout off the kind of shit I get away with would look like huge, arrogant dicks.

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A masterful wink, timed just right works for me.

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Most people trying to spout off the kind of shit I get away with would look like huge, arrogant dicks.

That's what I was worried about, but saying gotcha or psyche will let them know I'm joking expecially if I chuckle at the end or say something like "you really believed me? "

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Give my other comments a read - but in brief you're looking to never tease in dynamics your relationship is familiar with.

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Amazingly well written post. Teasing is cheerfulness which according to Nietzsche is the sign of surplus personal power i.e. confidence.

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It's often easy to forget who and what we are, but whatever else humans have become- we are first and foremost mammals. The defining characteristic of mammals (other than tits) is mammals play. From dogs overjoyed to find a squeak toy to dolphins constantly inventing new bubble games. When we forget how to play, we deny a fundamental part of ourselves- never a good idea. Play and while you're playing, invite her in. She will be overjoyed at the chance because so much of modern life shames her for her natural desires and tries to control and direct her play. Seeing you so free and risk taking against social mores and that controls don't matter to you, will be very liberating for both of you.

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one day a girl was over at my parents place and she started filling the sink up with water. "what are you doing?" i asked. she said she wanted to be helpful and do the dishes. "we haven't had dessert yet, what did i tell you about thinking for yourself?" the whole room roared with laughter and she went bright red. a few hours later i was balls deep. teasing is everything

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English isn't my first language. What did your reply mean? That doing dishes is her favourite thing to do, so she started doing it?

[–]sealteamaus 8 points9 points  (5 children)

the choice of words i used implied that if she thinks for herself instead of following orders she will make the wrong decisions

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't see why anyone would find it funny. Although I understand it from trp-view.

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In western culture among relaxed people, this is hilarious when delivered with a smile.

In cultures that don't commonly use irony, this would not be funny.

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And not to put too fine a point on it, but it could also be described as sarcasm (even though he's a little bit not joking when he says it). As such, you could safely say something like that because you have the plausible deniability of saying it was a sarcastic remark.

[–]RedPillScare 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Sarcasm is a cutting remark and not always ironic. I deliver this kind of thing without any sharpness. Pure irony.

I think we agree on the main thrust.

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because not everyone is super serious and gets butthurt easily

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He is saying that because she is a woman, he does not want her to think for herself. It's a joke meaning that only what a man thinks is important.

[–]newzealander 6 points7 points  (2 children)

His joke wasn't about men or women, just the one girl.

[–]-The-Prestige- 8 points9 points  (0 children)

What I said still applies. The joke is men rule over their women, so him telling her not to think for herself is him ruling over her. He has not given her permission to think for herself.

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Nice to see this is all stuff that comes naturally. I can vouch for how much they love it, in that love/hate way

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A really good one is to bring it back to kindergarten levels. I pulled out the "secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone." On my ex one time and she just stopped walking and turned towards me in laughing amazement and told me she couldn't believe I just said that. Meanwhile I have a shit eating grin on my face and her friend that she was whispering the secret to was giggling helplessly.

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People like fun relationships, who knew?

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I'd guild this post if I could. It is the very definition of amused mastery. That is another of those loaded RP terms that is so simple in practice. Be playful with her. It is supposed to be fun. Sometimes I think this gets forgotten in all the talk about SMV and frame and stocisism. Forest for the trees, and all that.

Acting like a little boy can stimulate feelings in her of being a little girl. Who doesn't want to feel some child-like joy and innocence sometimes? Light-hearted and fun teasing from her man is a path to this. It is both sexual and innocent at the same time.

So hand her a bug once in a while. If she screams and runs away and then punches your shoulder, you've got it right. Pick up her little dog and hold him in her face so he licks her until she begs you to stop. Remember the "Stop Girl" meme? That's what your aiming for.

This thread is a gold mine of ideas. Don't listen to those boring SOBs that think this is hazing in any way shape or form. It is play. It is how boys and girls play. By teasing her, you are establishing that you are a boy and she is a girl. You want that. She wants that.

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I like to do it through texts.

Her: Blah, blah, blah

Me: Who is this?

Her: Jerk! hehe

Her: OMG This day at work has been sooooo long I just wanna go home and take a bubble bath :(

Me: whats ur works address

Her: Why?

Me: So i can call a wambulance for your whining

Her: hahaha 123 parson drive your so silly

Her: What are you up to today?

Me: Got a date with gf #2, then I'm sup to meet gf#3's parent's, u wanna tag along?

Her: Lol you're such a jerk!!! ;)

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Here´s one i saw: Put flower in her hair dryer. When she asks why you did that say that you got her a makeup shotgun.

[–]RN_TH3_TRP 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Usually when I get the playful "I hate you" I know I'm doing it right.

That's usually when I get laid too...

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Good stuff. Yeah when you get a punch on the shoulder you know you're doing things right.

Something I do a lot is a kind of verbal teasing wherein I make loud proclamations espousing my old-fashioned views on gender roles. The more "misogynistic" a feminist would consider it, the better. Lighthearted and smiling.

I do it around females in general actually (not only those I'm attracted to), once I have ascertained that they are not uptight. Being in the South helps. They almost always smile, sometimes punch me in the arm, sometimes protest halfheartedly.

These proclamations can range from things I really believe 100% to things that are over the top and exaggerated for effect.

"Women can't drive for shit"

"We never should've given y'all the vote"

"Females have no souls"

"The men are talking sweetheart, so close your mouth, sit there and look pretty"

"The only three places on earth a woman belongs are the bedroom, the kitchen and the laundry room"

"She just turned 18? Past her prime, it's all downhill from there"

"What do you need a job for? As a female your only jobs are making babies and keeping your man happy"

"I only need three things from a girl: feed me, fuck me, and shut the fuck up" (credit to Chris Rock I think)

"I only need three things from a girl: suck my dick, play with my balls, and make me a sandwich" (credit to Dave Chapelle I think)

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She's a virgin at 21? Well if she ain't good enuff fer her own kin, she ain't good enuff fer mine.

Oh wait...

[–]RedHeimdall 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Gotta keep it in the family.

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Yep. If I get the "you're an ass," or similar, I know I"m on target.

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I make sure to always tease girls. Whatever we are doing, I tease her about it. Rock climbing? I guess you aren't as flexible as you thought. Drinking? What happened, I thought you could out drink me. Watching tv and there is a scary part? Grab her and shake her. You know she's coming over? Start working on something in the backyard.

Girls have always responded well to this. Quote from last weekend: "I like you because you're the only guy who can keep up with my jokes"

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Just got out of a 2 year relationship so I've been out the game a while. Does this work for ladies you've just met? I get the impression most girls you just meet get offended. Maybe I'm just an asshole though

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Your delivery and mindset significantly modifies how it is taken by women.

[–][deleted]  (5 children)


    [–]ikeepthingsinmybutt 5 points6 points  (0 children)

    It's the difference between how you would take the piss out of your guy friends and how you would play with a child. I really can't think of a better way to separate the two. One is poking fun, the other is "having fun". You want to be doing the former in both cases.

    [–]1AfterC[S] 1 point2 points  (3 children)

    It is very hard to tell the difference, and it's a line you'll learn to walk as your relationship progresses. The difference is in the idea of familiarity.

    If you both love Star Wars, making a Darth Vader voice and jumping out of a dark hallway to scare her simply breeds comfort. It's something your relationship dynamic is familiar with.

    Now, if you go and draw smiley faces or little penises on her tampons? That is hilarious and undoubtedly has never been seen before.

    [–]2 Endorsed Contributorvengefully_yours 3 points4 points  (2 children)

    Smiley tampons, now that is hilarious. Maybe scrawl "vampire bait" on her pads.

    [–]MyRedAccount 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    If you're a bit more morbid you could write, "tea bag."

    [–]2 Endorsed Contributorvengefully_yours 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Oh I like that too. If I ever let a bitch live with me again I'm doing that.

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    Good post. It's true the biggest difference between me now and in my hardcore BP state is not giving a fuck about disapproval from others. The examples you give seem a bit childish though, or have I just gotten too serious in my old age?

    [–]1AfterC[S] 12 points13 points  (0 children)

    Women, in this regard, never age. Nothing makes an older wife well up in warm pride more than her man teasing her as if she was 20 years younger.

    It gives them a feeling of uniqueness and a laissez faire homage to their youth that'd be hard not to like.

    Good luck, teeay.

    [–]fledglingpiller 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    It's also just really fun. I'm new to TRP so maybe I shouldn't be posting, but it's not just for the benefit of the girl. Flirtatiousness and teasing is fun on both ends, and I find that it genuinely makes the sex better for both parties, me and my girl. That's not really a contribution to this thread, but I just thought sometimes it's a good idea to take a step back from all the RP theory and just talk about it in terms of real life. Teasing and flirting are fun and can be really sexually arousing for me as well as the girl I'm with.

    [–]kevkos 0 points1 point  (2 children)

    Am I weird? As a man I like to be teased by women, and it has a similar effect to what the OP describes happening to women.

    [–]Revo_Luzione 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Do you also like it when a girl teases you?

    Do you also like it when a girl plays hard to get, acts aloof.

    [–]kevkos 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Yes to the first one, that's what I said. No to the second one, "playing" anything is a turnoff to me. I like playful but not game-playing nonsense.

    [–]slcjosh 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Cannot confirm this enough. I have recently begun seeing a very decent girl exclusively. I am ruthless. RUTHLESS. She was trying on clothing the other day while I was doing some shopping. She asks "hey, what do you think???" of course she looks fine as hell in this low cut tee. The sales girl who's helping her is also staring at me. I barely take my eyes off the jacket I'm eyeballing and glance at her and say "uuuugh looks like shiiiiiiiiiiiit" sales girl snaps "WHATEVER SHE LOOKS FRIGGIN HAWWWWT" I just smirked and winked at my lady and said "what's next?"

    She knows I think it's a sexy top. I wanted her to buy it. But I never said it.

    Sales girl became much more interested in me and who I was at that point as well. Instant social proof, dread, etc.

    Always be a dick. Even if it's somewhat playful. Every girl is so used to being treated like a goddess if you keep her on her toes, she will be smitten.

    [–]Maaahoney -5 points-4 points  (5 children)

    What about a chick that has a lip tattoo? how can i abuse that?

    [–]rackmyweightsbitch 6 points7 points  (0 children)

    Draw a shitty replica on your own lip?

    [–]1AfterC[S] 2 points3 points  (3 children)

    Abuse? Well, you're not trying to abuse her - you've completely conflated my original post with anger if that is the case.

    I would, periodically, after she's eaten something, stare at her lip as if she has something on her face. Don't say anything, lick your thumb, and try to wipe it off. When she looks surprised and pulls away and rolls her eyes, say "Oh nevermind, it's just…art."

    As an aside, the amount of eye rolling, faux indignation and exasperated giggles you get from your woman directly correlates with how amazing your sex will be in the coming evening.

    [–]2 Endorsed Contributorvengefully_yours 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    If I don't get an eye roll and some indignation from an ass or tit grab, I consider the day lost.

    [–]SeekingTheWay 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    EXACTLY what came to my mind about the tattoo

    [–]Maaahoney 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    abuse? whoa whoa who would- why would anyone ever say that. No no I mean playful tease.. Conflated? what's with these allegations. I'm have no recollection of any such events.

    HAHAHHA, trying to rub it off I love it.